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Airbus A320 - From Cold and Dark to Ready for Taxiing

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http://www.balticaa.com Baltic Aviation Academy's series of reportages guiding people to know better the aircraft controls are continued. This week Pranas Drulis, ATPL integrated student, explains what does it mean 'Cold and dark' in aviation. It will be shown how to start-up an airplane from the very beginning. Get a little preview before your type rating trainings!
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Text Comments (1770)
Максим Заболотнов (11 hours ago)
Interesting video!
Captain Steven Markovich (1 day ago)
Excellent 👍👍. Subscribed
T424 (1 day ago)
so many knobs
Ithinkiwill66 (2 days ago)
Where is the damn steering wheel? 😂😂🤣
Tom Evans (2 days ago)
Great video, very informative. Thanks for posting.
anne hansen (2 days ago)
John Smith (2 days ago)
Actually pushback is done Before starting the engines and the request to make engine start is not done with ATC by rather with the all Clear from the pushback team so that they can leave the area safely ... ONe of the safety conditions is that of course pushback Can Not be done with engines started ... if that was the case there would be no need for pushback trucks, pilot would simply engage reverse thrust and the airplane would move by it's own. (making a all of of noise on the terminal floor that is :) ATC request to departure procedures and start the taxing operation is done Way before engines are started ... after that request is accepted then taxing can begin with the instruction conducted by the ATC.
Laura Anton (3 days ago)
Wow, I wanna be a pilot now!
Cal (3 days ago)
where's the gearstick?
GaU raV (3 days ago)
Same procedure compared to how to turn on a girl
AR M (3 days ago)
1 question: What happens if you accidently, while on the ground, pull the landing gear lever up?
Bloguetrónica (4 days ago)
Each battery outputs 28W. Interesting.
Harry Nield (4 days ago)
Not good if you have OCD.
Joe Undercoffer (5 days ago)
That’s awesome bro! Are you now a pilot?
Trek001 (6 days ago)
Right, might pop over to the airport and take an A320 up for a spin
Miles Coverdale (6 days ago)
Where is the kick start?
Vinny V (6 days ago)
Oh god, the refresh rate of the cockpit screens is so bad.
McRocket (6 days ago)
Does a pilot have to memorize all these steps? Or can he/she reference a checklist?
Telkine (5 days ago)
McRocket both
John G Martin (6 days ago)
Did not check rudder action or Flap action or settings  on take off  !!,,always check your flap position on the runway for take off.  never the less good insight to the starting procedure on the aircraft
Professor Simon Holland (6 days ago)
Next time I need to start an A320....handy.
Arachnofondler (6 days ago)
Why can’t there just be a giant button that says GO
Hridoi Rajkhowa (7 days ago)
perfect detailing.... .. just anyone could be a pilot after watching this .... salute 🙏
Dexter Thompson (7 days ago)
WTF! why cant a person just sit there turn it on, then let the computers take care of it????? then taxi out and take off!!!
dogmandan79 (7 days ago)
What no clutch? And stupid people on the news wondered how some ground guy could steal a plane. Hmmm
Cl4rendon (8 days ago)
You`re cute - Can i have your number?
Gil Davis (9 days ago)
I'm interested in how the communications system works in detail. For example; say I was forced by circumstance to fly the plane. How would I contact the ground for help and talk with them? How would I talk with the passengers, etc.?
MRZsiir (9 days ago)
can anybody tell me what is the wheel next to the thrust controller? We can see them moving during flight as it is pained in black and white.
Devon Trains 43 (9 days ago)
Copy that?????
Tony Merlot (9 days ago)
So young and so knowledgeable! 😊
Scoox (9 days ago)
This must be a very old plane. Seems like all this repetitive mindless checks could easily be performed by a computer running a script pretty much instantly and error-free. Humans make mistakes, machines don't.
Samuel Marley (9 days ago)
He didn't check the blinker fluid,...
robert wolf (10 days ago)
I want more!
Fook Youshit (10 days ago)
Where is the checklist for checking the checklist?
Jimmey Onefamily (10 days ago)
Chris LaFont (11 days ago)
Good but flawed. First, irs switch setting out of order; second, did not set lights;third pack settings missed; fourth, left apu on; fifth, engine start clearance from ground. No need for pushback, looks like he wasn't gated, just on apron. Wonder if pushback was edited out.
Matīss Jurģelis (11 days ago)
What a sequence. So to shut it down you just turn of engine switches and disengage batteries? Because on the startup you will set up everything anyway.
FlightSimmerAustralia (12 days ago)
mate, you don't need to ask ATC for engine start, you need to ask them for push back, but not engine start
Internet Quality Police (14 days ago)
You should have checked the hand brake right away instead of at 8 mins in. While you were messing with all those lights and switches you may have rolled forward and crushed a little old lady walking her dog.
Michael Kerr (14 days ago)
A perfect do it yourself video for the next group of Muslim terrorists.
pingpongpung (15 days ago)
Wow! Thanks for this! I have to try this at my local airport.
ambrishkumar srivastava (15 days ago)
If I had this,my would follow like this Eat Sleep Fly Repeat
Arash Khoshghadamnia (18 days ago)
by "extinguish" you mean "turn off" or "go out", don't you?
John Doe (19 days ago)
i swear, pilots get a massive boner while doing preflight checks, they life for that shit :D
Andrew Jeffrey (19 days ago)
You pilots are something else, hats off to you.
MrJegerjeg (21 days ago)
Under what circumstances you won't get permission to start the engines?
