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USPS Throws Packages onto Porch

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Watch as a USPS worker throws my packages onto my front porch and then takes a lap around her vehicle. This occurred at approximately 10:46am on Sunday, March 22, 2015. What was in the packages? More surveillance cameras. . .
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Daniel Scott (15 days ago)
One your packages are thrown every step of the way along its route. go to all the offices and see how they are sorted and put into bins, you people are fucking idiots you think they have time to handle every piece delicately and gently put them down not they sort millions of packages a day.
DumDum (20 days ago)
Fucking bitch!
Patrick Conroy (1 month ago)
I hope you know you're a complete asshole for reporting her. We have an extremely limited time to get everything done.
xX squeaker Xx (1 month ago)
If my package has been "in transit" 2 weeks from the original estimated delivery date and i just get it only to be thrown like that me and this girl are going to have a serious talk
Tyler Harrington (2 months ago)
This retarded bitch chose to throw the packages AND run around the truck
Larry Long (2 months ago)
Wow. Now I know why all of my CD cases are CRACKED when they reach my front porch. Really SAD!
mmmofti (2 months ago)
lol, better do that vehicle walk-around - just in case someone's watching!
Roy Engelhardt (3 months ago)
For all we know it could have been a shirt in that package. That was weird how she took a victor lap around her vehicle.
Gabryl Romero (3 months ago)
I do that all the time so f*** you and your video
Chronicles of a carrier (3 months ago)
I'm a mail carrier and to all those who are upset you need to report these people when you see it happening. It's not okay and it hurts the rest of us good hard working employees because we end up being grouped with them
knightd12 (4 months ago)
Pack everything you mail or ship like it`s gonna be thrown. Because it is.
Aaron Anthony Cook (4 months ago)
Gotta love all the USPS employees on here calling everyone crybabies for having their packages lost/damaged.
AtotehZ (4 months ago)
If I saw her do that to my package I'd restrain her and call the cops. Vandalism is not ok.
Chronicles of a carrier (4 months ago)
I wouldn't restrain her but you should get their vehicle number and report that person. It sucks when bad examples like this paint all of us as bad workers. We have to remove workers like this and replace them.
Novaximus (4 months ago)
The fact of the matter is IF another company could do a better job then the Postal Service THEN they would be the ones delivering your packages.   The USPS still does more volume with better accuracy and efficiency than both UPS and FedEx. Not to mention that they still handle the mail! Hence their primary job title "Mailmen"
Novaximus (4 months ago)
shocker lol. Just as Luficarius posted, this is normal handling of parcels, especially light weight padded envelopes and plastic bags of obviously cloths. Hate to break it to you but everyones packages are treated like this. It's a normal amount of impact. Clerks in the morning literally throw parcels from palates into individual route Hampers. Not only that every package goes through many processing facilities where they're pushed down shoots and flung down belt ways. Then they're squashed under 100's lbs of other packages on a huge palate. That's why you shouldn't order shit like flat screen TV's through the net. It's the mail. Deal with it. Packing is supposed to handle small amounts of impact. By the way, this lady was obviously under pressure from time and volume. Look in her truck. It's packed full of people shit because nobody goes to a store anymore. She still gets threatened by management to get done in 7 hours wether she has 1 package or 400. The carrier's are just the ones that customers see. They're not the real problem. The postal services lack of improvements and management on the increase of parcel volume with the trending online consumerism over the last decade is the real problem. People are just spoiled rotten and have a ridiculous amount of expectations. If you want to make an omlete you have to crack open some eggs. You want your chicken sandwich but don't want to see the chicken get slaughtered and defeathered. This carrier is working hard. Her "victory lap" imo was most likely a combination of her double checking her back hatch door to make sure it was closed and then forgetting that she never opened it in the first place because she's in a rush panic to get done and out of habit does a check around her truck. She's in robot rush mode. It's sad to watch when you know what's really going on. Statistically speaking out of 400 houses, 70 of those are "package whores" who get something nearly every day of the week. Most of those people are stay at home..."whatevers" i.e, mom's , dad's, adult children, retired wealthy...who click away on amazon because they're too spoiled rich and can't be bothered to get shit for themselves. Think about it. If you had to go to a store and spend the time and effort to get xyz would you still have bought your last online purchase if you had to get it from a store instead? Most I would gather would say no. So when I see someone who has the time and money to buy packages and then is home during a work day to film someone "tossing" a bag of cloths and gets pissy enough to make a video about it trying to cost someone their job and probably living a much better life than that worker I really think people need to get some real perspective on whose being the real slouch.
