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How Hevesh5 Builds Amazing Domino Chain Reactions | WIRED

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19-year-old Lily Hevesh is obsessed with dominos. She spends hours upon hours building insanely intricate designs and chain reactions before knocking them down. Sound like a strange way to spend your time? Tell that to the nearly 2 million people who've subscribed to her YouTube Channel, where she posts new domino videos every Saturday. Check out Lily's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Hevesh5 Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. How Hevesh5 Builds Amazing Domino Chain Reactions | WIRED
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Text Comments (1096)
Hevesh5 (3 months ago)
AHH THIS CAME OUT SO GOOD!! Thank you so much for having me and for allowing me to share my passion for Domino Art with others! :)
samantha shepherd (10 days ago)
- p O i
Sophia Nguyen (11 days ago)
Ello its a me A human
janostimar1 (21 days ago)
Your video is so nice and cool 😍😘😜🎅it is nirly Christmas in London
Maria Julia Morales (24 days ago)
chase carswell (25 days ago)
I’m super proud of you for the Uniqe things you do,Lily!You are an amazing artist and you will continue to succeed!👩🏻‍🎨
Brandon E. Smith (13 hours ago)
She's right. You don't need a college degree! Waste of money.
Brandon E. Smith (13 hours ago)
I admire her healthy perseverance.
KyLynn Connors (21 hours ago)
Can you make a unicorn!!!!!!!
solo skate (23 hours ago)
What's the program you use
abdulla albusaeedi (1 day ago)
etrafk and amazing
Josh Farrell (2 days ago)
I love it
Anton io (2 days ago)
It’s 11pm what am I doing
Trung Nguyen (3 days ago)
Quit college for dominos kids
KyLynn Connors (21 hours ago)
Happy John (3 days ago)
4:15 I like the random Ford logo 12:27 AM 12/8/2018
Ok x sundaon 128 (4 days ago)
Do you know I have a Sega and Genesis and I play Sonic
Sean Y (4 days ago)
Only 1 week jeez
Tzuyu Chou (4 days ago)
aw they just watch you fall they don't catch you 💔💔💔💔
Josiah Rawls (4 days ago)
I can not believe you do all this building all yourself your cool 🎈🎈🎈😁😁😁😀
Tot tota (5 days ago)
*Who needs dominoes when your life is continuously falling out of control*
dkphantomdk (5 days ago)
obsession at its best.. get a job where you create something and then push it over, then remove it with no evidence it was ever there ! - where else to find a job like this, the goverment !! ;D ;D ;D
3rdINFINITE (5 days ago)
Im so glad she's happy
OH_MAH_E D G Y (6 days ago)
Jo Anne (6 days ago)
Good good girl do you have an istargram account?
Azure Onyxscore (7 days ago)
are we not gonna talk about flippycat?
CallMeKepler (8 days ago)
Mad respect that you can have that much patience and is now a successful full-time domino builder
Crazy Fred (9 days ago)
So cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
TG Taylor (9 days ago)
i thought she was 12 tbh
Gagan Singh (9 days ago)
And i dont even have the patience to wait two and a half minutes at Dominoos
Raymond Everitt (10 days ago)
You can like do 1,000,000,000,000 get it LOL
#misspinkiepie 07 (10 days ago)
What. She’s in college. She looks 14
Shazia Pirzada (11 days ago)
Haters: bruh that's not art Me: at least is satisfying not like u hating Haters : bruh Me:what
viri herrera (11 days ago)
That's so cool you are amazing
Myrtle Jack (13 days ago)
Ilove this
Miranda Lentz (14 days ago)
TheGamingCookie 003 (16 days ago)
-knocks down whole thing- sees camera isn't even on . R.I.P
Lisea kainga (16 days ago)
that cool
Joshua Oliver (16 days ago)
Your so good
Starlynn Tyykila (16 days ago)
Nice cool
Flor Rodríguez (17 days ago)
You are cool every time I try domino's it just falls
Kayla Buccheri (17 days ago)
I love it
Arenz Ramos (17 days ago)
Hevesh5 is the best i loved him she looks like my teacher in english subject
Miljet Smith (17 days ago)
Jayne Campbell (17 days ago)
I 😍
Senpai (17 days ago)
she must have a lot of patience.. i would’ve burned down the whole house after it fell
Felicity Scott (17 days ago)
wow you are very taleneted
jeankacey go (18 days ago)
BAU BAU (18 days ago)
I'd tap that
C Tom (18 days ago)
Something tells me Lily Hevesh is an Asian. Well I am Asian my self. 75% Chinese and 25% Fillipino
Jordan Shaw (18 days ago)
Lorri Robertson (18 days ago)
I have 209345 dominos
jason batalla (18 days ago)
so satifiying
Nightmare Sans Wolf (19 days ago)
3:20 when you make something beautiful and your little sibling runs into it
Nightmare Sans Wolf (19 days ago)
I can only place down two before they fall and make me die
Nancy Fehr (19 days ago)
You are so cool😎🤩😘
Cynthia Wilson (19 days ago)
Karen Hovancik (19 days ago)
Are you doing friend Audrey friend cuz I saw you and one of her videos and I really like your videos bye bye
Jennette Flowers (19 days ago)
I love you so very much
AUSTIN SENST (19 days ago)
so cool
Alexander Mazon (20 days ago)
do you still make these videos
Joy.Syd. Jour.Chloe (20 days ago)
Pumpkin Jacker (20 days ago)
Downward Spiral (20 days ago)
#1- She must have the patience of a saint #2- She might be the next Jigsaw with those skills
Shaq Deisel (20 days ago)
Should do a whole room and have them super glued as a museum for people to tour and then watch those that try be devious. :-).
