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These drivers have to back to driving school #705

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Text Comments (175)
Кевин Мерфи (5 minutes ago)
чмошники, ближний свет не забывайте включать
Michael Martin (2 hours ago)
And THAT'S why I don't like anybody around me ESPECIALLY "liberals" who want to herd up or tailgate/pace.
Autumn Blues (3 hours ago)
I swear brakes are optional in Russia.
RACINGKINGHØE (3 hours ago)
Are u 6??
Tyson Hosmann (5 hours ago)
You need to go back to school
Straight Line Cycles (7 hours ago)
You forgot the word go. In the title.
Babe Ballard (12 hours ago)
Title of this doesn't seem right?@?@?
Ryan (16 hours ago)
This uploader have to back to grammar school
Derek A (23 hours ago)
8:59 Oh God please what? Roll back the clock?
R.C.L. Productions (23 hours ago)
Guy at 3:30 is living in the future. (As of this comment)
Chris Justa (1 day ago)
These writers need to proof read....
Lucas Streeval (1 day ago)
Yo wat
Peter Dudas (1 day ago)
1:27 WTF I was trying to watch movies and you killed my power 1:52 that is why drivers should keep some old spark plugs in their cup holder, some ass clown cuts you off and throws coffee all over your car just roll down your window and lob that sucker at their window and "SMASH" then drive away and let them think about their stupid choice to throw coffee all over your car.... 2:35 yupp, probably broke your nose, you got out of that car way to fast to have been wearing a seatbelt 2:58 cops should do a huge "blitz" on drivers blocking the passing lane.... you would have a lot less road rage/speeding 3:22 CHASE THEM DOWN!!!!!! 3:50 call in a dump truck and just run over that stain in our gene pool 5:58 it sucks that the wrong car got smashed. and the clown driver gets away... 8:58 "oh god please, god please, oh god" I bet you married someone named Jesus. 9:42 hahahahahahaha you deserved that you moron 10:12 hey honey, I'm home... OK, BYE!!! 11:35 you waste all that time and dont even block in that goof...WTF!
Peter Dudas (1 day ago)
That dumbass in the white toyota van is mostly to blame. The moron was trying to turn on a double, double yellow. That is not a turning lane and you are absolutely not allowed to stop or turn there. secondly if you play at 0.25 speed you can see at 0:29 the retard that is driving the black car just swerves into the lane to his right and causes the truck to smash into him, causing him to smash into the white truck that pushes the white truck into the idiot who had decided this was a great place to make a turn. that is obviously a place that you have to pass and make a u-turn when safe and then you can make a right turn from the right lane in a place that you are allowed to turn from. So its the white vans fault but the black truck made it much worse...
Ttrucker (1 day ago)
Back? How could idiots that have never been there in the first place go back to it?
final boss (1 day ago)
99% of these videos are at least 80% russia
Cody Cordeiro (1 day ago)
4:30 ish is probably the drivers fault. you could not see anything out that window
King beast (2 days ago)
He was playing rockstar
soulless one (2 days ago)
This is why you dont hold your brakes down
Dan Sullivan (2 days ago)
Here is a thought, SLOW DOWN!
Dan Sullivan (2 days ago)
Askal (2 days ago)
Fast and the furious: Moscow drift.
Sufferes (2 days ago)
When the beat kicks back in after avoiding the accident at 1:00 - perfect timing
John Matthew Dorion (2 days ago)
The title is off a bit. Needs to say “-go back to to driving school”
Juan Cobos sifuentes (3 days ago)
"have to back to driving school" lol you should go back to school
Anu Naki (3 days ago)
2:15 asshole got what he deserved
Red Skye (3 days ago)
justinfremen (3 days ago)
To the guy who made this, way to know your grammar
Ovidiu Ciuparu (4 days ago)
What driving school? There is no such thing in US!!!
Levi Strong (5 days ago)
I think you have to go back to preschool you fucking idiots.
Tyler kavaney (6 days ago)
rkg99709 (6 days ago)
9:27 fuck him leave him be
Second Nature Lawn Care (6 days ago)
These spellers back to should be spelling school.
GameChallenge (6 days ago)
Jim jimm (7 days ago)
I'm not in a hurry comrade, I'm Rush-in. See you at the scene of the accident
Frederic Borges (7 days ago)
steve f (7 days ago)
2:16 Chicken shit rolls up the window....say hi to my hammer 🔨 ASSHOLE...!!!
The Lone Wolf (7 days ago)
This asshole at 10:20 doesn’t immediately check to make sure the girl is okay, just check his vehicle. What a guy.
Oktalon Szórádi (8 days ago)
These drivers have to *go* back to driving school #705 CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage You also need to go back to school and learn grammar.
goodchessactor (8 days ago)
Sometimes I get caught looking at the wrong car. I'm expecting one car to crash and the crash happens somewhere else.
JeremyF4i (9 days ago)
that grey lifted chevy @ 0:26 . . . HOLY CRAP!!!.. skidding on two wheels then dropping back to all 4 .... time for a new pair of shorts for sure..
