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Trojan Mailing

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How UPS, TNT and DPD advertised for DHL. Involuntarily and clueless.
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Tinokap (3 months ago)
parcel who sencored the message with tape is the real mvp, give him a raise or bonus
Seppo Taalasmaa (4 months ago)
Dhl is shit Expensive and intrusive. Handling fees and so on. Never again. I took a big loss because dhl assholes
Madolite (5 months ago)
I'd argue this was pretty douchebaggy of DHL, and possibly legally questionable due to interfering with a competitors marketing, by employing dirty monopoly tactics. I wonder if that's why they didn't prank FEDEX? Text-book example of how Big Brother craps all over Lil' Brother. And yes, DHL is fast, but they're also sloppy and arrogant, and speed is mostly about the sender, not the postal service. That said, I won't lie - this was rather genius. ;)
Alexander Schikor (5 months ago)
holy shit
hunati31 (9 months ago)
WE ship hundreds of cold boxes with ice-packs. Only FedEx delivers in two days anywhere in the US!
Gerard Pique (10 months ago)
A chuj, napiszę po Polsku xD Kto od planety Faktów???
rbm314 (1 year ago)
Funny advertising gimmick, but so untrue. They might have more people and trucks, but that's just more people that don't care. In my experience they are always late and their motto seems to be " why do today if you can do it tomorrow?'. For me Standard mail and UPS are faster.
Laura Banovic (1 year ago)
I don't get it, how did they tape the thermoactive foil without anyone from UPS noticing? Who put the foil?
echannover48 (1 year ago)
Nice Job, keep it up! :)
Bilal Asif (1 year ago)
magnetique12 (1 year ago)
DHL is worst, so this compagny use bullshit advertissements with very bad troll to other delivery companies. Worst society = worst advertissements! Problem solved!
sarah marshall (1 year ago)
Says the UPS worker
sedat halden (2 years ago)
WerWarsWarum (2 years ago)
hahah you are all stupid
canadianiam (2 years ago)
DHL is trash, worst company to delivery your stuff from
MS_Office_ 95 (2 years ago)
DHL = Drop it hide it lose it
lee p (2 years ago)
beware of extra fees !!!
Daemon Mythos (2 years ago)
DHL says this is a "prank", but in reality...this is the only way they can deliver on time.
Bobylein (2 years ago)
+Daemon Mythos Seriously, if they are able to deliver at all and the package doesn't end somewhere else.
G Fuentes (2 years ago)
Great guerilla marketing but "For that purpose" and "in this way" = shitty translating service.
Park Ju Heon (2 years ago)
I have to wear that in South Korea really once more!
Boeing 737-800 MAX (2 years ago)
Greedy bastards... DHL is faster, but sends you a surprize charge 3 days later after you received your package, and so much fees that you're pretty much paying 3X for your Express delivered package is worth because they had to "rush it". Why the hell don't they include this on their notes.
Andrew Rothman (3 years ago)
DHL saves you money by eschewing traditional, expensive, advertising in favor of being traditional, cheap, dicks.
H Keem (3 years ago)
The beautiful evil act with zero ethic :)
عبدالله القحطاني (3 years ago)
حيوانين 😂
Anna Neyman (3 years ago)
This is SO clever! Nice one.
superusermode (3 years ago)
Funny, because I've only had bad experiences with them, both as DHL and as Airborne Express.
pcjwss (3 years ago)
They would have delivered them, paint or no paint. So a bit pointless.
Guy Mickey (3 years ago)
As you may see: DHL prefers deliver their packages via UPS or TNT. :D :D :D
TaraTeen (3 years ago)
lol i love this ad lol 
Elliemay Jones (3 years ago)
Good idea :-)
snowman (3 years ago)
I love DHL
Rusty Shackelford (3 years ago)
They are slower than the post office. In fact they use the US postal service as part of their delivery model. I hate it when something is delivered to me thru DHL. They suck.
Crap I am Jon Snow !!!! (3 years ago)
I love this commercial. Simply clever
Louis_Murat (3 years ago)
DHL en France est un vrai troll !