All about The Princesses (20 days ago)
She should be on Ellen
cyborg eyes (21 days ago)
Yo you like domino jesus
Emily and. Sarah ANDREE (21 days ago)
good job!you did good!l
Lil Kiwi (21 days ago)
You go girl! Follow your dreams!!
Cameron Camy (21 days ago)
this is Squishy🐙 Squishy cant swim SO DONT LET SQUISHY SINK DOWN TO THE END OF THE COMMENTS 🐙🐙🐙
Sarah Leahy (21 days ago)
This is definitely a form of art
damom loper (21 days ago)
She probably went broke after buying all dat dominos
league invader (21 days ago)
This is awesome
美的 タランチュラTARANTULA_7U (22 days ago)
She's dominating the domino scene
Iris Adventures Ivy (22 days ago)
Lily Jones (22 days ago)
You are the best
Becky Epa (22 days ago)
Nocona Gregory (22 days ago)
Domino's are cool!!!!!😎
Agmi Benitez (22 days ago)
I need a leson plz
Vinceplayz 2018 (22 days ago)
What if the last domino stayed up 🤔
Barkitoow (23 days ago)
Layla Hahn (23 days ago)
How can you do all that
Dani Boy (24 days ago)
Random Queen101 (24 days ago)
This is for people who have patience and I don’t have a single % of it 😂😂
Graeme Smith (24 days ago)
My brother lice’s you and love you
Yousef Luay (24 days ago)
Good for you that you got 1B veiws
Yousef Luay (24 days ago)
You are so smart
This Is My Life (24 days ago)
Becky Andres (24 days ago)
What the point of domino's ? Jk I love dominos
A popp (24 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I didn’t get clickbaited the title was true
jaynemarie2002 (24 days ago)
.... .?
Hunter Fanning (24 days ago)
You are really good. How did you become a domino artist?
William Ortiz (24 days ago)
Our proud prime minister (25 days ago)
Vicki Smith (25 days ago)
Hi my name is summer Smith In 7
Mohammed Abdullah (25 days ago)
I. Love.
Mohammed Abdullah (25 days ago)
Shatha Abdullah I. Am. 7.
Natalie PALASCAKOVA (25 days ago)
you are amazing teach me
snake underscorch (25 days ago)
I love what you people bild
Sally mare (25 days ago)
So satisfied
Theo Brownlie (25 days ago)
Omg that is amasone
Emily Desardouin (25 days ago)
This looks like a stressful job lol
chase carswell (25 days ago)
She is really cool and artistic but it’s not easy to do.She could spend seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks,years to build a domino course.She make time in her life to do this stuff.Some people in the world probably can’t even do this.The point is,She is a super creative person and not every one can do that.The fact that SHE CAN do this make’s her A Unique Girl.It seem’s impossible but it is not impossible,If you just try and give it a shot,You might just Succeed.☺️☺️☺️
Emmanuel Charles (25 days ago)
You are so awesome
TheKickButtNonBinary (25 days ago)
i knock down 1 domino. well, i did once walk into a huge wall, like 7 times per hour.
Trump (26 days ago)