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Amazon Prime Air’s First Customer Delivery

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Amazon Prime Air has begun private trials in England, and the first customer delivery by drone recently took place. Check it out!
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Larownn (18 hours ago)
Filthy Frank sent me
Laurynas Tamošaitis (1 day ago)
England is getting American: a dude ordered a tv remote and some popcorn.
Half eaten Sandwich (1 day ago)
Eww the lady talking got too much saliva gotta get a sound dampener jeez
Tony Baines (2 days ago)
do they fly from china ?
Benjamin Shepherd (2 days ago)
Unknown44 Unknown44 (3 days ago)
I want to see a drone deliver drone.
b1bbs g0t h4nds (4 days ago)
someone will see a drone delivering some shit, follow it, and steal the fucking package easy as hell. stupid idea honestly.
Krzysztof Wanic (6 days ago)
When is Amazon going to start drone delivering on to all of the UK
John Smith (8 days ago)
houses in the future will have delivery hatch for drones built into the top of them. or you buy a delivery drone box that anchors into the driveway / house, and is locked by a key.
Mad Majnun (9 days ago)
You should use a Rope...
Nicolas Hernandez (10 days ago)
If I could pilot it I could land it at the persons door without a scratch
DONTUO Harris (10 days ago)
It's not going to take long before criminals figure out that these drones are easy to knock down and steal the packages.....
halcncod (11 days ago)
the narrator has an annoying cunt voice
ching wik Huang (11 days ago)
Amazon has received the patent for using parachute to assist drone delivery. NOW THE DRONES WILL not need to land anymore!
notme1713 (12 days ago)
wait i can see some smart kids take the amazon drone when its delivering and jail break to fly for fun!!!! i bet ebay will be full of jailbroken amazon drone soon!!!
AngelStar10 (13 days ago)
Why did they land it on his yard? If I ordered something and they landed or on my yard, it could obviously get stolen 😔
Amithrius (15 days ago)
House Atreides would be proud
Saurabh Jain (16 days ago)
Good technology
Thomas Hogshead (18 days ago)
Thomas Hogshead (18 days ago)
DJ_ Minecart (19 days ago)
this is so cool!
BLACKGOOBER (20 days ago)
Don't deliver in high crime rate areas
JayTee RC (20 days ago)
how cool!!! 2017 😊
Nocturnal Podcasts (23 days ago)
Perhaps you could deliver the 90 dollars for the "free" trial of Prime that customer service insist has been returned to my account. I wonder how much money this company makes by these "accidental" errors. I was charged TWICE within 2 weeks for something I´d canceled.
Tony Chino (24 days ago)
A company like FedEx can easily start the same business and cut directly into your market.Amazon getting ahead of its self,there is too much room in this market for new competitors.Amazon is like a rapper who is Hot right now but years down the line they won't be because everyone will be just as competitive.Amazon is overrated and it's stock is over priced for its future.This market is wide open.
RandomUser043 (24 days ago)
Available to two whole customers, huh? What if one of those decides he wants a 60" tv to play video games on? What about theft? Are you going to have armed escort drones to protect your delivery drones? Are your drones and their navigation software hardened against cyberattacks? Do your drones actually land and ring the doorbell, or do they just drop your customer's package from their 400' flight level
a1lover78 (28 days ago)
thats it cut out the postal service? lets talk about capitalism and putting more people out of jobs..
2CircIes (30 days ago)
This is Skynet taking off the ground. It is introduced as convinient and cute with playful music but is orchestrated in the background by pure evil.
practice (1 month ago)
AquaYT (1 month ago)
Who else was checking the date to see it was uploaded April 1? ;3
I69your grandma (1 month ago)
Yea but can it barrel roll?
Rex Wang (1 month ago)
shooting down drones won't be that hard just buy a ski mask buy some gloves buy and some sort of paintball gun and you should be able to shoot down a drone no problem
Leo Theo (1 month ago)
I work I a sort center and when I was working I noticed a group of the learning and leadership team testing a drone out. I'm not sure if they're getting ready to test it out here or if they're testing out new security technology for our building. I mean they already track us by scanners. Next they'll have a drone fly in the bathroom while we're hiding in the stall to nuke us down for being off task for 5 minutes when it took 5 minutes just to walk into the stalls.
kseries1981 (1 month ago)
how about deliver my package to my front door, not in the middle of an open field. k thanks
Antonio Martinez (1 month ago)
5 ponds is Good, iI just check it with my exercise hand weight. That's plenty for starters.
undecisiveusernameguy (1 month ago)
Mexicans will steal your drone.
