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You've Got Mail! USPS/FedEx/UPS Accidents & Fails Compilation

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Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet... The best accidents & fails of USPS, FedEx and UPS trucks/employees. All Accidents are non-fatal. Video is for educational purposes only. Please remember to drive safely and take videos like this as a learning tool! Please hit the LIKE button! Subscribe for more videos! Support the channel: https://www.patreon.com/BestDashCamAccidents Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BestDashCamAccidents1/ e-mail: bestdashcamaccidents@gmail.com If any of the materials used in this video belongs to you, please contact us IMMEDIATELY for further credits or removal.
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Text Comments (202)
Ben-kitty Jones (13 hours ago)
I one time bought a bed, and when FedEx shipped it, It was shattered. The cherry word looked like someone attacked it with an ax.
big boy trucker (2 days ago)
You know it's pretty bad when FedEx gets fedup and fucksup
Andy Nixon (8 days ago)
775 likes from UPS employees
There is shit all over the floor. (12 days ago)
8:05 Bwahhh
Mr Repub (12 days ago)
File some criminal damage to property suits to get those turds canned.
johann rüstmann (13 days ago)
Trump puts people to work. From now I will hand deliver myself .
Josh johnson (13 days ago)
We don't give a fuck at fedex, we get treated like shit and worked slave hours in a scorching truck. We call in sick and they tell us the day is busy and get the fuck to work. We request time off and they simply tell us no. We don't give a FUCK at fedex.
dvferyance (23 days ago)
I am surprised you don't have the one where a Fedex truck gets hit by a train.
Rochelle Bailey (24 days ago)
So this is why we don't get our ackages on time
TheLaughinAssassin (29 days ago)
3:47 How even...
K T (30 days ago)
I should apply, i would make a good delivery driver. I get packages, i ship packages, i know what its like to want shipments to stay in one piece.
Lugwrench Knucklebuster (30 days ago)
8:11 UPSide down
Cesar Palmos (30 days ago)
I've always like ups better
Alex Youngberg (30 days ago)
0:21 can you imagine the skill chain points he got at the end of that??
Dead Frt West (30 days ago)
It's sad that FedEx is delivering USPS parcels. FedEx is awful. UPS is tolerable but only because you can divert deliveries to a UPS store for pickup.
chimmy906 (30 days ago)
3:03 I dont see a "fragile" sticker, seems legit!
Jared Cazares (1 month ago)
3:44 wtf
Gordon Aitchison (1 month ago)
FedEx or UPS does not behave like this in the UK, they always make sure they hand over the parcel to a human and just throw it down on the ground or over railings. Rules must be different in the UK. I don't understand why Americans accept this type of service.
Cooper Johnson (1 month ago)
8:16 that would definitely be me
Matt Anderson (1 month ago)
0:30 Baker Oregon. I even got to see that happen!
88nascar29 (1 month ago)
If FedEx and UPS merged, would they become FedUP?
Christopher Isac (1 month ago)
That first guy should make sure he sues the hell out of the post office because that’s what they do if you hit them!
Beth Di Bartolomeo (1 month ago)
4:57 Cue the Benny Hill theme ^_^
nalditwisterron (1 month ago)
Wow, these guys must've hated people so much
Kevin Mueller (1 month ago)
3:01 I always wondered what was meant by FedEx Ground!
Raptor Jesus (1 month ago)
the lazy f%%kers who drop/hurl packages... why even bother being a delivery guy/gal if you cba delivering crap?!
timmy 900 (1 month ago)
3:19 I guess you could say is ground shipping
STOP NWO NOW (1 month ago)
1:42 One of these packets could be my newer brand Icom IC-7300 HF transceiver, retarded muthafucka !
psychventure (1 month ago)
express first priority mail
Kevin Tucker (2 months ago)
All the niggas fired!!!
eye ball paul (2 months ago)
same here in the UK all FED EX Drivers are morons
juanverdin4 (2 months ago)
7:00 is reasonable, right? The driver isn't able to see the post with only side mirrors because it's too close, or so I believe. Although, he should've already known that it was there.
Carl Napp (2 months ago)
Don't drop or roll!
NPTNReddek (2 months ago)
The dude who threw a damn console or whatever that was over a fence is so stupid, I hope he got fired or something because that costs a bit and he's just chucking like it's nothing giving it the possibility of breaking!
B.D. Cooper (2 months ago)
That was a Samsung TV.
Doktor Jeep (2 months ago)
"You got Mail!" Bwaaaaaaaaaa!!! :-D
Engineer Skalinera (2 months ago)
1) There is actually a devivery service called TNT. 2) UPS sounds far too much like "whoops". 3) 0:22 insert [ EUROBEAT ]
Knight Vii (2 months ago)
FedEx ground 🤪
Jetmech0417 (2 months ago)
I hate the fact that FedEx has so many opcos...express and ground make us all look bad in this video...
