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Best Off-Road Vehicles of All Time

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People love to off-road and their experience is usually only as good as the vehicle they're doing the wheelin’ in. That’s probably why some people build the craziest and wildest off-road machines that you have ever seen. Some machines are designed in the military, and some designed by people like me and you. We found some really cool machines that can go over almost terrain and some that are so cool you won’t want to miss them. Now check out these best off-road vehicles.
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Text Comments (793)
Wolfypvp123 (6 hours ago)
Road Roller da ˚∆˚
ionic PeZ (15 hours ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I got click baited and so did you
Abe Van Dyke (18 hours ago)
Fuck you. Show what you advertise.
Paul Ribeiro (1 day ago)
thumnail vehicle not shown, very dissapointed
Kohoko (1 day ago)
Man!!! That Russian troupe carrier is off the hook! And that Triumph off road bike is F'ing one Gnarrrly Beast!!
b_vt t (1 day ago)
how come the motorcycle is presented as the best bike for offroad terrain? first of all, it is heavy and therefore harder to control. it seems to have no protection for the parts directly above the ground, which are also very low. why not include tested and reliable offroad bikes like the African twin or some bmw (f800gs for example). maybe there is some reason to assume that this one is better that I am not aware of?
berfranper (2 days ago)
1:52 that's just a small Shagohod
Mike (2 days ago)
2:00 The Shagohod. A weapon to be surpassed by metal gear. Also: 10:30 "Gullwing doors" Those, are not gullwing doors.
LABESTIA (2 days ago)
oh yheaaaaa ATON-IMPULSE VIKING 2992 is very very superb, amphibian and central guide,fantastic
Curt Heisler (3 days ago)
@10:00 That's an Ifrit. Have you never played ARMA? /s
Jayden Li (3 days ago)
Joshua Myers (4 days ago)
The snow motor vehicle is what the Terrain Twister was based off of. It was an old RC vehicle
OO OO (6 days ago)
Waste of time
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
wfo92gt (7 days ago)
Proofread your fucking scripts before recording this clickbaity bullshit and maybe I'll watch more than one.
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
fuck off
Chris C (8 days ago)
Holy YouTube ads. I feel like I have to watch one every 30 seconds!
Curt Heisler (3 days ago)
Get adblock on your browser.
DarkShroom (8 days ago)
i bet this guy got paid by triumph
Zach Baker (8 days ago)
Haha you've probably never seen anything like it haha!
GoldScorpio (9 days ago)
i am from czech republic thats TATRA is GOOD really :D
Sean Baca (9 days ago)
How in the world could this list not include the Avtoros Shaman? The greatest ATV on the market.
Noe De La Cruz (9 days ago)
My favorite was the one in the thumb nail. Why didn't you feature that one?
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
because it isnt real maybe
Chimpanzee (10 days ago)
Sexy erotic humane shit.
ArfurFaulkesHake (10 days ago)
The Tatra had permant 8-wheel drive. Having just four wheels driven would have been a bit lack luster.
RaiderDave2112 (11 days ago)
Reported for misleading content
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
it isnt misleading
Marko ASDA Driver (11 days ago)
Anyone else watch this for the thumb nail and was let down
Paul Evans (20 hours ago)
Yeah I was just about to comment the same thing.......bastards
Bro Brostien (7 days ago)
@DapperDan SAME
Ricardo Orso (11 days ago)
where is that f***ing rollerblade truck ? clickbaits should be a crime
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
this is the internet, you dont need to censor your profanities
P Frederick39 (12 days ago)
this is great. thank you!
