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This modern farm house is made from reclaimed barns

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On a working farm in North Hatley, Quebec, the owners wanted a modern barn-style house that looked like it had been there for 100 years.
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Text Comments (11)
C. Lincoln (5 months ago)
They are called "Barn conversions" in the UK. Google it you naabs.
ARSHAD BAIG (5 months ago)
Looks elegant, quite and peaceful.
BeCreativePictures (5 months ago)
Actually my dad build a house in Austria back in 2008 with reclaimed barn wood
MARUBA SILAEN (5 months ago)
COO415 (5 months ago)
Just wondering the cost of that whole project. Me likes❤️.
Terry Smith (5 months ago)
It's always good to recycle.
Noplay (5 months ago)
This makes for a scary movie attack.
JohnsRadios (5 months ago)
Pamela Homeyer (5 months ago)
wonderful wonderful story
Total Control 871 (5 months ago)
and let me guess it's got a big fat gentrified price tag attached to it right?
Asano En (5 months ago)
What fantastic talent, life is simply amazing where class and great ambiance just shine like the Eastern Star.