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The Girl Who "Hates" Drama | Hot Date

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Whats more likely: we happen to be at the same brunch spot or my ex is orchestrating his life to spite me? New episodes Wednesdays at 11/10c on Pop. Hot Date - Brian Murphy and Emily Axford attempt a lovely night out for a romantic meal, but sadly blow their chances by bringing themselves. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (1020)
Ellyn N (5 days ago)
She rly reminds me of someone I know!!!!
Morgan Templeton (7 days ago)
Daney Meads (7 days ago)
Okay but her outfit is so good
Pitambar Pitambar Bairagi (8 days ago)
Pitambar Pitambar Bairagi (8 days ago)
The Tufon Queen (8 days ago)
She looks really good with that hair
Klaudia Wojakowska (9 days ago)
Emily is the best actress!!
grace anderson (9 days ago)
admit it. You have done this. at least once 😂
Tyffanee Lavely (10 days ago)
I love these Hot Dates! Hilarious.
HarryPotterFan8000 (16 days ago)
I miss the original hot date episodes! Anybody know if they will be back with them?
I_lub_Katz (18 days ago)
How ironic
Sunflower Sunnydays (18 days ago)
Guys.. Do you think Emily has left CollegeHumor or something since we haven't seen her lately...I was just wondering.
Salman A (20 days ago)
Syndrome 616 (22 days ago)
I can’t
Syndrome 616 (22 days ago)
JackalopeKN Magee (23 days ago)
Naw. For it is you who follows Drama.
Tobe M (24 days ago)
*passive aggressively sends to friend*
mimi el (29 days ago)
That s so meee 😂😂
Kill Tumblr (29 days ago)
Thats my bestfriend literally
Lidya Franciscus (1 month ago)
Poor Sue 😂
SHREYA DAS (1 month ago)
She was talking like the Kardashians😂
Nathan Folmar (1 month ago)
Hey I’m comment 1000. Fun.
Noh-Lah The Crazy Furby! (1 month ago)
Me on tumblr
Tabby Rou (1 month ago)
Emily looks cute as a blonde
Iron Wing Artist (1 month ago)
she's like a cat
The Orange ATAT (1 month ago)
My 13 year old sister 24/7
Paulina Monsalve (1 month ago)
Tana is that you?
RainbowChick900 (1 month ago)
Katie Turner (1 month ago)
Feminists who don't want attention from men do this
Jesus (1 month ago)
Murph looks like Ed Helms
Skyler Manez (1 month ago)
Who else prefers the old hot date. The new one is not as good.
Tyffanee Lavely (10 days ago)
I like them all
Dalla Style (1 month ago)
Can we get nuked already??
HomieRobotGURL (1 month ago)
Friend: how are you gonna let him notice you? Me:
The Wonderlander (1 month ago)
I think I know someone like that and I think I’m like the person’s friend
So' Prod (1 month ago)
Emily is so like Meghan from Keel and Peal
Hello I am Jesenia (1 month ago)
ll Kasper ll (1 month ago)
Wow. First time ever Emily turned me off. Great acting, though!
Anne Wagnera (1 month ago)
matt jmo (1 month ago)
I know a girl like this
Poatato Bot (1 month ago)
You know everyone “hates” drama
Roast Rad (1 month ago)
Why do I know so many people like this
hina baig (2 months ago)
Shes a drama queen who hates drama..
Mikaela Castillo (2 months ago)
😂 me
Sage Markham (2 months ago)
Emily looks great. I’m not saying this ironically, I actually love her like this.
Fifthcell (2 months ago)
Damn she looks good as a blonde
Francesshi X17 (2 months ago)
Every girl in my school
Mio Akiyama (2 months ago)
I actually know a guy like that.. it's sad really
Christianna Taylor (2 months ago)
She's me ☹
Midnight Sonnet (2 months ago)
I've known so many chicks like this. Ugh, they are so annoying, but so much fun to mock. XD
Ronelle Catindig (2 months ago)
No more new ep?? 😢😢😢
Ronelle Catindig (2 months ago)
They just stopped :(
박하영 (2 months ago)
Ronelle Catindig same here
Laura (2 months ago)
Emily actually looks pretty good with that hair
Joseph Dunphy (2 months ago)
I think I dated her. I think we've all dated her.
