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Motorcycle Chases Down Hit and Run Driver

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DAMN! This motorcyclist decides to chase down a hit and run driver and confront him about what he did. Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6BOTz8TM8A SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoFB FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoTwitter Short vids on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoInstagram Shorter vids on VINE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoVine WHAT TO WATCH NEXT: Herd of Bison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4XeZoiR8j8&list=PLz9JxPpKRG-SI-rXIJBLGA0eVz9U7BpMh&index=1 Cell Phone Mishap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DflzlIG25vQ&index=22&list=PLz9JxPpKRG-SX_XJ9IWk1bmt-64tNMMrg JukinVideo is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. We love videos and find the best ones to share with you here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer tricks to a baby reacting to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. The JukinVideo team scours the web 24/7 to find the latest trends and hottest videos. Subscribe to see them first!
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Text Comments (651)
Iz Gotinktho (3 months ago)
How the fuck could you hit a motorcyclist and just drive away? Maybe someone should lock this block up and “lose the key”.
Virgilio D Campli (4 months ago)
troglodit animal 🖕🖕🖕
Strüdle (4 months ago)
Scary fucking dude to think the way to solve getting the finger is to fucking run someone over. I would hate to be his wife if he even has one
UndeadWarfare5 (9 months ago)
wHAt ElSe ShAll I dO? I dunno, how about be a fucking adult.
Doug Steinbrecher (9 months ago)
If someone flips you off you don't run them over. You shoot the president and blame global warming then finish watching sesame street. Duh!
David Wilson (9 months ago)
If dude will run u over for the finger..what do u think he do to a snitch..i snatch that helmet right off his head and stomp the fuck out of dude.teach him your not the police..can't stand gooody good motherfukers..road rage is real..not to be joked about..
Dmg Control (9 months ago)
So the van driver dude cuts the motorcycle because he thinks he wants to be in the front and all of the sudden he sees car approaching him so he has to turn right immediately and causes an accident. Then he reasoned the guy was giving him a finger.
xwriter100 (10 months ago)
And why did he give you the finger, praytell? Were you a jerk already even before you bumped him off the road???
Just An Edit (10 months ago)
*Did you see him give me the finger* _So what? You may not run him over anyway_ *What else shall I do?* Listen me out, you could maybe perhaps I don't know... Not, run him over? And just drive away giving him back the finger?
αrmαヅ (10 months ago)
*breathing heavily*
R.J. Lupin (10 months ago)
Why the fuck did you blur his face? Shame the bastard.
Jurgen Ruppel (11 months ago)
Der Autofahrer ist ein Arsch! Der hat jetzt Probleme!
Moon Pie (11 months ago)
Oh that video will get him but good in court. Did the injured biker get this video?
flexiblematthew (11 months ago)
Moon Pie (11 months ago)
What a psycho and I'm not a biker. lmao.
Josiah Sanchez (11 months ago)
In my town dude wouldve been on the floor in seconds
Richie Rich (11 months ago)
People that deserve to die
Tronald Dump (11 months ago)
Pathetic idiot loser
Donald Smith (11 months ago)
He was so casual about it. Well he gave me the middle finger so naturally and attempt at vehicular homicide was my only option.
Tony Garcia (11 months ago)
If he's guilty why do u cover his face
jose cuervo (11 months ago)
"He gave me the finger and hurt my fee-fees." Dumbass.
Old Blue (11 months ago)
U run him over cuz he gave u the finger wow. He needs to be shot in the fucken head. Don't need people like him
Mohd Ashraf (11 months ago)
C.A. Nux (11 months ago)
gott im himmel!
Will Will (11 months ago)
And is he in jail for years for this or no?
siemniak (1 year ago)
so where did he gave him that finger ?
jameshisself (1 year ago)
beanwithbacon (1 year ago)
not all heroes wear capes
Niko Calderon (1 year ago)
Anyone else get a superhero vibe when he put his visor down and proceeded to race after the guy 😂 was like watching Batman on the Batcycle 😂
ensayofr (1 year ago)
So you are telling me that first biker provoked him by giving him the middle finger? Play stupid games win stupid prizes
David Powell (1 year ago)
Well I see you have assholes in Germany like we do in the US.
