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Why We Need Counter-Drone Tech Now More Than Ever

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By 2022 the FAA expects we’ll have 2.9 million drones flying in the U.S. With so many drones in the sky it’s inevitable that sometimes things will go wrong. Counter-drone companies like Dedrone and Fortem are offering a solution by developing technologies to detect and intercept unwanted drones. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #Drones #DroneDefense Why We Need Counter-Drone Tech Now More Than Ever
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CNBC (1 month ago)
What level of regulation is appropriate for drones? Should regulation be handled privately or publicly?
Bashir Khan (1 month ago)
Carl du Preez (1 month ago)
Google "DIY EMP generator" no problem.
PiggyToes (1 month ago)
taking down drones with drones? that doesn't feel right.
1966bluemax (1 month ago)
I’m surprised they haven’t made a horror movie based on drones yet 😜😜😜
Ray (1 month ago)
what about RC planes??
Ray (1 month ago)
WOW lets ban cars and trucks too!!! WTF
Eric Yuan (1 month ago)
Which how cheap drones are, I'm pretty sure hitmen are trying to mount a gun on them.
MrHan (1 month ago)
What you want the 2nd amendment to cover anti-air guns as well?
Investing Book Summaries (1 month ago)
Jeez, so many drones.
no you didnt (1 month ago)
That drone shouldve exploded on Maduro’s head
Top Kek (1 month ago)
They just need to have registration and better regulation with the help of governments, and require licences before buying
外舞时缨 (1 month ago)
there are drones mod to operate on 3g networks, how are you going to block that?
Fusionrush Gaming (1 month ago)
The biggest issue is educating drone pilots to fly responsibly. When you have 2.8 million registered drone users, very few of those remote pilots actually have certification from the FAA (Part 107) which includes basic piloting skills necessary to navigate US air space. There were only 100,000 Part 107 certified pilots in late 2018. I do not anticipate that number rising dramatically as classes to pass the Part 107 are usually anywhere between 300-1000 depending on where and class type (online, physical). Most of these drones are flown as "hobby" aircraft. So they do not need to pass any sort of training or certification/test. They only need to abide by the basic rules the FAA applied to them (400m max height, line of sight, air space restrictions). The introduction of drones has radically changed cinematography in ways never seen before. We can now reliably get cheap overhead footage even with some of the best cameras in the world, helicopter cinematographers hate us because they are losing jobs left and right to drone pilots. Why should a news agency pay a pilot thousands per session when they can simply train an employee to fly one of these aircraft (which are stupidly easy to use, they basically fly themselves now)? Why would a filming company pay hundreds of thousands for expensive aircraft when a drone can still get the high speed shots no problem? Many drones are capable of 45-60+ MPH now, especially industrial drones used for cinematography. What needs to happen is that ALL remote pilots should be required to pass the Part 107 test before flying. And stores should not be allowed to see micro drones over the counter. Ever seen what happens when a GEnx engine intakes a small drone? Now imagine what would happen of an untrained and incompetent pilot flew too close to an airport and didn't realize he was violating air space and not communicating with tower? Drones are just as dangerous in the air as a vehicle speeding on the freeway is, if not more so.
hyou zan ren (1 month ago)
Flying phone!.... Pls someone make flying smart phone! I m tired carrying it on my pocket!
Erik S (1 month ago)
Airports should probably employ small AA batteries, to be able to take down anything in restricted airspace, Stadiums and concerts should probably employ at least one drone of their own to capture anything overhead. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a drone, is honestly probably a good guy with a drone. Welcome to the future.
Izreal Zeus (1 month ago)
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M K (1 month ago)
Radar and rail gun.
Deniz Erdem (1 month ago)
1:50 whats going on with that hair?
mac berry (1 month ago)
People just can't have nice things
Jedi Knight (1 month ago)
Drones need to be highly registered and regulated technology.
Withered Perception (1 month ago)
They are
hbarudi (1 month ago)
Wish more people can simply keep a distance between the small flying things and the large human carrying flying things. Airports are the only place where small flying things are a problem especially if they cause more damage to an aircraft than the small flying thing itself is worth and aircraft needing costly service every time it lands to a gate and if hit upon takeoff, the flight safety as a whole is in danger of taking damage and need a costly diversion. Also fly those things in open areas and avoid going over other people's houses.
Dioxholster (1 month ago)
The fear from drones is overrated. It doesn't do anything a terrorists can't do himself, same with military drones, jets can do the job.
Robert Evans (1 month ago)
"It's public knowledge that drones are dangerous." This is another way of saying that people are scared of the unknown and that there are no facts to substantiate that fear. There are far more bird strikes than drone strikes by an infinite multiple because there are no known drone strikes and thousands of bird strikes. This whole video is just fearmongering by people who know nothing about aviation or drones. I am a commercial multi-engine commercial pilot and a model radio control plane enthusiast. I know both sides of the issue.
