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Shipping on eBay for Beginners 2019 ( Cheapest Method, Free Supplies, Tools )

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FREE EBAY DROPSHIPPING WORKSHOP: ► http://raikenprofit.com/dropshiptraining In this video I share how to get started shipping on eBay for beginners 2018 and how to ship the cheapest, easiest, and most streamlined way possible. ★☆★ VIEW THE BLOG POST: ★☆★ ►http://raikenprofit.com/blog ★☆★ LISTEN ON ITUNES ★☆★ ►http://raikenprofit.com/itunes ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★ ►https://www.youtube.com/user/stevera88 ★☆★ FOLLOW ME BELOW: ★☆★ Blog ► http://raikenprofit.com Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/raikenprofit/ Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/raikenprofit/ Itunes Podcast ►http://raikenprofit.com/itunes ★☆★ ABOUT RAIKEN PROFIT: ★☆★ This channel is dedicated to helping others to make money online. Over the last 5 years I have been learning and sharing with thousands of people how to make money online, earn an extra income stream, and create a life of freedom and happiness. I look forward to connecting with you on the channel! ★☆★ PRODUCTS & SERVICES: ★☆★ Join The Green Room Here: ► http://greenroomuniversity.com/join/ Book Selling 101 ►http://raikenprofit.com/bookselling101 101 Killer Men's Shoe Brands ► http://raikenprofit.com/shoes 101 Killer Women's Shoe Brands ► http://raikenprofit.com/womensshoes Blazing Profits Program ► https://gumroad.com/l/blazingprofits 101 Killer Clothing Brands ►https://gumroad.com/l/raikenprofit 102 Killer Clothing Brands ►https://gumroad.com/l/102killerclothingbrands 101 KIller Women's Jeans Brands ►https://gumroad.com/l/XQfjf
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Text Comments (373)
Jay (13 hours ago)
Is there any software or app available to show and compare carriers and prices for the cheapest shipping? Thanks.
oshaylinux (3 days ago)
Thanks for the tips,
Raiken Profit (3 days ago)
Thanks for watching, Oshaylinux!
asainareasome (5 days ago)
Hey, Steve thanks for the info it’s was great. I have a question to ask. When I measure the size for shipping do I measure the product or the box the product will be in to ship? Thanks!
asainareasome (2 days ago)
Raiken Profit (4 days ago)
You will measure the product to figure out what it will fit in. You will then input the final overall size of the box or package it is in.
Spook (7 days ago)
This don't make no sense. Too many repetitive words
Hank Wu (15 days ago)
super helpful, thanks!
Raiken Profit (15 days ago)
Thanks for watching, Hank!
Greg Johnson (28 days ago)
Thank you so much, this video helped a lot.
Raiken Profit (28 days ago)
Glad to hear that, Greg. Appreciate you!
Vanessa Hernandez (29 days ago)
Love the video but I still have a question. When it comes to shipping funko pops, what type of box should I use? Is it a flat rate box or something else? Also do I have to weigh the item? Any help is appreciated
Raiken Profit (29 days ago)
All of your shipping should be based on weight and distance. Ship in a box that fits the item snuggly, with protective wrapping when and where necessary. Flat rate is usually only good for awkwardly sized items, or things that weigh less than 60 lbs, but more than 5 lbs.
V.J. Morrison (29 days ago)
Thank you for these awesome videos! I’m guessing we can’t use a PO Box for return addresses with eBay or Amazon and the physical location mailbox stores are so expensive... I’m leery of anyone knowing our personal home address. I truly appreciate anyone’s solution and feedback! Thanks!
V.J. Morrison (29 days ago)
Raiken Profit Thanks!
Raiken Profit (29 days ago)
Thanks for watching! I don't believe there is anything that says you can not use a PO Box for a return address.
Peace Maker (30 days ago)
I got a PayPal account after I got an eBay account. How do I know they are connected and that my buyers can access that option successfully?
Raiken Profit (29 days ago)
Go to your account settings on eBay and make sure they are linked. You have to manually link them.
