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Taylor Swift - Beautiful Ghosts (From The Motion Picture "Cats" / Lyric Video)

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Lyric video for ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ performed by Taylor Swift from the motion picture CATS. Written by Taylor Swift & Andrew Lloyd Webber Listen/ Download - https://TaylorSwift.lnk.to/BeautifulGhostsID Cats coming soon to theaters everywhere #BeautifulGhosts Music video by Taylor Swift performing Beautiful Ghosts (From The Motion Picture "Cats" / Lyric Video). © 2019 Universal Pictures, a division of Universal City Studios LLC, The Really Useful Group Limited and Taylor Swift, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited
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Text Comments (14211)
Melika Pournavaderian (4 hours ago)
That was a great song with lots of emotion inside but I expected a better music video for that .
ed2bones (11 hours ago)
brando mancillas (13 hours ago)
This song in the voice of someone who actually can sing will be massive Not in Taylor swift voice
Gillian Day (17 hours ago)
ValliAmma Alagappan (1 day ago)
Artist of the year 😍😘😘ts
Beavispdx (1 day ago)
Sandra Mcgehee (1 day ago)
Beautiful song very emotional 😢😢
Percy Perera (2 days ago)
I love this song
Angelina Olivas (2 days ago)
So beautiful...Taylor swift...she gives me happiness 😊💗
Lauren Herb (2 days ago)
The worst thing about this song getting snubbed for a Best Original Song nomination at the Oscars is that now we’ll never get to see Taylor Swift perform it in full, film-accurate costume as her version of Bombalurina on live national television, such a travesty smh 😔😿
Wunganing AS (2 days ago)
Liv Ishine (2 days ago)
they aatack o again
Liv Ishine (2 days ago)
Fuck Sociaty (3 days ago)
This is not fair this song is an oscarian song
Robbie Rotten (3 days ago)
I’m allergic to cats therefore I’m allergic to this movie
Robbie Rotten (3 days ago)
joop foop (3 days ago)
y’all talking about this song like it’s not from cats
Orin Ien (4 days ago)
Please retire......
Carlos Garcia (4 days ago)
waaazup D (4 days ago)
Luke Godin (4 days ago)
Taylor swift is my favorite artist I love her music. Every time I hear a song like this one. I think i wanted was to be wanted. I ask that question to myself every day of my life
Ava Lovell (4 days ago)
This reminds me of my cat, before we adopted her, she was pregnant and living on the streets. All alone. Scared. But then we came in to her life. And now she is a happy cat with an endless supply of food and love😊❤️
Yy Yy (5 days ago)
Very super talentedly
Juhi K. (5 days ago)
No one: Taylor Swift: Chances (in a British accent)
Leanne Hough (5 days ago)
Beautiful version and words I see i want to be accepted and wanted but I want myself and loved ones. 🙂
Austin Bradley (6 days ago)
She fully deserves artist of the decade
Lion king Big fan (6 days ago)
Bom ballerina is my fravrot
Enrique C. (6 days ago)
"All that you wanted was to be wanted, never to wander London streets alone and haunted. All your memories of pain let them go and you'll dance with these beautiful ghosts".
lixy snake (6 days ago)
Girl : Taylor IS m'y Favorite princesse ! Me : no... Taylor IS the Queen ♥️
Anne G. (6 days ago)
The trailer of the movie scared mebut after watching the movie it was one of the movies worth crying for
Carolle Lawas (7 days ago)
Peach is Tao (8 days ago)
Such a beautiful song. ❤️😿
Dark at Hearts (9 days ago)
Dogs rule.
Travis Michael Maynard (9 days ago)
Kaylee teal wolf (9 days ago)
Taylor Swift: sings this for CATS musical. Them: doesn't edit it at all 😑
Isabel Zellmann-Rohrer (9 days ago)
She ruins it with her horrendous attempt at an accent.
Aries Geronimo (10 days ago)
The cats (movie/musical) is beautiful
Tiffany Siegman (10 days ago)
Reminds me of safe and sound
Shane Paglinawan (10 days ago)
I always cry when I hear this
Janice Winslow (10 days ago)
I decided to see this movie in spite of the horrible review from the critics. Sooo happy I did!!!! No, it wasn’t the greatest movie ever but it held to the play and yes, I cried during the show....especially when Jennifer Hudson sang memories. I LIKED CATS!!!!😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿😾
Cat Canivan (5 days ago)
It's great to read posts from people like you who actually saw the whole film and enjoyed it so much. I loved it too.
