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How the new Chipotle CEO plans to win back customers

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In an exclusive interview, CEO Brian Niccol tells Christine Romans how he plans to get consumers excited about Chipotle again -- and when he knows a new menu item is a hit or a flop.
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Text Comments (310)
chris corona (7 months ago)
They can start by making the hot sauce actually hot! That shit tastes like ketchup.
Mike Barnacle (7 months ago)
Why do these interviewers always bring up breakfast? Ever try Taco Bell breakfast?
Karla (7 months ago)
As a chipotle employee, I go in at 8 am when we open at 10:30 am, if we served breakfast then I’d have to go in at 5 am? Nope
Karla (7 months ago)
What happened to Steve Ells?😭
Denise Mitchell (7 months ago)
went yesterday potions small lettuce brown yuk
Mr J-Charles (7 months ago)
I have only been to Chipotle twice in my life. Would be good if they had more options for vegetarians like grilled tofu or some other type of fake meat product. When you order without meat they still charge you the same prices as if you order chicken or something similar. But they don't add any extra to the Bowl. At least they could do is put guacamole no extra charge. Anyway I can go to Moe's and get the grill tofu bowl and it's cheaper plus comes with chips and salsa no extra charge
Larklan (7 months ago)
Put quesarito on the menu!!!
Ashley Davis (7 months ago)
People are still getting sick from chipotle so... I used to have lunch there at least once a week; I haven’t even set foot in a Chipotle since 2015
Jeffrey Jewell (7 months ago)
Haha Brian has a giraffe neck !!!!!!!!! Bahahahahahahaha
Jalen Wheeler (7 months ago)
I literally get sick everytime I go to chipotle
ray hanes (7 months ago)
I literally make these bowls myself now. The recipe is on YouTube and my chicken taste better. Chipotle surged or peaked and it'll never be that high again
Jesus Hernandez (7 months ago)
Chipotle is not made by mexican people. That's will it taste like shit 💩 . They overpriced everything.
raul menedez (7 months ago)
Start by adding seasoning on the food lmfao 😂
youngg1201 (7 months ago)
How is a white guy the owner of a big Mexican burrito. Smh
Myztyx Yup (7 months ago)
Chipotle??? Why not just go to your local taco shop!!
Gentle Art (7 months ago)
Just stop giving people diarrhea and that should fix the problem.
Nichola26 (7 months ago)
Last time I went to chipotle all the workers looked pissed and I paid 9 bucks for a chicken burrito that was 90% rice. Never went back
NFL YoungBoy (7 months ago)
I’m scared to eat there
Sir Wallace of Bauer, Esq., DDS (7 months ago)
I know I'll never eat here. Been twice and have been sick as hell twice. I swear they're searving dirty diapers over there.
Allen Linares (7 months ago)
Chipotle is a joke and everyone that enjoys it is a part of it. Fake food!
Jose Florian (7 months ago)
Lmao remember when white girls would eat nothing but chipotle
Lisa Jaques (7 months ago)
I literally got robbed by chipolte the other day I understand guacamole is expensive but $2.30 for a bottle of mountain ice water is crazy I got a bowl add guacamole in a bottle of water and it was close to $14 in Ohio
Lisa Jaques (7 months ago)
Warrior Son I'm sure you do something stupid in your country like f**** goats so don't judge
Terrell Wilson (7 months ago)
You know you are from the east coast or south when you are upset at Chipotle.
JanCarlo Lau (7 months ago)
I was expecting like extra meet for a month or sum, but na u give me this BS.
Al B (7 months ago)
Put a chipotle where I live I promise sales will go up 50%
SmellHat (7 months ago)
Bro fix your old shit before bringing new items... it's really not that hard at all
Evil Gengar (7 months ago)
Add shrimp!
Thach Ho (7 months ago)
This conversation was a bunch of nothing. And yes, the queso sucks.
Matt Beim (7 months ago)
Give me a rewards program. I go to chipotle too often to not get the hook up every now and then.
Eli K (7 months ago)
I used to love chipotle. But their food quality has seriously nose dived over the last couple years.