Randy Barreda (1 month ago)
Can u just get the box at the post office or do you have to order it
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
Post offices do have boxes available, you can even order from them online at USPS.com. They may not have every size you need, but you can check places like Walmart or Home Depot as well!
kevin thompson (1 month ago)
Great vid
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching, Kevin!
Drew Peters (1 month ago)
What about first class shipping?
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
It's a great way to ship lightweight products!
Michele Rok (1 month ago)
Great content! What apps/tools do you recommend to help with the operation of reselling online? Thanks
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
Thanks, Michele! You can find a full list here: https://kit.com/raikenprofit/my-current-supplies-i-use-in-my-amazon-business-late-2018
Kathy DH (1 month ago)
Excellent information! Comments as well. I appreciate helping to decode this shipping situation :) I am just going to start on this. I just have a question: this is for calculated shipping for the buyer right? When listing I won't have the buyer's location so I wanted to clarify how to do it when listing. TY again
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
Generally, you would go based off how you will ship the item. So if you know it has to go flat rate, use the flat rate option. Or first class, etc. You won't know the exact price until you know where the buyer is located, but it will give you a general idea.
1sikg 2 (1 month ago)
When u have mutaple item do u just ship them in on big box or 1 by one Like i bought walmart action figures they have there own box i bouht 6 figures an do i box all in one box or 1 figure gets it own box
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
It depends if you are selling them as a lot, or as single figures. If you are selling all of them to a single buyer, ship them in the same box to save on shipping costs.
Cornelia Fulmore (1 month ago)
I don't see regional box listings on Ebay when I am listing an item. I see the other Priority Mail boxes/packages but not the regional boxes. What selection do you choose when using the Regional Priority mail boxes?
Dennis Mooney (1 month ago)
If I'm going to ship a hockey Jersey, which box would be the best option?
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
Generally, clothes do well in Polymailers, unless it's a blazer or heavy jacket.
Ocean Breeze (1 month ago)
Great video, thanks! New sub & online seller so I'm bingeing your videos!
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching! Appreciate you🙏
Maximum Ven (1 month ago)
What's the best box for shipping A phone or cellular device ?
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
One with lots of padding and tracking!
kenz200g (1 month ago)
Boxes are free at post office to but if it cool if you don’t wanna pay for tape
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
A lot of post office will charge you to tape boxes as well.
SuperHigh Gaming (2 months ago)
What about DVDs blu rays, games etc what would recommend sending those in the padded priority envolpes or would would you suggest?
Raiken Profit (1 month ago)
Padded is always a great option with those. Helps prevent damage to the case and the disc!
ksweetie1 (2 months ago)
Thank you so much. Good info.
Raiken Profit (2 months ago)
Thank all of you, for all of the support!
ecom2933 (2 months ago)
Regional boxes have nothing to do with regions other than it's not "Flat Rate". The A box is charged at 2 pounds but holds up to 15 pounds. The B box is charged at a higher weight, but also holds a higher amount. Both boxes ship the same as any other mailing depending on distance (not flat rate). As an example if I had a 10 pound product that fit the A box, it would ship anywhere in the US as if it only weighed 2 pounds, and generally be cheaper than a Medium Flat Rate Box. Both boxes come in two configurations the same as the Flat Rate does (General Square, and Shirt or Book style).
Raiken Profit (2 months ago)
Usps says that pricing for Regional rate boxes is zone based. There are a total of 9 zones mapped out across the U.S., and the rates are based on the distance from the original package location to the delivery destination. I may be incorrect, but you can find more information on the pricing here: https://www.stamps.com/usps/priority-mail-regional-rate-box/
Brianna Jackson (2 months ago)
I’m glad I came across this I was shipping 1 item a day now I’m shipping like 10 items a day n it’s getting expensive for me I’m young n learning
Raiken Profit (2 months ago)
It can only get better the more you learn! Thanks for watching, Brianna!
TheScottGillies (2 months ago)
Your videos are GREAT! Im just barely gearing up to get started. This stuff is so helpful! Thank you!