Jetmech0417 (2 months ago)
Is 1:26 a "following too closely while recording with a cell phone" fail? The delivery truck is blowing black exhaust...big deal. It's a diesel engine climbing an overpass.
Erik Lehnsherr (2 months ago)
I gotta admit. The mailman doing donuts in the street... That's hilarious.
B.D. Cooper (2 months ago)
That's a success in my book
Erik Lehnsherr (2 months ago)
Stupid FedEx guy ran into my damn house once. Then split as fast as he could. Took 4 months to get mess straightened out. Funny how they act like your the A-hole making it all up till you inform them its all on camera. Then they are "Terribly Sorry! We'll do what ever it takes to make this right!" Problem with most of these inconsiderate douchebags is that Both FedEx and USPS sub contract now. The FedEx chodes are required to wear uniform but they own they're own/insure their own trucks. And USPS loans them the vehicle but they're subbed too so they are not required to wear uniform. That's why you got so many of these assholes just throwing packages. Every one of them dirt bags throwing boxes carelessly looks like the tornado just threw them from the trailer park. Its just your shanties of society trying to get well paid for doing a shit job! THANK YOU! To all people video taping it. You are the ones who prove their actions to the companies using them for deliveries. Without it the companies have to eat the cost of these peoples bad attitudes.
Frank Machado (2 months ago)
Just about all delivery trucks are contractors not owned by fed-ex unlike UPS which own and operate their fleets..
Gentleman Hooligan (2 months ago)
Ymiro Sonofa (2 months ago)
around 4:30ish, We deliver into your house ;)
Norman Jaquemot (2 months ago)
From 2:00 to 2:30 : I love the extra care given to the television. I guess Amazon and e-bay will certainly renew their contracts with Fed-Ex.
logan regan (3 months ago)
That trailer was like I want to go this way no that way
Peter F. (3 months ago)
*hums Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac
Christoph (3 months ago)
The worst in this video are FedEx Truck drivers and USPS deliverers...
E (3 months ago)
Just a fun fact the drivers for fedex aren't employed by fedex. They are employed by independent contractors that are partnered with fedex. Right next to the drivers door is the persons name that the driver is employed with. So you can call and complain to them.
Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth (3 months ago)
1:43 2:15 hilarious 😂
averagegilo (5 months ago)
So it appears that US courier companies dope more than just their Tour De France cyclists then?
Kawaii Neko Girl Pie Pie (5 months ago)
"He's pushing an oven or something that is throwing sparks down the highway... and also Volkswagen Beetles are stupid."
Jerry Schafer IV (5 months ago)
Sad part is the bad one make us all look bad, not all of us are like this!
Peter F. (3 months ago)
no, not all but the over the road ones are always asshats. Had a UPS semi trying to slam into me this morning, IDK why.. idiot.. stay in your fucking lane its not complicated
Hector Castillo (5 months ago)
4:10 how the hell did that guy get a licence what a rookie mistake to do, dude ran him self over like you can't possibility do anything stupider then that..5:21 wait nevermind I take that back dude almost ran him self over twice smh-_-
Dean Hall (5 months ago)
You get what you pay for! YOU Pay poor wages you get poor service! High quality service is not the Cheapest service! Notice fewest incidents from UPS!
RobSchneiderIsAStapler (2 months ago)
Peter F. I think that’s what he’s trying to say. Don’t ask me though.
Peter F. (3 months ago)
UPS drivers make a lot of money.
rather knotty (6 months ago)
FedEx, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
SGTxHELLCAT (6 months ago)
how is the usps truck dung donuts in the snow a fail
NPTNReddek (2 months ago)
0:30 was pretty damn awesome as well
Peter F. (3 months ago)
IDK that was actually pretty cool!
TheInfinitequest (6 months ago)
@1:45 that is Bill Murray!!! lmao!
helmut hessler (6 months ago)
It must say FedUp to Ex work.. lol.
Happy Savage (6 months ago)
I would like to see the errors happen more. From human beings! USPS never smiled or brought expert customer satisfaction, because they did give a flatoosy and half a quater, of what happened to their customer's stuff they had. Including the Fed Ex and UPS. Time to hire people who give a dang of what happens to their lives. And fire the nobodies, who want to be fired from their job from their pathetic choices and life they make.