I Stole Jungkook's Kookie (4 months ago)
She’s on her period forgive her
Third Eye Design (5 months ago)
lmao :-D Just Try delivering for a day... you'll be making all kinds of stupid mistakes! No one does it perfect at every stop.
Ángel Hernández (10 days ago)
That's what training it's for. Don't justify mediocrity.
Puppy Happy time KeP vs Yim Yim (5 months ago)
So what’s the problem... ?
matty t (5 months ago)
I would bang that chick just on that body and ass, don't blame her those crazed postmasters told the supervisors to push the carriers to get their asses back to the station before they go into overtime, not her fault.
Rick massey (5 months ago)
No respect for Postal Service
john foy (5 months ago)
Unfuckinbelievable is all i can say.the postal employees at plant city fla r so fuckin rude i wont even go in there anymore.i will pay xtra to ship elswhere or go to kathleen fl where they have nice people working there
peace (5 months ago)
the ritual lap after throwing.....
HaoChen Wang (6 months ago)
Kween Quaking (6 months ago)
These mailman get paid good salary. And they don’t do there job properly, and there people out there willing to work there ass off, and they get paid less then minimum wage.
virusdapimp (19 days ago)
These mailman don't get paid a good salary. The only mail man that make good money are the career employees who have been around for a while. CCA's which you can be one for up to 2 and a half years, get paid shit, get over worked, treated like slaves by management because they're not career employees, half pretty much no benefits, and get notified of their next day off the day prior. You never know when you're going to work. Just had a meeting in FT. Hamilton by new Postmaster in my area to address why the CCA's are all quitting so early because they lose out on having to train them. Basically wasted our time with some bureacratical garbage answers, basically nothing's is changing.
ezuru1 (1 month ago)
We CCAs get pushed to our limits everyday. We’re the hardest working force the post office has and still don’t get full benefits and great pay. People quit because they can’t handle it and the ones who stay end up being overworked.
purinahalloffame (1 month ago)
Being a mailman is not as easy as it looks. And as someone mentioned, if this woman was a CCA as opposed to a regular there's a good chance she's working 60-70 hours a week, Mon-Sun. I don't think that excuses her throwing the package but these people do often work very hard.
Tyler Harrington (2 months ago)
Not very many people around here earn less than minimum wage 😂
jeffw1267 (4 months ago)
CCAs like this girl get shit wages. The longtime regs do make good money, though.
MostBeast234 (6 months ago)
Oh no this is hysterical
Xcaliburz (6 months ago)
wow why do all mail man throw packages are they that stupid ??????????????????????????? wow a monkey can do a better job than they can .or better yet a gorilla can .
feli7810 feli7810 (7 months ago)
Jay P (7 months ago)
why did the dumb bitch run a ring around the USPS truck? ordered a scented candle in a glass jar, usps tosses it from the road since it was raining and the lazy fuck didnt want to get out and get wet. Heard the box land from my 3rd storey of the townhouse in the BACK of the house. lazy fucks.
Gabryl Romero (7 months ago)
I like to put the dang 50lbs bag of dog food where the dogs can get to it or lay it agents the door so if falls on you when you open the door .
Robert Hoffmaster (7 months ago)
she ran around the vehicle cause she's on meth.
Uber Man Tampa (7 months ago)
What's going on with the lap around the vehicle?
Ash Ketchum (7 months ago)
That drive way was wide enough she could’ve K turned so she could come out without backing up.
