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go to ----- http://www.sellamations.com for more information on how to make a cool doodle video that sells for you. Sellamation can create scribed doodle videos from practically any topic using rapid drawn animation techniques, paper cut out stop motion video, and even electronic sketch art.
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Text Comments (29)
Chris Procter (1 month ago)
Do you guys provide this service for businesses in the UK? I cannot submit your form because it won't accept my phone number?
osotto (3 months ago)
It's brilliant,very talented
yungstakz Official (5 months ago)
Reece Graham Looking for a story doddle video for a music track Yungstakz@gmail.com looking for info and pricing
Joe Doyle (10 months ago)
Please Contact me regarding a video for my company. Joe at Doylesplumbing@gmail.com
Splintercell01 (2 years ago)
What is the average cost for one of these?
Yasir Mehmood (2 years ago)
You may check services of fastvideosservices.com. cheers!
Jeff Doe (2 years ago)
Maaka Kahukuranui (2 years ago)
Hi there, did you get a reply to your question as I'd like to know as well.
SMEOfficeSupport (3 years ago)
What a great video.  Do you create your own images?
sjDOLLAsj (3 years ago)
I know every project has its own price but how much roughly does it come out per minute ?
Yasir Mehmood (2 years ago)
Check out fastvideosservices.com. They may help you out.
Rimali Batra (3 years ago)
Hi. I want to learn or use your services. Tell me how!
Yasir Mehmood (2 years ago)
You may like to check services of fastvideosservices.com.
natalie baker (5 years ago)
i think that this is very good i really like the new tecnology
jose pina (5 years ago)
I always want to learn about make animated doodle video presentations, but now with Sellamations Doodle I am sure I will learn. Thank you for sharing!!! 
SugahRushh (5 years ago)
cant... stop... watching...!
Cat Tree City (5 years ago)
awesome! Very engaging I like this style better than talking heads ;)
Sellamations Doodle (5 years ago)
Hi Hardik, We actually are filming live on camera there is not a software creating this video. Thank you
Omar Correa (6 years ago)
In these presentations, is the hand actually drawing the picture? Can't tell if its just animated to look that way or if you're actually drawing it.
Liz Da Silva (6 years ago)
Would this type of marketing work for health and wellness products?
Cheap Homeowners Insurance (6 years ago)
I've gotta hand it to ya, these are some pretty cool animations and really keeps one's attention. It reminds me of when I was a young boy mesmerized by watching my father draw. :) Defnitely something I am considering for the Insurance Information Centers when I determine the best fit for it. Keep up the great work!
sirhowto (6 years ago)
Wow! Great drawrings!
Alex Reyes (7 years ago)
Hi there, I also found out about you from Digital Marketer and I emailed you. Thanks for all of the info on pricing. Will definitely be using your services in the future for a larger project I'll be working on. Great work!
roy soon (7 years ago)
Hi guys, I'm Roy from YFind Technologies based in Singapore. We're interested to explore having an animation done for us and it'll be great if you can contact me at roy@y-find.com. looking forward to hearing from you, gday!
Sellamations Doodle (7 years ago)
Hi Julia, we actually do use color mostly just red and blue but we are trying our all the other colors right now to get them perfect for future videos.
Julia Colless (7 years ago)
Fantastic Doodles, I would love to get one done. I will pop over to your site. Do you ever use colour?
Sellamations Doodle (7 years ago)
@VideoNameBadge Please email sellamations@gmail.com for pricing information. The price of the video all depends on complexity, length of video, etc. so we quote based on the job.
Zalman Saadya Notik (7 years ago)
I am looking to hire someone to create a video like this for my company can you please send me a email with your contact info. zalmansaadya@gmail.com
Toby (7 years ago)
Love these kind of vids, starting to pop up all over the place. One of the "next big things" in marketing I bet.