Raiken Profit (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching man! Glad you are enjoying the content! Best of luck with your reselling business!😃👍
Jeff Benedict (2 months ago)
When calculating shipping costs before listing my item for sale, there is the option to select "In-store rates" or "eBay rates." Am I eligible for the lower eBay rates? If YES, then why do they even bother showing both, and if NO, why do they tease me with something I can't get?
Raiken Profit (2 months ago)
You should be eligible for the eBay rates. I'm not entirely sure why you would see both?
George Soncrant (2 months ago)
Thank you so much. That was the best well rounded most useful explanation I have seen for a beginner like me.
George Soncrant (2 months ago)
@Raiken Profit I will be watching it again I am sure. I also subscribed to your channel. George
Raiken Profit (2 months ago)
So glad you found it useful, George! Appreciate you watching🙏
analogadrenaline (2 months ago)
Good call on the ebay store credit for free shipping supplies!
Root Guitar Lessons (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for posting!!!
Raiken Profit (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching, Paul! Appreciate you brother!
Justin Douthett (3 months ago)
Can someone help? I'm not starting a business, just trying to clean out my house. My hangup is I don't own a printer. Could any stores like Staples or something print the labels for me?
Justin Douthett (3 months ago)
@Raiken Profit Thanks!
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
You can print directly through a USPS store, but you will not receive the eBay discount. You might be able to get one of the local stores to print them through an online order, but your best bet would be to buy one until you are through if you will be selling a lot. Then, you can sell the printer last!
Jasmine Lashe' (3 months ago)
Excellent video. Thank you.
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching Jasmine!👍
Toyradiation (3 months ago)
Your like the master blaster
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
Thanks, man!
Mitchell Harrison (3 months ago)
What’s the point of regional boxes if you don’t know where you are shipping too? What do you select when you make the listing if you use regional boxes ?
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
Do you only have regional boxes? You can find a map here: https://www.usps.com/priority-mail/map/ that will allow you to put in the beginning and ending destination. The eBay boards also have some great information on this topic. An old but good thread can be found here: https://community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-Shipping-Returns/How-do-I-use-Priority-Mail-Regional-Rate/td-p/25291269
After Asteroid Survivor (3 months ago)
Excellent video 👍
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
Best of luck man! Sound's like you are in a pretty great location with plenty of opportunity 🙂
After Asteroid Survivor (3 months ago)
I’m planning on starting my own eBay store because where I live, I’m surrounded by goodwill’s. By the pound goodwill, car donation goodwills, normal goodwills. Also live by several dollar stores, flea markets and other donations stores. Let’s see how it goes.
After Asteroid Survivor (3 months ago)
Raiken Profit lol no.
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
Thanks man. Appreciate you. But I have to know, did you buy the door?!
DroneOn Videos (3 months ago)
i am sooo confused. do you "NEED" to use flat rate under shipping options on ebay to use USPS boxes? or i can use USPS boxes without flat rate? im trying to save some money on shipping and boxes.
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
Flat rate shipping is only one method of shipping. Most of your packages can probably be sent priority mail, using USPS or personal boxes/envelopes/poly mailers.
Cindy Poe (3 months ago)
What would I use to ship out a book?
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
You can use a poly mailer, bubble mailer, or even a box depending on how much protection you want for your product.
Estella0707 (3 months ago)
Wow didn’t know about eBay boxes!! 📦 thanks!!
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
The eBay boxes are awesome Estella! Definitely look into them😁
Daniel Orcutt (3 months ago)
I use my own boxes on ebay and I pay for flat rate and regional labels from ebay based on the cost the size dose not mater just the weight and I save it on a pdf and i go to UPS to ship my USPS box because I payed ebay all ready and I use my brown boxes I don't order boxes USPS I use my own
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
You can actually pick up most USPS boxes for free at your local office, or have them shipped directly to you for free. If you prefer brown boxes, that's you, man. Do what is easiest and least expensive for you personally. Everyone has to develop their own eBay style.
