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Watch: Norah O'Donnell reacts to Moonves exit

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The "CBS This Morning" anchor reacted to the exit of the network's CEO Les Moonves amid sexual misconduct allegations.
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Text Comments (19)
adam woodfin (3 months ago)
Damn Norah, looking kind of roughed-up, aren't you?
Google User (4 months ago)
Typical hypocrite liberal defending their own to the end!!
brian buxton (4 months ago)
women in menopause should be deported
the power (5 months ago)
all for money...lol america are all fucktop….just for money money money...lol ...All fake news!!!!
RicaMa Silvers (5 months ago)
Women lie all the time and I am a women. I don't believe every women who says a man abuse me.
MythicASMR (5 months ago)
How many more rapists, harassers, and low life scum bags is CBS going to have to apologize for? Watching these anchors walk on eggshells and try to negotiate this legal and ethical mine field is comical and tragic.
C. Lincoln (5 months ago)
People... when they say they'll donate $20 million to the organisations that support the #MeeToo movement, what they are really saying is... we'll pay them to stop talking about Moonves and other WHITE executives - the only sanctioned targets are black ones. #WhiteSupremacy101
halcyonsandiego (5 months ago)
Not fake news, just image. More image. "A reckoning" What's the blueprint for this " fundamental reckoning transformation" Nora? I don't care what Julie says; It's what she does. Will she stand by her bankroll or will she stand on a milk crate and join the homeless? When you see that it is just nothing but the image and nothing more, you can see through Soros, Clinton's, China, Japan Inc. Look up Jim Carey....as crazy as he sounds....that's about where we are. Now, it's time for a nap.
Matrix 0679 (5 months ago)
its about time men fight for there rights
HörNews.de (5 months ago)
Right in the middle of the "Merger battle" between CBS/VIACOM .... a real strange Timing to go forward with allegations.....or the exact right timing to get rid of Les Moonves.
j beaupre (5 months ago)
Just like Charlie Rose?
Officer Orange cheetolini (5 months ago)
Amerikkka pays attention and act swiftly when it’s affecting white women.
Hasan Khan (5 months ago)
I was astonished to read the history of America to find out that the presidents who balanced the budget or made budget surplus were either killed, maimed or eliminated. Who has been behind this? AlQaeda, ISIS or Federal Reserve.
Stormi Night (5 months ago)
Ha ha fake news media you all have blood on your hands!!
MythicASMR (5 months ago)
Fake news=Fake Blood
C. Lincoln (5 months ago)
More like blood on their d*cks.
halcyonsandiego (5 months ago)
It's actually just image. The outrage and the crocodile tears are fake. Watch what Julie does.
Bob Quattrini (5 months ago)
Hopefully someone rapes this old man then puts the AR15 on him...
Kevin Mas (5 months ago)
Les Moonves possibly have sex with Norah