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Text Comments (289)
0whip99 (19 days ago)
@ 1:00 What a brainless fuckin' Dickhead_Biker!!!! Filtering in rainy Condition with that speed..............
cycloopnl (27 days ago)
And The (1 month ago)
WHAT'S WITH ALL THE DOORS OPENING??? Are the drivers trying to wreck the bikers? Why open doors in traffic???
Kalle Klæp (2 months ago)
6:41 "It's my life..🎶🎵.". Yeah..and if that dickhead wants to live for longer, he should start looking where he's going..!
Chuck Anderson (3 months ago)
I like your bike, do you like my door?
Joe Wood (3 months ago)
Question to car drivers. Why do car drivers need to open their door when they're in a traffic jam. Why do car drivers need to change lanes when they're in a traffic jam they are not going to get any further forward. It's down so impatient then choose a different form of transport one that doesn't cause traffic jams like a motorbike if you're really that much of a hurry. Question two motorcyclists. Why do you need to filter at speed through a traffic jam what are you out to prove that you're an idiot. The skill in staying alive on the road on a motorbike is to understand how vulnerable you are, filtering through a traffic jam you take it nice and steady and be prepared to stop immediately if some clown opens a door or change lanes because you can guarantee they are not looking in their mirror all out for you they are in single want mode. you are invisible to them because there environmental ends at the edges of the interior of there car beyond that it's a mystery to them. So take it easy you have nothing to prove except how bloody stupid you are. I have been riding for over 42 years I am alive and uninjured because I do not think I am invincible and I treat all car drivers like they do not see me which in 98% of the cases they don't. yes" there are some extremely good car drivers out there they are usually motorcyclists as well which probably explains why they look out for motorbikes and I always give them a wave and the thumbs up to thank them for recognising my existence and keeping me safe.
Nona Ubidnis (3 months ago)
Lanesplitters are stupid
Ken W Anderson (3 months ago)
Dumbass motorcyclists driving illegally and recklessly...what do you expect?!!
chrycohauler (3 months ago)
lane splitting shit for brains sport bikers
Paul Correia (3 months ago)
For the most part, if you ride like an asshole, something is bound to happen, dont ride stupid!!!
Эльмира Магзумова (4 months ago)
macocwbyz72 (4 months ago)
perfect video of why you don't lane split
Mike Perkins (4 months ago)
White line fever nutts.
Alessandro Migliazza (5 months ago)
e poi ci chiediamo perche i motocicliosti sono considerati irresponsabili, Ma come cazzo si fa a passare tra le macchine in colonna in questa maniera...IDIOTI.
Kim Olsen (5 months ago)
Good video to show why lane splitting is a good way to get dead.
Elizabeth Shaw (5 months ago)
Filtering Lanes is also illegal now in the United States!
Elizabeth Shaw (5 months ago)
Motorbike drivers are extremely stupid if they filter Lanes! That's what it's called overseas anyway here I think it's called splitting Lanes either way you take your life and your skull in your hands doing that!
buckskinbabe93 (5 months ago)
Fucking lane splitters deserve what they get. Brain dead wankers.
Jack Jones (6 months ago)
In my country (NL) it is legal to pass in between the cars on a highway, under strict conditions. That doesnt mean you should do it. It is dangerous (driving a bike is by definition dangerous) and stupid. Its not a question if you will hit something, but when. From the car drivers perspective: You do not expect bikes passing you. It happens too little to hold it into account. Which means, when you look in your mirrors to switch lanes, you contemplate the current speeds of the lanes and base your decision on that. If a bike (badly visible to begin with) approaches rather fast, you will not see it. Also happens in non jam situations. Since you know the speeds a car can accelerate, you look in your mirrors and do not expect any car can be where you want to go 2 seconds later. But a bike may be able to in an accelaration situation. The bike may have the right of way, but that doesnt mean you will get it. Had to learn that myself the hard way when i was 16. From all the lethal accidents i know of in my city and during my 57 years on this planet, bikers take up a much higher portion relative to the amount of bike on the road. It is dangerous and sooner or later you will pay a price. Hopefully it wont cost you your life. Be wise.