Dazerlbc (7 months ago)
Lower the prices and people will come back. Nobody wants to pay that much for over priced food
Crypt Keeper (7 months ago)
Give me a coupon for a free burrito and I'll go back.
WestLA53 (7 months ago)
change name to chorro blast
WestLA53 (7 months ago)
Chipotle is missing flavor, everything taste the same. fk the brand sell quality food.
Chris M (7 months ago)
My biggest issue with Chipotle is the lack of consistency and just how dirty the restaurants are nearly every time I visit one of their restaurants. CONSISTENCY: I can order two burritos at the same time with similar ingredients. Yet, one of those burritos will look like something from the kids' menu and the other looks normal. Consequently, I feel cheated because of the small burrito. This happens almost every...single...time. CLEANLINESS: Nothing is worse for a chain suffering from a well-publicized restaurants than to see a filthy restaurant. In our area, the Chipotle is dirty 90% of the time. What do I mean? Go into the store and count how many table are dirty. I live in the Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area (with arguably the highest Chipotle prices nationwide) and I usually have to clean a table and chairs just to have somewhere to eat. This is true if the restaurant is busy or almost empty. I've also noticed just how dirty the floor can be. Even with the dark ambiance of each restaurant, the place reeks of filth. It begs the question that if this is how employees treat the most VISIBLE parts of the restaurant, then how dirty are the areas that customers cannot see? I used to eat at Chipotle several times per week. Now, I might go twice a month (if that). If Chipotle wants my business back, they'll need to fix these two issues first. It wouldn't hurt if they added something to the menu (e.g., flavored [e.g., spinach, spicy chipotle, etc.] tortillas, roasted potatoes/papas, breakfast tacos, etc.). In fact, Chipotle could even offer an assortment of specialty tacos or burritos (ala Torchy's tacos in Texas).
Sb Win (7 months ago)
Fuck Chipottle
Alex Thebu (7 months ago)
Chipotle Food tastes awful👎🏻.Very unhygienic and Home of DIARRHEAL INFECTIONS. I’m never going back to chipotle.
greg scott (7 months ago)
Wet soggy cold messy over stuffed $8 buritto's!
Mavolant (7 months ago)
Ok if u guys hate chipotle so much just don’t eat there. Stop complaining.
Mavolant (7 months ago)
People hate the queso cause it’s the most natural thing on the menu omegalul
Mavolant (7 months ago)
People may hate what they do but tomorrow they will still eat there
Mavolant (7 months ago)
Uh I still love the place..
Micheal Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Simple just get real authentic Mexican recipes and go from there
Kevin Pham (7 months ago)
maybe add vegan cheese , queso and sour cream to the menu to?
Norm McCarty (7 months ago)
I like Chipotle and go there often!
Richard (7 months ago)
Chipotle is the only nationwide chain that offers clean healthy workout food. They need to play on those strengths.
Erin Patricia (7 months ago)
If you think chipotle is expensive then you’re ridiculous and I feel bad for you.
John Smith (7 months ago)
They had a nice run. As a stock its a no for me. There was a time and place. That was about 10 years ago.
jvadoptante (7 months ago)
Better off supporting local authentic Hispanic cuisine. Instead of always supporting big soulless money hungry conglomerates that clearly dosent care about their workers & customers. Too many coorporations making money off our desperate youth, with a vicious rinse and repeat systems.
jvadoptante (7 months ago)
Btw Oh Plz with that Fortnite stuff all they see is money money money. 🤑😝👎 They don't care about anyone but their investments.
Lucas Olson (8 months ago)
Lmao chipotle is buns now if you’re smart you’d cop a burrito from qdoba
Hiram Rosa Jr (8 months ago)
He literally said nothing in the interview
happy Gabby!!! (8 months ago)
Why are we asking this dude how he will change chipotle when Taco Bell is shitty and a very small amount of people buy from Taco Bell. He’s not #1 in the restaurant industry at least not here in nyc so let’s see how will he really change chipotle in other states.
Anthony Royce (8 months ago)
White poeple, hate Mexicans but get rich off others culture LMFAO.
