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Rude UPS driver throwing boxes

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Ups driver gets mad for asking her not to throw boxes.
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healup 1220 (8 days ago)
every doc pick up i do the people bring stuff to the edge of dock. shouldn't have to be climbing up and down doc.
GhostGrind (19 days ago)
If the boxes are packaged correctly they should be okay. She was not really mishandling the boxes. If they break that is on the shipper.
Shadi Saleh (2 months ago)
This lady is awesome. He should be ashamed of himself treating her like that. What a shame.
James local 79 (2 months ago)
Ha Ha you deserve it.
Denis G. (3 months ago)
She was not throwing any box she probably having one of those days don't talk to me days.😁😤
Sickentist (3 months ago)
It looks like both parties are rude. This driver is definitely an idiot but what she's dealing with right there is why I could never be a UPS driver. They're paid well but not well enough to deal with ghetto small business owners like this Frankie clown.
Zach Wachs (4 months ago)
Our worst enemy as delivery drivers is entitled customers and that's why i don't care to see or speak to any of them. I had no idea how shitty people were towards delivery drivers but i simply will not put up with it. Go job UPS driver.
Weekend Warrior (5 months ago)
Why aren’t their any videos of all the rude customers ups drivers encounter on a daily basis?
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (1 month ago)
Because we're WAY too busy and under WAY too much stress to even have time to stop and do it. I was turning on to a really crappy road one day and some retard was really far down that road and got mad that I had the nerve to turn on to it and slow him down and he pulled up next to me and cussed and said "you must be a professional driver"! I shrugged and said "we're hiring". He quickly drove off. LOL! My philosophy is let people say whatever they want because if they're talking to me before I hit 8 hours I'm making over 30 an hour. If they're talking to me AFTER I've hit 8 hrs I'm making over 47 an hour. Therefore they can stand there and tell me their life story for all I care because I'm breaking the bank by simply listening. LOL! Really though we seriously do have to work insanely hard and if this idiotic beaner letting her have it in this video had to leave his cushy little desk and come out and do our job he'd be heading back to this little office. She told him to "go back to the front" but she should have told him to go back to Mexico.
Jesse Buchanan (5 months ago)
Man if I spent 19 minutes at a dock stop if have some explaining to do
Efrain Nevarez (5 months ago)
Have a Good Day!😂😂 Love it!
ErIkIsSmall SmAlLpPnObAlLs (5 months ago)
You think what she was doing was bad? You should see what happens inside the warehouse all that shit gets thrown around when trucks are being loaded😂
Repo Blades (5 months ago)
If you think this is bad don't go inside the Warehouse
John Créé (6 months ago)
Nothing wrong
Yuniel Perez (6 months ago)
This customer is a idiot! I'm with her... This was a setup....
inuyashakarin (6 months ago)
The same people who bitch about “be gentle with my package!” Are the same ones that bitch and whine when “deliveries take forever” stop your bitching, want something done fast? Do it your fucking self, see how long it takes you to unload a truck if you handle every box like a piece of glass. After the first six boxes you’d start chucking them too dumbass.
Jaafar Kazim (6 months ago)
This really not a heavy pickup though this one account i pickup usually have 150 boxes and are struts that weigh like 60lbs each
DrainTheSwamp (6 months ago)
Frankie ya little piss ant.
DrainTheSwamp (6 months ago)
U bunch of queers who r complaining about this driver probably dont work 1-10 as hard as she does. Fucking worthless ingrates.
Marcus Williams (6 months ago)
Her management needs to help her! If approx. 100 boxes ranging in those sizes are being sent out daily, then someone needs to sent there daily to pre-hit that pick-up. That's just too much volume at that size to be picked up while still having that many, (80), stops to complete. She handled her frustration badly, but this could have been avoided with better communication and a little help.
k n17 (1 month ago)
i'd be hitting that stop up at 4:55pm when it closes and making them stay late while i load it on to the truck.
