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DHL - The Battle for the Chinese Market | Made in Germany

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International logistics corporations are vying over the Chinese market, which is fast becoming the world's largest. Right now, the global market leader DHL is edging out the competition. The German-owned company currently has control over about 30 percent of the Chinese logistics market. In July, DHL will open a new location in Shanghai that is to serve as a hub for its operations across northern Asia.
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Text Comments (27)
Huy long Huy long (10 months ago)
Huy long Huy long (10 months ago)
Faeiz Mohammed (11 months ago)
I love DHL using them since I was a kid....
Miika Kousa (11 months ago)
DHL is the best! Smooth delivery like butter! UPS sucks.
Music Legends (1 year ago)
I had ask for refund on ebay for not getting product ..DHL Sucks
sports villa (1 year ago)
Worker's under subcontractors work like animals in DHL, if anyone have doubts can go to DHL cheung sha wan kowloon (Hong Kong ).
dotcat69 (2 years ago)
DHL == Definitely Highest Losers , the worst crappy shitting(shipping) company in the world !!! they are just hungry for money , only looking how to cheat the clients an load extra charges for goods that usually do not need to be charged with extra taxes by the customs authorities , they will even charge you almost 7 USD / day because they will "store" your goods in the customs authorities warehouse ?!!!! that's again some crap I cannot understand ... anyway , and after you run after them to pay all the taxes and bullshit , you will count the delay since the established day of delivery , in the most happy cases between 7 and 10 days ...
Toxic Legends (10 months ago)
And who isnt hungry for money
Toxic Legends (10 months ago)
Calm down if they're such retards dont waste your time commenting how bad they are on a news stations video
Mohammad Bilal (2 years ago)
I worked in DHL in itlay they are not like this they have 35 40 k.g of boxes
juan goya (3 years ago)
I used to work for DHL back in the 90's at miami hub, it was a great experience a lot of work to dropped off and so much to pick up in the afertoon, you gane every penny they even check pum up vehicle time, I'm serious.
George Wong (11 months ago)
Forget the old day this 21st century.
Goldboy Jr (4 years ago)
DHl is the best
Walter White (5 years ago)
McWit0 (6 years ago)
2 consecutive days no flight from leipzig to spain, my package is still in germany. ridiculous. they says technical problems with the flight.
david cassin (7 years ago)
when tnt come on board with ups better competition in europe and china south america against dhl
James T Kirk (7 years ago)
I did.
TheCed88 (7 years ago)
why don't you just look up the facts.... i don't get people like you.
Visionloft (7 years ago)
DHL´s market share in China is more than UPS and Fedex together
Visionloft (7 years ago)
Taking into account the global turnover DHL is the biggest logistical company in the world
James T Kirk (7 years ago)
For one: calling DHL the 'World Market Leader' is completely misleading. Everyone knows that UPS is the largest logistics company in the world, by far.
123boro (7 years ago)
tellus what they are plz
James T Kirk (7 years ago)
I counted 4 lies in this video.
Sharad gautam (1 year ago)
James T Kirk what are those
Colombo Man (7 years ago)
DHL does operate in North America with a very low market share. DHL is struggling.
Colombo Man (7 years ago)
DHL is a loser. DHL is losing market share to UPS every day. You talking BS.
James T Kirk (7 years ago)
Are you kidding me, DW? UPS is, by far, the global market leader, not DHL. DHL doesn't even operate in North America. Please verify your information before claiming something.