Dezsi Janos (3 years ago)
Fuck them right in the pussy!!!
Piret Glock (3 years ago)
fuck you all
Uche Osoka (3 years ago)
love this.....
peter sanchez (3 years ago)
La verdad mis respetos para dhl. en envios internacionales son super rapidos, a diferencia de fedex que parece que tiene tortugas trabajando en la empresa. poco mas y se vuelven sepomex.
C.J. Norat (3 years ago)
That's thinking "Outside the Box"  :)
Ahmad Fuad Ahiari (3 years ago)
UPS is better ~ 
Funnies Boy (3 years ago)
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TheChinization (3 years ago)
never had a prob with dhl. these guys doin a great job and this commercial is awesome! :D
Geena Green (3 years ago)
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buba mara (3 years ago)
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Zephyr0828 (3 years ago)
dhl is good but 20% most of the time they loose your package :(
Paco Rom (3 years ago)
Lynnie245 (4 years ago)
I work for FedEx and we weren't involved in this little ploy I see!!!  Sooo I'm thinkin' we're faster!  : )
B oo (4 years ago)
dhl is the worst stupid fees and not even fast
Merry (4 years ago)
These guys are just doing their job.  You think they feel any sort of loyalty to their companies?
Tanzender Kaktus (3 years ago)
I think so too
Keen Observer (4 years ago)
phuong tran (4 years ago)
wow, it's like a cheat, but I love the idea! 
migero (4 years ago)
DHL maybe is faster but not cheaper
Ron Gallagher (4 years ago)
If all the companies including DHL had delivered to the same place after picking up from the same place at the same time THEN !  you would have a fair comparison.  This "Trick" doesn't prove anything about DHL being faster and it's not clever (I love clever) it's cunning and that's an unattractive trait in my book. 
ThisIsDjYigytugd (4 years ago)
That's just dirty though.
Evija3000 (4 years ago)
Props to the guy at 1:07 =]
Bilal Najjar (4 years ago)
not bad DHL!
Tony Sopranos (4 years ago)
When will we see the counter-troll?
Joel Pallotta (4 years ago)
MidnightLost01 (4 years ago)
DHL gave my package to my neighbor. TWICE! Screw DHL
Legendenkiller76 (4 years ago)
Voll die Geile Idee xD
Al Indy (4 years ago)
damn its soo funny.......lol
m5di1k3scj (4 years ago)
Great idea!
digitalworkbench (4 years ago)
Fake. The package wouldn't go straight from pickup to hunting for the address without going through the sort facility where it would have long thawed. Also notice in the video the guy putting the package down upside down, yet is carrying it upright? They are all carrying the package upright? No, those are not delivery men, they are ACTORS
manfat1996 (4 years ago)
manfat1996 (4 years ago)
the workers are innocent! i will never use DHL again
strigoiimortii (4 years ago)
The point? I also agree that FedEx has much better renome at all... not even discussing the price of the service... But so far I cannot spit on DHL as I have good experience with them. Still, I prefer FedEx or different forwarders though...
Jennifer Venkat (4 years ago)
That was real cheap of you DHL.
Lina Schmeil (4 years ago)
so cool! Die Idee ist genial!
X03G (4 years ago)
Yeah DHL is faster at crushing up your parcels and stealing stuff from it.
D Buzz (4 years ago)
민희이 (4 years ago)
I love dhl♡
The Guns Brothers (4 years ago)
They see me trollin, they hatin'
ammarovenas (4 years ago)
Haha , but total dick move , so funny thou
MrLiosNudin (4 years ago)
That was quite funny and well played. Unethical? Not inmho, stop taking everything so seriously,basicly it's just a prank, the "reality" may be a little different but i still havent seen any commercial wich is 100% equal to reality. About people saying this is fake.. It cant be fake considering DHL would get a series of lawsuits against them for using other company logo's and stuff. Also DHL sent the packages themselves so they knew where they were going.
