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The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, explained

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How the ‘dumbest news show’ on TV influences the White House Fox & Friends has spent years being a fever swamp of conspiracy theories, right-wing propaganda, smear campaigns, and general absurdity. Now, it's President Trump's favorite show, with the power to hijack the news cycle for days at a time. You can find Alvin Chang's analysis of 17 months of Fox & Friends transcripts here: http://bit.ly/2C6074b And read why the Fox & Friends head writer might be the most influential job in America: http://bit.ly/2nVavGN In their series Strikethrough, Vox producers Carlos Maza and Coleman Lowndes explore the challenges facing the news media in the age of Trump. Follow Carlos on Facebook for more: https://www.facebook.com/CarlosMazaVox Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com. Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o Or Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
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Vox (1 year ago)
We analyzed 17 months of Fox & Friends transcripts. Things got weird. Read on Vox.com: http://bit.ly/2C6074b
Beth Bartlett (18 days ago)
*Please see subject for show suggestion below!* *Overt, Narcissist Personality Disorder* symptom - (the Tweet about the Author and Book) Trump hasn't done 8hrs of Presidential work or Presidental anything - since he took the Office and the 1st Paycheck (he said he didn't need and was going to refuse to accept) - how bout a story on that - the Paycheck and the IRS Statement that proves he's not a Billionaire, and *"How many Ways DT is Profiting from being the potus"*
J Bell (1 month ago)
Look in the mirror.
A Foggy Frog (2 months ago)
rathernot say - And yet Fox “News” holds a dismal 17% accuracy rate.
jenifer cronin (3 months ago)
Nelo Don (1 day ago)
Any video exposing fox news is my favorite. I like before watching
D Mennis (3 days ago)
You think this is bad ,you should try listening to the CNN'S!
KingChapulín37 & Mario Darpenne (3 days ago)
I’m a democrat so I don’t know why Trump likes this show
Cooper Haines (4 days ago)
this man just crushed a la croix.. that requires talent.
Hull Style Produtions Change the World (6 days ago)
Need to change the name to fox and 1 friend
Hamilton Young (6 days ago)
Anyone else notices at 2:25 that the show clip date is January 6,2017 and the tweet is January 6,2018 not sure if this is a type-o Vox? I just wanted to point that out.
Victor Reymond (7 days ago)
fox & friends is still better than some of cnn's shows, they make fox&friends look good
Finnish Manderian (7 days ago)
Gotta love when America is run by 3 year olds
boahkeinbockmehr (10 days ago)
So how credible is that newsshow? A politician keeping up to date and giving their input on what the public seems to be interested in is not a negative thing in itself. Are there similar studies revealing which newsprograms bush or obama watched? In a way it is a compliment to american media, that their head of state feels inclined to watch the news, as it demonstrates to the world, that american media is in fact free of government intervention.
array s (14 days ago)
Trump is a fruit of media sensationalitazion that have been happening for decades.
Tom Man (14 days ago)
I like fox and friends
Marlene Schoefer-Wulf (15 days ago)
this is terrifying
celloc (16 days ago)
make vox and friends
Beth Bartlett (18 days ago)
*Overt, Narcissist Personality Disorder* symptom - (the Tweet about the Author and Book) Trump hasn't done 8hrs of Presidential work or Presidental anything - since he took the Office and the 1st Paycheck (he said he didn't need and was going to refuse to accept) - how bout a story on that - the Paycheck and the IRS Statement that proves he's not a Billionaire, and *"How many Ways DT is Profiting from being the potus"*
Jerome Lund (19 days ago)
Jeezus. We are so fcked.
Anne Pascoe (19 days ago)
Just start drinking at breakfast
Anne Pascoe (19 days ago)
You don't have to wait till five o,clock to drink just start at breakfast
Danial Ahmed (18 days ago)
So true !! By the time trumps presidency is over 90 percent of america will have a drinking problem
Danial Ahmed (18 days ago)
That's true !! By the time trumps presidency is over 90 percent of america will probably have a drinking problem
C104 Otaku (24 days ago)
I love how in 5:07 Merkel just looks at him like Jeff mate
Kratom Buzz (26 days ago)
There are national emergencies going on and trump is tweeting about his approval ratings. 20% of our oxygen comes from the rain forest and there are massive fires there and not 1 word from trump about this! WORSE PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!
