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These drivers have to back to driving school #705

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Text Comments (934)
John Arizona (23 hours ago)
I wasn't into drivers ed class when I went but they did press a good point to not ever veer into the oncoming traffic lane(s).In general it is far better to go off the road on your side and even hit a solid object than to hit another vehicle head on coming from the opposite direction as that doubles the impact speed.
John Starck (1 day ago)
The person who wrote the title needs to go back to kindergarten
Steve Akin (2 days ago)
Most of these are weather caused accidents not the people's fault.
DonnCTV (4 days ago)
Dam!! hope all is very well
Joel Rodriguez (5 days ago)
1:42 why does it say 05.01.2018 if were un April
True Yeti (5 days ago)
And you have to back to English class
zootedsuit (6 days ago)
No one is safe from dumb drivers
game play with kd (6 days ago)
And you need to go back to elementary school because you can’t spell. what is that title
SHAH MRUGESH (6 days ago)
Like And Nice , Crazy Driving
Spaghetti Weddi (6 days ago)
the thing is, half of the video is cars sliding on ice so its not their fault they crash
PHARRAOH (6 days ago)
I saw some dick head play the brake check game on beach bl and one time and then get trapped in dead stop traffic. the other dude got out pulled the break check fag out and beat the holy shit out of him. Everyone cheered him on. I gave him $10 and said buy yourself a pitcher of beer on me dude, you made my day. the other fag was on the ground out cold. As traffic began to move, some guy drug the dag off to the sidewalk and pulled his car off the road. It was total team work at its finest.
jj Johnson (7 days ago)
Rockstar postmalon
Diego Mota (8 days ago)
Did Anyone See The Flying Thing In 2:58
George Micheal (8 days ago)
I had to do what that dude did in the box truck guy was coming up fast behind me on the interstate if I did always look in me rear view he would if hit me in the ass at about 70mph.
Tim G (8 days ago)
Note to self: don't drive in snow and euro music causes accidents
Tony (8 days ago)
so many of them look intentional, plenty of time to stop, but I guess they figure why? like 9:08
5:20 Snowbank pukes out an idiot
Michael Tripp (9 days ago)
At 2:16 that driver was like OH S**T" F*ck this S*it I'm out"! (rolls up window)
Berend Kuipers (10 days ago)
forget it
Berend Kuipers (10 days ago)
what do you mena, have to back to...?
It's Kevin (10 days ago)
Title this drivers have to back to driving school” who wrote this has to go back to 4th grade
08Shade80 (11 days ago)
Anyone know the song at 3:21?? I tried looking it up but couldnt find anything
The scary wabbit (11 days ago)
1:42 May 1st 2018??? Are these people from the future??!
Dalton Youngblood (12 days ago)
read the title slowly
Da'Quan Walls (12 days ago)
1:26 was an awesome crash they even got a fireworks show
Brw 06 (12 days ago)
1:02 rockstar ayy lol
Aidanb Studios (14 days ago)
Andrew Perez (14 days ago)
He was listening to rockstar 57
Some Stranger (14 days ago)
fucking props to 8:16 avoided an accident
Brian K. Pinkstaff (14 days ago)
So some of these people have to go back to driving school even though they slipped on ice?
Brian K. Pinkstaff (14 days ago)
Great Grammer for the title.
madmax2069 (15 days ago)
They don't need to go back to driving school, they need throat punched and tossed off a cliff.
jeff lester (15 days ago)
I'm not 18+
Ghost Toast (15 days ago)
this guy who made this video have to back to english
Jaymie Harris (15 days ago)
Slow down your driving out there people. I notice most problems are speed and the drivers abilities don't match the speed they're going. Slow down!!!
graphnerd73 (15 days ago)
And people who drive Dodge Darts are idiots!
graphnerd73 (15 days ago)
I think people who get in front of you and slam on the brakes should be the ones liable for the accident. Plus, they should get a beatdown!
Justin Dragovich (16 days ago)
Some of these are lame as fuck
내 꺼야 신앙배주현 (16 days ago)
1:32 fireworks show
Music Channel (17 days ago)
Russians are already shit at driving
Nolan Mayfield (17 days ago)
and you have to back to elementary school
Leeland Durham (18 days ago)
Go back you mean
Christian 231zz Time (18 days ago)
Underscore Zero (19 days ago)
ArmedDarkly (19 days ago)
well they buy a ram for a reason, to ram or be rammed xD
Kavin Steiner (19 days ago)
6:17 forGot your snow tires
Clorox bleach Cancer edition (19 days ago)
You have to back to English class
Jude Groomes (20 days ago)
1:08 that music is ironic and true all at the same time 1:52 of course it’s the car with the stupid ass rain deer antlers
Clinton Dieter (20 days ago)
Most of these would have been avoided if people just had a little common sense. Snow = slow down!