Its Yoga (3 months ago)
So I sold something on eBay and they paid for shipping my but I made a mistake and didn’t print the label or anything they paid for, so I paid for shipping and everything can they get the money back for the shipping or how does that work!? I messed up 😩🤦🏻‍♂️it was my first time selling
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
Contact eBay and explain the situation. If your customer paid for shipping, you can return the money to them yourself, or get eBays or Paypal to help you figure it out.👍
T Stamps (3 months ago)
How do you ship via FedEx Smart Post? I have some big snowboard boots sz 15 that can fit a flat rate box so I will need a box size 25 X 15 or something, but it'll be light enough for Fedex?
SurvivalGeek (3 months ago)
What shipping option on ebay do I choose if I use a generic brown box or generic brown padded mailer envelope to ship my product? Can I still print USPS labels from home if I ship products in generic brown boxes and generic brown envelopes (like the one sold at The Dollar Tree or from Walmart)? Sincerely, Jacob SurvivalGeek (YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfRsUPToBXp4ZIre__dJg4A
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
You can still use the USPS labels on any boxes or packages. As long as you are using the correct labels, so don't use a flat rate label on a regular envelope, or a regular label on a flat rate box etc.
RYAN LAKE (3 months ago)
What box should I use if I want to sell a video game, which is very small
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
How small is very small Ryan? Are you meaning like Nintendo DS small, or regular disc game small? Either way, you can usually do a well-padded envelope, with some extra bubble wrap to ensure safety.
tomabe01 (3 months ago)
Hoping you can help me. I have a couple of tokens and buttons and things like that. All weigh under half an ounce. Want to sell $3.00 to $5.00. Shipping through PalPal first class with discount is now $3.09. Is there any way I can ship cheaper. Thanks.
tomabe01 (3 months ago)
Raiken Profit Thanks for your response. Don’t understand how so many sellers offer free shipping on these type of items. Maybe sell in lots. Thanks again. You run a great channel.
Raiken Profit (3 months ago)
You could possibly send it in a bubble envelope with regular stamps. However, if you do that, you will not receive tracking, you won't have package insurance, and it will usually get put through a machine which could warp or damage the items. You can check out Stamps.com and Pirateship.com. Sometimes they will have different rates and be able to save you a bit.👍
d Knoblock (4 months ago)
What about media mail? I shipped wrong and the price was adjusted after.
d Knoblock (4 months ago)
@Raiken Profit I have sent some VHS tapes via media mail, and the last one was adjusted price, which ate up most of my profit. I put it in the wrong envelop, what should I ship it in? Thanks
Raiken Profit (4 months ago)
Media mail is for specific "media based" products only, so it is not something every seller will use. However, after USPS started verifying the cost of shipping attached to labels purchased online, there have been adjustments made to different packages, not just media mail, if they end up weighing more than the weight you initially paid for.
Paul Miller (4 months ago)
Great info as always, Thanks Steve! :)
Raiken Profit (4 months ago)
Thanks again for watching man!
칼리솔08 (4 months ago)
hello! Im trying to ship a baseball glove and dont know how to go on about it whats the best way to ship?
Raiken Profit (4 months ago)
More than likely priority mail, but it will depend on the weight and size. If it is small enough and light enough, put it in a padded polymailer for some protection, and send it out.
Jessica Velasquez (4 months ago)
Hi, I want to begin selling toys on Ebay. Most of the boxes are big but don’t weigh as much. On average 4lbs. What would be best for shipping?
Jessica Velasquez (1 month ago)
@Sarah M Thank you Sarah :)
Sarah M (2 months ago)
I've found that fedex ground is usually cheaper for items over 1 pound
Raiken Profit (4 months ago)
You will have to play around with it. USPS priority mail will probably be best, unless they are really large or oddly shaped.
K1980 Pray for the world (4 months ago)
When you say ship from home. How exactly are you shipping them. Like who what company picks them up or what. I like don’t even know how to ask this. Like you can’t put a box in your mail box. Or do you package and label everything then go to post office. I know that sounds like a dumb question but I’m really trying to get into this cuz I have so much inventory. Saying ship from home like really confuses me like how?????????????