E Am (29 days ago)
"Get smart" 😂😂😂😂
yazminsmileyface (1 month ago)
Your videos are my favorite on Vox
ctakn (1 month ago)
"Very talented lawyer"
freedumb222 (1 month ago)
Great manipulator
Inan Xu (1 month ago)
Oops wrong date! 2:25 2017 vs 2018.
Shitpost Cop (1 month ago)
It’s like when you have an amp playing the feedback from the amp, all you get is a bunch of unintelligible, primitive noise
J King (1 month ago)
I knew an intern on that show. The really weird thing is they specifically asked him to put that 6 sided extra large toy jack on the shelf right next to the big F&F. So if you know the old fff tattoo so cool among old wanna b satanists was it stood for 666. I thought it was strange and funny. Now they replaced that with a framed Friends picture. Still the 666. Makes a lot of sense.
Lynda Mackrous (1 month ago)
Heading to T Carl’s soon the media criticized him from the day he came down the escalators I guess he didn’t like it
Nicky Styles (1 month ago)
What I find particularly interesting is that Trump´s time-table was leaked and, if true, his "executive time" coincides with Fox&friends :)
Farhad Tavoosian (1 month ago)
I died laughing when trump responded to fox and friends by turning on and off the light from white house.
Mvtito (6 days ago)
That's some cartoon type thing lol
Dan Solomon (1 month ago)
He tags foxnfriends in his tweets and you discovered this (with help) OMG a human watches TV at six in the morning!! What is the world coming to!
Kyle Hauso (1 month ago)
@Dan Solomon Policy? Which one? Bending over to Russia, violating the constitutional rights of asylum seekers? His blatant tax cut on corporations increasing the deficit? If you actually watched anything outside the right wing you'd know Trump has no way near 50% approval across party lines.
Dan Solomon (1 month ago)
I'm on the right and watch mostly left media to make sure Im not being told what I want to hear. How much conservative news do most folks on the left watch? Take your vitamins
Dan Solomon (1 month ago)
No I caught it. The thing is I agree as does over 50% of the country with Cheeto Hitler's policy. That's why he will be reelected.
Kyle Hauso (1 month ago)
Did you uh, miss the part where the President is making public decisions based on some TV talking heads?
Deputy 505 (1 month ago)
Coming from the internet’s dumbest content creator this is rich!
Matthew E Lyons (1 month ago)
Wow I really like your show and trust me no one is as big as a never Donald Trump then myself with his policies of flip-flopping. But the issue of throwing rotten eggs at Fox news for being overly focused on negativity from a particular party or candidate is you’ll fall for only Responding to their negatively statement without having positive discussion yourself you look just like them in some ways and that gives them more legitimacy in society that they don’t deserve nor does every critical comment made from the other side by no means. It’s just one party platform has Moved further from the middle at the moment while the other party stayed mostly the same as they have been. But I’m afraid it might be changing. 😰
Angus DeLoin (1 month ago)
Tell me how this is allowed to continue. Like seriously!?
J H (1 month ago)
That's how 99% of the world tweets... They take about what they see on the news... Your point?
Amir Hagit Einav (1 month ago)
J H so? The people on fox can influence the president, and with that they can change his opinion on thing, even though they were not elected or anything, they hold MASSIVE power.
J H (1 month ago)
@Amir Hagit Einav so?
Amir Hagit Einav (1 month ago)
J H ya well those 99% aren’t the president, and the decisions they make won’t influence the worlds biggest superpower.
betty davis (2 months ago)
R u listening to Cummins? Trying to take that man down yet has NO knowledge of the truth down at the border.why don't these congress Dems take these children under their wing feed them cloth them you pay for their medical bill which is free .you and pelosi have money and space .if you can protect them do stop talking and act .keep them from any evil and adults that may hurt them go there and take over if you can do better .remember u Dems. Refuse to help or change the law.
kushteh88 (1 month ago)
Do you not speak English or did you run this through google translate 10 times for a laugh?
wayne nahuy (2 months ago)
Merely heresay and speculation I say my good man I see no crime just because he has the gun mask and bag of money doesn't mean he robbed the bank I need evidence evidence! I tell you let me consult the space alien about mind controlling you that will get us!!! Lol.
Mart kenyon (2 months ago)
That’s like that old joke about the USSR, where the Soviet TV news broadcast would end with the anchor saying “Good night, comrade Brezhnev”.