Paulie Walnuts (6 months ago)
5:26 oh my dear car lady says..........as the guy gets up from getting run over by his own mailtruck
Shane Sanders (6 months ago)
Honestly i expected fedex to be over turned.
dale culleton (6 months ago)
There is a arrow in the FedEx logo
I hate stupid people (6 months ago)
Fed ex blows,they left an expensive package at my door without getting a required signature. Could have been swiped. I’ll never use them again 😡
Peter F. (3 months ago)
yup, that is one thing comsumers don't know it costs more to get a signature required, and its up to the shipper to get it/payfor it.
J Rivera (3 months ago)
Courier companies will not get a signature if the shipper doesn't request it.. That's a paid service.. Usually if i know something is high value i'll try to hide it out of view of street but really that's all i'm required to do if no one is home...
1Shignog (6 months ago)
I had that happen with the usps where i live i went down to the post office because the person delivering the mail never rang the door bell and said they tried to get me. I was home every time they said they tired to delivered it. I told them she lied and i have her recorded those days just skipping getting out of the tuck. It happened a few times and i told them if it happens again i will contact the head office and report her and the quarter/post master for my town and give them the recordings as well. It finally stop, for now.
GuilelessDragon (6 months ago)
0:26 The Fed and the Exiest: Minnesota Drift
daMacroGuy (7 months ago)
When the Government hires people, this is what you get. Most of these folks wouldn't even get through their first job interview in the private sector.
Peter F. (3 months ago)
USPS is not run by the government you moron.
donald day (7 months ago)
I got run off road 3 times over 21 years OTR BY FEDEX,LAST GUY I GOT ON VIDEO IN WY.he got ticket wreakless driving,could brealy speak English
MrDreams1984 (2 months ago)
donald day , Fedex ground is contracted so the contractor can hire who ever they want. I left my last contractor cause of this. I couldn’t talk to half of the crew cause they only spoke Spanish.
Aleatha Vogel (7 months ago)
8:30 - Geez lady...all he wanted was the skin cream he ordered from Amazon. LOL
Nick Schoendorf (7 months ago)
Better not...I need my iPhone dammit
kairu kun93 (8 months ago)
10:12 the guy on the phone, "the truck is burning, hello who's this? yung truck ko, nasusunog!!!" translates to "the truck is on fire!" he's definitely Filipino! because i am, and moved to US in 2006!
Rushfan32935 (9 months ago)
6:08 truckers bitching about people driving slow. The road is covered in ice you fucking retards
NessaMedia (9 months ago)
There goes my mail
Pookie Penguin (9 months ago)
In the clip at 10:50, the guy asks "I guess you're off for the day, huh?) Hell no. If anything happens to your vehicle (even catching fire), they will have someone take another truck to you, have you move mail from the damaged vehicle to the new one, then have you continue your route. Even if the incident put you way, way behind schedule, there's no guarantee that they will send help. If they do send someone to help you on the route, you are damn lucky and better go buy a lottery ticket! When you get back to the post office way later than what the route end time should be, you will be bitched out and threatened with a write up for being back so late.
Susan Kent (9 days ago)
They would usually not give you help, blame you and, or expect you to still get done on time!
Peter F. (3 months ago)
UPS is the same way, I was a drivers helper one winter and our truck broke down, we had to move all the stuff outta the dead truck and into one that worked.. the guy who drove the truck out there, waitied with it for a UPS towtruck to come take it back, as an added bonus that night I got to unload both trucks, I forget what was wrong I think the clutch was messed up
Jerry Schafer IV (5 months ago)
So very true! I know the struggle as an RCA!
Scott D (7 months ago)
Pookie Penguin courier life
Ken Heyduk (10 months ago)
seems like dumb clucks are all anyone hires anymore!
Ojo Felix NM (10 months ago)
Fed X couldn't even drive out the frickin gate. Must have been texting.
Peter F. (3 months ago)
LMAO I saw that.
Ojo Felix NM (10 months ago)
The problem with USPS started about forty years ago when the PO went out of its way to hire every deadbeat, degenerate, tinhorn fourflusher they could find. EEOC you know
Ojo Felix NM (10 months ago)
Put the chains on dummy.
dank9288639 (10 months ago)
That second clip that guy is one badass driver
Gary Ruth (10 months ago)
I used to work as a contractor for FedEx ground. I think the reason they take shortcuts with everything is because I got paid a flat dollar amount. whether I got back to the terminal at 8pm or 3 pm. same amount, Everytime. and I can promise, there were far more late nights than not. UPS However is paid hourly with ot and benefits. only express and freight had benefits with FedEx.
Drake Blackwolf (10 months ago)
FedEx has some of the worst drivers! I have never seen a good FedEx driver that could pull doubles all of them are bad drivers.
daabgrafx (1 month ago)
0:32 um that right there is extraordinarily good driving, and he works for FedEx. Just saying.