Catalina 99 (10 days ago)
I really wanted an oscar nomination for this song :c
Си Луэтта (11 days ago)
So beautiful, thank you!
Mister X (11 days ago)
Qian Hui Bennet (11 days ago)
I watched the movie and it was amazing with amzing and Beautiful dancers and actors, and Singers. I don't care what everyone thinks about the movie- it deserves some recognition as a masterpiece!!
Cat Canivan (5 days ago)
It's great to read posts from people like you who actually saw the whole film and enjoyed it so much. I loved it too.
Jason Green (11 days ago)
Best movie musical ever!!! Gorgeous song
Antonio Jjohnson (11 days ago)
Not even this terrible song could save this movie lol.
Leanne Mitchell (12 days ago)
Havent even watched the movie but i absolutely love this song 😍 A highly relatable song for a song from a musical about cats
Peter Davis (12 days ago)
I don’t get why people say the movie cats is bad I actually want to see it.
Cat Canivan (5 days ago)
SEE IT! I loved it! The choreography, singing, set design and the cats themselves - slightly strange but that just adds to the magic.
Airon Amie (11 days ago)
I love the movie & i watched 5 times
Freezy - ly (12 days ago)
Taylor swift is a gifted artist and that is well captured in this song, to think she literally made a song that perfectly replicated the style of a musical made 20+ years ago. I mean when Francesca sang it in the movie I actually thought this was a part of the original musical. Thinking about it brings me chills.
Loín Coubert (12 days ago)
2:13 A.
randomaster101 (12 days ago)
Can you imagine if Cats was beautifully 2d animated with Tayor Swift voicing/singing as Victoria the white cat instead? It would have been so much better.
SMI be LE happy (13 days ago)
all that I wanted was to be wanted! With so much heart!!!💗💗💗 I can FEEL it!😭 🌃 MAGIC
SMI be LE happy (12 days ago)
@Erin McLoughlin what?
Erin McLoughlin (12 days ago)
Your weird SURE (walks out of the room I'm in)
HoneyJoanLyan (13 days ago)
I just saw the film on the big screen.. it was nice ❤❤❤
Erin McLoughlin (12 days ago)
Yeah you liked ur own comment its sad
HollyTree (13 days ago)
This movie should have just been Taylor singing and prancing around like a cat. She does playful and sad so well.
Rajatava Dev (13 days ago)
How many of you love cats??
Cat Canivan (5 days ago)
Four paws up!
Erin McLoughlin (12 days ago)
I mean yeah
creadhead (13 days ago)
Crimson McKnight (13 days ago)
I don't care what anyone says, this movie was beautiful.
ORLY Owl (13 days ago)
this fake British accent tossed all over the songs is very disturbing for me..one word she sounds American AF and next she does this weird accent attempt....
Cat Canivan (5 days ago)
I read that Taylor had an accent coach so she would sound more like a London cat.
Lala Laiq (13 days ago)
Taylor is an angel. There is no better lyricist than her.
nora (14 days ago)
best part of the movie
Extraordinary Machine (14 days ago)
Only redeeming thing about this movie. Great song
Extraordinary Machine (11 days ago)
@Antonio Jjohnson well it's not Taylor's voice in the movie...
Antonio Jjohnson (11 days ago)
Song not the voice lol
Squidward's ass is lit (12 days ago)
True. I will watch the movie only for the songs lol.
Stacey Laffey (14 days ago)
Taylor swift is best if you think to 1 like
Ahmet Yazan (15 days ago)
But at least u have beautiful ghosts This is makes me cry cuz I lost someone and it reminds her
Kaaylee Nair (15 days ago)
Please check out my short cover of beautiful ghosts...it's not the best because I was not suppose to put it on youtube...Please check it out...thank u so much
Joanna Bevan (15 days ago)
💗 Beautiful
Joyce Dutrisac (15 days ago)
And this is why Taylor Swift is our artist/performer of the decade!!!!! Hauntingly beautiful and gets you right in the heart and soul. I went to see the movie cuz of this song
taemodachi (16 days ago)
the 'visions of dazzling rooms' part sounds like the 'i couldn't be happier' part from the song 'thank goodness' in Wicked
Sayur Kol (16 days ago)
I can really feel the emotional of this song cuz taylor's voice is very beautiful 😭😭🧡💙❤
Chow Fun (16 days ago)
Beautiful. Well done.