Sophie Felice (2 months ago)
Sometimes I believe that after high school people stop being dramatic fucks, and then sometimes I remember that people are just the worst regardless of their age
Carol Mercau (2 months ago)
I didn't missed girls like this really existed until I got to college. I thought they were a suburban American myth.
Roto I3ro (2 months ago)
I am always followed by my ex
Roto I3ro (2 months ago)
this happens to me
G Eazy (2 months ago)
Pray, like, puh-rayyy
Cat President (2 months ago)
Violeta Tavares (2 months ago)
Emily looks great in blonde💕
yt n (2 months ago)
i love this starting backing track though
Kristi Shanshan (2 months ago)
This is EXACTLY how highschool is like and some of College
A. O. o. H. (2 months ago)
Drama is just so interessting
Purple Leprechaun (2 months ago)
I legitimately hate drama. And it works because I'm never involved in any. Just the way I like it.
Julianne Hannes (2 months ago)
She would make an amazing Khole Kardashian impersonator
Aimee Coleman (2 months ago)
Did anyone see the eye? I couldn't find it
KTFox (2 months ago)
This reminds me of a friend
Hannah White (2 months ago)
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Zack Petricher (2 months ago)
So me
Ingo Miguel (2 months ago)
Felt disappointed by this lazily written, gimmicky sketch and scrolled down to see if anyone else was but quickly realized that these comments are clearly not coming from the same people who watched hardly working, 7-8 years ago. Its not the same fanbase anymore.
InsaneDynamics (2 months ago)
So many new people on College Humour, I remember the old cast from 7-8 years ago.
Edward Gil (3 months ago)
Emily! Yes!
Jordan Gaming (3 months ago)
Every girl that was mean to me when I was in the 5th grade xD and I was just there like Sue.
A ninja cutting onions (3 months ago)
This video predicted my high school
Joe Gower (3 months ago)
This is my fucking sister
Khussal Zamlahani (3 months ago)
emily <3 <3 <3 although i prefer her dark hair
FlaGaLiner (3 months ago)
“Like I haAaAaAtet my lifee” 😂
ThePuffing (3 months ago)
I accidentally read it as „The girl who hates Obama.“
EvantyWelwyn (3 months ago)
I thought they were both attractive with what they were wearing. also Emily's friend thing is ROCKIN that lipstick.
Fuets (3 months ago)
am i the only one lip syncing the outro after every hot date episode
pantsuck11 (3 months ago)
Taylor Swift 🐍 in a nutshell
tidepods (3 months ago)
tbh this is me
arcata06 (3 months ago)
I hope this show makes it to at least a full order of one season but the snippets they have released to youtube really do not show much variety. These two are very funny and have good chemistry but they need to incorporate more people into their acts.
Adolf Ad (3 months ago)
Cash Back (3 months ago)
Bet there was a few people who didn't realise this was Emily at first. That's how good she is. I need to meet her, make her heart beat like crazy and eventually marry her.
Mari Eason Lemarr (3 months ago)
why do i feel like i'm low key this girl 😂😂 i'm so petty
Rollin' Fingers (3 months ago)
all women on tinder
Ellen Corbally (3 months ago)
Who else knows like twenty of these girls
Xenockz (3 months ago)
I know so many people like this Like.... _literally_
Sameera Madushanka (3 months ago)
LiamXDGaming (3 months ago)
are these guys actually dating
OZZÝ (3 months ago)
It’s so sad that this happens all the time with crazy bitches 😂
hori-fic (3 months ago)
Omg actually literally I can't even actually like believe like actually literally you
Idgie Carson (3 months ago)
Emily looks good in anything. 😍
Vaidant Kabra (3 months ago)
Love her !!
Inanna Enigma (3 months ago)
Those that hate drama the most are usually those that stir the pot of shit.
ambigoush (3 months ago)
I miss the old college humor. This stuff gets old after thirty seconds.
Elyscehastie Hastie (3 months ago)
Does anyone else think that Emily looks gorgeous as a blonde ( even tho she looks gorgeous either way )
Shannon (3 months ago)
I love this video of tana mongeese
Jm pe (3 months ago)
Farah happy (3 months ago)
She looks hot in this video in this style and blonde hair suites her
zoe fair (3 months ago)
OMG I know so many people like this
Zachary Grigley (3 months ago)
I'm related to a girl like that.