Dominic Lovato (2 months ago)
I heard this saying from a farmer. " If a donkey moo's like a cow then it's a horse." How I feel after watching Trump and friends? Just don't understand what they mean.
John Lee (2 months ago)
Fox, abc,and the rest are out to influence people to achieve an agenda.... so what's the difference.... can we all just get along and stop pointing fingers and be accountable for our own action... greedy people
DaNNy Wu (2 months ago)
Fox and friends make America great every morning
Michael Gatewood (2 months ago)
Left=vox. Vox=suck.
Lute Hovelern (1 month ago)
Michael Gatewood Wow epic dude
Jonathan Varghese (2 months ago)
This isnt a feedback loop.... this is just trump watching fox and friends
Merrielle Gatlin (2 months ago)
Fox and friends plays at my gym in front of the treadmills everyday... everyday
sipntea (3 months ago)
2:56 had me dying 😂
jenifer cronin (3 months ago)
Shane Jackson (3 months ago)
Remember this, ALL of Trump supporters watch Fox News solely, nothing else.
Anthony D (3 months ago)
If the President quotes FOX, its because they speak the truth.
I Am The Won (3 months ago)
tractor (3 months ago)
HILLARY LOST ! hahahah !
Justin Y. (1 month ago)
Topher K Rock (3 months ago)
It appears that "StrikeThrough" is the dumbest "news" show...
Count Rackula (3 months ago)
Topher K Rock facts
mdeva21 (3 months ago)
Watch India's news channels. You will love Fox.
mdeva21 (3 months ago)
The scary thing is that your truths/facts/analysis and revelations have not affected the ratings of Fox. May be it is time not just to expose fox but to expose the audience and make an emotional appeal for not watching fox. May be even use their own tactic of rhetoric and noise for creating a narrative against them.
msgsgt (3 months ago)
As long as he is not trying to push gender / sexuality related issues, carbon tax, or anything that could be considered socialism then it is fine. America is running smooth, so like they; " If it ain't broke, DONT fix it till it is"
Icetek (3 months ago)
I'll still trust Trump over a liberal with piercings
Austin Woods (3 months ago)
Nice fake lenses. Trying to look smart? Read a book, or keep your mouth closed.
M. Rees (3 months ago)
What about rachel maddow,chris matthews,don lemon,anderson cooper, chris cuomo and many many more who spew anti-trump rhetoric
Raymond H (3 months ago)
Carlos should work for FOX!
Thomas J.B. (3 months ago)
People in the comments are stupid AF.
Grey (3 months ago)
Not as stpd as you
Zareena Khatoon (3 months ago)
So basically "fox and friends" is running America. Great
Mohamad Raj (3 months ago)
Oh people of U.S. you really need your daddy to get impeached. He is more dumber and stupid when I was a kid.
Julian Boone (3 months ago)
FOX must be VERY EFFECTIVE in garnering a loyal following and offering the only media that refuses to accept the government’s narrative and is trouncing all the other networks or you wouldn’t be trashing them.
nia oaga (3 months ago)
Remember when Fox News went apeshit when Obama wore a tan suit and used a selfie stick as a joke, but when there’s a video of Trump talking about sexually assaulting women because he’s “that powerful” their silent.
Dan The Travel Man (3 months ago)
This is saddening
ty Boogie B (3 months ago)
Aurtisan Miner (3 months ago)
Switching jobs from a place called ‘Vox’ to one called ‘Fox’ just sounds like too much future confusion to make it worthwhile.
yeet grenade (3 months ago)
Let's replace fox and friends with the Simpson's problem solved
Juan Carlos Orantes Diaz (3 months ago)
Vox should make show “ vox and friends”
Juan Carlos Orantes Diaz (3 months ago)
Sorry sorry but jjjjjajajajaja if this true
Dawnie Newman (3 months ago)
Democrats are trying to stop the truth from getting to the American people, wake up people,#walkaway
Grey (3 months ago)
More like stopping the manipulation.
Peter (3 months ago)
Yeah, windmill noise causes cancer, good thing Trump pointed that out a few times 🤣🤣🤣
Bruno Dog (3 months ago)
your a disgusting joke,
Layne Tormanen (3 months ago)
How is Donald Trump doing anything wrong? He has the freedom of speech too ya know. This also highlights an important issue about our media, our media (that exists) could be spewing complete bullsh*t . This is kinda the all American fact check.