Nanovor 4444 (1 month ago)
Can't put that shit in Brooklyn lol
itzChubbz (1 month ago)
if u touch the drone the police will be contacted
tigerfanman (1 month ago)
i can see this working in japan but america has such a douche bag culture willing to take out the drone for fun, thats why we can't have nice things
Matthew Cofield (1 month ago)
Woah the first delivery was on my birthday
RidgeDog X64 (1 month ago)
.someone shoots down the drone. .picks up package and opens. "fuck yeah its the stale popcorn ive wanted screw the firestick" or .amazon worker takes the package as its landing. "hell yeah free stuff" .runs away.
anonymous XD F you (1 month ago)
UK fuck yeah
MMoazzem Babor (1 month ago)
thanks! for your super service guys.............. I was really amazed!
MMoazzem Babor (1 month ago)
owow! great ! technology
ItsWyvern (1 month ago)
So when this is a public thing, does that mean it would only work with packages that weigh 5lbs and under? If that's the case, Then what if you bought an item under that limit, but if wouldn't fit in the drone? Also, what if you buy an item that exceeds the weight capacity and the dimensions the drone can carry, would it just be delivered normally?
georgi vanev (1 month ago)
When i make an order ill wait the drone to arrive and when it lands im gonna throw a blanket over it. Thats a good way to get a free drone. But what if the drones have a GPS inside them? The police will arrive and arrest you.
mike97525 (1 month ago)
Kiki Tay (1 month ago)
I foresee these drones as prized targets and protesters claiming trespassing of "private airspace". Why hunt for birds when you can hunt for SmartPhones, tablets and groceries from the sky..
John S (1 month ago)
What amazon needs to do is buy roofs from grocery stores and make the drone delivery to somewhere in your neighborhood instead of to your door. That way they can cheaply recover their drones, dont have to worry about them getting stolen or glitching when trying to take off again and have a nice big safe spot to land that is private property (and has a full-time attendant who has been briefed on drone safety).
geoff luxon (1 month ago)
yes can you see English customer wanting to drop there package nearish there house no signature nothing wont work you see one follow it and pick it up shame the owner is out working ps couldn't even delivery to la postcode without royal mail lol fact
geoff luxon (1 month ago)
yes can you see English customer wanting to drop there package nearish there house no signature nothing wont work you see one follow it and pick it up shame the owner is out working ps couldn't even delivery to la postcode without royal mail lol fact
DOOCE100 (1 month ago)
They will in the end shut down rc flying sites limited to what you can fly if bought a drone new no matter on size you have to register it this so they can plan flight paths an landing zone if drone cart deliver to your door streets or town's will have a meetings or drop zone for your goods soon I tell ya
seanonel (1 month ago)
Can't wait to read all the hilarious stories about the adventures that these drones will be having. I can see my £300 package being dropped off in the bird bath...
seanonel (1 month ago)
Can't wait to read all the hilarious stories about the adventures that these drones will be having. I can see my £300 package being dropped off in the bird bath...
CyroGamesHD (1 month ago)
Item 45$ Amazon air shipping 100$
naga perak (1 month ago)
what if the weather is bad condition?
OBESE MODE (1 month ago)
Don't Amazon realise that the drones could be hacked?
Omer Gaming94 (1 month ago)
Underground mini trains would have been way safer
Parker Tron (1 month ago)
This drone lands on one of those pads right? And the 'customer' in this video has one hell of a big field to put that down in. But what if you live in a block of flats? (without any balcony) Drone lands on the pavement or communal lawn? Honestly....?
Anthony Dreemurr (1 month ago)
Is That How Prime Works?
DrOnE GuY UK (1 month ago)
it's an accident waiting to happen
Var'ri Kitsune (1 month ago)
I love the whole blimp idea 40,000ft. I'm sure nothing could go wrong with this...
Var'ri Kitsune (1 month ago)
Fuck this shit, it's just another way for the government to spy on us...there is talk of having drones mounted on street lights I find this creepy as fuck...they better not cross too low in my airspace...
The Astounding Empiricist (1 month ago)
What if you live in an apartment or condo?
Jamie Caslin (1 month ago)
It buzzes and then you let it in.
The Astounding Empiricist (1 month ago)
Another technology that will replace thousands of workers.
Dennis Sanders (1 month ago)
For all of you people concerned with others shooting down these drones, or throwing rocks at these drones etc. What about all the packages that get stolen from your front porch? What about all the times the delivery guy fails to drop your package off at your door, but instead leaves it outside at a neighbors house? Or what about all the customers who live in apartment complexes where the delivery drivers will leave your purchased item with some bozo lady in the office who doesn't even sign for it and can't remember if you have a package that was delivered? I mean for fucks sakes people.. no matter WHAT there will always be assholes in the world. Calm down and embrace change!
OneCupGaming (1 month ago)
What if someone shot it down while its Delivering?