Kimberley Asselin (6 months ago)
guy at 9:00 is an idiot
Kimberley Asselin (6 months ago)
does everyone open their doors on the highway?????
donald day (7 months ago)
really like the jay walkers who cause a crash run off
donald day (7 months ago)
5:21,watch the drivers eyes and how they have their head turned to watch the motorcycle coming up on them and how they jerk the wheel into the motorcycle,hope they payed out a bunch of money for that
donald day (7 months ago)
going fast when splitting lanes you are just asking to get hit,if they look and see nothing there then by the time they start moving your next to them,people who open doors while in traffic do it on purpose
Daddy Daddy (7 months ago)
Seui meui beui neui cruise
Dan Hard (7 months ago)
those mother F - - kers that open there doors in front of the bikes should be charged with attempted manslaughter
John Detor (7 months ago)
r-e-t-a-r-d-s split lanes
Lon Jad (7 months ago)
Love kills (7 months ago)
fuck add
carbonRRpilot (7 months ago)
you should re-title this "lanesplitting is safer, saves time and relieves traffic congestion" !!
Steve Sauls (7 months ago)
They should just remove the mirrors on Russian cars. It would save money. Russian drivers don't use them anyway. What's with opening your car door in traffic?
Simon Hughes (7 months ago)
Splitting lanes is illegal, stupid, and rude. I hope it hurt!!!
StarSword C (7 months ago)
Lane splitting is actually illegal here in North Carolina. Can't imagine why. ;)
Yaya Living (7 months ago)
That last one, 😲 thx for a great video
Wolfkek (7 months ago)
The way I see things is that if you're on a bike going fast while splitting lanes, you're pretty fucking dumb. It's basically a disaster waiting to happen.
Domi 287 (7 months ago)
Selber schuld! Die Idioten haben es nicht anders verdient!
Alex M (7 months ago)
America has new plan to slowly kill Russians: give half of them vehicles that are too fast and the other half should get Lada. Result = epic accidents
Monkey Butt (7 months ago)
I don't care what the law says...if you drive a motorcycle down the dividing line between lanes, then you get exactly what you deserve.
Deborah Beam (7 months ago)
I don't think the bikers should lane split but what was with all those people opening their doors?
Jenine Harris (7 months ago)
Idiot motorcycle drivers!
Jenine Harris (7 months ago)
Motorcycles that drive in between cars are just asking for it
CoolBoy :D (7 months ago)
Тебя зовут Женя, и тебе, 10-11 лет?
FanStormZ (7 months ago)
last clip is hilarious
Vitalii Shejko (7 months ago)
Нехер ездить в междурядье
Т - И - З (7 months ago)
идиоты эти байкеры стой с машинами вместе и будет порядок - считают себя себя хитро выипанными армяшками
Т - И - З (7 months ago)
идиоты для чего двери отворяют на дороге никак не пойму
My Lollipop (7 months ago)
Whats with Russians and opening their doors in traffic??
Amador Juarez (7 months ago)
Motociclistas hijos de la chingada, ellos provocan los accidentes al no respetar las keyes viales, chinguen a su madre
Charlie Tapley (7 months ago)
Is that in the handbook somewhere, I must have missed that page. Assholes they deserve to get hit but of course it's never there fault.
Renny1953 (7 months ago)
I'm not saying that motorists shouldn't look out constantly for motorcyclists- but technically, filtering motorcyclists are in somebody else's lane. To filter at 35 mph where the traffic is stopped is asking for trouble. Which this video is full of.
INeedAttention exe (7 months ago)
What the hell? Why would they open their door to hit them????
Central Illinois Dashcam (7 months ago)
Everyone that filters/lane splits is a dumbass idiot.
Brian Seas (7 months ago)
Last clip was the best!
Brian Seas (7 months ago)
Share this vid with motorcyclists who defend Lane Splitting
Tömåtö Pågån (7 months ago)
No sympathy when they split lanes. Too bad. So sad.
YourMomsApartment 710 (7 months ago)
You’d have to literally be retarded to drive anything except a tank in Russia
scarymary66 (7 months ago)
What do these idiot motorcycle drivers expect to happen when they're flying down the road in between cars. Every one of them got what they deserved.
bones007able (7 months ago)
These idiots are the ones that give motorcycle riders a bad name...
Damien (7 months ago)
they go too fokking fast with those bikes, thinking to be street kings and cry the second after when they're kissing the road!
Stefan Stoilov (7 months ago)
Biker = Retard!
Hendrik Hendrikson (7 months ago)
6:55 And not a single fuck was given... LOL
Hendrik Hendrikson (7 months ago)
Well, you guys know my motto. Drive like an idiot, die like an idiot. Some of them actually deserved to die btw.
thomas brovont (7 months ago)
exactly why lane splitting should be illegal. i have no sympathy for these douche bags
flex2000watt (7 months ago)
jop twoju mac xDDD
Gregers (7 months ago)
Loud 1XBET= dislike bich!
David de Mafate (7 months ago)
0:25 too fast. If he doesn't drive fast, he can brake. He is speeding, he will die soon.. 1:07 suicide mode of driving...
