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You Weren’t Supposed To See that Photo | Hardly Working

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It’s actually a really normal fetish. There’s like, a whole subreddit for it, so it’s not weird or anything. Hardly Working - What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST Ally Beardsley Raphael Chestang Siobhan Thompson CREW Director - Ryan Anthony Martin Writer - Ally Beardsley Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty Editor - Yaniv Elani
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (2087)
ShinySceptile 10 (22 hours ago)
Andres Thompson (1 day ago)
I don’t understand why I’m so attracted to Ally
Ezgi Kırlak (1 day ago)
The *Oh nooooo* at the end killed me 😂😂😂
Busby StandUp (2 days ago)
Wow, College Humor getting a little dark... and STILL keeping it hilarious!!!!!!
Ardit Lulaj (2 days ago)
On 0:29 her laptop has a iluminati eye in the back then in 0:33 her laptop has the college humor sign
WhomstTheFuccEatinMy Bread (2 days ago)
Rio Taverner Flaster (3 days ago)
Lewis Moore (5 days ago)
BananaGuy Aidan (5 days ago)
I have the photo
Nathan Hong (8 days ago)
Raina TL5Y (8 days ago)
What's up with the Illuminati thing in every video?
Ohhh nyoooooo
THE BOSS (10 days ago)
_Riz_ Blade_ (10 days ago)
Ally's hot tbh
TReE gates (12 days ago)
0:50 when your friend catch you with his girl
Cyantica (12 days ago)
that ow neeew (oh no) XD just.. just.. XD
Lenny Kelly (13 days ago)
*oooohhhh nooooooooooo*
oeoman (14 days ago)
i swear raph was gonna say "well at least you're cute"
macaak (15 days ago)
0:29 illuminati eye on her laptop that wanishes later, replaced with the CH sticker :)
Doot Doot (16 days ago)
What an idiot.
Brooke’s Channel thing (18 days ago)
When ally talks like a psycho it’s really hot. Phat top energy.
Steviebear (18 days ago)
0:28 Illuminati Confirmed!
Its Ava (21 days ago)
"I made that. This is what I like."
Alpha Icon (21 days ago)
Mayowa Ilesanmi (22 days ago)
Insane!!! LOL
Nikolas Kroslak (22 days ago)
that wasn't even a bad pic.
Unity (23 days ago)
PX.MikeHock (24 days ago)
*goes frame by frame to see them nudes*
HeyheyIzDa Kaykay (24 days ago)
I watched this whole video in 0.25x speed, and I recommend you should too!
Verge San Pedro (26 days ago)
hey you guys this is soooo funny hahahahha watching you guys all the way from the Philippines ! <3
MrFrank3332 (29 days ago)
To real
Krimson Klaww (1 month ago)
0:20 anyone notice that CH has a lot of illuminati symbols? Like commonly one per video?
Shivam Kumar (1 month ago)
I don't why but I just ally's voice
Marc Moncada (1 month ago)
I'm starting to see the Buzzfeed side of CollegeHumor...
Darren Powell (1 month ago)
She's pretty funny.
Lena C (1 month ago)
How long did it take to perfect the move at 1:06? :D
churblieballoon (1 month ago)
the way she says oh no at the end made me shout
Kara Flores (1 month ago)
The camera skills r on point
ItzObviouslyJeff 445 (1 month ago)
0:29 illuminati
ρεηssεlιsετä (1 month ago)
Imagine this but roles reversed
MegaMGstudios (1 month ago)
Ewww neuuwwwww
Jarbari Jarbari Binko (1 month ago)
What’s with all the Illuminati shit
deepika sarwate (1 month ago)
I paused the video
Nesar (1 month ago)
The computer she’s using changes
R023 (1 month ago)
I remember my friend showing me photos on her phone and I took it out of her hand and started flicking through. I saw her hand twitch like 'what the f*ck just happened?' It was then I realised I just took me friend's phone without permission.
Lica Tron (1 month ago)
Another illuminati
Youtube iCrazzy (1 month ago)
I clicked on the pig😭
Vegeta Uchiha (1 month ago)
Ally is weirdly hot...isnt she?..especially those eyes.
