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UPS Delivery Attempt #2 Customer Not home - Axial SCX10 Climb Trail Crawl

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First delivery attempt the customer was not home, must attempt another delivery lol If you fly drones or just love drove Vids etc, feel free to check out my drone channel :) http://www.youtube.com/RCDroneStudio
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Text Comments (12)
RC After Dark (7 months ago)
number twelve on the likes,just subscribed,I'll watch and like them all for you,just because it appears,that we are in the same line of work,you could do the same,if your feeling kind.
RC4x4Studio (7 months ago)
Thanks man, got advice for you, don't record your vids vertically
RC Crawler Venezuela (8 months ago)
Incredible !!!!!!!!, without words
RC4x4Studio (8 months ago)
RC Play Ground (8 months ago)
Axial, so it's easy going up.
RC4x4Studio (8 months ago)
Yes sir cuz it's light, TRX4 has a harder time cuz heavier, gonna try get a 35T for the TRX4
IN MG (8 months ago)
Very nice track big thumbs up my friend XD good control
RC4x4Studio (8 months ago)
Thanks sir, it's a 12T motor in the TRX-4 the 21T is easier to drive slower, I do want to try a 35T
Kenny mph Melanko (8 months ago)
Great body man👍
RC4x4Studio (8 months ago)
Appreciate it
Yuriy Grishchuk (8 months ago)
Haha nice course
RC4x4Studio (8 months ago)
Best on YouTube!!! Lol