XReAdEr2 (13 days ago)
Hoonigan has the ferret... It's not so cool
Ken Horn (13 days ago)
Lord Papi Darkwing (15 days ago)
Let me just go get a few lottery tickets, im buying that Frederick Shaven
CakemakerDK (15 days ago)
Russian SHERP xD
Bimbo Alip (16 days ago)
where andhowto buy this
Gorka CG (20 days ago)
the bike doesn't seem that good at all. Your average dirt bike is probably better
Dhauladharian (20 days ago)
Zil Punisher - I want to make that accident in this machine @90mph :)
sardisty gbj (22 days ago)
you forgot the sherp
Gabe Morrison (22 days ago)
Where's the shurp
Ahungry Spoon (22 days ago)
What about the UNIMOG
Ahungry Spoon (22 days ago)
Number twelve looks like a NOD apc
Robert Alex (23 days ago)
unfortunately, I like the Russian models best. Although even if I could afford them, I doubt I could import them.
Juan Lorenzo L. De Oca (23 days ago)
1:54 ahhh yes.... Shagohod
charles taylor (24 days ago)
How could you forgot the sherp! Realy it's my top choice to go hunting!
sardisty gbj (22 days ago)
no too much noice
Copperse (25 days ago)
You forgot the Sherp!
Yousuf Hasan (25 days ago)
It was difficult to choose a favourite until you put in that bike. Sweet piece of hardware.
Bert Griffith (25 days ago)
I liked the chainlink 4x4,the toyo tires ferret, and the frank off road bike.
Eric Ulator (26 days ago)
10:29 - Those aren't "gull-wing" doors... They're "suicide" doors. "Gull-wings" open vertically (think DeLorean) like a Seagull's Wings (hence, Gull-wing)....
joejoegamer 22 (26 days ago)
those are just doors
Domenion (28 days ago)
The TC497 is the only vehicle on the list I want.
jishimoari (1 month ago)
Viking 2992, car with Niva engine and Mondeo stereo system and speedometer. Perfect combination, my type of car.
Richard Slimák (1 month ago)
Tatra is still produced
Earl Delsanto (1 month ago)
I had a 77 cj and a 2000 tj.
C SMITH (1 month ago)
10:09 "lightweight armored..." 10:39 Then says "..Heavily armored....weight of 26k lbs...." 26k lbs. holy-hell thats a-lot of lightweight armor :P
Nick Sebring (1 month ago)
I liked the offroad bike the best.
ML and PUBG GAMER18 (1 month ago)
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
lern to spel
Василий Болотов (1 month ago)
kolos meaning is not even close to colossus
Calvin Watterson (1 month ago)
You forgot the 2002 Jeep TJ. Oh yeah!! Haha
Calvin Watterson (1 month ago)
Nick Sebring running quite well! 170000 km. Starting to develop a tiny clicking in the engine, but she still feels new. I’ll keep it forever if I can.
Nick Sebring (1 month ago)
Hahahaha Mine's still running like new. Yours?
AlexLordAlcyone (1 month ago)
chill out on the transition effects FFS, hard to watch this crap
LucasWerewolf (1 month ago)
To many dislikes or to embarrassed to show it?
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
@LucasWerewolf you are seriously stupid, the comeback is 7 years old, not the comment
LucasWerewolf (5 days ago)
​@ArtilleryFire Actually i answered just 45 min after you commented, not 7 years fattboy :)
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
@LucasWerewolf ooh wow a 7 year old comeback, come with something better for once
LucasWerewolf (5 days ago)
@ArtilleryFire you mean like you?
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
get something better to do in your life instead of "calling people out"
Ted Myrrh (1 month ago)
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
Dealviinde Productions (1 month ago)
Piotr Borowski (1 month ago)
ahem MAZ 543 (8x8) Vityaz dt-30 ZIL Schneckochod Sherp
ken jorgensen (1 month ago)
The W460 G wagen was and still is my favorite up here in the rugged terrain
Mark420CZ (1 month ago)
JackG79 (1 month ago)
No SHERP.... No Gamma Goat.... No Mahindra Roxor..... Crazy!!!!!!!!
Larry the Cucumber (1 month ago)
You forgot about Sherp.
