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Amazon Prime Air’s First Customer Delivery

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Amazon Prime Air has begun private trials in England, and the first customer delivery by drone recently took place. Check it out!
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Text Comments (3466)
Tristin Miller (7 days ago)
If one delivered to me I guess I have a free drone and the porn I purchased!
Gaming center (14 days ago)
where you want to drop off the package
Gaming center (14 days ago)
you guys should start doing this a lot more because its cool and its a faster way to go to your destination
DisTuber mario (26 days ago)
A lot of YES, and NO, coming from this comment section.
English Grammar (1 month ago)
England is an overcrowded urban shithole where almost nobody lives in the countryside. So, only for the top one percent; celebrities, royals and the like.
canoeist2008 (1 month ago)
I like this technology cool.
Gavin / The Purple Panda (1 month ago)
Drone: mk here is ur $10000 diamond or somethingggggg **drop**
Fire Ice (1 month ago)
You will need a amazon rocket to deliver my tv set !
Cuauh Equihua Autoconocimiento (1 month ago)
Bye bye jobs
The Tik-Tok Man (1 month ago)
drone shooting will be the new urban sport, mark my words.
The Tik-Tok Man (1 month ago)
the fat fuck ordering the package looks so unfit the lazy lardarse cannot walk down to the shops & buy whatever he wants over the counter. heart attack on the way.
Grant Herrema (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice the landing pad??
andrea giorgi (1 month ago)
If they'd try this in italy the drone would disappear as soon as it takes off.
Donald Keating (1 month ago)
I bet the prime Air cost more
Agset 11 (1 month ago)
drone knows why, i didn't come.
Jack (1 month ago)
I would just steal the drone and claim that I thought it was mine.
Max Hofioni (1 month ago)
soon humans will be 80% downsized.
BlocksMC (1 month ago)
What if someone steals the drone.
Emrah (1 month ago)
this is what gonna happen when teleportation comes we have to have amazon prime and now it 200$ a year!
Cherry Miiverse (2 months ago)
Just so everybody knows this was released on the same day the sandy hook shooting happened, just 4 years later.
coquestia dixon (2 months ago)
this is so cool
Stevie Spiers Photography (2 months ago)
Drone shooting will be come fun to some people
Abdo Ahmed (2 months ago)
if any drone making a noise like a fly in my hood it's a gonner
Dylan Kelly (2 months ago)
That will be great idea
Bante Hayes (2 months ago)
See, I don't even want to walk out that far. This is lame. Now tube mail, that's the future. You're welcome Amazon.
Aaron Davis (2 months ago)
this is the being of the end,today delivering packages tomorrow it'll be hunting humans
Colorox Bleach (2 months ago)
Someone can shoot this with a pistol
Buddy Vaiden (2 months ago)
OK, I have put all my chips on Amazon Prime. I do not have the knowledge, expertise, or resources to do this myself, but I do not need to know everything I need to know as I develop my books, 18 and counting. All you need to know to get to reach your personal goals is to know somebody who does know what you need to know. Good Luck to both of us. Buddy Vaiden
Billy Plan B (2 months ago)
5 pounds of goods?  01.05           I lost 2 phantom drones I don't believe its gonna work . I like amazon
Ffion Owen (2 months ago)
listen if people who use sat-nav to find my place cant find me (& new delivery people) How is a drone meant to find!
Mechoo (2 months ago)
this sht is gonna get stolen so much as well as shot down by rednecks. warning you amazon
Iain Noonan (2 months ago)
Eye drone sussex would be interested in working for Amazon CAA PFCO CAA PPL FAA- CPL. Lots of simulator time.
Face Bank's Wise Teaching (3 months ago)
My drone will be delivered by a drone....
Sm00th TV (3 months ago)
what will happen when everyone is doing the same, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, shoe and clothing stores, etc like the sky is gonna be filled with these buggers.