Sebastiano Crudu (1 month ago)
FreemanFilms (1 month ago)
LOOK LOOK THERE IS AN AUTOMOBILE COMING TOWARDS US!!! ARRRGGGHHHH!! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!! That's what you all sound like (reference to the first cars on the roads) Jesus! If you don't want drones wait for your packages. I'll have mine in 30 minutes thanks :-)
tuberesu (1 month ago)
All you need is a 12 bore !
Dan Dare (1 month ago)
Will they fly during blizzards, lightning storms or even a moderate drizzle? How do they avoid power lines, poles, street lights, traffic lights, trees, awnings, roof-mounted flag poles, wind gusts and curious falcons? Will territorial dogs run out and destroy them upon landing? Too many questions...
elfletcha (1 month ago)
Amazon enough of the fake air delivery methods! Stolen drones and packages is all that will come about. All this is just for free advertising talk. Don't believe their BS!
ronjon83 (1 month ago)
If they're smart, they won't offer this service to Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Atlanta..... you know why.
AceBlaggard (1 month ago)
Because every Amazon customer has a garden the size of a football pitch that is safe to land a drone on. I look forward to any flying over my house and seeing how they cope with GPS spoofing.
Radkon Psygami (1 month ago)
Hey Jimmy!  There's a fridge in the sky! - Get the shotgun and lets see how big of a hole in the roof this cargo can make when dropped from 500 ft in the air.
Michael Zeleznik (1 month ago)
Smart idea, but what if the customer is bad and tries stealing the drone... it would be easy for someone to do-since its on their property, and is operating on its own, you just grab it and turn it off. Now you hove your own amazon drone. How can they prevent this? Just a thought
axelxan (1 month ago)
Good luck in Ealing xD
Nine90Group (1 month ago)
Soooo... American consumers make Amazon the giant company that it is today, but Amazon tests this tech in England. The fuck is wrong with you ungrateful pieces of shit?
D Heyes (1 month ago)
My problem with drone delivery is that I live within 5 miles of an airport and the FAA has a ban on drones flying anywhere within that 5 mile radius. Guess that means that I'll have to keep watching for reliable "Brown" for now.
Thetruebrain (1 month ago)
So many people people are pointing out bad things that could happen, I am just wondering if when UPS and FedEx employee's are put out of work will they become the pioneers in the new air pirate industry in their desperate attempt to make a living?
Sha Sha (1 month ago)
Gosh. Amazon can now secretly takes photos or live videos of our home and sell it as data to map companies worldwide. Or scan our own yard for stuff that we, probably need eg: Email: hey! from Amazon, we think you need to buy some new paint amazonproducturl for the front door, it easy to diy painting as well see these youtubeurl, and your dog probably need those GPS tracking collar as this one amazonproducturl. Thanks. With lets say thousands of drones in the air, few hundreds surveillance drones flying here and there seems invisible enough to public attention. Regards. Snowden
AquaSimplex (2 months ago)
ok but I dont have a yard.
Jon Smithy (2 months ago)
I wonder how many dildos you can get in one delivery.
HumbleHeartMinistry (2 months ago)
Great Idea for those who live in the right area`s. With today`s tech. I`m sure they can come up with something to ID, and/or stop the poor misguided sinners who will want to destroy them or steal the packages. I have a GPS Drone and I would trust this Tech. to deliver my packages!
RayDill 6061 (2 months ago)
So What happens if some broke hillbilly or thug decides to shoot it down to get them quick cash?
VPPAF (2 months ago)
finally forced to use a small delivery box
Meet Ghelani (2 months ago)
When Will Prime Air Be Availaible In iNDIA ????????????
유림 (2 months ago)
caca KNZ (2 months ago)
tout sa pour livrer un paquet de chips
sariga manoj (2 months ago)
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me nefcanto (2 months ago)
I'm waiting for that person who will say "I want the pink drone".
GreenAndGreener (2 months ago)
check out amazon stuff on our channel ;)
David Me (2 months ago)
Traedme una nueva heladera
Travis D (2 months ago)
Member when humans used to deliver packages in a box with wheels?
kekejojo1212 (2 months ago)
i cant wait until these come out and all these retarded commenters who think they can fire a weapon in random directions and destroy expensive property without getting arrested, then we wont have to deal with these retards as much. oh wait, everyone saying they are going to shoot one down is 12 hurr durr everyone is stupid, shut the fuck up, if you are thinking about posting "im gana git a free drone lul" you aren't original. shut up. just shut up.
expendablepreloader (2 months ago)
How long do you think it is going to take a German Shepherd to total one of these things that lands in its yard?
Tim & Kathy Dawson-Townsend (2 months ago)
Good thing that guy has a huge backyard!
arun hdgaming (2 months ago)
this would probably be good for countrysides and places with spaced out houses and people.