Kings Man (16 days ago)
Nice 👻 ghost song
V Love (16 days ago)
Forever&always Haylor💜💗
Jacob W (16 days ago)
its unfortunate that this song is so poorly mastered. It's such a great song, but you can hear audio artifacts every 10 seconds, lke 0:55 it's like a middle schooler did it lmao
Dorythefish (16 days ago)
I haven't seen the movie but this is truly amazing.
muqsit planet (16 days ago)
Tharfiny Santos (16 days ago)
Eda yıldırım (17 days ago)
5M 💙
MD AFZAL ANSARI (17 days ago)
Relaxing song
Tanner Sebastian (17 days ago)
What kinda fake Madonna accent was that on "chances"? You're from PENNSYLVANIA, honey.
Caleb just Caleb (16 days ago)
She's British in the film
Tiyara Lestari (17 days ago)
I very like this song❤️
Niall Horan (17 days ago)
The story of a poor stray cat.
Aamani The Swiftie (17 days ago)
Who came back after golden globe awards?....I would have really want her to win this!!!! Love u Taylor ❤❤
Vanya Calderón (17 days ago)
People can say what they wanna say about this Movie but ... it Deserves to be recognized for it’s beautiful songs and dancing ❤️❤️
Sandró Roman (17 days ago)
Though I'm not even Taylor's huge fan but this song is truly beatiful, there's something magical about it
English Cad (17 days ago)
Great song that will become a classic. Only truly talented singers will be able to carry it off. Just like 'I dreamed a dream'.
Spoonie (17 days ago)
hauntingly! beautiful!
LUCAN WOLF (17 days ago)
Cats is a great film. Word of mouth from people who have seen it is revealing all the FAKE hateful reviews of the film.
Cat Canivan (5 days ago)
I love the movie too! Sometimes I think there are professional haters on YT. They love to jump on the dislike band wagon , usually with abbreviated comments that make no sense.
Alena Wenske (17 days ago)
A magnificent and brilliant performing 👍🏻 And a great motion picture 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Weird Name (18 days ago)
This should have won a award.
Lesleigh Hart (18 days ago)
Just saw Cats. I had no idea how talented Taylor Swift was. Her music is not my style. I wish more songs were like this.
Chandra Wijaya (18 days ago)
Elton John is legend, it is ok to lose against him in original song category. The showbiz is really tough to compete in.
Rima Putri Yudhanti (18 days ago)
Sapa yg kesini gara gara gempi wkwkw
Lavisha Sharma (18 days ago)
Why wasn't this even shortlisted for Oscars?
donna easty (15 days ago)
Because she spoke out about the music Industry. They all belong to the same system. Taylor spoke up for herself and others and is being punished for it. This song is better than any others that have been nominated yet doesn't even get shortlisted. Why?
ramsay kate (18 days ago)
so, let me get this straight... that annoying "catchy song" from the lego movie 2 made the oscars shortlist but this didn't?
Regnault Rodriguez (10 days ago)
Too bad the company pulled out all the nominations for Cats. I mean, they can easily get original song, soundtrack, or even set design.
Nheil Vocal (10 days ago)
@Michael Myers yeah taylor wrote it
Michael Myers (11 days ago)
Is this song even original?
Nheil Vocal (11 days ago)
The company who handled cats pulled out every nomination they can get with cats
Ms. ChomperTheChomp (18 days ago)
*T O O L*
Au Pair (18 days ago)
"all that I wanted was to be wanted" - she rhymed "wanted" with "wanted", I rest my case
Sir Snakespeare (15 days ago)
Just like in 15 !!! Throwback
Christina Huang (17 days ago)
I mean it's such a simple and beautiful way to express that feeling of wanting to be wanted. I mean how else would you say that??? This whole song, the lyrics and the singing, was great
Charlotte Whittaker (17 days ago)
Au Pair your point?
Nadira Heyra (18 days ago)
Hey guys, visit and just stalk my channel and don't forget to subscribe my channel 😘 thank you Spread love ❤ xoxo
mikazuki aryoni (18 days ago)
Kesini gara2 gempi.. haha
Maria Gabriela (18 days ago)
The Golden Globe goes to: Beautiful Ghosts 🎉🎉
Jeanne Matousek (18 days ago)
Love it
TheTowerBridgeFox (18 days ago)
I do hope this wins the Golden Globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1