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Inside NBA Star JJ Redick's Brooklyn Warehouse Apartment | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Today we visit the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn to tour NBA star JJ Redick’s custom renovated apartment. Built within a former industrial warehouse in the shadow of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, JJ has a bright, inviting home with creative and imaginative flourishes in every room. From the Lacanche range and oven in the kitchen, to the Louis Vuitton-inspired wallpaper of the powder room, each design choice tells a story about the Redick family and the journey they took to their New York home. Still haven’t subscribed to Architectural Digest on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2zl7s34 ABOUT ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST The leading international design authority, Architectural Digest features articles and videos of the best in architecture, style, culture, travel, and shopping. Inside NBA Star JJ Redick's Brooklyn Warehouse Apartment | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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Text Comments (2115)
silver zhang (23 hours ago)
architectural digest worships wealth and fame while being culturally and artistically vapid ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST WORSHIPS WEATH AND FAME WHILE BEING CULTURALLY AND ARTISTICALLY VAPID
VinsPortfolio (2 days ago)
The legos rule are cute tho
Misha Minute (2 days ago)
Beautifully decorated home.
bins leonel (7 days ago)
He sounds like Robert Downey jr.
Mia Crawford (7 days ago)
1st off, I'm really impressed that this place was created out of an old industrial building! 2nd, I think it's extremely admirable that he let his wife take the lead in decorating and doing what makes her happy. What are you making money for if not to give your wife everything she's ever wanted? Maybe THAT is what makes him happy. Maybe he trusts/agrees with her design taste. I am surprised that there is nothing sports related in there.. but maybe not all athletes are sports freaks in their personal lives, maybe to some of them, sports is just work.
ChrisLeathal (7 days ago)
Whipped af
Lord Douglas (9 days ago)
also, did anyone see the invisible tv?
Lord Douglas (9 days ago)
sooo art deco, love it
HarperCalypso420 (10 days ago)
“My mom was a potter, my dad was also a potter,” Me: I guess Harry Potter plays nba now
Djdoghead (10 days ago)
0:42 “it’s been amazing to live here” *looks at the ground*
83Jude (10 days ago)
Wait a min - this' next door to my mate's!
Breonna Mabry (10 days ago)
NBA "star"? Kind of a stretch but, okay.
Momera (10 days ago)
He's so outgoing and friendly for an NBA star
Elle styles (11 days ago)
He is anyoning
Topup (13 days ago)
Perfection .. perfect home perfect husband perfect kids .. and perfect home .. immaculate all the way .. 👍
Patricia Gurwitz (14 days ago)
This home is gorgeous!
Sadaf Javed (14 days ago)
Loved this home.
Darren Ong (15 days ago)
But doesn't he play ball in New Orleans
StaniKONandGIRLGROUPS (15 days ago)
i love the color scheme and how they (the wife lol) have their own unique style. I was unsure at first but it works
Nathan Nerling (15 days ago)
i would never want to be a person, or friends of a person, who says to my guests dont touch my stupid umbrellas cause theyre sooo expensive. this whole thing is cringey.
Slimer J (10 days ago)
Lets be cool tho no hate👍
Slimer J (10 days ago)
Nathan Nerling your saying this whole thing is cringey why u even watching it then. Plus theres something called a joke about the umbrellas but u dont understand it...
Nathan Nerling (10 days ago)
@Slimer J ok gaga get a clue
Slimer J (14 days ago)
Nathan Nerling ok boomer
Keanu Solan (15 days ago)
Absolutely the best home covered by AD.
Michelle Z (17 days ago)
So he basically has an Upper East Side apartment in Brooklyn...? Talk about gentrification
David Datura (18 days ago)
That’s a quite ugly interior. Too much brass and blue everywhere. And blue is usually my favorite color! Furnishings aren’t in the best taste either. Looks a bit like your granny’s house 😒
papi luvsiris (18 days ago)
Umm yeah...I'm not a jealous type but I'm jealous. In like a healthy way. I definitely shedded a few tears throughout this video.... a beautiful home, a loving husband, and wonderful kids, it really seems picturesque.
shaun conroy (19 days ago)
Doesn't do much for me. Strange combination of furniture, colours and decor.
