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14 Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On

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Have you heard of the ways which go through the clouds? Here are the 14 most incredible and dangerous roads in the world! They leave people driving on them breathless and terrified... Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (346)
Shafket Zargar (17 hours ago)
Romi Mentz (18 hours ago)
fet koel
Ester Tan (1 day ago)
Everything that roads so WoW!
Margaret Waite (1 day ago)
Dangerous and cool)
AL M (2 days ago)
I doubt that anyone can drive on those railways, so why say you would never want to drive on them?
shrijana acharya (2 days ago)
We can't drive this road
quistin becconsall (2 days ago)
what program is ussed to make the pictures have that 3d effect, i like it
f (2 days ago)
This is just silly. For one, not all of these "roads" can be driven on, since many of them are railways. And secondly, apart from the boring road in Australia, I'd want to drive on all of them.
branden deabrey (1 day ago)
f Madeira Portugal
Terry Offord (3 days ago)
Nerves of steel and an ability to drive plus a heap of commonsense. A great and interesting video, imagine what the camera crew went thru to take these shots!
Josefa Lopez (3 days ago)
Josefa Lopez (3 days ago)
Fredrick Vincent (3 days ago)
I don’t think Train of Clouds in Argentina is 4200 km high as you said,towards the end..Please correct.
PBx2007x (4 days ago)
Whoever is squeezing the balls of the guy talking, please stop!
Ismaeel Hussain (4 days ago)
Karakoram highway =1
jaybert gonzales (5 days ago)
grabe..ayaw kukong dumaan dyan
Максим Шаха (5 days ago)
What's scary? Usual mountain roads.
Slushie-0180 Ethan Lagera (5 days ago)
My fave was the last more like heaven
Sheikh Furqan (6 days ago)
srinagar-leh highway should've made the list
hema raman (8 days ago)
AMAZING VIEWED (9 days ago)
it's not bad, it's quite good, ..There are also good shots on Amazing Viewed.
Mikey LOL (11 days ago)
Clinton road? What about Clinton Road?
Dastgir Ainapure (11 days ago)
Dastgir Ainapure
Cloie Carolg (12 days ago)
It was ferry interesting
shahed rahman (14 days ago)
I visited Leg Manali
KB Family (14 days ago)
Where is the road in Nepal and Himalaya which are dangerous
maria bluebins (16 days ago)
" video"? Boring slideshow
Flash photography Lee Hensman (16 days ago)
Idiot this is youtube, you could have at least got some video footage of these roads instead of just pics and descriptions
Pizza Prime175 (16 days ago)
What do you like best Bright Side or Life Noggin?????
THE KING OFFICIAL (17 days ago)
Search that peanut like duck I have uploaded a video it was a miracle comment below
milo love (17 days ago)
No thank you, not even in my dreams jijiji
Lisa S (17 days ago)
so in Thailand, does the train just come thru and run over the fruits? lol
neave noo noo (18 days ago)
I know 5facts about you you you you you you you you you 1.u are lazy u did not read all the you's 2. You did not realize I put yoo 3. U went to check again on no.1 4. Got u I didn't put yoo lol 5. U are laughing Did I get u ????????????????¿??????????????
Rain Express (18 days ago)
God : I can make a world Notch : I can also make a world God : I can make people Notch : I can also make people God : I can make animals Notch : I can also make animals God : I can make circles Notch left the game
Shafket Zargar (17 hours ago)
very nyc
Dave Schrauth (20 days ago)
I bet the road in Germany is on this. The one with out a speed limit! Slow lain 150 fast don't ask!
ABHISHEK RAY (20 days ago)
Leh-manali highway experience is too good.... enjoy n dangerous
Maha Lakshmi (23 days ago)
Have passed through leh manali highway
robert whelan (24 days ago)
I've been on 7 of these roads
Meera Agrawal (24 days ago)
I have visited pamban bridge
Didd D (25 days ago)
They build a bridge in 1970 to Noirmoutier
Junaid Ahmad (26 days ago)
love me mooore (27 days ago)
d china one is so dangerous
kind man (28 days ago)
5 minute craft
Fernando Alves (28 days ago)
"10 *roads* you would never want to *drive* in" The thumbnail is a train,the video is about trains
wee hui lim (29 days ago)
Wow so now i will never go out to holiday!
Gofuckyourself Nicely (29 days ago)
Umm... How do trains travel on roads? Ah yes! They build rails along the road! Wonder what they would call a road with rails that trains travel along??? Anyway - must dash - I'm off flying in my airborne winged passenger - carrying submarine. Hmm. Seems like such an awkward long name. If only someone could help. Maybe a fact - checking device. Run by Google? Like a Google Fact-Checker?
Anthony Hansen (30 days ago)
On the 994 Mile road I'd take a Lamborghini with some extra gas and fly down the road
pradeep u (1 month ago)
Camp Atreyu (1 month ago)
I’d love to go to that market!