Frank 5599 (1 month ago)
For an average citizen we already have defense against drones, It's called a gun. Drones are simply target practice.
QuantumBullet (1 month ago)
Frank 5599 in the US that is then. But what if they move, and are 200m up in the sky?
Troph2 (1 month ago)
A simple, fast flying, RC airplane (40-year-old tech) could get around all of this.
dougie j (1 month ago)
They make the drones sell you the drones now drones are no good so they make the drone stopper and sell you tha to. 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💶💶💶 Staywoke
dougie j (1 month ago)
+M K 🤔 I see you are still a sleep at the wheel.
M K (1 month ago)
One of the dumbest comments on the Internet.
Jayakrishna Balaji (1 month ago)
Drones vs Drones
William Flores (1 month ago)
I think if a drone is flying over your property you should have the right to shoot them down
Withered Perception (1 month ago)
You don't own the air space! I dare you to shoot down my drone. My drones have a registered tail number and are all part 107 compliant. Which means you shoot down my drone you shoot down a registered fedral aircraft and you are in for domestic federal terrorism charges! Be my guest! I'll just buy another drone, but Your life is gone!
Daniel Weiss (1 month ago)
You don't have air rights to do that
Mirrorunlimited (1 month ago)
Ernesto Chavez murica
Dev Bali (1 month ago)
That’s the American way!
Bubbles (1 month ago)
+MarLap2000 I don't think you can own airspace, no matter how much it's your "property".
Andi S (1 month ago)
Soon terrorist will use drone to bring down airplane. They need to build anti drone missiles, any drone nearby will be shoot down without any warning.
Circe (1 month ago)
+uNr3al111 Planes will just have to evolve. This is not a new problem, it is the same problem with birds. Engineers need to come up with a way to prevent stuff from clogging and breaking the engines. Design a different engine maybe?
uNr3al111 (1 month ago)
Were you thinking when you proposed the idea? A missile? First of all, a missile will be way bigger than a drone. Second, what if you miss the target. Drones don't go that high and are most likely next to an infrastructure. If that missile misses its target, it will crash into something and cause more damage. Third, even if it hits the drove, it will create an explosion. Humans don't like that. Public will freak out. Fourth, a missile technology is way more expensive than a drone.
No DAD Not Tonight (1 month ago)
first to unlike the video
Cool Wpix (1 month ago)
Why not they just buy a cheap signal blocker which will stop the signal from the drone talking to the remote.
ElectricDragonFilms (1 month ago)
Because then the drone might just crash into, say, a person...
Big Steve (1 month ago)
Why don't airports just hire a skilled rifle marksman and shoot them down?
Tomate N (1 month ago)
Shady people are always afraid of drones....
zeppirl (1 month ago)
Shooting bullets into the air is very dangerous and mostly illegal because If you miss the drone the bullet could fall to earth hitting someone, injuring them or even killing someone.
Bashir Khan (1 month ago)
+Big Steve you can't just shoot near airports, the danger is missing and hitting a jet on approach or something far worse than a drone.
Big Steve (1 month ago)
+William Flores yes but if they are flying close to airplanes putting people's lives in danger then they should be shot down
William Flores (1 month ago)
Shooting down a drone is illegal even if it’s on your property which is so dumb.we should be able to shoot them down if they are over our property
eou zxiubv (1 month ago)
I predicted how much of a serious problem they’d be 6 years ago & everyone thought I was so off. Bro, we’ve only just seen the beginning of how bad this is going to get with them. THEY ARE A PROBLEM & EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, THEY WILL ONLY BE USED A WEAPONS FOR CASUAL CIVILIANS IN THE FUTURE & NOTHING ELSE.
Gary Medeiros (1 month ago)
name one drone incident in the US where someone was hurt.
ElectricDragonFilms (1 month ago)
Seriously? You think people will just use drones go be weapons? Did you miss the entire first part of this video saying how useful drones are with aerial photgraphy, science, etc.? Mate, if drones are such a terror, maybe we should ban guns for civilians as well, eh? I mean, guns have let mass shootings and school shootings to happen. Drones have sometimes crashed into people (rarely, and the pilots were idiots) and have caused the occasional "breach of privacy" issue when it was only a misunderstanding. Yes, let's ban this minor inconvenience instead of the thing that has cost the lives of dozens of innocent people.
Kiera Mubambai (1 month ago)
eou zxiubv none of the other humans believed you but you were right all along, now we need you to be the General when the War comes
Shane madboss VEVO (1 month ago)
eou zxiubv (1 month ago)
eou zxiubv (1 month ago)
Fuck drones, drones are bullshit, only fucking weapons. Fuck drones. FUCK. DRONES. THEY SHOULD BE SO FUCKING ILLEGAL. Only should be allowed with time permits.
eou zxiubv (1 month ago)
It sucks
ChrisFromNorway (1 month ago)
no shit 🔰🔰