Nguyen Han (3 months ago)
AMAZON GIFT love distance nice day greetings nice couple
Waffle boi 0909 (3 months ago)
I've been waiting 2 weeks for a package and it said dispatched from England which is where I live
erzan (3 months ago)
Amazon: Job Killer the movie.
mark helli (3 months ago)
Amazon Prime for a Year!
Tiền Phong (3 months ago)
love cake nice day hd photo
jog colin (3 months ago)
the package is too large , why not just let the stuff be themselves ?
Unfortunately (4 months ago)
unsafe and dumb
Tom-epic gamer 2003 (4 months ago)
Is this for real?
callyop kay (4 months ago)
Ok ok I'll wait for my delivers then strap a dog or something top to it on its return
callyop kay (4 months ago)
Soooo clay pigeon shooting with prizes
Patryk737 (4 months ago)
Care Package ready for delivery...
Bobby H. (4 months ago)
It wouldn't exactly be difficult to intercept drones. Not sure if that would happen often enough to be a concern though.
David Perez (4 months ago)
I'll have my rifle ready. free packages if I see them flying over or near my house
Ah Nuts (4 months ago)
This is great and all but what happens when a redneck with buckshot shoot one down and runs off with the package
Michael H (4 months ago)
When the dog runs out and gets eviscerated by the props I wonder who will win that lawsuit?
Michael H (4 months ago)
So how long before there are areas that the drone won't service, just like pizza drivers?
SoLoDuDeX3D (4 months ago)
oh hey they needed a drone to record another drone, amazing.
Gryphon (4 months ago)
I live in Cambridge where's my trial?
jad1079 (4 months ago)
Dumps the package in a field. Ehh, close enough.
SoapDropNibba (4 months ago)
I wonder if two drones will ever bump into each other?
Paul Williamson (4 months ago)
Free drones for all, practice your fishing cast!
Qi Qi (4 months ago)
this will put MORE trucks on the road, because every 15-20 mile radius you will need a depot center that has every item in store, wich have to be supplied also. by what? by bigger drones or by truck ...?? saving fuel? hm...
Wizard101 (4 months ago)
Hey mom, it's came the drone.
PFG - 45 Ag. 042-IO (4 months ago)
Until our failing European governments allow this to happen, Amazon is already delivering packages via drones to the edge of our galaxy.
DG RAKESH (4 months ago)
reasons for delay in delivery 1. bad weather 2. chased and atacked by dogs while landing 3. kids can throw stones at it 4. it can get stuck in cable wires in poles
new browser (4 months ago)
This will only work if you live in the boonies. In america people who see it in the city or suburbs will follow it and steal your shyt as soon as it lands.
Peter Ian Staker (5 months ago)
self driving cars. Automated construction, 3D printing. Now automated delivery. I think we really need to consider introducing a tax onto automated equipment that takes peoples jobs and instead use the tax to fund a citizens income to compensate.
Diego Bennett (5 months ago)
There are literally "guns" you can buy that act sort of as EMP's that can "kill" drones and force them into an auto landing procedure. It will be interesting to see how they deal with theft and attacks
toando Yasen (5 months ago)
great fascist company Amazon
AqL Pinky (5 months ago)
great concept so when Its time for me to fap I can order a sex toy from amazon
2KRitchie (5 months ago)
What if I shoot it down and get myself an iPad? Lol
MyUnoriginalUsername (5 months ago)
imagine the drone malfunctions and takes the product away with it COME BACK NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaqen H'ghar (5 months ago)
Just placed an order for 200 surface to air missiles on the black market.
Kid_Morbid (5 months ago)
Filthy frank sent me here
Larownn (5 months ago)
Filthy Frank sent me
Laurynas Tamošaitis (5 months ago)
England is getting American: a dude ordered a tv remote and some popcorn.
Half eaten Sandwich (5 months ago)
Eww the lady talking got too much saliva gotta get a sound dampener jeez
Tony Baines (5 months ago)
do they fly from china ?