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (1 month ago)
They're probably one of those businesses that have a set pickup and know exactly what time the driver will be there but then magically hold the driver up by not having them ready when the driver shows up. LOL! Sometimes I just want to act really dramatic at places like this and say "Oh man I'm only making almost $50 an hour to stand here and wait"! LOL! Maybe if people knew that we make more in a few hours than they do in a day they'd treat us with a little more respect. Doubtful though.
Kathy Rougeau (7 months ago)
This is our UPS driver. And we like her here. She makes sure all our deliveries get here on time. This company needs to have more compassion for the driver's. She said they called and cancelled the trailer why?
Zachary Franklin (7 months ago)
Dear Frankie Salinas I am very sorry you had to put up with this woman she clearly has no respect for her uniform. In no way ever should she be tossing or dropping packages or being rude to you!! She is paid very well and she should be doing her best to fit as many boxes into her truck and then calling for backup once her truck is completely full. You should call your local ups facility and make complaints against that driver. Unfortunately not much will get done to the driver... [unless a news team makes it a story]........Ups drivers are half nice and half jerks. Ups is reliable just don't hate the company because of one horrible driver. Best of luck to you to get a ups driver that will do their best to ship everything you have!!!!! And one that would never damage your packages!! Her behavior towards you was very disrespectful she should have thanked you for helping her get paid more. Best of luck to you sir take care!
shnoop123 Jimbo (1 month ago)
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 tru dat all these Sissies wouldn’t last a day loading a semi lol
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (1 month ago)
Go ahead and waste your time "calling in on her" because guess what...We're TEAMSTERS and there's NOTHING you can do to take our job! She could have called him everything but the kitchen sink and it wouldn't have mattered. We don't take crap off pretty boys that sit behind desks. We go out and do back breaking work and get paid mega money to do it. Anytime you want to "respect the uniform" just man up and put some Browns on and show us how tough you are. I'm sure you'll be "calling for backup" though. Only to find out that the morons in mgmt couldn't care less what time you get done and will throw you under the bus so fast your head will spin.
Cristian Zarabia (2 months ago)
Zachary you spoke like a ups supervisor who pushes their drivers to their max and brake them. For ups like most companies their employees are just a number. They only care about numbers.
YotaFire28 (5 months ago)
This dude has obviously never worked for ups. You’re talking out of your ass and have no clue what a driver goes through. 100+ packages shit I wouldn’t even picked them up. She did good.
Brad Boisvert (5 months ago)
Zachary Franklin until you work at ups and know the behind the scenes dispatch her stop count no communication you shouldn't speak
Joseph Spano (8 months ago)
She is wrong. I am a UPS driver. There is a history here though that this video does not show. That is the reason they set up the camera. There is a trailer staged there. She says they cancel it every day. She is frustrated and that is obvious. The customer was also very rude. My assumption is that the customer doesn t want to wait for the tractor driver to come so they cancel and say they are closing early. This blows her truck out and upsets her because she wasn't dispatched to handle that. If she was then maybe they would have taken off 20 stops (highly unlikely) a lot of these situations are worsened by ups managements lack of communication and the way they treat us. Have some sympathy sometimes. She probably isn't a bad person just having a bad day from a tough working environment.