Lisa Smith (8 months ago)
Government workers don't give a shit. They can't be fired
R Campana (8 months ago)
Shouldn't rush them. Let mail get to p.o. originally great idea. Not now. Call 3 jobs one. 16 hour routes. Overtime is $53.50/hr.
selendang hijau (9 months ago)
SimplyLorraine (9 months ago)
The work ethic of people these days. No pride in their work. They just want to be done with their route, get paid, and go home. That's what I call LAZY
Mark Leuchte (3 months ago)
You ever deliver a mail route? No? Then STFU.
David Hall (10 months ago)
Why did she run around her truck??? That was funny.
mapo (10 months ago)
ToxicGhost6705 (11 months ago)
So that's why my IPad cracked when I got it...huh...
Writers FengShui (1 year ago)
that lady dum she went owond
Steven Hill (1 year ago)
That's how employees with OCD combine work with exercise.
Nan Bollinger (1 year ago)
she shouldn't have thrown it but was probably in a hurry and might have known it was unbreakable such as papers or clothing.  she took the lap because you are supposed to look behind vehicle before backing.
threeof hardts (1 year ago)
I hate the USPS with every fiber of my being.
you5711 (1 year ago)
The video quality is fantastic. 1. What camera model were you using? 2. Where did you buy it? 3. What did you use to record the video?
vegasjedi (1 year ago)
what a dumb ass
Tomm Tom (1 year ago)
lol this video is funny
jeffw1267 (1 year ago)
Your yard looks pretty shabby. Why don't you take that money you're spending on parcels and fix up your yard? That'll solve your problem and the carrier's problem at the same time.
Luigi65 (1 year ago)
spllitz (1 year ago)
this is why females get paid less than males
LunaTwi01 (1 year ago)
Plus, a lot middlemen along with it. The manufacturer, the shipping industry, the distribution center, the parcel services come before her.
DANGER DANNY (1 year ago)
Destiny Logan (1 year ago)
Dannyel Jaurez it's a rule to make sure kids or animals haven't gotten behind tires
MidNight Bot (1 year ago)
HowSci (1 year ago)
damaged package? wf was she doing? why the fuck did she run a lap round the vehicle? certainly not saving time.
Fernando Ramirez (1 year ago)
Basic protocol when backing your vehicle. She's just being safe.
raymundo noveya (1 year ago)
HaoSci maybe she forgot that the door was on the other side of the car, but still she could have gone the other way around
Joshua Harper (1 year ago)
She's got to get through that damn route.
16gcoasta (1 year ago)
This is why Mexicans take jobs from people.
J Morris (1 year ago)
instead of taking the extra lap around her truck she could have just walked the package to the door....she seems a lil off....drugs maybe, mental illness....who knows, but I see no logical reason why she did what she did.
michaelal20 (1 year ago)
Semper Invictus no she's doing a walk around her vehicle to make sure she checked for any obstructions before she backs out. Backing is not something they prefer but when you have you check around.
Semper Invictus (1 year ago)
I do. She probably just started the job. She likely very behind in work. And got confused where the driver's side is.All signs point to stressed out new hire.
Danny Pearson (1 year ago)
do you know how much stress a mail carrier has on them from management, too deliver so much mail in so little time? or are you sitting at home, watching a video of someone working on a Sunday delivering you stuff, that you were too lazy to go to the store and purchase?
Ángel Hernández (10 days ago)
Find another job if it's so hard to deliver a package. Crybabies.
Danny Pearson (1 year ago)
do you know how much stress a mail carrier has on them from management, too deliver so much mail in so little time? or are you sitting at home, watching a video of someone working on a Sunday delivering you stuff, that you were too lazy to go to the store and purchase?
Danny Pearson (1 year ago)
do you know how much stress a mail carrier has on them from management, too deliver so much mail in so little time? or are you sitting at home, watching a video of someone working on a Sunday delivering you stuff, that you were too lazy to go to the store and purchase?
Shadae Jacobs (2 months ago)
Danny Pearson thank you they have no idea
Connie White (5 months ago)
Clee4000 (1 year ago)
Not all stores selling certain items.
Huckle Berry (1 year ago)
What a terrible throw at that.
