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Flying in the B-25 Medium Bomber

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Olympus Visionary Larry C. Price went along for a ride in a World War II era B-25 medium bomber. Here's the experience he captured.
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Text Comments (9)
EmilBuilds se (3 months ago)
Is that the "Jaunty joe"? 2:02
proto718 (4 months ago)
The first time I saw a B25 was in The TwilighZ zone. I love this plane.
eogg25 (6 months ago)
When I was a kid, in Chicago during WW2, Military planes did practice bombing over our area, I was not allowed to go outside to see because air raid wardens told us to stay in the house, they bombed Douglas park and the bombs were triangle shaped paper bags, I guess with sand to weight them down, I found one once and it looked like blue print paper. The planes were pretty noisy, Later during the Korean war, every afternoon, a couple of Saber jets would fly over our house and they were pretty low. then the largest amount of planes I ever saw was after the war and there must of been over a hundred planes going somewhere, probably to be scrapped. those were interesting times.
KaiserRolls Chicken (6 months ago)
eogg25 just saw a b-25 earlier yesterday in Texas, it was very cool
Brian usriflecal30m1garand (2 years ago)
Fantastic vid I'm currently working on a huge model of a '25 this will definitely help me reference wise.
Ian Davis (4 years ago)
What Olympus camera was used to capture the video?
bompiberlot (6 years ago)
Cuando hacen estos vuelos, por qué no disparan las armas ? Se vería más emocionante !
Monica Fuentes (3 days ago)
Alejandro Ponce Aguilar no lo se solo quiero saber como se llama la musica q6e ponen
Alejandro Ponce Aguilar (3 months ago)
cuanto se paga para subir al B25 y donde es la base militar
socratesjr (7 years ago)
that would be a fun ride.