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Former HuffPo exec on embracing gender fluidity

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In 2017, former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry came out as gender fluid. He sits down with CNNMoney's Laurie Segall about how his family reacted to the news and his newest project, the website fluidity.love.
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Text Comments (38)
magicbuskey (4 months ago)
So much pain here. :’(
StraPSnOut PiDdLeGout (5 months ago)
"ME ME ME I I I ME ME ME MINE MINE ME ME" - there, saved you 4 minutes and 30 seconds
C. Lincoln (9 months ago)
Being gay is a choice and a mental sickness. Just like being pedo is a choice and a mental sickness.
Santiago Bron (9 months ago)
Huffington Post is basically left wing Breitbart.
A random guy (9 months ago)
THIS IS SO FUCKING DUMB. If you are sexually attracted to your wife and for some reason want to express feminine qualities, there is a term called “tom-girl” that we have used for many years and to impose this idea that what you feel, what your opinion and lifestyle is are embedded within your biological traits and can change your biological constituents is completely proposturous, absurd and turning this world into a place where feeling has higher importance over fact.  It’s like me saying, “Ooh, I’ve always like female singers and I always like to sing their songs. There must be a part of me where my XY chromosomes have turned into XX. I’m gender fluid!” Shut up please.  In addition, the encouragement given by other liberals is so that they can exploit you so that they bring this world into an era where Marxism is realised and the so called “utopia” can be created. Maybe (probably, no, definitely) you’re one of them but all I can say is, you wouldn’t even want it if this ideology came to life.
Buttercookie Cinnamini (9 months ago)
I love this story. Why not. He's happy. The family is happy.
Troy Gromov (9 months ago)
mental illness
Peter E. (9 months ago)
If I develop a mental illness can I be on the news too?
Mary Bristol (9 months ago)
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Toshinori (9 months ago)
Low T + mental illness = this
Peter E. (9 months ago)
R E B E L yaas
Pedro Pinto (9 months ago)
I can't take this seriously. There's male or female - nothing in between. The "let's play dolls" is just BS, please. - people can fantasize "mentally" that they are even Superman, which doesn't mean that this is true.
Bilbo Beutlin (9 months ago)
So much Money in CNNMoney
nel nel (9 months ago)
Oh cawd
Shawn Webb (9 months ago)
White women are in trouble to much fluidity in that community...
Jerry Young (9 months ago)
How is this cnn “money “??? Got nothing to do with finance, business, or MONEY in any way. Just social brain washing. Unsubscribed
Ricci Khac (9 months ago)
💓💓💓💓 whatever makes you happy!
What? Why? (9 months ago)
Do you honestly think this man looks happy? I feel sorry for you if this is your standard of happiness.
Alex (9 months ago)
Stop it, get some help.
Juarez (9 months ago)
Preach on my gender fluid friend!! I too am am fluid but specifically species fluid. Sometimes I identify as cat or kangaroo but mostly human. If I and a few others say it's true then it must be. #FluidPride
Kr En (9 months ago)
Sh*** I lost the bet. I had my money on Salon exec being first. :(
cman86s (9 months ago)
Ok this is weird
Rick James (9 months ago)
multiple personalities is a mental illness
Orangutan (9 months ago)
Wtf is this shit? Why is cnn glorifying a mental illness
Eltern10 (9 months ago)
Huffington Post CTO - OMG that explains it all.
Laksita Wijayanti (9 months ago)
I need to see his jewelry collection
Jack Holding (9 months ago)
It’s a mental illness
Jack Holding (9 months ago)
Lmao you couldn’t make a more liberal video
Anthony Coca (5 months ago)
You believe this encapsulates liberalism?? The left is being invaded by extremists much in the same way the tea party crashed conservatism. SJW‘millennials are pushing me towards the center. And this gender fluid/20 something different genders is fucking ridiculous and reeks of nothing but attention seeking. The guy in the video had to break it to his family? What were they living in the dark the whole fucking time? Bitch, please...
Cal- Hail The Victors! (9 months ago)
Someone get this Man a Burger and a football.
C. Lincoln (9 months ago)
Woah... he's not a man. We don't claim him as one of us.
Traditionalist (9 months ago)
Someone wake me up
Bo Rood (9 months ago)
You either have male or female chromosome. No distorted confusion in your mind, or mutilation done to your body, will ever change that.
derwen talia (9 months ago)
eat my ass homo.
Juarez (9 months ago)
derwen talia Shut your degenerate ass up. Can't wait for WW3 to break out so the weak like you can be crushed. Disgusting!
derwen talia (9 months ago)
the only ting i hate more than bigotry is ignorance. there is no "either" "or" with chromosomal expression. there are a range of chromosomal expressions not just in our species but in a vast vast number of other animals on this planet. there are even animals who can switch their biological sex chemically from female to male or male to female....there are animals who can impregnate or be impregnated (meaning they have both male and female chromosomes). there are animals that have multiple chromosomal configurations including humans. THATS natural. what isnt natural is a human being NOT USING THEIR brains for what they were intended: to think critically. go read a fucking book, and a real book meaning SCIENCE asshole.
Dee T (9 months ago)
So is he available for hardcore intercourse in oval office? I will sign him as my chief dick suckin officay
Sam Cos13 (9 months ago)