Jorge Maciel Sanchez (1 year ago)
Well?? Follow up to this Video? I’d love to see this asshole get in cuffs.
janice sanderson (1 year ago)
Wow that guys a flippin idiot!! He flipped me off. What else was I supposed to do ! 🤨. Moron lol . Hope that guy was ok looked bad tho . Bike accidents hurt like hell . I unfortunately do know that .
Big Manly Ribs (1 year ago)
The guy who made the video sounds like he made his voice deeper through editing lol
mark jones (1 year ago)
Awww. The ass-hole's feelings were hurt, so he tries to kill someone. Special…
todd epperson (1 year ago)
No follow up video of the outcome
skama2010 (1 year ago)
He gave me the finger....there was nothing else l could do .
Marc Poindexter (1 year ago)
I ride bikes back in 86 I saw the same thing but the guy was killed I follow the driver on my kz 900 to his house then called the cops good for him
86gillamonster (1 year ago)
Did you have to beep the annoying horn like that?
John Citizen (1 year ago)
"what else could I do?" hahahaha
Cheesy Good (1 year ago)
Did he just say what else was he supposed to do? What an idiot, seriously.
Swan Ronson (1 year ago)
Never mention the camera. Just keep letting them dig hem selves deeper. Sometimes they will try to destroy the camera as well.
Justin B (1 year ago)
Doing the world a favour.
kOonChAiR (1 year ago)
Tristen Baylis (1 year ago)
To be fair he had no other choice, I mean he was given the finger.
Buda (1 year ago)
Problem with cars is people consider them a mobile extension of their home and they therefore own the piece of road where their car is located.
Buda (1 year ago)
ensayofr Doubt it, bikers sit in open air and not in a living-room with heat, music and comfy chairs and in a collision with a car, the biker pay the price..I'm only riding a bicycle myself and believe me, the smaller you are the less you claim the road as yours.
ensayofr (1 year ago)
Buda the bikers are worse regarding this observation.
el gallito de morelia (1 year ago)
You own a bike not the all world
chairmanofrussia (1 year ago)
if this were america, they woulda exchanged fists.
Seth Winters (1 year ago)
I flipped off plenty of crazy drivers before. They honked at me, but I honked back. No harm, no foul right? Fuck this guy. He looks like a special needs handicap person who doesn't belong on the road because he has no common sense.
DAVID veilleux (1 year ago)
What a crazy little bitch.
Dragon_Lets_Fire Gaming (1 year ago)
Hey finally they are speaking German
CSB_Foxx (1 year ago)
Assholes these days I’ll be like “how ‘bout you jump on the bike and I’ll hit. You”
Marc Casteel (1 year ago)
Im pretty sure the driver has hit plenty of drivers at times..this time he finally gets caught.
Sharctic Gaming (1 year ago)
God I hate that guy
universalchiro (1 year ago)
Thank God for motorcycle riders and cameras. Be safe, look twice for smaller moving objects. Drive safely and slowly. God Bless.
Saved Eight (1 year ago)
“You didn’t him give me the finger” “That doesn’t give you the right to run him over” “What was I supposed to do” IDFK MAYBE GIVE HIM THE FINGER BACK??? Lmao the stupidity of others...
Evan Adwin (1 year ago)
"He flipped me off- what else am I going to other than run him over?" *How about you act like a fuckin' adult*
DcCapitalGamers (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laugh a little when I read "He slithered right across the street" haha
Ashwin R (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but flipping someone in a car is just fucking dumb.'Some of these motorcyclist think they own the road.
Joshua Huang (1 year ago)
he gave me the finger, what else should I do? LOL
kit p (1 year ago)
Asians cant drive...oh wait, WAIT!
Satan (1 year ago)
so he just admited to attempted murder for him giving him the finger? O.o
John S (1 year ago)
Well done I hope that driver got prison time
站在反对邪恶醒来帮助 (1 year ago)
Moral of the story, Don't challenge a car/truck when riding a bike.
D G (1 year ago)
paolo ciardullo (1 year ago)
Eastern Europeans are crazy
Cornelius Crewe (1 year ago)
So what happened, did he get arrested?
