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Insurance Scammers 2016! (Fails Compilation)

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Text Comments (2786)
flavored lemons (4 hours ago)
People are way to desperate for money. Seriously, get a job ( or at least a good one)
s.t.e sanss (1 day ago)
scammrs: LOSERS
Grand Funk (1 day ago)
Let the body's hit the floor..no no...LET THE BODYS HIT THE ROAD!...and cars
Sophia :P (2 days ago)
I feel like some of these people are trying to break the drivers car windows wth 😂😂
Little Samantha (2 days ago)
Stupid ass idiots
CHICKEN &MANOK (2 days ago)
SKYLINE -Pubg Mobile (3 days ago)
why this is so funny? HAHAHA
SKYLINE -Pubg Mobile (3 days ago)
only some actually
Cadence Conrad (4 days ago)
Well this shows how many scum bags we have to deal with,wow this is why I hate people
Ashley Delk (4 days ago)
If you purposely get in MY way, I ain't stopping.
Matt Gonzalez (5 days ago)
Where are these? They all sound Russian....(wtf is wrong with Russian people 🤣)
Brandon Williams (5 days ago)
I laughed so hard when they hit those people with there car. 😂😂😂
Black Yoshi And Friends (6 days ago)
How Homeless People Are Asking For Money 3:22
Merketroid (6 days ago)
In mother Russia car don't hit us we hit car.
The family Of Rivera’s (6 days ago)
3:46 lol he didn’t even try
John Iv (6 days ago)
I can't believe how people's stupidity went even higher than it should be.. I mean, who the hell is willing to throw himself in front of a car so he can ask later for payback? Wtf?
Ahanu Frank (7 days ago)
This is a prime example of gta 5 people
Wilberwind (8 days ago)
По ебалу таким актёрам
Cypress Thunder (8 days ago)
These people are the scum of the earth. True wastest of flesh
Yannick P. (8 days ago)
I would fucking beat the shit out of every fucker who'd try this to me. Hit my car and I crush your teeth and cut off your fucking knees. Be happy if you survive that encounter with me you dick heads. God damn I'd be mad if someone scratches my car or even break the glass of it.
HerHollyness (9 days ago)
OK, simple solution: Make jaywalking a thing. Also I realise these are all in Russia and China but I bet this will start happening in my country soon. Time to get out that dashcam I was given two years ago and never use...
Supreme Tuner (10 days ago)
1:30 , thats how you do it
Meredith Benjamin (12 days ago)
Taking a chance like that may be won't have a good outcome physically. dead or alive and still no money granted
iiDixie_Lawz AC (12 days ago)
What r these people doing
joseph sharp (12 days ago)
Fxxxing idiots...sorry but ide be tempted 2 carry on driving over them 🤔 absolute cheek.
Melvin Barcenas (14 days ago)
GUYS this happens allot in china bc if you injure a guy, you have to pay his/her bills for LIFE but if they die you dont pay nothing. These people do it allot over there in China.
dessie o connor (14 days ago)
Definitely a few suicide attempts in there..
jhun fiel (14 days ago)
3:08 I don't think that is a scam,that looks like an accident
lifestyle (14 days ago)
Kill him not problem .donte stop😂😂😂😂
Maxime Van Cauwenberg (14 days ago)
1:02 🤣 that guy whas like yeeet
John Veinard Quintana (15 days ago)
only idiots do that u can get an injurie for that
Nadine Losie (15 days ago)
Some was ready to die dt fake shit like that😅😅😅😅
Yolarist (15 days ago)
1:04 Every single time I try to steal a moving car in GTA 5...
Marc Gamez (15 days ago)
2:08 Not a scam... idiot driver was passing a walking lane.
Dxddy R0bin (16 days ago)
This is fucking hilarious this dam desprate to sue 😅🤣😂
Mitchie V (16 days ago)
You never see this shit in nyc. Ppl know damn well new Yorkers wouldn't stop. They'd end up dead
Eara Nayak (16 days ago)
Hats off to the girl in 2:50
Ricardo Chavez (17 days ago)
If that ever happened to me i would run them over, pepper spray them and beat their ass 😂😂 fuck out of here
Zone Napsus11 (18 days ago)
Chinese are the most retarded one look at their sushi face xD
Triparadox Clifford (20 days ago)
The rest of the world except China: Cars hit pedestrians In China: Pedestrians hit cars
* Pike (20 days ago)
If these people were serious about this process they would move to Russia and get in the crosswalks. Somebody would undoubtedly hit them at a high rate of speed giving them the kind of result they’re looking for.
* Pike (20 days ago)
I think they should hit these people and just keep driving
Steve McG (20 days ago)
Some of them are suicide attempts
Michael Wirth (20 days ago)
Jail for thirty years or so is a fair punishment.
Piece of Eyelash (21 days ago)
I wouldve just got out and beat the shit out of them or just dont stop at all
Laura Hanks (21 days ago)
Why would you jump in front of a moving vehicle? That's literally suicide. And if you live you're gonna want death.
PENGDO (21 days ago)
Behind every scammer is a scumbag lawyer.
just sage (21 days ago)
I am in complete shock...i love the women who...SO DRAMATICALLY FALL...and wait, and wait...yo be hit...then get up and RUN away. These r a bunch of suicidal scumbags...the lot of them...thank goodness for dash cams!!!
nanna playz aka catlover oreos (22 days ago)
3:07 oh shit
Bergman Oswell (22 days ago)
I’d pay money to see one of these idiots try this on a high security motorcade — like the President of the United States travels in. Given that such a stunt can be used to immobilize the motorcade to make assassinations easier, they not only don’t stop when someone jumps out in front, they accelerate.
sauce_ (22 days ago)
You know, some of these can actually have a meaning behind all this? Some of the people in this video are most likely attempting suicide.