Benjamin Shepherd (5 months ago)
Captain Obvious (6 months ago)
I want to see a drone deliver drone.
b1bbs g0t h4nds (6 months ago)
someone will see a drone delivering some shit, follow it, and steal the fucking package easy as hell. stupid idea honestly.
Krzysztof Wanic (6 months ago)
When is Amazon going to start drone delivering on to all of the UK
John Smith (6 months ago)
houses in the future will have delivery hatch for drones built into the top of them. or you buy a delivery drone box that anchors into the driveway / house, and is locked by a key.
Mad Majnun (6 months ago)
You should use a Rope...
Nicolas Hernandez (6 months ago)
If I could pilot it I could land it at the persons door without a scratch
DONTUO Harris (6 months ago)
It's not going to take long before criminals figure out that these drones are easy to knock down and steal the packages.....
halcncod (6 months ago)
the narrator has an annoying cunt voice
ching wik Huang (6 months ago)
Amazon has received the patent for using parachute to assist drone delivery. NOW THE DRONES WILL not need to land anymore!
notme1713 (6 months ago)
wait i can see some smart kids take the amazon drone when its delivering and jail break to fly for fun!!!! i bet ebay will be full of jailbroken amazon drone soon!!!
AngelStar10 (6 months ago)
Why did they land it on his yard? If I ordered something and they landed or on my yard, it could obviously get stolen 😔
Amithrius (6 months ago)
House Atreides would be proud
Dj Minecart (6 months ago)
this is so cool!
BLACKGOOBER (6 months ago)
Don't deliver in high crime rate areas
JayTee RC (6 months ago)
how cool!!! 2017 😊
Nocturnal Podcasts (6 months ago)
Perhaps you could deliver the 90 dollars for the "free" trial of Prime that customer service insist has been returned to my account. I wonder how much money this company makes by these "accidental" errors. I was charged TWICE within 2 weeks for something I´d canceled.
Tony Chino (6 months ago)
A company like FedEx can easily start the same business and cut directly into your market.Amazon getting ahead of its self,there is too much room in this market for new competitors.Amazon is like a rapper who is Hot right now but years down the line they won't be because everyone will be just as competitive.Amazon is overrated and it's stock is over priced for its future.This market is wide open.
RandomUser043 (6 months ago)
Available to two whole customers, huh? What if one of those decides he wants a 60" tv to play video games on? What about theft? Are you going to have armed escort drones to protect your delivery drones? Are your drones and their navigation software hardened against cyberattacks? Do your drones actually land and ring the doorbell, or do they just drop your customer's package from their 400' flight level
a1lover78 (6 months ago)
thats it cut out the postal service? lets talk about capitalism and putting more people out of jobs..
2CircIes (6 months ago)
This is Skynet taking off the ground. It is introduced as convinient and cute with playful music but is orchestrated in the background by pure evil.
practice (6 months ago)
AquaYT (7 months ago)
Who else was checking the date to see it was uploaded April 1? ;3
Rex Wang (7 months ago)
shooting down drones won't be that hard just buy a ski mask buy some gloves buy and some sort of paintball gun and you should be able to shoot down a drone no problem
Leo Theo (7 months ago)
I work I a sort center and when I was working I noticed a group of the learning and leadership team testing a drone out. I'm not sure if they're getting ready to test it out here or if they're testing out new security technology for our building. I mean they already track us by scanners. Next they'll have a drone fly in the bathroom while we're hiding in the stall to nuke us down for being off task for 5 minutes when it took 5 minutes just to walk into the stalls.
kseries1981 (7 months ago)
how about deliver my package to my front door, not in the middle of an open field. k thanks
Antonio Martinez (7 months ago)
5 ponds is Good, iI just check it with my exercise hand weight. That's plenty for starters.
undecisiveusernameguy (7 months ago)
Mexicans will steal your drone.