TheMaximuscat (1 month ago)
He saw a Toyota Corolla ....!!!!????
ricky boby (1 month ago)
Anyone notice at the biginig the symbol on her laptop changed
kaduVIII (1 month ago)
0:09 youre welcome.
Elijah Lacour (1 month ago)
That was some Negan shit
CreeperMaster88 (1 month ago)
Eww neeeeeeeeew
Depression Session (1 month ago)
Worst part is I've been through this with my Aunt and she had no problem showing it to me when she accidentally came across her nudes
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (1 month ago)
0:09 Look at your own danger
Yeeric (1 month ago)
Hue Lu (1 month ago)
America: Black vs feminists! 😂
jerckï72 (1 month ago)
INtrom (1 month ago)
Keep checking the sticker on the laptop
James Harney (1 month ago)
She thinks of her self too highly
SG pro (1 month ago)
I found illuminati
Cyle DeHaven (1 month ago)
The sticker on her computer changes
Dinis Ribeiro (1 month ago)
00:28 And 00:32 the sticker in the computer changed
Adeel Nissar (1 month ago)
Marcus Echo (1 month ago)
This is racist
DancinBananaz32 (1 month ago)
Make sure to say hi to Pat for us Raf
Camila Moresco (1 month ago)
“Eww neeew” hehe
Imaru Lewis (1 month ago)
I just hide all that shit in the part of the documents that keeps all the program files. then they don't appear in the gallery.
Saskia R. (1 month ago)
Every damn time
Mangoes Are great (1 month ago)
Rizki Nugraha (1 month ago)
This is jonathan ☺ 👕 👖 👞 He is 0 years old everytime he get a like he got older for +1 years old
Frankie Nayman (1 month ago)
Allie’s stuff is the funniest
Alexander F (1 month ago)
Oow neeeeehw..
LordCreep33 (2 months ago)
0:33 anyone notice the laptop logo thingy change 😂😂😂
Scott Short (2 months ago)
Simphiwe Bodibane (2 months ago)
one computer had an eye of horis on it,then it disappeared...
SEZER DIBLAN (2 months ago)
00:27 - 00:29 LaptoPuhahuhahuhauhahu
abhay mathur (2 months ago)
"eohhh noooo!" HAhahahahahh!
Rebel Greninja (2 months ago)
Illuminati joke Girl's laptop sticker
George Paul (2 months ago)
Any1 else notice the sticker change on the laptop between 0:29 and 0:33
Mezjo (2 months ago)
Well that's some dark humor, I wonder how would people react if genders would be reversed and women would be massacred. Nice vid though
honest person ditto (2 months ago)
I disliked to make 1k dislikes I'm sorry 🤣
John M. (2 months ago)
“Me yeah” - Ally 2018
hipnyah (2 months ago)
Worst part is I've known women like that
zanechandler21 (2 months ago)
she sounds like sid
Alasdair Chisholm (2 months ago)
Oh noooo
H Kirk (2 months ago)
Eughhh neughhhhhh
Whiteboy Adventures (2 months ago)
I know why she turned lesbo... know guy would want to hit that
[GR] Nikos (2 months ago)
Radiator Puddles (2 months ago)
It doesn't hurt to headbutt someome.
Dex AB (2 months ago)
And thanks for not being dicks about it
Dex AB (2 months ago)
Nice ABDL reference
Lorenzo Chamberlin (2 months ago)
I'm just over here wondering what they're always typing on their computers when they're "working" and something is about to go down. It's clearly not work, since they'd always have it end up interrupted. Is there some secret website?!
Jar Jar Binks (2 months ago)
eeeeeeww nnneeeeeewwww....
Nick Rose (2 months ago)
Lily Cortes (2 months ago)
*So this is how Raph died*
HeartBroken (2 months ago)
Elmo Humorless (2 months ago)
— Uhh... I gotta get back... to the work... — Me- yeah... yeah.
Lewnar HasNoLife (2 months ago)
0:08 At this moment , she knew she f**ked up 2:05 At this moment , too
Hky kid6 (2 months ago)
0:28-0:33 her laptop sticker changes