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UPS Interview - Driver Helper

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https://www.job-applications.com/ups-application/ A UPS driver helper discusses the interview process, interview questions, how to get a job and what its like to work for UPS.
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Text Comments (66)
nickwick35 (5 days ago)
My interview was literally a guy asked if i can work fast and lift heavy packages and that was it lool
Matthew Xie (24 days ago)
This is not true My Interview Was How did you find this job? Do you have issue lifting 70lb package or above? And i was hired right after the interview. However different ups location run interview differently.
Matthew Xie (4 days ago)
Jeremiah Garrett no only driver Driver helper are hired right away. I am working for usps because ups is underpaid sadly
Jeremiah Garrett (12 days ago)
Do they do urine test
Matthew Xie (18 days ago)
Silentó i work 10 month for a job with no interview it was too little so i move on.
Silentó (18 days ago)
@Matthew Xie Good luck to you too, Matthew.
Matthew Xie (18 days ago)
Silentó feeder and trailer are good job wish you best of luck. I want to be package delivery driver. Hopefully one day before ncaa officiating in a few years
NationHypocrisy (1 month ago)
Group interviews? I hate those... :(
Katrina T (1 day ago)
lol_ speed3 (11 months ago)
The driver helper job js not a hard job if anything its more boring than anything..pays good for seasonal work
Greg (11 months ago)
The "interview" for a driver helper isn't really much of an interview. UPS will hire you as long as you have your own transportation, are legally able to work in the U.S., and don't have a criminal record. (I can't remember if they conduct background checks but you're better off regardless if you don't have a criminal record.)
lol_ speed3 (18 days ago)
@elchucofried no prob..not a bad gig for a seasonal job..my driver was pretty cool
elchucofried (18 days ago)
@lol_ speed3 thats what's up I have a perfect record just graduated from college but I'll piss hot if they drug test me but my stress levels just went down thanks man!!
lol_ speed3 (18 days ago)
@elchucofried they didnt when I applied..they just do a background check which they get back within minutes and youre hired on the spot and do the video training all in one day
elchucofried (18 days ago)
@lol_ speed3 dude I have a interview tomorrow and I hope they dont drug test me lol and its only seasonal
MR. SUCC NUGGET (10 months ago)
Vegan Mountain Goat she should have gave someone some nice head. It will definitely work especially if she petite like her
tim gong (1 year ago)
Ups u ppl stupid there u go fuk ups
tim gong (1 year ago)
Ups = under paid slave . Ups = united plantation state
Kenai Dog (1 year ago)
Santos Fc (2 years ago)
How old to drive for them?????
Matthew Xie (18 days ago)
21 yesrs old and it 1 of million chance to be hired without cdl But they dont need cdl. That a huge lie on application
Chris Do (2 years ago)
If you are younger, get in any way you can. Once you turn 21, bid for a driver position. Great retirement, benefits.
Chris Do (2 years ago)
Santos Fc 21
Jim Halpert (2 years ago)
you have to be at least 21 to be a driver, but only 18 to be a driver helper
Titus Matthews (2 years ago)
wow sounds like a very interesting job position, do u need to have experience or learning as u go, if u are offered the position ?
Hennyman (2 years ago)
Titus Matthews learn as you go
Gregg Michael (3 years ago)
It can really be hard in Wisconsin with the cold and snowstorms and blizzards. It's like being an elf helping Santa deliver presents. I loved it and did it for 8 years. haha
Matthew Xie (24 days ago)
How can you do it 8 years it seasonal job. Are you a driver now? I want to know is the truck is automatic or shift stick?
bob lower (1 year ago)
Gregg Michael we call ourselves brown santas when it's cold and snowy
Afric King (3 years ago)
I would like to take a ride with a delivery driver to know how it really goes..
Quillen Gay (1 year ago)
They don’t have you pissing on the truck don’t listen to that guy
Evan Stone (1 year ago)
Bring a piss bottle!
Sikama N’Kouka (3 years ago)
This is the same guy in the infantryman video...
Mighty Joe Young (4 years ago)
Im going to drive for them in Tractor Trailers and then become Owner Operator for them within a few years cant wait 😄
Courtney Badger (11 months ago)
Hope u did
cbr9927 (4 years ago)
Its a cool job, time flies by and you can good exercise. Just the rain sucks, I live in Seattle so it rains a LOT
Matthew Xie (18 days ago)
cbr9927 my city is worst rain, hail, sleet, and snow Does seattle snows?
Pseudo Nym (4 years ago)
From the sounds of it this actually seems like it would be a good job for introverted people (such as myself) since you're only working with one other person. I applied as a package handler, but after watching this I think I'll put in an application for a driver helper as well even though it's only a seasonal position. Very helpful video, thanks.
ThaRedPitbull-Mix (2 months ago)
How did it go? Did you like the job?
Nathan Powers (4 years ago)
I know weight req versus actual weight faced with on the job is usually far less, but damn 75lbs?... I'd throw my back out.
Phuong Dang (3 years ago)
It's not that difficult bc you get to use both your hands. At first I thought they meant that you're able to do bicep curls of at least 75 pounds and I was like uhhh I can try but I'll probably fail.
Erick P (4 years ago)
75lbs hah. I have to load about 20 140+lbs packages on the daily.
Marcus Ellis (4 years ago)
Video was helpful, I scheduled an interview but never got a call should I still go?
Matthew Xie (18 days ago)
No phone for interview you just schedule online it alway group and the invidual but for driver helper is usually just small talk and then individual interview
fgsdg sdfgsg (4 years ago)
yea just go in, its an automated scheduling right? 
Erik Morales (5 years ago)
I got an email for an appointment to look around the facility and then, If i so choose, an interview with HR. Anybody else get it this way?  
Matthew Xie (18 days ago)
Nope mine was quick process 2 hour done.
MiguelMaxOficial (1 year ago)
My girl did she said it was nothing crazy and she got the job bit she applied for package handler
Robert Martinez (5 years ago)
Yes that is how I got in then they took me out of the wear House to help the Driver
theunknown117 (5 years ago)
After my group orientation for drive helper which was 11-13-13 they said they will call in the 18th does that mean this month or dec 18th?
Matthew Xie (24 days ago)
Of it mean nov lol if it by dec the JOB IS OVER
DESCARADOS (5 years ago)
maan ibrahim (6 years ago)
SKY-911☆CS:GO☆ (6 years ago)
Matthew Xie (18 days ago)
Driver helper at least 18 year old With a hs diploma. Need to lift 70lb alone
COYOTE swap or you get DEPORTED (1 year ago)
SKY-911☆CS:GO☆ did you find out?