Jas Johnny (9 days ago)
59 seconds into video. total boss driver avoids two different car accidents and then the song says like a rockstar right after. on his radio how perfect
enjoy life69 (5 days ago)
lol i was thinking the same thing
PKS (8 days ago)
yes exactly.
dynocompe (9 days ago)
so a cop needs to go back to driving school because some wack job laid down infront of his car?
NTHZ AluKittie (9 days ago)
1:05 That was kinda funny/cool how the guy made it through all that and then you hear "I feel just like a rockstar" on the radio. I would be after missing all that.
G S (9 days ago)
At 9:40 if you look at the tire tracks going through the intersection, you will see that a car had just slid right off the other side of the road as well. XD
CWINDOWSsystem32 (9 days ago)
So many crashes on January 5th though...
pacluv (10 days ago)
Those crazy 😜 Russians at it again
Aurora HD (10 days ago)
Anybody know the name of the song that was playing at 4:12 , have not heard it in years and forgot the name of the song.
JillxJill Exjill (3 days ago)
Aurora HD Nelly Furtado "Say it Right"
James Stepp (10 days ago)
I have to wonder-are there THAT many MORONS "almost driving",or is it just the same dozen or so wrecking again and again? Seriously,everyone should log a year of riding a motorcycle on the street before being allowed to drive a car. My ten year old Nephew drives better than these YouTube Stars.
Craig Sadler (10 days ago)
I seriously want to know the outcome for 2:14
MrCreomaker (11 days ago)
1:30 Happy New Year blyat!
Aleksander Moniewski (11 days ago)
7:35 :P
Aleksander Moniewski (11 days ago)
2:15 ahahahh what a pussy look at the window hahahaha
Aleksander Moniewski (11 days ago)
1:09 Post Malone Rockstar ;)
RedFlaggWaving (11 days ago)
9:42 Seeing those tracks leading off the road, it's clear this is not the first time somebody had been driving too fast through that intersection lol
Carl (3 days ago)
RedFlaggWaving Russians don't believe in stop signs!
jd 007 (11 days ago)
This is the Intro of RABABA Games!!!! I hate you!!!!!!!
Bob Dillion (11 days ago)
Most of these are due to weather so not all of these drivers need to go back to school some times shit happens
DRyceraid (11 days ago)
Tyler (11 days ago)
Wow, that first one was a pretty easy to avoid collision and they managed to spin out and flip?
Global Vikingstorm (11 days ago)
Russian drivers must be totally fearless 😅
Liveoneut (11 days ago)
02:15 Roll’em up!!! 😂
George002000™ (11 days ago)
Finger my ass
Aiman A (11 days ago)
10:13 Guy raises his hand: *"I'M HERE"*
Hilmy MV (11 days ago)
1:07 lol "man, I feel just like a rockstar" after survive and the car leaves the scene without even a single scratch on it, is just feels right😂
El Rey (11 days ago)
The lesson I've learned watching these is you may as well not swerve out of the way of an asshole coming towards you in your lane, because they get away with it and you end up upside down in a ditch.
Sufferes (2 days ago)
Just keep calm and don't violently yank on the wheel, and keep alert and aware of what's around you :)
Loud E36 (11 days ago)
7:34 could've avoided that.
Victor Arellano (11 days ago)
9:26 never brake like this
Victor Arellano (11 days ago)
he lost traction because of it
Funny Happy Studios (11 days ago)
1:32 Katy Perry: *BABY YOU'RE A FIREWORK!!!!!!*
Victor Arellano (11 days ago)
2:47 *proceeds to wait in middle of highway causing unnecessary braking behind him*
AA!AA!AA!AA !AA!AA! (11 days ago)
1:05 Perfectly timed music?
segun tunde (12 days ago)
Russians should not be allowed to use bugatti
final boss (1 day ago)
segun tunde or cars, or the internet
Dave Gaynor (12 days ago)
Next time, you're in a hurry, remember, if you don't get there, that will be worse than being slightly late. Or Just leave earlier. Slow down in winter conditions. Your vehicle will not act the same on dry road as it does on ice and/or snow.
Robin Paul (12 days ago)
John Conner Utube channel does subtitles so we know what they are saying and sometimes a description of the area the crashes happen in like 2 story Stalin Era houses
Hailey Ann (12 days ago)
The terrible grammar in your titles is iconic
dedalliance1 (11 days ago)
Iconic or Ironic?
Get Schwifty (11 days ago)
Hailey Ann I don't know about you but my Russian grammar is terrible as well.