Dena Denaa (1 month ago)
Abdul Hameed (1 month ago)
I travel on the karakorum highway every week... Now it's not that much dangerous once it used to be. The way is very beautiful. It passes through Hunza.
Mei M (1 month ago)
I live Chinaaaaa
Ishfaq Bhat (20 days ago)
Mei M why
Tami Blasi (1 month ago)
John Varelogiannis (27 days ago)
Tami Blasi
Mac Pro Sports (1 month ago)
If you look at the Indian railroad you see a colour change in the water on the left
Nenei Guite (1 month ago)
scary. .
Pete D (1 month ago)
There should be a ban on YouTube videos that aren't actually videos!
Nam Nhật (1 month ago)
A spanish guy:Despacito Me:Sorry,I don’t know how to speak peanut language
Aileen Bernardo (1 month ago)
bright side
Jahvante Wright (1 month ago)
I wouldn,t like to go on these roads
Tenzin Rigchok (1 month ago)
Ahmed Ayoob (1 month ago)
You have left Atlantic Ocean Highway Norway which in my perspctive is th most dangrous road in the world !!
Nic McCormack (1 month ago)
1 2 3 4 5
Jon Goldberg (1 month ago)
wafa al mazrooei (1 month ago)
Terry Offord (1 month ago)
Viewers must thank the Photographers and script writers behind these road marvels. Great filming Thank You.
GADDAfI SADDIKI (1 month ago)
afforestation must be put in place
TauQeer ALy (1 month ago)
You forget "Gilgit to Skardu" road of Pakistan that is very dangerous and height is also unbelieveable..
eugine 11 (1 month ago)
It says the you dont wanna drive it has to be the most dangerous road you dont wana drive on
Amit Srivastav (1 month ago)
karakoram is in India - still a disputed land
vanthelizard lol (1 month ago)
About Philippines
Mabel Assre (1 month ago)
nice 😎😎
Maria Cruz (1 month ago)
We cross the Eyre highway twice to Adelaide to Perth known also as the Nullarbor plain or as we call the big paddock
Fabrizio Ruggeri (1 month ago)
try to go up on matheran mountain, 100 km. south of mumbay by motobike 1978. there was a litle passage around, 1.30 mt. to go up hummm but to came down you got to pray all time.
mrRud3y (1 month ago)
video about driving roads, so naturally the thumbnails a train....
wandawoman (9 days ago)
Exactly! The title says ' roads you would never want to drive on', yet many of them are actually railways. Make your mind up please!
Fifi kiyabu (1 month ago)
Fifi kiyabu (1 month ago)
Nastyswimmer (1 month ago)
No 1 - Train to the clouds ends at an altitude of 4200 km???
Dionisius L.F versteegh (1 month ago)
Try video clips
MrSupercar55 (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who wants to drive a derestricted Bugatti Chiron flat out down Eyre Highway?
Sindu.lk (1 month ago)
I certainly wouldn't want to drive on a railway. :)
Ayo Pryor (1 month ago)
Wow. Am from Nigeria. We have a road just like the one you showed in ENUGU STATE in NIGERIA called. MILKING HILL ROAD.
T Ove (1 month ago)
Special traffic sign @ 3:04
FireGamerGT (1 month ago)
6:41 Says 666Feet Types 656Feet.. Wut
DragonPlayz a.k.a BrodyJamesRB - ROBLOX and more! (1 month ago)
my name is on number 2
The land of Can Do People (1 month ago)
EnderGirl111 (1 month ago)
166th Oh my god
Magma Ish Redeh (1 month ago)
Yungus Road sounds like Youngest Road XD
IronBearYT - Growtopia & Minecraft! (1 month ago)
i didnt think there were any in usa
IronBearYT - Growtopia & Minecraft! (1 month ago)
most of these are in india right
IronBearYT - Growtopia & Minecraft! (1 month ago)
5:23 is there a guy peeing there??
IronBearYT - Growtopia & Minecraft! (1 month ago)
on number 11 also because they might swerve cuz of a bump
IronBearYT - Growtopia & Minecraft! (1 month ago)
the intro is giving me a weird illusion
Paul Hermens (1 month ago)
Phew none in mine!
Cream star the warrior / depressed peridorito (1 month ago)
I live In Australia and I’ve drove across that road ONE OVERPRICED PETROL STOP EVERY 3 HOURS
BallisticPup129 (2 months ago)
I liked it JUST BECAUSE it was interesting.
Mosess Em (2 months ago)
Nice! But can you explain in detail how it is deadly and dangerous In full detail?
Xavier Chen (2 months ago)
I would not want to ride the Pamban Railway Bridge.
Andrew Guttman (2 months ago)
What about McKinley Street in Ohio?It is 28 feet
Andrew Guttman (2 months ago)
What about McKinley St in Ohio at just 28 feet
Alexis the kangaroo (2 months ago)
Where is Clinton road? I don't even know. Two youtubers went to Clinton Road.