Vivid (1 year ago)
really pedro..
Latonga Austin (1 year ago)
The only people that work on "Sunday" are brand new people
Ruth Wolf (9 months ago)
Not always the case. Management can call regulars if there's not enough CCAs.
Latonga Austin (1 year ago)
80 % of this postal service carriers are brand new people..lol
Lynn Dragoman (1 year ago)
since your on you tube check out the package dumping machines. they pick up a cage full of packages and dump them onto a conveyor. that toss was nothing.
Jon Singleton (1 year ago)
You should see how trucks get loaded and how packages are thrown into hampers for each route. Package your stuff good, or mark as fragile. Most carriers do not do this though. Notice, not in full uniform. Backing up when not allowed. This is likely a new carrier under tons of time pressure. Management only cares about saving work hours by pressing workers to "run". The new employees fall into the trap.
killer rgm (1 year ago)
+Jon Singleton Not true. You are allowed to back up you just have to check behind your vehicle before you do. Though its best to avoid having to back up.
Jon Singleton (1 year ago)
+MV AH Not allowed to back up, period other than into a parking space. A kid could easily run behind the truck too.
hi there (1 year ago)
Jon Singleton. but that's why she ran around the vehicle to make sure it was clear before she reversed
kari h (1 year ago)
yep!! so true about the package stuff!! I am a mail handler, ive seen so many packages destroyed from lack of packaging.
Ňāţívĕż118 (1 year ago)
This pisses me off. I was waiting for my package today when the mail came I heard a big thud on my porch, and to my surprise it was the mailman. He was too lazy to set it down so he he just dropped it and walked away. He's lucky my new hard drive works, otherwise I'd kick his ass next time he brings a package.
bob sapp (1 year ago)
i did that 50 times a day for 30 years. nothing ever got broken as far as i know.
John (1 year ago)
like every job they all have their idiots and assholes
Debra Scott (1 year ago)
I guess that glass vase you ordered is no longer useable.
J'sVanLife. (1 year ago)
This is why I TRACK my packages and make sure I am home to greet them!
Thomas Voss (1 year ago)
It could of been clothes in the package. My question is why is she running once completely around the vehicle before getting back in?
Karin Coleman (11 months ago)
my guess she was checking the back of the truck to make sure it was clear to back up...I am a USPS worker and I don't chuck, although I am seeing how others are getting the job done faster...still not for me
Word Unheard (1 year ago)
"Watch as a USPS worker throws my packages onto my front porch and then takes a lap around her vehicle. This occurred at approximately 10:46am on Sunday, March 22, 2015. What was in the packages? More surveillance cameras. . ." That was in the description. So no, not clothing. It wouldn't matter what was in the package. She could have taken the whopping 6 seconds it would have took to bring it to the door. Guess she didn't want it to cut into her post delivery cardio workout.
18 Forever (1 year ago)
Adam Kostas (2 years ago)
It's sad that we pay people to destroy our things.
Jerry Thompson (4 months ago)
liberalism will be what destroys this country!
mrgearbox (1 year ago)
Reading is hard. But repeating right wing lies is easy!!!
pdgable (1 year ago)
But they do take our money to deliver packages right? The original person said nothing about taxes!
michaelal20 (1 year ago)
Adam Kostas "we" USPS makes money by revenue NOT from taxes.
FrankMess (1 year ago)
USPS takes no taxpayer money.
K3LLI3 (2 years ago)
GreensRams (1 year ago)
so this is why the stuff i sell on ebay has been arriving broken.
Egyptian Goose (1 year ago)
They weren't light drops either he was slamming it.
Egyptian Goose (1 year ago)
Yea it's sad but true i literally had a fedex person ship something i bought from ebay and i heard repeated banging so i looked through the little glass thing on my door and he was repeadeatly picking up and dropping the package then i opened the door and he ran away it was a booster box full of pokemon cards and the box was ripped up and some of the cards where dented. People say they have to do there jobs fast but wtf was that?
jeffw1267 (2 years ago)
I've written this many times before. And also said it from time to time. If the carrier is getting the job done fast, that is all that management cares about.
