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10 Weird Thanksgiving Traditions | This Is Happening

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Text Comments (42)
Beth G (9 days ago)
For horror movies, crime documentaries or things that just make you say WTF come join our FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1530741027058265/
Q & A (15 days ago)
America showing it’s true IQ. 🤨
Dead Eye (16 days ago)
I now have the overwhelming desire to cook a turkey with a jet engine....don't know why....but it's cool as hell.
Shanan Alexander (17 days ago)
Once I went shopping for one item, but wound up buying lots more when I got there. I heard my son’s voice but couldn’t find him. I went to the managers office. I asked them to lock the doors because my son was missing. I told him what he was wearing. He said “You mean that kid sitting underneath the grocery cart?” I was so embarrassed that I said “No that is his twin brother!” The manager said “oh ok”. He knew I was lying. I was just happy my son was not kidnapped. He laughed at me. He deserved to.
Shanan Alexander (17 days ago)
Seriously people?!
Shanan Alexander (17 days ago)
I was told the same thing from my husband. A turkey pecker. I had the same reaction
Piątek Piątuś (17 days ago)
Just like the song by Green Day: american idiots... ofcourse thanksgiving is better than we can really imagine. It’s your tradition and I can understand that.
R M (17 days ago)
TDS has ruined funny videos. Get over it
NOYFB FOAD (17 days ago)
Ban VERTICAL Videos!     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dechvhb0Meo
Jacob Kirkpatrick (17 days ago)
Fuck you junkin media no one likes you you price of shitting fuck
Nekminute (17 days ago)
2:51 well its OBAMA obviously
Travis Lauterbach (17 days ago)
Of course the liberal chick can't cook
Floris Lem (17 days ago)
How are people so hartless
Honey Pot (17 days ago)
why did the name change
Peep This (17 days ago)
Dying channel
Aidan Cullen (17 days ago)
What happened "Jukin Video"
Rebel Fleet Trooper (17 days ago)
I have a weird Thanksgiving tradition: Watching a longplay of Sonic Generations shortly after the parade on TV. That and other Sonic related stuff alongside giant anime mecha and other stuff.
stoeydude2000 (17 days ago)
2:47 seconds in, the whole democrat party impeachment attempt in one shot.
Pizza 2041 (17 days ago)
Jukin Videos was much more better!
Pizza 2041 (17 days ago)
This Is Happening Thank you 🙃
This Is Happening (17 days ago)
Jukin* Fixed it for you :)
John Taube (18 days ago)
Only a bunch of Liberal idiots would burn a Thanksgiving Turkey and blame Trump! 😂 🦃
Asar Tony (18 days ago)
How many fucktards don't know turkeys lay eggs, oh my god this planet is doomed.
Adam Triplett (18 days ago)
How stupid people are surprises me less every year
Shahzaib Siddiqui (17 days ago)
I'm cringing so hard!
Q Ravioli (17 days ago)
It is quite annoying how no one seems to know the anatomy of a damn turkey.
Keremit (18 days ago)
Josué Veguilla (18 days ago)
Was that Freddy Krueger at the end of the video, This Is Happening?
This Is Happening (17 days ago)
Freddy always ruins Thanksgiving!
Josué Veguilla (18 days ago)
Josué Veguilla (18 days ago)
Happy Thanksgiving Day, This Is Happening.
TooMany Breeches (18 days ago)
Thank god finland doesn't have thanksgiving
DavidC (18 days ago)
A compilation of dumb people, and i wish people like this 2:00 would have the same passion for when every time their government robbed and fucked them over, instead of a stupid dumb sports game.
Eric Beeman (18 days ago)
How any of these people that burn food like this survived this long in life is amazing hell I learned to cook by the age of 12 each I burnt some food but it was always still edible
Karol Karpiński (17 days ago)
Chain food services.
Eric Beeman (17 days ago)
Yeah I need learn how to spell first and get the right culinary school
Q Ravioli (17 days ago)
Eric Beeman I think it was best that you didn’t go to “colonary” school.
Eric Beeman (18 days ago)
I wish I was that's for sure always did want to go to colonary school but never did just shows how ignorant I really am
Noé Herzog (18 days ago)
Eric Beeman Masterchef Junior
OBs Savage (18 days ago)
Fluffy da sculldog (18 days ago)
Edvin (18 days ago)