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Is Net Neutrality Really Dead? Plus, the World After AT&T’s Big Win | Fortt Knox

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Category: News & Politics
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Text Comments (15)
William Traylor (8 months ago)
Disclaimer: This video is produced and owned by Comcast, owners of NBC, which just became AT&T's largest competitor.
Ronnie Word (8 months ago)
The elimination of net neutrality is basically the FCC turning there back to obligations to keep the internet safe, fast, and easily accessible for users and giving our ISP what they want so he doesn't have to deal with it therefore leaving us users at risk as well as small companies.
sh0ckerturb0 (8 months ago)
corporate errand boy on the left paid to have these opinions. disgusting. money in politics is ruining the country.
Slacker Engi 2 (8 months ago)
South Korea has the fastest internet speed because they allow for competition Meanwhile here in the US all the companies conspired to charge more for the internet George Carlin was right about businessmen
Eric (8 months ago)
This all sounds horrible. God help us all.
John Galt (8 months ago)
Is this a real news broadcast? Is the guy on the left on meth?
Jacob H. (8 months ago)
John Galt lol so true
Greg Matic (8 months ago)
Millenials do know what net neutrality is and they care. That's why Pai gets trolled.
Dimon (8 months ago)
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Basit Saliu (8 months ago)
Jose Cuervo (8 months ago)
Object Stinkallhilly look at the poster. Do you REALLY think they grasp the significance of keeping decisions out of the hands of major corporations? Someone is still locked on the plantation.
Object Stinkallhilly (8 months ago)
and what are you going to gain out of this?