Magneisuem Winterjuice (1 year ago)
What he says is right sadly. What you see from her is incredibly stupid only because of how visible she is however they don't handle your packages any more gingerly at the hub. Trust me, that's where the real package abuse takes place. I worked for UPS at the warehouse and as a driver and the huge majority of supervisors only care about clearing trailers fast enough. Every now in then quality inspectors would come and take a quick look, that would be the only time supervisors wanted you to be on good behavior. Other than that it's always a race against the clock.
jeffw1267 (2 years ago)
Well, I'll write it yet one more time. Postal. Management. Does. Not. Care. About. Customer. Satisfaction. If she is fast she will not be fired, but will simply be given more work to do.
Adam Kostas (2 years ago)
Walk to the fucking door and put the package onto the ground nicely. It's very simple. She should be immediately fired.
Adam Kostas (2 years ago)
Until things become damaged repeatedly. If your bottom line becomes affected then things will change. I know how shipping and receiving is. It's tough work and things aren't always handled lightly. But behavior like this is pathetic.
J!gaBoo Boo (2 years ago)
This Is Why You Don't Hire Retards!
N Lunch (2 years ago)
Fuck USPS I'm opening up my own postal service with 3 ppl and can probably still deliver packages quicker then they do..
Novaximus (4 months ago)
lmao so with your 3 people you will have no problem filling the demand of delivering millions of packages nation wide every day from the size and weight of a bottle of pills to 75lbs boxes of Dog food on top of billions of pieces of letters, catalogs and circulars 6 days a week regardless of weather year after year with absolute perfection and delicate handling. Good luck with that.
John Doe (4 months ago)
Carry 35+ pounds in one arm, 20 pounds in a satchel and walk up and downhill with it for 9-10 miles per day and tell me how it went for you.
N Lunch (1 year ago)
to be honest i could care less, usps boof your opinion matters none to me. Also I mean my statement wasn't entirely serious.. Who the hell could deliver mail with only three people dawg. hahah fuuuuuuck
jeffw1267 (1 year ago)
Easy to talk this way but you'd be crying like a little bitch after trying to do my job for just one day. We WORK for a living.
RUDYAKAHALIBU77 (2 years ago)
No shame will cost you in TIME
Casey Klein (2 years ago)
Remington 870.....that is all
tam arinds (2 years ago)
throws like a girl too
Dave A (2 years ago)
If that was my mail he would of been smashed in that go cart he drives then put it in neutral dragged down to the nearest bridge and have a nice throw
hand dee (2 years ago)
she was checking behind the truck because she had to back up. but the fact that shes so saftey conscious and so careless with packages blows my mind
Jim Caneda (2 years ago)
I love her! I love the way she tosses and runs around her vehicle randomly like a dog
ShadowⓋ (2 years ago)
+Jim Caneda That's because she's a retard in disguise.
Jeffrey Smith (2 years ago)
this isn't real , it can't be real.
mrsparex (2 years ago)
FEDEX USPS and UPS all toss packages in their processing plants. Sometimes they get tossed over 20 feet! Some carriers ALWAYS go around their vehicle after turning their back on it for even a second because of animals and children. There's nothing in this video... nothing!
Adam Kostas (2 years ago)
Chucking things in a processing plant is different than this. There is a difference. Work can be very tough in manufacturing. I've worked in shipping and receiving for various businesses. Stuff like that happens. In this case though she could have easily just walked to the door and gently put down the package. This is a behavioral issue.
Police CHASE (2 years ago)
She's cute
SickDeckster (2 years ago)
Lmfao what was the lap around the postal vehicle for? USPS jobs must be fun.
ArcadeGames (2 years ago)
+BadBeat69 Chinese fire drill!
BiggerThanMost (2 years ago)
Spiritual dyke
Anon Flux (2 years ago)
At least youre getting the packages, I however have only gotten one out of 5 stolen by the carrier obviously. No knock on the door no note, nothing but the tracker that says delivered to mailbox o.O a full length large coat in an apt. mailbox? Um no. I had to report it and still have not gotten the last one from Amazon. All the others from UPS arrive NP. So its pretty obvious when your birthday cards all never arrive either who the culprit is. I refuse to use USPS or Amazon sadly because of this. Beware ppl.