King (1 year ago)
let me get this straight...apparently the biker flicked the idiot off so the driver slammed him down with his vehicle? WTF?? that's like bringing a gun to a knife fight.
bishplis (1 year ago)
Margie Cruz (1 year ago)
Bruh.... 😐
speechless (1 year ago)
Dude you need to grow some balls !!!! Punch in his face dont be a coward !! If you run over one of my friends the cops can take what ever is left of the piece of shit !! Grow some nuts !!!
Adi Krieg (1 year ago)
I wish he'd run you all down and left you in hospital. Biker trash bully everyone on the road then cry if they get retaliation... Bike pussies
Flierman (1 year ago)
Good job man!
FoolishInk (1 year ago)
Well what else are you supposed to do if someone gives you the finger????
Harshit Yashwardhan (1 year ago)
Why didn't he give him a god shake punch
Ian Woodfield (1 year ago)
well done for reporting the idiot, good job you had dash cam too lol name and shame is what i say ....
Hornet (1 year ago)
Ich versteh den Mann vollkommen. Wenn mir jemand ans Bein pisst, schieß ich ihm auch gleich ins Knie. Ich mein, was bleibt mir sonst anderes übrig?
David Edbrooke (1 year ago)
Absolutely amazing. He gave me the finger ( he most likely deserved it) so I knocked him off of his bike. Could have been murder if not that’s attempted murder anyway surely
R Mac (1 year ago)
Yep!! There Are No Other Options As A Grown Man!! When Someone Gives You The Finger, You Gotta Run Them Off The Road!! Did The Cops Agree?? Haha!! Idiot!!
Eko Flo (1 year ago)
So what happen did he get arrested
Big Whoop (1 year ago)
Eko Flo i uploaded a few videos about the aftermath on my channel
Jani Maansaari (1 year ago)
Jews are destroying your country and you only care about traffic accident :D
zanman8808 (1 year ago)
He gave me the finger so naturally I ran him over what else was I supposed to do? 😒I swear the logic some of these people have
punky chambers (1 year ago)
A middle finger aint gonna kill like you could have to the motorcyclist you little cupcake
hemmo hoving (1 year ago)
I did not see him give that ass hole the finger.
Six Pack Super Bee (1 year ago)
At first, i thought that it was a hit and run accident, but it was assault with a deadly weapon.
Realty With Sean Kemp (1 year ago)
Lolnahhh hes fine, milking the shit out of it all wobbling off the road like he was shot lol. Chill oglutbwithball that moaning puss-a-liath
king troll (1 year ago)
He gave me the finger so I killed his whole family.What else could I do?
Dee Emm (1 year ago)
Share the Road its the law (1 year ago)
No matter if its hit and run he can be charged for leaving the scene of an accident but in this case they don't give you any chances most of the time they arrest you for hit and run.
Alejandro Ocampo (1 year ago)
Another hit and run video that ends too early. Man, these video guys suck!!!!!
Tiger (1 year ago)
U fking motos gave him a finger and just deserved that
James Davis (1 year ago)
Doesn't it seem like that he was getting something to hit the biker with out the back of his car? " I got it on camera." "Where?" "Points at camera" Man goes immediately to the back of the car to grab something. That's what he was going to do if he's the kind who ran someone over for simply flipping him off.
124Nightwing (1 year ago)
I accidentally cut in front of someone the other day while turning right on a red and all they did was lay on their horn. Had they been this guy, they probably would have sideswiped me right off the road.
Anonymous Poster (1 year ago)
I'm sorry guys, but he's right, if someone gives you "the finger", you absolutely have to run them over, it's the law!!
ensayofr (1 year ago)
Anonymous Poster dont be uneducated people wont drive over you
Nomad -81- (1 year ago)
The guy on the motorcycle started it. He should get an instigator penalty.
xKozakYT (1 year ago)
That guy was too nice I would’ve choke holder that guy until he ent back to the seen
rainbow fox (1 year ago)
Whos german and understands everythink :3
Karmatic (1 year ago)
"There is other choices for me if they give me the finger... maybe politely ask them why they did that...BUT NO LETS RUN THE FUCKER OVER"
That Øne Girl (1 year ago)
Poor guy, hope he is okay now!
Hawxxy (1 year ago)
A judge will tell you what to do and Not to do when you are shown the finger.....Idiot.. Btw, he should have killed the second guy too, leave no witnesses..
übermensch Nietzsche (1 year ago)
the kid learned a valuable lesson too..