K1980 Pray for the world (4 months ago)
Raiken Profit thank so much 👍👍
Raiken Profit (4 months ago)
You can schedule package pick ups with your local USPS office. They will usually give you a container, or you can pick one up, and you put all of your packages in it so the mail carrier can come and scan them and take them. You can stream line this by printing out a sheet that has all of the packages on it. Or you can package everything at home and take it to the Post Office yourself and have them scan it in there.
Rick Schroeder (4 months ago)
What is the best way to ship a very small item like the size of a gumball?
Raiken Profit (4 months ago)
Would depend on its weight Rick. If it's under 13 oz. Then send it first class, if it's over that but under 60lbs send it priority. If it's over 60 lbs then priority flat rate will probably be best. 👌🏻
Max Troy (4 months ago)
Thanks bro, I appreciate the advice.
Max Troy (4 months ago)
Bro, you're awesome. The videos are clear and to the point, and you take the intimidation of entering this arena, out of the equation. Keep up the great work.@Raiken Profit
Raiken Profit (4 months ago)
Thank you Max!
Max Troy (4 months ago)
I've got Vintage concert t-shirts, Zegna clothes, ton of shoes, and am in CT. I'd prefer to give up 25% of the profits, for someone else to sell my stuff, any suggestions with finding someone?
Raiken Profit (4 months ago)
Create a post on Craigslist, local FB marketplace possibly, or even the newspaper. Look for resellers posting in those places that want to buy items and send them a list. Or create a bulk listing on the platform of your choice and sell them that way.
Rodrigo Mafra (4 months ago)
Thank you man .... based on your experience what would be the cheapest way to send a 2 oz spray bottle within US? I’m producing Colloidal Silver in Structured Water
e d (4 months ago)
Take a shot every time he says box haha
Raiken Profit (4 months ago)
Patricia Rose (4 months ago)
Thanks for information. I am just beginning and somewhat over whelmed to start my own store.
civano21 (4 months ago)
Thank you so much. Great video. I also subscribed, so binge watching tonight.
Joyce Graham (4 months ago)
Thanks for generously sharing your expertise.  I learned a lot.
Alexyz (4 months ago)
So what exactly are you selling from ebay?
Jazmine Worrell (5 months ago)
I’m having trouble understanding how to set up shipping options on eBay. How do I know what to chose?
Lohan Semeghini (5 months ago)
Hi, new subscriber, thank you for the video and info. Very helpful! Do you have any advice for shipping board games? In terms of the best way to ship them.
Shan (1 month ago)
If you use USPS, they have a Priority Mail box called the Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Board Game Box that's shaped pretty much like a typical rectangular game. Retail cost on large flat rate right now is 19.95, so you might want to consider the weight and size of the game, distance you're shipping and delivery times, and compare prices using other methods.
Samuel Fotheringham (5 months ago)
My dude your a life saver I just order everything I needed I never knew you could do that thanks
Caleb Bramblet (5 months ago)
I'm looking to ship small flat items like bumper stickers. What should I ship them in?
Thomas Grasso (5 months ago)
How is postal pick up scheduled? Thru USPS or on ebay?
Hobo Hacker (5 months ago)
30K view in 25 minutes?? Too much rambling. Links used in the video should be in the 'show more' not a boatload of self promotion links. I'll use the plastic shopping bags as packing material. Also a 1/2 roll saran wrap can work well to. Scotch heavy duty only. Best there is. (mic drop) (Never ever use duct tape!)
Alex Hernandez (5 months ago)
kick ass content. respect!
1957VWLover (5 months ago)
Thanks for the great info! You talked about a free link to 100 items that sell on eBay you could reference on your phone when you go to your local thrift shop.. I can’t find it thanks again
Izskora Li (5 months ago)
So do I pay for fee the go to my post office and pay
Piece Of Garbish (5 months ago)
Here in the uk we dont have this luxury of free boxes
Gregwinson Gregwinson (5 months ago)
kloviaclinks. com sent $72,000 to me
MeSaphire333 (6 months ago)
Ups will ship free shipping labels by the box of you like. Check out their website.