58xivi (7 months ago)
Prime examples why Lane Splitting is not good. I don't care if it is legal- still absolutely stupid. Have no sympathy for any of those riders
asd7115 (7 months ago)
Mike Maranelle (7 months ago)
This is why you don’t fucking lane split
Siegetower (7 months ago)
Riding a motorcycle in Russia is just suicidal.
asd7115 (7 months ago)
Holtie (7 months ago)
@ 6:32 I anticipated what was going to happen but it still made me wince and jump at the same time - that must have really really hurt. Do you think these bikers learned from their painful and embarrassing mistakes? Probably not but blame it on the driver despite the fact that they were going too fast.
J M (7 months ago)
WTF are people opening doors in traffic for??!! I'd carry a batton for those ass-holes. Really.
Graeme Evans (7 months ago)
What the hell. The guy from 8:30-9:00. Is he short sighted or something? He doesnt see a bus turning across in front until its 3meters in front of him and hen again when its a truck and a van? What a complete dumbass.
Ondřej G. (7 months ago)
Why the fuck would you open the car door?
Jojo Crazy Cat (7 months ago)
Lane splitting videos, cool. And ouch.
Valhalla Knight (7 months ago)
Stupidity always come at a high price..
Bullwinkle Moose (7 months ago)
I'm all for motorcycles having the same rights as any other vehicle on the road.But i also think that one of those rights is to get in line and wait your turn in traffic like everybody else!
Simon Kapss (7 months ago)
Thats what happens when you lane split at 100km/hr
Ghost WTG (7 months ago)
The last one OMG
simonsienna (7 months ago)
Video Summary: 1. Always wear a full helmet. 2. Lane splitting is very dangerous. 3. Car drivers often don't look before changing lanes. 4. Car doors can open at anytime 5. Pedestrians don't belong on roads. Where I live, people complain it's too hot to wear a helmet. I wear one all the time and look like a fool, but at least I will have a better chance to survive an accident! I don't lane split because it's difficult to do that driving a Suzuki Burgman 650. Yes, I'm that tiny 5'5" female riding that huge machine! No, I don't drop it at intersections! My height is mostly leg height, so I easily straddle it flat footed at red lights and stop signs. I feel everyone should ride a motorcycle at least once and experience how vulnerable motorcycle drivers are. It will make you a much better car driver, because you will become more vigilant about what is going on with the traffic around you.
05frosts (7 months ago)
People who open their doors need their ass kicked
steve dann (7 months ago)
Watching this it's scary the amount of times drivers open their car doors in traffic jams.
Woo Hoo (7 months ago)
if you don't stay in the lane then you should be prepared to be hit, assholes
drumsnbass (7 months ago)
So many pp opening doors!
JD B (7 months ago)
Should be called 20mph fender bender fails.
chad lynch (7 months ago)
After watching enough of these videos, you couldn't get me to ride a street bike in Russia if you put a gun to my head. And what in the hell is it with people randomly opening their door while in the middle of the road?
D Tberr (7 months ago)
Lane splitters are a special kind of stupid
Aiman A (7 months ago)
The last one is LOL
TotalNoobasaur (7 months ago)
In America lane splitting, or weaving through traffic, is illegal. Any motorcyclist splitting lanes is asking for an accident and should never complain when a car hits them. It's their own fault for needlessly putting themself in a dangerous situation. It's so annoying to see, especially when you're the one stuck in traffic while this entitled motorcyclist is blasting through. Just because they are smaller does not mean they have any more right to the road than other drivers
No Name (7 months ago)
5:35 guy eats a bumper for no reason
pheonyx74 (7 months ago)
Every one of those motorcyclists riding between lanes earned their accidents. Just because in some places it’s legal does not make up for the fact it is stupid!
Warren Armstrong (7 months ago)
Do Russians not know what side mirrors are for?
TheAndysim66 (7 months ago)
Lane splitting-What can go wrong?
poopiebears (7 months ago)
Uh, why do so many people open car doors during a traffic jam?
Mr. Rock (7 months ago)
Как! Как можно открыть дверь, не посмотрев в зеркало?! Но последний просто фееричный долбоеб!
Billy Allen (7 months ago)
This is why you don't filter / lane split even if it's legal and you're going slow like many on here were.
Tac Tracer (7 months ago)
Even though I hate when the motorcyclist is lane-splitting, why the f*ck would you open your car door when the traffic is moving unless you do it on purpose?
MR MILFMANZ (7 months ago)
Yes there is a downside of weaving through traffic bhahha
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen (7 months ago)
They think they own the road
Greg S (7 months ago)
I don't know the rules of the road in Russia, but I bet the motorcyclists who drive down the center line between traffic are doing it illegally.