David H. (4 years ago)
Where is Fedex huh? HUH?! Looks like DHL ain't good enough to troll the Ultimate Giant, Fedex, yet!
hunati31 (9 months ago)
WE ship hundreds of cold boxes with ice-packs. Only Fedex delivers in two days anywhere in the US!
MK3424 (1 year ago)
DHL was an American company before it was acquired by Deutsche Post.
TheMentalist (1 year ago)
In Germany (DHL is from Germany) FedEx ist just unknown. Nobody sends parcels here with FedEx
dariel mella (2 years ago)
+What now? DHL is a trash of a company and should be brought down.
Fennek (4 years ago)
real cool viral campaign :)
Zhang HongYu (4 years ago)
Trelospapagalos Blogspot (4 years ago)
kranee (4 years ago)
well I think this is mean, Bigger company killing off smaller ones just to earn more profits.. What will happen to those small company employees hire them?
SANNE VD BERG (4 years ago)
Wauw! This is really good!!
Charlie logan (4 years ago)
the only 'good' thing about this video is it's about a corporation fucking over another corporation, rather than an individual. It's still a case of rat fucking and it shouldn't be applauded in any way.
Sunshine Sun (4 years ago)
Excellent example of how to not do it. This is a way of manipulate, cheat and steal...who call this brilliant is actually the same. This kind advertise lead to selfishness and putting others low. Is that what you want ? For sure 17k does and is sad!
ErsatMar (4 years ago)
Advertising is one thing - reality is another. DHL is a horrible company. But paid a adequate commercial agency for this clip and stuff. So the coolness from this video is going to the company not DHl who paid for creativity. Many times the DHL packet won´t come faster and even more times you´ll find a postcard saying you should come to take it from the packet station yourself.
gogo (4 years ago)
Szlekane (4 years ago)
UPS : Installing Anti-DHLvirus, updating pop up add blocker. Well they should scan it first it may contain a virus. lol
G. Yong (4 years ago)
I couldn't laugh at this cos I felt sorry for the deliveryman - they are the ones that are made to look foolish even though they're just doing their jobs. I mean, I would feel bad if it were my dad there :/ Innovative, but bordering on unethical (unless those were actors?) 
Michael Titarenko (4 years ago)
Cheeky bastards! :D
yuuki kobayashi (4 years ago)
disgusting way
Shine Suprice (4 years ago)
Kitsune Ken (4 years ago)
this is trolling mailing!
UPlayNetwork (4 years ago)
lol, DHL is the best 
Chrome Effect (3 years ago)
+TheVitaoBR In Germany DHL is very good and fast. I don't know how it is in other countries.
ojaott (3 years ago)
We used DHL as our shipping company but had to switch because they were extremely slow and screwed up way, way too much.
Zack Parrish (4 years ago)
+TheVitaoBR I concur... and they have the most people in the most locations... but they don't seem to exist where I live. Packages have to transfer to USPS to make it to my house. 
Bronson (3 years ago)
Actually, in my opinion they are the worst, they are just good with trolling.
Sergio Silva (4 years ago)
Tricky Mac FX (4 years ago)
DHL means " Das heißt lahm "
Sameer Khan (4 years ago)
cheeky ...lol
zizouaziz 2000 (4 years ago)
Hum ! ups are working on it, just wait
HippieMoshpit (4 years ago)
This is disgustingly childish, just shows how butthurt this company is about other services actually being faster, cheaper or better in any other way.
Mike Hunter (4 years ago)
DHL is faster? Yeah right! I once did send a package within the Netherlands, it took DHL 4 days to deliver it.
dutchsouthernrockfan (4 years ago)
yeah but if you would have send it with postnl they would never deliver it so it's faster
guitarrrplaya (4 years ago)
No "anti-racists" say Asian and African countries need more Diversity. According to "anti-racists," they are already 100% Diverse. They say ALL & ONLY White countries need to be more Diverse, and that White countries only stop needing to be more Diverse when there are no White children left in them Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White. Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide.
gabriel nappi (4 years ago)
DeePal072 (4 years ago)
This is wrong on so many different levels XD #bastardidentro
Delinz (4 years ago)
DHL trolllll