dadedraak (20 days ago)
Very nicely designed
Hunter Fox (20 days ago)
Philly misses you
stringztoo (21 days ago)
Jakob Norris (21 days ago)
Wow, there's a lot of immature people in this comment section, not sure if you are all haters or just salty kids, but JJ is clearly just separating his work from his private life and he clearly loves his wife and kids... It disgusts me how some people are saying she's spending his money. They're married and have a family it's their money, do you have any idea how difficult it can be to be married to an NBA player? - They're on the road a lot if you have kids the wife is usually a single parent half of the year. She deserves what she gets. And if they found harmony between each other where they can compensate for their living space it just goes to show that they're a perfect match. Just a bunch of jealous people, take care of yourself, increase your knowledge and start a business and you can get to this stage too, instead of just dwelling over videos that you choose to see yourself and then hate on them. lmao.
Evan Mobley (21 days ago)
Never seen a more empty house.
DRP2HRD X (21 days ago)
She swipes his credit card
Jimmy James (22 days ago)
2500sqft outdoor space in NY??! That is bigger than most people's homes. Damn JJ
Agata Sheridan (22 days ago)
'umbrella that U are not allowed to touch'...?! man, U have to chill...
Meursault (22 days ago)
"She's a big fan of... Uh Salbrlrlrn Dali."
S K (18 days ago)
Meursault LOLOL
Meursault (22 days ago)
@Jimmy James Ahahaha noice.
Jimmy James (22 days ago)
lmfao i was reading this comment as he was saying it?!!!!?!?!
unamor (22 days ago)
How to ruin a warehouse space.
abbyboyone (23 days ago)
weird vibe from this dude
beerndumplings (23 days ago)
That's a chick's place.
Ashir Shrivastava (23 days ago)
his wife has great taste!
Felix Jones (23 days ago)
A giant order of douchiness please.
ABRAHAM OUBAN (23 days ago)
Beautiful house. Love it.
Wen Junhui (23 days ago)
One of my favorite homes, his wife has great taste in wall papers, paintings and decorations.
Jeffery Tseng (23 days ago)
this has a lot of taste
captainjack8319 (23 days ago)
JJ “”retire a Sixer”” Reddick.
Alex Yankowsky (23 days ago)
Seems like JJ is the second option in work and marriage.
Uncle Sam (24 days ago)
I haaaaate places like this. This is like my parents house and it doesn't feel like a home. It feels like a museum. Can never be comfortable
Rod Reves (24 days ago)
The apartment is beautiful but somewhat feminine, both of his parents were artists so I would really like to see him design his own apartment. Not what his wife and a designer has done..
Pizza Baratheon (24 days ago)
At least he gets to travel alot for work?
Jérémie (24 days ago)
Another Pinterest home 😂 just kidding , beautiful space ! Awesome to see he’s a wine enthusiast 😁
johnny lara (24 days ago)
I’m drinking wine in a coffee cup. That’s the special cup for me
Hijodemona del infierno (24 days ago)
They have never opened those books.
Claus Hicks (24 days ago)
This takes "She has his balls in her handbag" to a whole new level.
ABRAHAM OUBAN (23 days ago)
ericj305 (24 days ago)
Google JJ Redick Abortion Contract. This "Christian" is a POS.
Trowa71 (24 days ago)
Inside Ellen Show star Rich Evan's Milwaukee Apartment | Re:View | Architectural Digest
John Ta (24 days ago)
I bet you Chelsea has a mommy blog and is an entrepreneur selling Knick knacks on Etsy
D.J.S. (24 days ago)
Generic Brooklyn, you can keep it
Cecilie M (24 days ago)
Well J.J., has shown us Chelsea's and the kids home! Where is his room or basketball pictures? Nothing In that home is connected to him! J.J., had better have a pre nup! 😏
Adam Hildebrandt (24 days ago)
Same sort of stove as David Harbour.
Love the cards fate deals & play them (24 days ago)
AD, More professional athletes like this please.
Harshan Pathman (25 days ago)
JJ Reddick or J Balvin? He looks like him
Olivia Cate (25 days ago)
h-he- lives in my neighborhood- i can see my apartment building in the background of these- we
Dunkirk Donuts (25 days ago)
Dad: why’d you so afraid of the dogs? Son: that not a dogs it a ghost from the movie Grudge dad....
Fernando Valentino (25 days ago)
Am I the only who noticed that the guy doesn’t have a single TV in his house...
M (3 days ago)
They’re hidden, you plebe
Naailah Aswat (19 days ago)
Not having a TV at home is really nice. I dont have one and it's so much better.