Richard Tullius (6 months ago)
You forgot the shipping tape dispenser.
Mohamed Othman (6 months ago)
Very helpful man, preciate it.
anwer salem (6 months ago)
Thank you
Mike Czap (6 months ago)
Thanks for not telling me how to ship. You only said where to get supplies and what to buy. Useful, but misleading.
ottoreality (6 months ago)
Great info man! Appreciate all the value you offer! 🙏🏼👍🏼🔥
Mauro Rodriguez (6 months ago)
DONT BUY A PRINTER. BUY A THERMAL LABEL PRINTER. they already have the sticky side and are cheaper in the long run. also they use no ink they are printed with heat on the paper, so there is no ink and it never runs out! Cost about the same as a regular printer.
Anthony B (5 months ago)
mauro rodriguez what kind of box do you recommend to put a jersey in?
EDeal Bargainz (6 months ago)
I appreciate this video so much!! THANKS BROTHER
BANDOCOMMANDO (6 months ago)
Great information. Also, sellers if you are doing retail arbitrage online reuse the shipping items with the packages you receive.
chuck may (6 months ago)
Do you have any info on USPS Tyvek envelope?
Devon Mize (7 months ago)
This video is awesome! Thank you so much for helping, and making this easier! Ordered 200 plus boxes (:
Carolina Flores (7 months ago)
Thank you, I always struggle finding boxes or envelopes. I just order some instead of buying them like I would normally do. Awesome video!!
Jesse Bashiri (7 months ago)
I once jammed a Banana Republic heavy nit cardigan in a padded flat rate it was hella packed 😂
Burmese Bandit (4 months ago)
SoccerStylin (7 months ago)
Michael Dougher (7 months ago)
The Post Office priority mail boxes are so flimsy that they are guaranteed to collapse like an accordion during shipping and break your item. I've had and lost so many items shipping using these trash boxes that I never use them anymore. Also, the $50 shipping insurance or if you increase the insurance you have to fill out ridiculous paperwork and then wait for a response which you will never get done this three times I've never ever received a response. I went to the post office to talk to them about getting a response at all I get is a runaround. If you want to work eBay you have to find boxes that are very reinforced and learn how to pack your items if they're fragile in a way that costs a little more. The post office is a nightmare and so is eBay.
Geng Pan (7 months ago)
For ppl who wanna save a little time, start from 4:00
Jeans Mommy (11 days ago)
Not all heros wear capes!!
Christian Ponce (5 months ago)
Jeffery Brown (7 months ago)
Great video 👍🏾 As someone who gets boxes of all sizes for free from work what shipping option would you recommend? I’m mostly focusing on medium to small packages weighing anywhere from a few ounces to 10 pounds. I’m just starting out and not looking to have a warehouse/garage full of stuff. Just wanting to pay off debts and have extra money for emergencies and traveling. Thanks again for the advice.
simplekindafriendy (6 months ago)
Jeffrey Brown you're welcome! & Awesome, good luck!
Jeffery Brown (6 months ago)
simplekindafriendy thanks 👍🏾. I finally got a scale and my free shipping supplies from usps. Once I get a label printer I’ll be able to do all of my packaging at home.
simplekindafriendy (6 months ago)
Jeffrey Brown, kinda depends on the dimensions your items/boxes are. I ship small things like t-shirts & sweaters, so the USPS padded flat rate envelope works for me (about $7) to ship anywhere in the US. I shipped some boots in a medium flat rate box to NY which cost about $13 to ship. If your item is really heavy and doesn't fit in a flat rate box, depending on where it's going, it may be cheaper to ship UPS. If you're really unsure about your shipping costs, weigh & measure your item & use the shipping calculator to get a good estimate. Also, as he mentioned a box resizer is good for weird shaped items if you want to reduce the boxes dimensions to save some $. Hope this helps!