Aaron Partin (3 months ago)
Omg, they might as well be the president
Thomas Crown (4 months ago)
CNN n msnbc jelly for the rating n all so Scared of the lieing they do
maldita peppas (3 months ago)
tv rating* wich know one except old people watch tv now that explains the high rating 🤣😂 but when you go to youtube ita a whole diferent story
Max Salyer (4 months ago)
This is a joke, right, Vox? You can't possibly be this dumb......
Yan1 (3 months ago)
I know... the truth are bias and it's NOT FAIR!!! Those librul and their damn facts.
Wanda Armes (4 months ago)
Nice try Vox you can't win .
Wanda Armes (4 months ago)
What does CNN talk about and all the other stations Russin Russin Russin
Wanda Armes (4 months ago)
They have more people watching Fox than any other news station .lol Nice try liberals
Rishi Sagar (4 months ago)
is trump really so bad?
William Purvis (4 months ago)
Where's all the hate on CNN and their problems? Why is everyone so ignorant about everything?
William Dixon (4 months ago)
Are pissed he's not listing to you
this coming from a very feminine beta male with 2 earings....lol no thanks...
Yan1 (3 months ago)
And you sound like a Jesse Lee Peterson Alpha, good for you
Kamura 777 (4 months ago)
Jealously. Because Fox leads the numbers on most widely watched news show in the morning. Why would anyone watch CNN when they only air negative opinions and negative conspiracy theories on Trump. Biased news is nothing. The prior administration watched CNN, this current one watches Fox. What's the difference? CNN is just butt hurt that the number of views on any of their shows continues to dwindle . Maybe if they started covering real news happening around the country and stop the 24/7 Trump coverage, then perhaps they'll gain more viewers. Just my opinion.
R Waller (4 months ago)
I've always said Fox commentary Channel. Is really dumb and down a certain demographic of Americans. Not ALL but some...LMAO
Najavano P (4 months ago)
President Trump 8 years 👍👍🇺🇲🇺🇲
cybrscot (4 months ago)
Fox over Vox. I don't want your "progressivism" / Communism
Yan1 (3 months ago)
Yeah baby! Go go go for the backyard inbreed retards! Web will Win cuz America... And freedom muh!
Jonathan Runion (4 months ago)
Fox News low key runs the White House
Sherry Felch (4 months ago)
So shariah is a conspiracy theory?!😂👍🏻 ok buddy... I see right through this propaganda. You are an evil person.
Yan1 (3 months ago)
Look! A Trump dumpshit! Quick, you fear-driven-weakeling, open your mouth and eat the delicacy... Taste good isn't? Yeah!
Anjali Baskar (4 months ago)
trump’s actual cabinet of ministers
Thor (4 months ago)
It’s a very frightening world when four of the most dangerous men are: MURDOCH whose influence over the American People through his rancid media network is overwhelming. PUTIN a despot in charge of a powerful army and willing to wage cyber war on America. NETANYAHU who is a political pyromaniac on a Nuclear tinderbox. TRUMP who is compromised by and terrified of PUTIN, dictated to by MURDOCH, and in bed with NETANYAHU. These 4 are an existential threat to humanity!
Hoang Ngu Hoa (4 months ago)
Trump and traps
Jim Mauch (4 months ago)
Fox’s best & brightest?
Tim Smith (4 months ago)
You sir are a big joke
Tim Smith (4 months ago)
And if he didn't...who would cnn???
Ginger Nightmare (4 months ago)
So glad Fox was stopped here in the UK.
Ronald Barham (4 months ago)
Politics period is loony. Honestly this is not a big deal compared to other things in politics. At least he isn't involved in crime. Trump is an excellent president!
Sophia Marinez (4 months ago)
Wouldnt this be like an actual movie if like, there was a secret society that is connected with trump and fox and friends and then they use fox and friends to discreetly give trump orders? Lol
dj osearth (4 months ago)
4:32 Talk about small hands, really though is that a king can he's holding there?
timmy chang (4 months ago)
How is bashing on fox now!!! Is the deep state framing Trump still a conspiracy theory! Is Vox going to drink it's own kool-aid.
Jeanne 54 (4 months ago)
This is INSANITY! Especially their CONSPIRACIES!