Evan Mobley (21 days ago)
Its not his house, its Chelsea's and her twins who live 3 blocks away
jekkt (25 days ago)
Why does this man have a whole server in his lego room lmao
jekkt (25 days ago)
3:50 this man talks so proudly of his designer home and then prints out something in Arial with the ugliest layout smh
jekkt (25 days ago)
J.J. "Don't touch my Umbrella" Redick
marcauxpolo (25 days ago)
So many silly comments about the wife. Maybe his wife took the lead in designing this house (hmmm hello, most wives do) but he knew every little thing about his house. And changed what he didn't like. His parents were BOTH artists, you really think he'll sit back and not have a say on how their house turned out.
Jeff (26 days ago)
These videos are like MTV Cribs except not gay.
Llamalove ! (26 days ago)
Okay, but what does the camera men’s house look like
Hoki (26 days ago)
I really like it when they point out the real stuff. Those lego rules and lemons, for example, won me over.
Darkis Art (26 days ago)
I loved the legos rules! 😂
Bad Gnasher (26 days ago)
I laughed every time he said 'We'
Stathis Fragoulis (26 days ago)
Acts like a wine connoisseur but he puts red wine in the fridge mixed with the whites.. lol
BRASS MONKEY (26 days ago)
Possibly the most boring thing ever put on YouTube
Worst Best Friends (26 days ago)
everyone is buying those stoves I think that everyone in AD has one. The horrible style though just because its expensive does not mean it looks good. Seems like everything from west elm
Beverly Felder (26 days ago)
Gorgeous ❣️ This home has Such Character 💙❤️💙💙‼️ He seems amazingly happy with His Life and Family 🙌❣️Haters gonna hate. Upstate NY here 🤸 💞✌️
LSJ (26 days ago)
I wonder how many days a year he stays here. Philly is 2 hours away and I doubt he wants to make that 4-hour roundtrip commute every day.
Flake_Flawless (26 days ago)
I like JJ but damn thats one ugly apartment
Kyle Espedido (27 days ago)
I don't get the negative comments. Maybe it's the envy seeping through.
samuel lopez (27 days ago)
No imagine que un jugador tuviera un gusto tan sofisticado y dorado
FASHIONSFLYEST (27 days ago)
That place looks feminine af lol
rufeiya p. (27 days ago)
Could you please do one with Taron Egerton?!
Valentino B (27 days ago)
3:46 "there legos everywhere" - FBI-NSA server appears
Nikki A (27 days ago)
Ninjago is the best! Lol! Cool space!
tanky (27 days ago)
looks like he's trying to sell it
John Kiene (27 days ago)
Not one African trophy on the wall.... sad.
TicTac Tech (27 days ago)
House is whack
Jenny Molina (27 days ago)
The way he lovingly talks about his wife and kids siiiggh <3
Luckie Murillo (27 days ago)
6:29 I was about to say, you doing a little bit to much!!!
Mackynal Jabememej (27 days ago)
Man this house is like a piece of art tho
Peter C. (27 days ago)
i know why he's scared of the dog lol cuz its scary looking
Goobweyn Media (27 days ago)
Dude said Chelsea at least a hundred times. lol-
ELAND BLUE (27 days ago)
"Red and white burgundies" 😕
Growing Cloud (27 days ago)
886 people hate ninjago
AD NYC (27 days ago)
Not even a basketball in the whole apt.
Matt Singleton (27 days ago)
Lavish Kane (28 days ago)
Y’all some bozo tryna make fun of JJ that’s why a lot of y’all in toxic relationships 😂😂😂
Chris Middleton (28 days ago)
“I could’ve bought a place in Dumbo before it was Dumbo / For like two million / That same building today is worth 25 million / Guess how I’m feeling? Dumbo -Jay Z
Andy Junaedi (28 days ago)
Amazing jj.. Amazing.. Wow.. Feel so cozy just to see it in the video.. The disigner is a master.. Wow..
one and one (28 days ago)
Pretty clever actually. Great place to live while revealing almost no trace of himself. "The Phantom of the Dumbo".
bbc 4whitewommenz (28 days ago)
If he ever gets divorced you know she will take him for EVERYTHING.
Cecilie M (24 days ago)
Oh yes, cause she made sure that nothing in that house was his!! smh 😏