LUNAR BLOODDROP (7 months ago)
i wanted to figure out how people evloes only costt 2.63 while mine 6.23
Mr1991kid (7 months ago)
I have been trying to order supplies on the usps website but when I click checkout it always says its broken. Can someone please help me? what can I do?
Val Whitewolf Media (8 months ago)
Ebey you do not send tell your book sells right.
keiko me (8 months ago)
I have like ceramic vintage stuff so wat boxes do i use
keiko me (8 months ago)
Ok if i go to usps get free boxes im confused they already have prices on boxes at usps so do i put that ship rate price that they have on boxes like some are740
simplekindafriendy (6 months ago)
If they're flat rate boxes, that's the shipping cost to anywhere in the US. You can factor that into your ebay cost, but you can add an extra .50 or .75 to account for your cost of printing the labels and stuff. Remember, eBay takes a percentage of your shipping cost, so you may want to just factor that into your total price cost and list your item having "free shipping".
Duke (8 months ago)
As a Postal employee I can tell you that if you're shipping to someone in a neighboring state, and what you're selling weighs less than 3lbs then any box by weight is the best option. Once you go over 3lbs or leave your area of the country, then flat rate boxes are generally the best price option.
Christopher Tuel (16 days ago)
@Anthony B Use a poly bag
Ocean Breeze (1 month ago)
Thank you for the info!!!
nicole may (5 months ago)
Thank you for that!
Anthony B (5 months ago)
Duke what kind of box do you recommend to put a jersey in?
simplekindafriendy (6 months ago)
Can you clarify your question? Anything that DOES NOT say "FLAT RATE" will be charged by the dimensions, weight & destination zip code. All others are a flat rate cost to anywhere in the US. Granted, flat rate boxes do have weight limits but most items won't reach that max anyways. Hope this helps.
Eric Reinhardt (8 months ago)
So my experience with region A - B boxes living in MD is anything east of the Mississippi will be between 7- 9$. If I ship the same box to Cali it will cost as much if not more than a large flat rate box. Every state is going to be different, so it’s best just to play around with it. Batch create a bunch of dummy shipments to various post offices around the US with region A and B boxes. Also priority shipping tape from the post office is free. And lastly. FedEx and UPS will take “USPS marked boxes” with a FedEx or UPS label, but USPS won’t let you use “FEDEX” or “UPS” marked boxes with a priority label. I ship FEDEX daily with free USPS boxes and I utilize their bubble mailers as bubble wrap. #tmyk
Tatsumi972 (8 months ago)
if u prepaid and print label at home all u gotta do if drop it off at the post office? Shipping from home meaning waiting for the post guy to come and give it to him?
simplekindafriendy (6 months ago)
You can drop it off, or you can schedule pickups online from USPS, usually they'll want a minimum item pick up but it's not too many.
Bubbly Waters (8 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Bubbly Waters (8 months ago)
Another question I have is how you gp about photographing...you may already have a link. I'm green to this. Just inquiring so I can get started. I have a lot of extra heavy specialty items for machinery. OTE to be interesting. Lol Thank again Raiken Profit. Cool play on words btw. :)
Bubbly Waters (8 months ago)
Clicking on the 100 item link sends me to a page that just allows me to go to messenger. Is that what we have to go to get the info?
Rebecca Garcia (8 months ago)
Seems so overwhelming!..I guess you have to do and learn
josheeyz gaming (1 month ago)
Its, reallly easy when u get used it and honestly getting to know the people at the post office will help you out alot, they will "hook" ya up
Spiritual Warrior (8 months ago)
Am trying to get the shipping part figured out n the listings how to do that so i can start selling on ebay.
Holly Molly (8 months ago)
Thanks for the vid, Reiken
Spiritual Warrior (8 months ago)
Wassup Raiken
mitch rawles (8 months ago)
thanks-good info
Rex Erection (8 months ago)
You can modify priority boxes to reduce weight right, just not flat rate boxes?