Typical Type (22 days ago)
That people deserve to die...
Joseph Burton (25 days ago)
Nobody gon escape earth all of us will suffer.fool
Travis Krause (25 days ago)
People that pull this kind of shit make it bad for all the honest people in the world their disposable just like the disability scammers and there's a bunch of those maggots!!!
Alice Von-Schott (25 days ago)
What s bunch of retards. If you run out in front of me or lie down in the road you're getting ran over and if that doesn't kill you my gun will
LL Guerra (25 days ago)
I can't believe people really do this! What idiot's!
Dank (25 days ago)
I don't understand the logic, if you're not crossing at a designated crosswalk and get hit aren't you automatically in the wrong?
littlebit (26 days ago)
Those people deserve to be both hit & suede.
Cambridge Concierge (26 days ago)
Im sorry but if ur bold enough to hop in front of my car u are going to go for a ride because im not stopping.
Gacha Girl ツ (27 days ago)
3:24 Me vs school work
hermany cardozo (27 days ago)
If I had a camera and they jumped in front of me I’ll knock the fuck out of them and then show the evidence that it was suicide
Maxture (27 days ago)
ve regrin (7 days ago)
Most of them are russian
brian litz (27 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with people
RabbidKong (27 days ago)
How is this a fucking thing
Catlady 45 (28 days ago)
if you have a camera run over them it will be their fault and they wont get any money! aslo anyone who damages your car should have to pay or serve jail time. its only fair they damaged your car committing fraud!
Robert Bennett (28 days ago)
Sometimes I feel like jumping in front of a car for no reason
Suzana Amin (28 days ago)
Imagine if the drivers are actually an everyday 24 hours rager.The scammers will regret it.
Will D (28 days ago)
What of u had kids in the car & this moron trying to get a payday paralyzes or kills 1 or more of your kids. I think the outcome of that would change the law. What f**king countries are these that allow this so readily that they need dashcams in every car. I live in Canada & dont know a single person with a dashcam. WTF???
Tiger love (28 days ago)
They acting like the car/truck has no steering or brakes. Dumb. 😑
damarti (28 days ago)
Those countries you most definetly need a dashcam on front and back of car.
I hate this People. If someone do it to me, i not stop
Martin Xayachack (29 days ago)
You straight fucked up in the head to run head first into a car like a 🐏
DONGKWAN PARK (29 days ago)
죽을려면 십새끼야 남 인생 종치게 하지 말고 혼자 뒈져라!!!
Cool gamer 101 (29 days ago)
Bro most af these are in Russia lol
Panzer Boy (29 days ago)
the 2nd one was suicide attempt he jumped infront of the wheel well he tried
David Romero (29 days ago)
Asheer (29 days ago)
I wonder how many of those scammers tried to pull such stunts in front of secret Police cars and I would love to see their reactions on that fact?..
Emma Madison (29 days ago)
Watching this video got me so astonished😁
Shaun Redmond (29 days ago)
Are these people fucking stupid if someone actually ran over them they would be dead
Lazar (29 days ago)
2:17 its not insurance scammer, red light was for cars and he didn't stop so guy want to stop this dumb driver.
Puppies4ever TheFam (30 days ago)
Why does it look like these are all foreigners who just wanna commit suicide? Thank goodness for dash cams!
TheBravesirobin (30 days ago)
Tough way to earn a living. How desperate do you have to be to throw yourself at a car?
Juan Garcia Guerra (30 days ago)
3:14 congrats on hurting your head buddy
crysis4real (30 days ago)
Head butting a car for money, sign me up !
chris conrad (30 days ago)
try this shit in America, I wouldnt stop, id hit you, idc, you wanna play games with your life? well hasnt anyone told you if youre gonna play games be prepared to lose.
Darrren Betker (1 month ago)
What i wanna know is how many of these idiots are now in jail for ins fraud?
Fate (1 month ago)
3:20 I can watch that all day and laugh about it
Joshua Armendariz (1 month ago)
1:45 Is that a guy wearing a skirt?
Expecto Patronum (1 month ago)
Jesus... This world is full of idiots..
Amyg665 Nurd (1 month ago)
One of the people is going to get there death wish come true
ThatLastGuyHD (1 month ago)
3:02 and more are real noe
Team Builder (1 month ago)
I’ve seen this scam with one person on a bike and has a friend as a spotter. The spotter tells the bike rider when to cycle quickly to get hit by some driver leaving a place of business. Where the driver might be obscured by the sun or bushes. The rider hits the car and starts faking an injury and swears like crazy. Asks for 20 to 50 dollars or they threaten to call the cops.
Audacious Fellow 101 (1 month ago)
3:18 This one is a suicide attempt.
Pro_Gamer123 (1 month ago)
When you see a goat and he/she is like... 1:03
Richard Sharpe (1 month ago)
I was walking on the highway and this car came out of nowhere?
Mary Pelton (1 month ago)
We're lazy and want quick money even if we cause damage to your car to do it duh!!
sleuth 2077 (1 month ago)
Your job must really suck if this is what you are willing to do for a pay out. Lol
J. Liddle (1 month ago)
I hope one of these idiots lies down in front of a lifted truck and the driver just goes right over them without touching them.
Franku (1 month ago)
I would prefer if these people actually got ran over
Isaiah Marcel (1 month ago)
Johan Sadewa (1 month ago)
If they die,where The money will go into?