L*S*X*6.0 (20 days ago)
All in 3rd world countries how are they allowed too drive
Steve Pavola (20 days ago)
At 1:03 it's rockstar
Nartech (20 days ago)
1:19 lol. pizdyets
Spixooo (21 days ago)
You have got to go back to English class. 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
pigeom staples (21 days ago)
what song is from MIN 9;54? please share a link
Keaton Kanter (21 days ago)
57 seconds and Post Malone copyright playing in the background also my favourite song
Azucena Vega (21 days ago)
0:54 I was singing rockstar like if same
Dalyn Givens (21 days ago)
the crash at 1 min is because of ice
Rodz!lla 666 (21 days ago)
GO , these drivers have to GO back to driving school
Christian U. (22 days ago)
(min. 05:43 to 05:55) 🎶🎧 What do you call this kind of music ? I like that. ☺
Timmy Trusty (22 days ago)
Fuck +18 im 12
Harry-Haz (23 days ago)
2:41 That shit took skills not to crash
NinjaTheCat (23 days ago)
If anyone hasn't already noticed, most of these are either in rain, or snow. Both very slick conditions that are challenging to maintain control in.
Preston Thugman (23 days ago)
Gets out the car at 1018, waves,🖐 "I'm Ok. Gets back in car and pull off. 😑
Preston Thugman (23 days ago)
We drive faster in the snow. 😑
Jahpray Wade (23 days ago)
1:14 the car brake dances
Linux Jedi (23 days ago)
4:00 that guy tried to scam the police lol
Jahpray Wade (23 days ago)
To power up is the plan speshile beam yo girl now she talken about she see a lot of stars
wolverine96 (23 days ago)
I don't think they can back to driving school. They can't even drive forwards.
happy thoughts phrum the wall (23 days ago)
who ever wrote that need to go back to grammar school
Gio V (24 days ago)
And the owner of this youtube channel needs to go back to elementary school cause you cant drive for shit
Geoff Gowans (24 days ago)
Why do they have to back to driving school? Driving forward would be safer and these people need all the extra safety they can get.
Fletcher's Fixit (24 days ago)
And this YouTuber needs to go back to school. lol
Taylor Sweetova (24 days ago)
Rusian Pig Vodka Rush blead Stupid Dumb people +200%
Gian Pacheco (24 days ago)
2:15 We'll Be Right Back!
Johnny Loredo (24 days ago)
You stole that intro for a game
Sebbe kartellen (24 days ago)
I need to pee so bad right now! If anyone wanted to know.
markemark513 (25 days ago)
1:13 Scooby Doo and the gang were in a hurry!
Rico_ATX (25 days ago)
You need to go back to school
Mathias Eneberg (25 days ago)
What do u mean with these driver have to back to driving school u peice of shit
Redneck Raceway - Canada Ont. (25 days ago)
And you need to go back to school to learn how to construct a sentence properly !
Elliot Douglass (26 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that the date at 5:05 said May 1st 2018
Rapid Raceway (26 days ago)
You have to back to English class
Jj82061 (26 days ago)
This guy needs to go back to grammar school
Butt Hole (26 days ago)
1:48 did he just wipe away a crack in the glass?
Shaun Elliott (26 days ago)
How was many of these were avoidable, that last one, I'd still be jumping up and down on him now, wankers.
Sigh Martin (26 days ago)
People here are the same way. They feel that it's their right to hazard everyone else without regard. They also are big on the idea that if they buy a 4 wheel drive that it makes them invincible in snow and ice..hundreds every storm are proven wrong. I gave up my drivers license because of what a pain in the a** people have made driving become in the past few years. Ignorant people who shouldn't be allowed to balance a frickin cheque book are behind the wheel of a ton of glass and steel.
Waylon Greger (26 days ago)
1:06 perfect timing with the music
Christian Cruz (26 days ago)
I saw a BIG crash when I was coming to my house but people are idiotic
Trolling Albatross (26 days ago)
Does Russia even have traffic laws?
choosetolivefree (26 days ago)
Why are 75% of car crashed in Russia? Feel like they are the worst drivers on the planet
dylan peyton (26 days ago)
xXCoolTasticXx (27 days ago)
Whoever wrote this title needs to go back to elementary school
jimmy5200 (27 days ago)
2:54 atleast nobody died
David Thaxton (27 days ago)
At 6:40 so much younger you don't know how to drive
Rachel Salz (28 days ago)
Dude drives on wrong side of road at 10:53,doesn't move over and holds up traffic,thanks asshole.and it's the person with the cam,and it's funny if thay say i didn't have room when the white car behind em got my just fine.
Renegade Naylor (28 days ago)
_(:I V)_
Renegade Naylor (28 days ago)
I was in the back seat of 2:16
Renegade Naylor (28 days ago)
Renegade Naylor (28 days ago)
And you gotta go to grammer school
roberto torres (28 days ago)
Fucking rockstar!