Peter F. (3 months ago)
agreed, some of the UPS ones have the death wobble..too
ffjsb (10 months ago)
Meh, organizations as large as those are going to have accidents sheerly based on the huge vehicle fleets that they have. And let's face it, most of you would be pissed if a package were a day later than you expected it. Many of they lighter packages that contain things like clothing get tossed all the way through their journey, it would take twice as long if they handled each piece like glassware. Show me any company that handles even a third of this much product and DOESN'T have accidents and fails...
ivanoffw (11 months ago)
This is what you get when Congress messes with the USPS, one of the few things mentioned in the constitution, just to help FedEx, UPS, and others.
Cowboy Kody (11 months ago)
Also FedEx drivers drive like assholes, sorry but its true, RoadWay package express drivers wernt/didnt drive like assholes. FedEx bought out/took over RWPExpress
Peter F. (3 months ago)
Roadway drivers also drive like ass!
Scott D (7 months ago)
Cowboy Kody RPS
Nathan Skip (11 months ago)
Already saw 3 of those clips.
tvk-9cop (11 months ago)
1:25 that's not a accident diesels are suppose to do that. that's just the sulfur from the diesel fuel.  thedriver obviously stepped on the gas pedal hard to get up that incline
Awesomecoop 1 (11 months ago)
2:40 was the most brutal shipping crash probably I have ever seen
Ben-kitty Jones (13 hours ago)
It is always be FexEd!
Marcus Peddle (2 months ago)
Peter F. So blowing a tire is his fault? You fucking moron, you should have been aborted. it’s waste of skin like you that doesn’t deserve to breath
Peter F. (3 months ago)
wish I had video of the aftermath of a speeding Fed Ex truck, had our Interstate shut down for 5 hours while all the high value parcels were picked up, courtesy of an idiot driver who blew a tire coming down the mesa.. I just wished hte asshole had died in the crash, he didn't he still drives the same route between hubs today.
Michelle Tanner (11 months ago)
You've got mail! And it's a van crash at your door.
Jacob Hart (11 months ago)
#Extra 8:21
Team Suggs (11 months ago)
So that's why my post is late
blacktiger 911 (11 months ago)
all these people who just throw boxes fuck you as a fedex driver i have been pissed on route it happens but never disrespect other peoples property.
MR GHOSTER (11 months ago)
That RING.com one at 7.00 There's nothing like service with a smile, and that was nothing like service with a smile! lol!
MR GHOSTER (11 months ago)
Who the Fuck designed those Postal Vans lol! a Fucking retarded 3 year old! lol!
Gabriella Naylor (11 months ago)
8:20 that mail person can do donuts in his work vehicle but I can't In my car lol
MetalAgainstMetallic (11 months ago)
Gabriella Naylor I've drifted a UPS truck around on fresh snow a few times
Aj 26429 (11 months ago)
2:40 if the red car wasn't there sliding beside the truck, he would be done for
NPTNReddek (2 months ago)
no the car was facing the FedEx truck because you can see the two wipers that are always on the *front* of cars
NPTNReddek (2 months ago)
yeah it's also a double trailer so that would be extra damage
KFStreich (6 months ago)
Aj 26429 it looked to me like the recording car was spun around backwards and stopped in the lane.
steve b (11 months ago)
The gator was hissing cuz he didn't get his Crocs on time!!!
Jerry Schafer IV (5 months ago)
steve b 😆🖖
Cowboy Kody (11 months ago)
FedEx drivers in America dont speak English?
Satrio budi laksono (11 months ago)
i hate fedex...... in my country if the goods is more than $50 they hold as long as they can so they can charge huge amount of warehouse fee,
J Rivera (3 months ago)
that's your government.. not fedex
James Irish (11 months ago)
00:30 isn't a fail, that's damn good driving.
Ben-kitty Jones (13 hours ago)
That is the only good FedEx employee that I know of.
Aaron Lucas (7 days ago)
Racking up a serious drift score!
NPTNReddek (2 months ago)
oh come on you stole my joke, but I still can do. *TOKYO DRIFT THEME HERE*
Engineer Skalinera (2 months ago)
DEJA VU! (insert Eurobeat)
J Blob (6 months ago)
The Angry General (11 months ago)
4:53 Best one LMAO!!!!
Beth Di Bartolomeo (1 month ago)
Needed some Benny Hill music ^_^
TheFooledGhost (1 month ago)
Seriously wondering how that one happened..... Did a box fall down on the gas while he was in reverse?
Georgia Smith (1 month ago)
The Angry General Newman from Seinfeld? 😯
siliyemoodislam (11 months ago)
Postal service is dead
Jerry Schafer IV (5 months ago)
Nah, some carriers don't give a crap. Sad, but true.
WoodData (11 months ago)
siliyemoodislam O