Blair Fraser (22 days ago)
Not a good idea to start cold and dark without a checklist, as this video points out, you will miss a whole lot of checks.
Winfried Kudlek (22 days ago)
Really an very interesting Video, thank you very much and go ahead in this manner!
eblair705 (23 days ago)
A320 cockpits are my fav because of the simplicity and organization. Boeing just sticks everything on with no care, too complicated.
MrDengo999 (24 days ago)
It took Me the whole video to realize he wasn't in a plane he was in a simulator
Sandeep Sajwan (25 days ago)
A330 Neo✈ Test Flight🛫 https://youtu.be/RdykHolhBlo
Sridevi Mohan (25 days ago)
Excellent..i got Goosebumps by seeing this...im also an aeronautical engineer...but havent seen a real live a/c... To those people who gave thumps down for this video..they dont even know what an aircraft is...so pity of u fellas
卢永鑫 (26 days ago)
U need to pushed back before you start two engines
Robert Dagg (26 days ago)
Old fashioned pile !
Kevin Towler (27 days ago)
What is apu
English Deplorable (28 days ago)
I watched this because you just never know...
kyle ryan (28 days ago)
Now I can steal an airbus!
Subliminaltechpro (29 days ago)
i have the Russian airforce fleet in my backyard
David Feltheim (29 days ago)
Ok thanks now ima go fly a plane
Gamer Kid (1 month ago)
It’s not like anyone has an airbus a-320 lying in their backyard
Pierre Racine (1 month ago)
le tout
GeckoBoy Plays (1 month ago)
Dude this aircraft is amazing
Daniel Wang (1 month ago)
Just so a mechanic might want to take a A320 for a joyride instead
Luke Vuidreketi (1 month ago)
Lol its called integral lights not integrity lights
ifhan dp (1 month ago)
Hi.. This product from Skalarki electronics Ltd? And compatible with P3D?
WillowReacts (1 month ago)
At 14:36 why is the apu still running
konstantinosgko (1 month ago)
nice and simple..how the training should be.
Jerry Moody (1 month ago)
Why would someone turn all the display brightness switches to the lowest setting only to have to turn them back up when it's time to start? There....I just removed some dumb work.
Rui Fernando Caldas (1 month ago)
I understand why every thing should be checked off in the beginning except the wipers. Why they need to be off? The plane explode if they are on?
no0fat0chx (1 month ago)
Siddharth Mishra (1 month ago)
Wonderful Pranas
TheyCallMePomp (1 month ago)
Why do you have to check if the whipers are off? does this rule also apply when it is raining?
jessy james (1 month ago)
he looks way too young to fly commercial jet,, but then my 12 yrs ols nephew flies ay better then me on playstation
Illuminati corp. (1 month ago)
*landing gear switch: off* Shit... I know what to do! *airplane lifts 3m*
Joël Bornbergen (1 month ago)
looked like simulator :)
Wolf 3018 (1 month ago)
Atl-F4 for pushback lol
Gromitdog1 (1 month ago)
Richard Russell approves this video.
Nikita Petushkov (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure your in a simulator
Dannie Pushkin (1 month ago)
so dull...
Adam Oldham (1 month ago)
Germs! Germs! EVERY WHERE! Clean that shit up,. Damn man
David Costello (1 month ago)
Why is engine two started first, would it be engine four if on a four engine plane for example?
jacob lindemann (1 month ago)
5:42 .Why do you want smoke in your cargo ???.
CHAITANYA MODI (1 month ago)
very informative video. Explain nicely sir... Was easy to understand at first... Can we have more technical videos.
DJ DA VINCI (1 month ago)
If u wondering how to steal an A320 🤓
Livewire (1 month ago)
Can you do a loop the loop in it like sky king?
sciencebear timberwoods (1 month ago)
Skyking was here
snake3021 (1 month ago)
I'm stunned that anyone can learn all of this. Pilots are AMAZING!
Geremy Couts (1 month ago)
What do the windshield wipers have to do with starting the engines?
Sydney Drums (1 month ago)
He lost me 2 mins in at APU .. I think Apu works at the Kwik E Mart, don’t explain it mate just keep going.
anjinsan (1 month ago)
Danny Deerborne (1 month ago)
If this is an example of student pilot training for commerical pilots, I think that I will take a bus... This video is a joke right?
Colin Montgomery (1 month ago)
I'm sorry, I don't want the fifteen year old flying my plane.
Some Person (1 month ago)
Great video. I use this sometimes when I forget how to set up the A320 while using a flight simulator on my computer. For anyone looking for a good, yet free simulation of the Airbus A320, I highly recommend the IDG A32X on FlightGear!
paulkazjack (1 month ago)
Blimey what a hassle!
Helen Gore (2 months ago)
I have an A320 and a Boeing A380-800 in my backyard! Depending on what mood I’m in depends on which plane I fly 😂
Helen Gore (2 months ago)
Why do pilots start engine 2 first then engine 1 ?
François Dion (2 months ago)
Yeah... Maybe next time, could we have a REAL pilot in a REAL aeroplane? Nice close up view on the zits.
Vishnu Ramesh (2 months ago)
Everything has been explained in a crisp & a simple manner. Thank you Pranas. For the 641 who disliked, you gotta throttle back!!
TUG Ger (2 months ago)
nice vid for Terrorists i think =X ^^
Jacob Webber (2 months ago)
Where’s the turn signal?
Robert Saler (2 months ago)
But where is the cup holder - where do I put my beer ?