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Honda Collection Hall 収蔵車両走行ビデオ CB1100F(1982年)

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Honda Collection Hallでは、歴代の製品やレーシングマシンを走行可能な状態に保つ「動態保存」を行っており、その一環として、定期的にマシンを実際に走らせる走行確認テストを実施しています。 Honda Collection Hall:http://www.honda.co.jp/collection-hall/ Honda YouTube チャンネルへの登録はこちらから: https://www.youtube.com/user/HondaJPPR/
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Text Comments (26)
Detomaso Pantera (18 days ago)
82??? 83 only right?
Speichenzähler Tom (24 days ago)
Andrew Piatek (3 months ago)
This looks better than the best looking motorcycle in the world, the '79-'81 CBX!!!
ujmrider (3 months ago)
I had a 1983 Canadian model that i imported to USA. It looked just like the one in this video. I loved that bike ! Wish i still owned it today.
江田島平八 (5 months ago)
乃木将軍 (5 months ago)
R-Z-X _ (7 months ago)
クマエロッ (8 months ago)
YOSHITAKA TSUBOI (8 months ago)
IDP Film (9 months ago)
Still got the original CB900FD Honda exhaust pipes still in the Honda plastic wrapping ( after 34 years )- Gloss black, keep the insides still sprayed with WD40. Best looking Exhaust pipes ever made - Credit to you Honda on a fantastic color scheme - and a FANTASTIC BIKE - 5 STARS
IDP Film (9 months ago)
I had one of these in England from New - purchased from Skellerns in Worcester - the bike was a CB900FD and it was 1983 - same colours as this - MAGIC xxxxx
飯野昭彦 (9 months ago)
Gotto n (10 months ago)
マフラーから出る紫煙が気になりますね。 本来煙は見えないはずですからベストコンディションではないのかもですね。
yk3220 (10 months ago)
eric huang (10 months ago)
Jeff Candy (11 months ago)
It's been 28 years since I rode a CB1100F but this video makes it feel like yesterday.
Chris R. (5 months ago)
I've put 60K kms on mine in the last 11 riding seasons!
すけっちぼーい女の子説 (11 months ago)
yaris7422 (1 year ago)
KENJI HISHIKI (1 year ago)
Philip Marlowe (1 year ago)
A U (1 year ago)
スコッチ特急 (1 year ago)
ピンクカブ (1 year ago)
Theophan (1 year ago)
Smouk 2stroke ))
Philip Marlowe (1 year ago)
Kater einsame I hope you know CBs are 4stroke bikes.