Jynx (12 days ago)
I sincerely hope the rest of the video after the drink was thrown on the car involved that driver beating there ass.
bullydog5150558 merimon (11 days ago)
Jynx noticed how they started rolling up that window as soon as he stopped and got out. That was they knew they fucked up
james hendry (12 days ago)
a hint to those who get liquid thrown at them and then the people hide behind a closed window, so u don't do any damage but achieve max payback carry and use dish-washing liquid and give a good squeeze on the windshield... it just keeps foaming-up until they pull over and wash it off and they are unable to follow you
james hendry (1 minute ago)
Jayden that's seen as criminal damage, if you do it my why they have to pull over it makes it almost impossible to see, but does no damage and they need to pull over or pull in somewhere and that's a massive time waster
Jayden StGermain (12 minutes ago)
james hendry or throw bologna on the car and destroy the paint
mrt57rn (12 days ago)
At 3:08, did that one van on the right shoot a gun at the other on the left?? I kept playing it over & that's what I think I see.
Egg-Roll (12 days ago)
9:40 Am I the only one who sees the car in the ditch?
UNdash (12 days ago)
driving school? off to preschool and learn to ride tricycle ... ^^
Ward oo (12 days ago)
8:59 Chimney HI ahead?
Rachel Sampson (12 days ago)
3:08 Did that car really shoot pepper spray *at a moving vehicle?!* What did they think that would achieve? The SUV doesn't have eyes! And then they crash doing it! Wtf were they thinking?! 10:21 My bad
Fayyaz Ali (12 days ago)
10:13 world's #1super doper idiot drive
Hendrik Hendrikson (12 days ago)
9:28 Some people deserve to die on the spot. This idiot is one of them...
Lucky lucky (12 days ago)
1:00 nailed with the song!
randomrazr (12 days ago)
10:20 idiot mistaken pedel for brake?
Doc. Volt (12 days ago)
That snowbike guy needs to kiss his helmet and marry it
Get Schwifty (11 days ago)
If I could kiss my helmet I would never leave the house
Dave Gaynor (12 days ago)
Doc. Volt , snowbike? Are you referring to the snowmobile? And what a dead drop.
Rachel Sampson (12 days ago)
Doc. Volt lol
Doc. Volt (12 days ago)
Verdampft und zugevaped (12 days ago)
@8:15 Electric drive?
Verdampft und zugevaped (12 days ago)
@2:16 Act first like an asshole and then cowardly close the window. I would crash the window immediately and then hit his face for this behavior.
AlexTheGreat (12 days ago)
3:40 - "Gotov" - No shit, he hit the pole on the driver side door with such speed, even the seatbelt wouldn't do shit to protect the driver. Stupid idiot Mercedes driver. 7:33 - Why didn't driver just drive between the van and the truck, and scraped along the rail to stop? He had plenty of space.
Im Tylito (12 days ago)
How you gonna throw something at someonr and roll your window up 😂 hope that bitch got dragged out the car
Im Tylito (12 days ago)
Id be so mad if i lost power all cause some bitch took a wrong turn lol
pacluv (10 days ago)
Im Tylito And then what????
Drewid (12 days ago)
oh dang...I wanted to see the aftermath after the douche bag threw the drink on the dashcam car.
joe Schlotthauer (12 days ago)
At 10:22, "I'll just be moving along".
Сепаратист (12 days ago)
В первом видео-она нормально расходилась,не нужно было ей истерить и тормозить резко.
Сепаратист (10 days ago)
timaclubus За рулём-прокладка)))-самая натуральная!
timaclubus (10 days ago)
Ну за рулём то кто? Поэтому какие вопросы могут быть.
D Wil (10 days ago)
Paul Truman (12 days ago)
рулем не надо было вертеть. Они и правда норм расходились.
Michael Williams (12 days ago)
No fuckin wonder he first guy didnt see you! You were in stealth mode the whole time
Igot NoToes (12 days ago)
Getting bored with Russian video after Russian video. We get it they're all shitty drivers who can't avoid getting into accidents.
E S (3 hours ago)
Tycorp: No adult can take you seriously when you act like a toddler. Leave the name calling to the babies please. Second, one has to ask WHY dash cams are mandatory in Russia. Mostly because the drivers suck and too many drivers are so used to running or resorting to violence to end the confrontation.
final boss (1 day ago)
99% of these vids are at least 80% ruskies
tycorp (3 days ago)
You are an ass. The reason we get so many MORE Russian videos is because it is practically mandatory by their insurance companies to have dash cams. I have seen more shitty US drivers by % then Russian drivers.
ziiofswe (4 days ago)
They don't have more shitty drivers (well, maybe a few), they have more dashcams.
dafterite (5 days ago)
Time to watch some cat videos instead?
Abdulrahman Albayati (12 days ago)
5:59 fucking piece of shit
Brysen Price (12 days ago)
Whoever wrote this title should go back to grammar school
Brysen Price (1 day ago)
Peter Dudas lmao
Peter Dudas (1 day ago)
because its a "top comment".... Your famous, deal with it!!
Brysen Price (1 day ago)
I don't understand why people are still commenting on a comment from over a week ago
Peter Dudas (1 day ago)
I knew there would be a comment about the title before the video even loaded.
final boss (1 day ago)
Brysen Price it's another ruskie video
Aristeo Juarez III (12 days ago)
PenguinF (10 days ago)
>> Lifetime achievement unlocked. << Can you make it to second?