Alisha S (8 months ago)
I eat there alot! but the did raise the price but 7 bucks isn't bad. extra rice extra beans and tofu so bomb
soccer123chris (8 months ago)
I payed $12 for a chipotle plate , Chipotle is trash.
Arman Nemati (8 months ago)
Chipotle is very successful
BOB MASTER (8 months ago)
You fucking cheap fucks. Chipotle is such a bargain for its price and quality of taste. Complaining about a dollar increase to kill yourself broke ass
DontNeedToKnow84 (8 months ago)
This guy looks like a major douche
Wolf (8 months ago)
Every time I eat at Chipotle, I get upset stomach and I feel like I’m gonna throw up for some reason
Ronnieron Escobar (8 months ago)
People complaining of the prices FOH and eat McDonald’s
jonathan (8 months ago)
Chipotle ant wining me back I’m sick because of them
Juan Ruiz (8 months ago)
Freebirds is better here... Also they're struggling for the same reason subway is struggling. People don't want expensive fast food. I'd rather spend an extra dollar on waaaay better food then 7-9$ fast food.
krizpal1083 (8 months ago)
Been there twice and will never go again... Tasteless food👎🏽
Nick Wright (8 months ago)
Bring back chorizo you fucking Cuck
Dae Park (8 months ago)
Ugghhhh.... Don't make guac extra.... Do you bitches know how much avocado's cost? And fresh ass ones? Go home and make your own.... It's not hard.... And you can cut yourself some fresh onions while your at it.... We make those for the ingredients not you... Otherwise it would be on the menu! And stop complaining how the tortillas are too small for tacos.... I would be glad to give your fat ass a burrito tortilla for your veggie taco!
Sam Pak (8 months ago)
He looks like that dude in incredibles 2
ChanceFlores (8 months ago)
How bout they stop giving me fat sloppy diarrhea shits
dan McClaren (8 months ago)
That CEO has the most neutral face ever. Whether he is congratulating you on a job promotion or firing your ass, same face.
Jacob Abrams (8 months ago)
Using the stem sides of tomatoes, nasty queso and you got rid of the amazing chorizo. Fucking disaster
Swaggy Desh (8 months ago)
I eat chipotle Wit extra beans extra rice and a tortilla on side. For those who say you’re not getting enough, you’re just not smart enough.
daniel226 (8 months ago)
There are some idiots here talking about the wage and how they are treated like “slaves”. No one fucking pointed a gun and forced you to work at chipotle.
Henry Huang (8 months ago)
please bring back chrizo
LoudBOiNInja (8 months ago)
For starters make it a "policy" to stop telling customers it's a *FUCKING DOLLAR AND 99 CENTS EXTRA for a spoon size of that guac..seriously that's why I quit going to Gampstop because every time you go they annoy you with shit you already know
Matt LA (8 months ago)
Nothing wrong with Chipotle. Love it.
Diegoskiii (8 months ago)
Chipoople needs to get deported
Nirav Patel (8 months ago)
When a CEO shows off on CNN CNBC its all about stock price. Not about building brands. Let’s see what happen in next 6 months.
Sad Esma (8 months ago)
Now u make high price and vege chipotle is so small never I wanna go there never
Weston Cogswell (8 months ago)
Lol I thought it said black customers 😂
Alex Wheeler (8 months ago)
Pretty sure Monsanto caused the ecoli outbreak because any buisness that's as locally sourced as chipotle should have never had an ecoli outbreak around the country. Think about it Monsanto was mad about chipotles openness to avoid gmos and being honest about their food ;)
Three Percent Man (8 months ago)
The new CEO is from taco bell? That's so disappointing.
Jesus Mendoza (8 months ago)
They need to make bowls $5. I’ll be there every day.