Matěj Lipták (1 month ago)
Tatra je nej kdo si to myslí tak like
Murray Miller (1 month ago)
I really like the Punisher
Shiela may Reyes (1 month ago)
Buwisit kau iba ang naka profile pag pinanuod mo wla yung naka profile
Sim. Frischh (1 month ago)
"Makaroffroad" Russian humor XD
Zander The panda (1 month ago)
2:00 it’s the fingerscrew from hill climb 😂😂
Glitterbeard (1 month ago)
Why u use false thumb nail?
MEAN JAMF (1 month ago)
too many ads!!
zeus lim (1 month ago)
I think the Tatra 813 is in 1nsane it's called behemoth there. Misreading there lol ,813 not 8113 10:32 equipped with gullwing doors , shows normal doors and suicide doors. How are snowmobiles and hovercraft not here
Evan Barrows (1 month ago)
The Gullwing doors made me laugh
Patman Crowley (1 month ago)
I am surprised that you didn't include the Sherp off-road vehicle which is from the Ukraine and is sold in the United States of America with American engines (of your choice).
Tamás Nyapi (1 month ago)
I would like the EFV in dark green.
THE GAMEPLAYER 2 (1 month ago)
What about the shearp
johnsamu (1 month ago)
"WELDING 4 more cilinders to an engine"?? That probably wasn't the way it was done.
Brice Mauritz (1 month ago)
Normally I would agree but he did say the Tahtra company from the Czech republic in 1982 so I could actually believe it.....
jan theboomers (1 month ago)
2:30 why don’t we just put a military base on it?
The sick Cichled (1 month ago)
I’m the first person to like
ArtilleryFire (5 days ago)
Ekoh TheTaur (1 month ago)
Imagine owning that amphibious rescue vehicle at 7:22 "Sorry sir but you can't cross this bridge, you're literally a whole ton too heavy." "So can I take the river?" "What?" "Can I use the river, to cross the river?" "You'd need a boat for that, but sure I guess." **drives into water and crosses river**
BikerGangTV (1 month ago)
Ekoh TheTaur lol seriously tho this needs more likes
Ekoh TheTaur (1 month ago)
@BikerGangTV **picture of cat being happy when pet**
BikerGangTV (1 month ago)
this comment deserves way more likes.
Thomas Russell (1 month ago)
Fav is definitely number 12. With the bike coming in a really close second.
Utpal Das (1 month ago)
Utpal Das (1 month ago)
crazed radio show / what's greads my gears (1 month ago)
Don't fall off
FaZe_ MaRiO (1 month ago)
Best is BURLAK
TheDusk420 (1 month ago)
4:04 Fuck me, Brum grew up didn't he?
Hooch (1 month ago)
Ok, wasn`t expecting classified moto to be on here. Thats a shop local to me.
Shan Ali (1 month ago)
Eli Woodruff (1 month ago)
Who else just got Clickbated?
pimpinaintdeadho (1 month ago)
Fuckin bullshit
Mr. Fox Gaming (1 month ago)
Good vid but why the click bait
Ducky Man (2 months ago)
"Zil punisher" That's an ifrit.
Yvar Excell (2 months ago)
Too much ads...
Shana Poppen (2 months ago)
Eldldldldldld7pp 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😿😿😿😿🙀😸😺😽🎃😼💀🎃☠️👽👾🤖💩👻🤡👺👹🤕🤠😈👿😈🤠🤑🤕🤑🤑🤑🤑🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤑🤑🤑
househansa (2 months ago)
You forgot the Batman Tumbler
13 Enduro (2 months ago)
Apollo Gold (2 months ago)
1:30 It’s the perfect prank machine...
GK M (2 months ago)
Mad max fury road
Jackson Byers (2 months ago)
Hi Read more
nagandla naresh (2 months ago)
Man you make records of monster turk mannnnnn
el diablo (2 months ago)
I tried but that whiney voice grates against my nerves
Renold Vottier (2 months ago)
Spin tire anyone? hehehe,...
David Wilson (2 months ago)
i want them all