Mike Kane (2 years ago)
The USPS has been taken over by blacks. Tons of people are reporting that items are being stolen or damaged. There's long delays to get your package. Mail is tampered with. The USPS needs to  be run and staffed by whites again to get it back to normal. If you call usps, they don't do anything and pretend to be listening. They might even hang up on you for no reason at all. You might get a Hispanic person too on the phone who can barely speak English. It's a nightmare.  Two of the worst areas that I've noticed are Dallas and Washington DC. You can complain at https://www.uspsoig.gov
Incredible Zorro (2 years ago)
+Mike Kane You've got the reasoning capacity of a tick
J!gaBoo Boo (2 years ago)
+irritated narwhale lol
Sir Avila (2 years ago)
Grab your daddy's shotgun, place it inside your mouth and pull the trigger.
irritated narwhale (2 years ago)
This is a white bitch in the video throwing the package.. Lol. In my experience the only good delivery person around is this bigass buff black dude named tracy who works for UPS. He puts our packages on the porch and the other delivery people put them right behind our vehicles, so we run over shit sometimes.
benjamin lewis (2 years ago)
You are an Idiot!
Jimmy B (2 years ago)
Nothing will happen to the postal worker. She has a powerful union to block any punishment.
Trablo Blablo (1 year ago)
Looks like a new city carrier assistant, since she isn't wearing a complete uniform. Assistants are much more vulnerable to termination, especially when embarrassing footage like this winds up online.
RookieUnoCuatro (1 year ago)
nope, she still has a job thanks to the union, video camera and all, pfft
Huck Boo (1 year ago)
I guarantee she was fired. When videos like this surface it's hard for the union to defend the worker. The union can only do so much... I've seen it happen
John (1 year ago)
bullshit! the union can't defend this know your facts if management properly goes through the steps to discipline or removal that's the Union's job to make sure the law is followed and procedure is followed
skyfool981 (2 years ago)
keep voting republican so the remaining unions will disappear
Thesaurus (2 years ago)
Interesting. She can take a useless lap around the truck but can't go up to the porch and set the packages down gently? Hmmm...another mindless wonder, I guess.
Gankageddon (1 year ago)
Thesaurus They are supposed to walk around the truck to make sure nothing is behind it.
Thesaurus (2 years ago)
+ShadowⓋ Well put. That's exactly what it is.
ShadowⓋ (2 years ago)
+Thesaurus Because laziness in the brain. That's why.
URAYOAN GARRIGA (2 years ago)
hahaha so true
TigerShark (2 years ago)
TigerShark (2 years ago)
chin turner (2 years ago)
A big dog was on the porch only she can see it so the dog chase her around the mail van and then she made it into the mail van safe woooo!!! glad she didn't get bit. Dam invisible ghost dogs make me sick worse ones too.hum hmm hmm hm it's gone be alllrrrriiiight.
chin turner (2 years ago)
J!gaBoo Boo (2 years ago)
+chin turner (Nat) Dam Dog Ran Right Through The Invisible Fence Too!
Lex Leighton (2 years ago)
My mailman always puts my packages between the front doors, he's very good !
Egyptian Goose (1 year ago)
Yea my usps post office has good people but everytime i've had fedex they've screwed everything up in fact i think everytime i ordered from fedex my item got delayed by 2 or 3 days.
Felder Joseph (2 years ago)
can someone explain to me why she took a lap around her vehicle...idk why I found that more disturbing than her throwing someone's private mail lol
Ruth Wolf (9 months ago)
Most likely the confusion regarding the driver's side.
Joose (2 years ago)
I throw shit all the time get mad faggots! idc if Im on youtube there is nothing you can do.
Joose (2 years ago)
LOL why did she run around the truck for LOL. Whatever your packages are fine theyre amazon they are properly packages for the most part. OP is a bitch get over it,faggot.