Jaafar Kazim (8 months ago)
I love it how they have no idea how there packages get treated at the hub. Often times they get slung like footballs lol they have no idea man
Jaafar Kazim (8 months ago)
I see nothing wrong lol
Bernie Bock Junior (8 months ago)
Video starts at 9:55 and ends at 18:15
worxharder (8 months ago)
Dude you should have called for a trailor, these are not standard "Parcels". https://www.google.com/search?q=Parcel+size&safe=off&hl=en&oq=Parcel+size&gs_l=heirloom-serp.3..0l10.24012.28166.0.28496. If you wrap a car in paper, do you think it will ship? I mean it's a parcel right? No, UPS will have to make special accommodations to ship your car. This driver and UPS was doing you a major favor, the driver could have refused before lifting a single box. She is 100% right, if it won't survive a small fall, it probably won't survive some older designed hubs which get over loaded everyday. Also her telling you to stop talking to her wasn't rude, go hover over your mechanic while he is working on your car, you might catch a socket wrench to the face. You could of helped, to ensure safe handling. Also you have to slam those doors on the back of the truck. Don't want them coming open while your driving down the road. If you're unsatisfied use a different service, or make appropriate accommodations for the volume you intend to ship through UPS so they can serve you better and ensure your shipment stays undamaged. Most of those packages didn't fit on the shelves in the truck, she makes a sharp turn=Broken coffee table. Hands down, you were in the wrong on this whole thing and you tried to get someone in hot water over it. What company is this so I know not to give them any money ever?
Marissa X.x (8 months ago)
Andres Herbas (9 months ago)
What is inside the boxes? just curious
Dear Vrenezi (5 months ago)
Frankie Salinas fuck you and your coffee table you pice of shit. How come you didn’t help her? I’m a driver and all my customers help me for providing them service as well. Oh man you’re lucky I didn’t pick up those packages. I wouldn’t thrown them harder then she did. And she didn’t even do anything wrong. Oh and fuck you.
Jay White (9 months ago)
Frankie Salinas why didn't you guys help her? You know they're big and heavy yet no one offered to help. I'm a driver and I say shame on you for not being helpful
Frankie Salinas (9 months ago)
Coffee Tables with Glass, It said on the video.
crableg steve (9 months ago)
She is wrong that is not proper package handling and her attitude is awful, ups is always gonna push employees to the limit. You have to be able to control yourself and work at a safe pace and not let the job get to you like that.
Scott D (9 months ago)
She was right.... boxes go through much more in a sorting facility compared to what you saw her doing while loading her truck.
crableg steve (9 months ago)
Scott D drinking the same Kool aid
howlin' howie (9 months ago)
The only mistake this driver made was NOT refusing to pick up these boxes!
Frankie Salinas (9 months ago)
Well if your paying for a service and they are not proving it, why hired UPS then?
crableg steve (9 months ago)
howlin' howie then she would be out of a job playing a sax on a corner for money
howlin' howie (9 months ago)
By the way; the driver, reminding you of the rules is NOT 'rude. This lady hasn't had a rude day in her whole life.
Cristian Zarabia (2 months ago)
+Frankie Salinas u guys think any service provider works for you. You are stupid. Like a pizza delivery guy don't work for you neither any service provider does. You don't sign their checks.
Jay White (8 months ago)
Frankie Salinas we offer you a service, we don't work for you. Just so you know.
Marissa X.x (8 months ago)
howlin' howie true, especially if u know her like me
Frankie Salinas (9 months ago)
You're right, The driver reminding a logistic manager of rules is not rude, Telling them to go back inside with an attitude , it arrogant, rude, and disrespectful. We don't work for UPS, UPS works for us, like it or not.
howlin' howie (9 months ago)
This dude has obviously been TOLD about the amount of boxes he has shipping out, and was supposed to have requested a trailer. What a dweeb, trying to entrap this UPS driver. as 'TheBrucecantu' said, "This video is weak and Frankie Salinas' packaging is weak". The whole thing is weak for not helping the driver, while sitting on your butt, trying to catch her doing something wrong.
Frankie Salinas (9 months ago)
We requested one, however per our account agent he advise us since a trailer would be to big for the amount of package we had, it would be best to keep going with the regular truck pick up, this was in hopes to prevent UPS later denying us the trailer when we really needed it. He said UPS could handle 100 packages every day on the regular trucks, I feel sorry for the drivers. Who said we didn't help the drivers? who said we were sitting? There's cameras everywhere. Big brother is always watching, always hearing.
ShokyReviews (9 months ago)
and clearly videoing it because he knew it would be a problem.
