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Arrival of New Boeing 767 (2009)

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N335UP arrived in Louisville, Kentucky at UPS's Worldport August 18th, 2009. This is the first in a new order of 767s from Boeing. UPS is purchasing 27 aircraft, which will eventually increase the size of the fleet to 59.
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Text Comments (30)
CrispyAviation (7 months ago)
767 man this shit got double bedroom man..
jose l negron gonzalez (1 year ago)
Solomon Pilot (1 year ago)
Wayne Wallace (2 years ago)
Yay!!!! The UPS plane flew over by the house! Now I can't wait to get my package!!! :D
mad91K (2 years ago)
And this is where we .... I say we , because I work in UPS Air Operations.... we went wrong. Instead of buying 767's and holding on to aging fleet of MD-11 , we should have moved onto 777's and as we have done now get the new 747-800's. Too bad , politics and cost saving are slowing advances down , not just in the aviation dept. of UPS... across the board seems to be the case.
cessna611 (1 year ago)
So as far as the future of UPS Airlines do you see a bright future even after the mistake of not buying the 777?
Maurits Veen (2 years ago)
mad91K the MD-11 is a beautiful plane, i'm glad they still fly around
daniel55645 (4 years ago)
UPS is the ultimate dream. Right now, I'll be happy getting on with one of the majors.
Chris V (1 year ago)
+Billy Buttons, do you have a reference source regarding your statement?
Billy Buttons (1 year ago)
Not the highest paid pilots anymore. AA, United and Delta pay more.
Tony Baloney (2 years ago)
just be a package car driver then, takes less time.
vikings844 (2 years ago)
Tony Baloney Not a bad dream, highest paid pilots out there. Heck, there package car drivers make 100k a year you can imagine what the pilots make!
Tony Baloney (2 years ago)
you need to dream higher, son
Ms E (5 years ago)
Great Video on the B767. Worked with Bob Glass and he's awesome... along with the other UPS Supervisors! ;)
Niklas Enblom (7 years ago)
Nice to see a new 767!!
phosphorescent (7 years ago)
It's amazing that they make more money flying packages around the world than commercial carriers do flying people.....mind boggling......
FSXperson (7 years ago)
My flight instructor flies the MD-11 as a F/O for UPS.
iwannaplaycs (8 years ago)
Interesting... while UPS was acquiring 767Fs in 2009 FedEx was getting sweet 777F deliveries in the same year.
UPS Airlines (8 years ago)
@AlexFHDVideos Nope - UPS communications....
Noel Santos (8 years ago)
@carlpaulsen if it's the freightliner type o package you want then it'll be a gas hog. 3.7L v6 vortec gas motor.
VIR092 (9 years ago)
@grantourismo0109 The B767? Phased out? No, not at all. The A330 has been around for about the same time. The only version of the B76 that isn't making much news is the -400 from what I have seen. = )
grantourismo0109 (9 years ago)
@VIR092 what ?? i thought 767 is phased out , my latest flght is almost airbus 330 or boeing 777 i miss good old 767
farmerboy777 (1 year ago)
grantourismo0109 the passanger variant is not the freighters
MrWati25 (2 years ago)
I thought so as well, but as of February 2017 Boeing is still filling 767 orders. they churn out about 3 new 767s every 6 months I think I remember seeing. I believe the only one still being produced is the -300. Good to see a classic still getting new life. I wish the 757 was being revamped and re-engined like the 737-max. Could be a 757-max. Many airlines still have a niche for them. Boeing tried to use the 737-9 to fill that spot but the airlines are not buying it as the range is not as good as a 757
justkiddin08 (9 years ago)
Cool video!
CHRISDAJOKER (9 years ago)
the airport I work at (JFK) recently switched the Airbus for this plane. There's not much difference though. It's still the same amount of work.
VIR092 (9 years ago)
@Serpico261 Yes, you're correct on that - the B737NG series is the most popular jet so far.
drummerboy5192 (9 years ago)
august?april? that jet has probably been around the world by now:)
VIR092 (9 years ago)
The B763PF are really superb freighters. Matter of fact, the B767 is still one of the most popular selling jets aside the B777. What a plane!
Tim Herman (10 years ago)
Great video! Lovely new Seven-Sixes for Brown Air ;) .