Den Griffey (8 months ago)
I ask for them to put more meat on my rice bowl cause they wanna be stingy, next thing u know a rice bowl cost me $15
Papi’s Papi (8 months ago)
The price needs to go down
Liam Phelps (8 months ago)
Connor M (8 months ago)
I worked there. I could not afford to eat there if they didn’t provide me food. There were actually some days where all I ate was that big ass burrito, cut in half and eat half during lunch and half after my shift. Didn’t taste the best but with what I got paid sometimes that was the only food I could afford. Now I make even less and live with my parents because Chipotle fired me for something I didn’t do after reporting the store manager for drinking on the job.
al g (8 months ago)
How about they vring back their veteran discounts... Fuck us right?
john doe (8 months ago)
This makes me want to eat chipotle :p
Steve Jobs (8 months ago)
Don't give people food poisononing (personally happened). that's how
Zoe Godsted (8 months ago)
Put in drive thrus
j shuttlesworth (8 months ago)
Over priced and portions have reduced
oliver j (8 months ago)
As a former manager I can tell you the will squeeze as much out of you as they can especially if you are salary manager like in my case they want to work extra days for free.
zParallaxz (8 months ago)
How about you cut the fucking gristle off the steak you bums, I just had two burritos today and a major of the meat was either fat or gristle wtf. Last time I eat at chipotle
Stevie Armando (8 months ago)
Instead of adding onto the menu how about taking a closer look onto the times we all worked off the clock and treated like slaves🤔
Joshua Coreas696969 (8 months ago)
Stevie Armando and up the fucking burritos a bowl has more shit in it than a burrito
Dae Park (8 months ago)
Stevie Armando what chipotle u work at.... Lol
S. James (8 months ago)
Tl,dr: Chipotle is trash, the food quality is about to go even farther downhill. My store got a new (incompetent) general manager from an entirely different restaurant, he brought over a bunch of workers from his store too. Even though they have no knowledge of procedures, he's training them as managers, it's blatant favoratism. Their *starting* pay was five dollars above minimum wage (way more than our most experienced service manager even makes), I've been there for a year and a half, know how to run almost every position, and am still at minimum wage. The old crew is leaving in droves and the ones left are forced to train people who make more money than them. Chipotle is dead. We used to make all the salsas fresh every morning, chop and dice our own ingredients, and smash our own avocados. Well they're slowly moving towards everything being premade (the chicken now comes pre-marinated and the medium salsa is now completely pre-made). Soon we even won't be cutting our own fajitas or cilantro. They're going to get it to where you only need 2 people to open the store (where my slower store needs 7 people doing a full 8 hours) and all the other shifts will be 4 hrs (so it'll be near impossible to get decent hours). The new CEO came from Taco Bell, and he's turning Chipotle into Taco Bell.
HOMS ! (7 months ago)
Just quit n work where they gonna appreciate you n watch thT shit turn to a hell hole
Mr Uptown (8 months ago)
Destructive Aphids when the future get robots i wanna come back from the dead and laugh at their asses
AXZ (8 months ago)
Chipotle is a disgrace to Mexican food. If you want some REAL Mexican food go to an ACTUAL mexican restaurant and they’ll give you A LOT more for the same price.
Nico strawburry (8 months ago)
make guac free make chips free stop skimping on the meat
OMAD Dad (8 months ago)
Forget breakfast. Instead come up with a few different salad dressings instead of just the one. And make quesadillas not just for kids. Put decent toppings in them. Are they the best restaurant in the world? No but for fast food at least it’s a good option and cheap.
Marie Merchant (8 months ago)
OMAD Dad as a employee at Chipotle you know they sell big quesadillas not just the one you see on the menu for kids.. also we have a quesarito that isn't on the menu either.. only problem with that is it cost a little more but a quesadilla as long as all you do is get cheese and a meat it cost less than a burrito.. anything more than cheese and a meat is considered a burrito
Murod Vlogs (8 months ago)
Free guacamole!!!!!
Amber R (8 months ago)
Man im just gonna stick with moes lol
Elizabeth Miranda (8 months ago)
I work there and the food quality went to trash. Nothing is organic how it use to be when Chipotle first came out. Steve Ells was all about organic food and freshness. Now the lettuce be looking like it came from tacobell lol. And the pay, trash as well.
Will Ak (8 months ago)
Elizabeth Miranda ? Do you understand what organic means lmao