TheBrucecantu (9 months ago)
This video is weak and Frankie Salinas packaging is weak
crableg steve (9 months ago)
TheBrucecantu not as weak as your comment
ShokyReviews (9 months ago)
Im sorry, why was no one helping her load that big pile of boxes? Would have been faster and the boxes would have been handled better if someone was on the dock while she was in the truck. having to be walking back and forth and stepping up to the dock every time is a waste and unsafe.
Drew Patterson (1 month ago)
It's her job, do you order a hamburger and go behind the counter to help them cook? If she doesn't like the job she should quit, not take it out on customers. Did she not think that truck every now and again would be full with pickups? Also customers asking her nicely to not throw boxes isn't a special request. Sure you should package a product to sustain abuse but it doesn't mean she shouldn't act this way and argue when asked to handle packages with care.
Cricket Cricket (5 months ago)
crableg steve .....yeah it's her job, but when did human kindness leave our society? I would never leave ANYONE to do that without help. I suspect these two have a past history....been there, done that. I've dealt with "customers" like this daily. He probably cancelled the freight truck, just so he could "stick" it to her and film her. UPS is a HARD job and sometimes drivers are already around the bend by the end of the day, and doing pickups.......I guess delivery drivers are not allowed to be human.
crableg steve (9 months ago)
ShokyReviews if you watched the whole video you will hear him say is that what they told you when she made the truck comment. My guess is he refused freight for the cheapest package rates which is smart. It's not his job to load the trailer if ups wants to give him a discount for that it's fine but if they don't want to load they don't have to,they pay for a pickup and we pick it up. As far as package handling you should know what hand to surface method is and what she is doing is awful and lazy.
ShokyReviews (9 months ago)
crableg steve I work for ups too. Have for 12 years. And as a veteran you know what it's like to have your truck blown out when you still have stops to do. So my question still comes down to why this customer refused a trailer? If an account as large as CVS (for example) which my center used to do, decided they didn't want to use a trailer anymore and forced a truck to pick them up they'd be pissed too. I'm not defending her reaction, but I get it. However she was correct in saying that packages need to be packed in such a way to survive at least a small drop, since they need to be able to survive the equivalent of a two story drop. Judging only by what I see, they refused a trailer because they either don't want to load it themselves or they don't have people to load. And knowing that this would cause a problem set up a camera to record the results.
crableg steve (9 months ago)
ShokyReviews I did landscaping before and we have our own tools and we charge extra for first-time cleanup if it's bad.I also work for ups 22 years now and know that it is her job to do the pickup if told to. Also there are methods of handling packages and the belt comment she made is false.
Dillon Maharaj (9 months ago)
They should’ve been packaged properly her back is worth more that your boxes.. those boxes goes through worst when they get back to the hub and onto the belts
Drew Patterson (1 month ago)
If she doesn't like the job she could quit. Or find a job not involving picking heavy shit up. Pretty sure on the the REQUIREMENTS to even apply for that position is being able to lift (not throw) heavy objects.
le-lizzy-le -games- (9 months ago)
How did you get so many views O;
Francisco Salinas (9 months ago)
I only see 1.5K views
klazzikk (9 months ago)
on behalf of my fellow Upser here, I'd like to apologize for this type of behavior. What she saying is true but to just blatantly slam boxes on the ground just because you feel some type of way is totally uncalled for.
You Know (9 months ago)
Wow, what a hero you are. I hope you get paid the big bucks to protect “your boxes”. Thanks for saving the day.
shnoop123 Jimbo (1 month ago)
Hahah it’s not the drivers that damage the box it’s the loaders and undloaders at the hub
Frankie Salinas (9 months ago)
You Know , thank you. I do for the customer that the customer that get upset when their items get deliver broken or damaged. Some customer wait long periods of time to get items they paid for, sadly UPS has employees that don’t care if the items gets deliver safely or not. Image how frustrating must be to wait for an item and yet received it damaged. Lack of commitment by ups. Ups should train all drivers to handle with care all boxes no matter from which company it is from.