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Amazon Prime Air’s First Customer Delivery

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Amazon Prime Air has begun private trials in England, and the first customer delivery by drone recently took place. Check it out!
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Brandon Wiebe (3 days ago)
Imagine just sitting in your back yard with a shotgun waiting for a delivery drone fly by. Free stuff for everyone!
Chirayu Mittal (6 days ago)
Reasons for faliure- 1. Not door to door. 2. Cant be used in urban areas as there are many high rise buildings, skyscrappers. 3. Cannot be used for heavy items as drones are meant to be light weight. 4. If a drone is made to deliver heavy items then powerful motors would be used, costing more. 5. Can be hacked by hackers as it has GPS and all which are not reliable and easily hacked .
Jake (6 days ago)
Underground conveyor belts would be safer and better looking than this.
steve molina (8 days ago)
Its a nice idea but i think there ei be people that will try to rub them
Lee Nix (8 days ago)
Blondie at :35
Kuldeep Kumar (9 days ago)
Amazon stop taking away jobs
Dillon Rocha (11 days ago)
I live in a country town,how do I know Im going to get my package? and it wont be shot down by some redneck consperisist.
Colten Stiles (11 days ago)
Next Amazon infiltration drones
cmrn (12 days ago)
Amazon Prime Outerspace confirmed?
Robby Vogt (22 days ago)
Amazone Richtung Zukunft, weiter so
Sunny shah (22 days ago)
Amazon and Tesla are two companies which will be very huge with world wide network of epic proportions in the near future
Hardcore Highlights (24 days ago)
the chips tjo]]ho
Darkin Scythe (25 days ago)
i cant wait to shot drone and get free item + drone EASY LİKE İF YOU AGREE !!
Asap Gamer (25 days ago)
skys not the limit aye? whats next? you guys going to build the first space elevator? it would be the most expensive item on the planet but could allow you guys to build the first amazon space station where you deliver packages by raining them down in little pods! :D
JGJASON (25 days ago)
How much this dude pay to get drone delivery?
dontfearng2h (27 days ago)
How the fuck can you people support this. You know how many jobs this would destroy? No apparently you haven’t taken that into consideration. Get off your lazy asses and get your package.
Juan (28 days ago)
still waiting for this in Miami
HalJo Dav (29 days ago)
Amazon is getting scary levels powerful.
John Beer (30 days ago)
Amazon: a company rich enough to take the piss but they forgot something! The consumer ain't stupid! Don't believe this bunch of crap.
Dan Singh (30 days ago)
It's 2018 I'm still waiting
Monkish Tog (1 month ago)
Only available 1mm away from official amazon dispatch wear house
mysterious lati0s animations (1 month ago)
back in my day you would have to wait until your stegosaurus arrived
Adrian justwatch (1 month ago)
and how can you deliver it in a city?
Meme Land (1 month ago)
Anybody got a Sam&Cat flashback?
Flymd88Time (1 month ago)
use a phantom
Nikil Kumar (1 month ago)
Its not true that the sky's the limit? So I'm going to wait for Amazon Prime "Space".
Crunchy Tech (1 month ago)
Awesome. Awesome.
Hello World (1 month ago)
Wtf amazon should first goe world wide because it soesen even ship to my country.
sunflower (1 month ago)
Amazon, simply the smartest of them all....must be hard for YouTube, own by Google... to watch this.... ;)
debvath (1 month ago)
This was made to fail lmao
Freya Mac (1 month ago)
great.. more human jobs gone...
Max Perry (1 month ago)
Can't wait to Steal my first Drone from Amazon!!!
Paul Benedict (1 month ago)
Try to imagine the noise that we have to endure when thousands of these flying above our heads, the restlessness they will add to this already very restless world. And the price of this service will again, make sure that the rich will be spared and the poor suffer most of the consequences.
Joe Piervincenti (1 month ago)
I am totally blown away by this and it's great to see an organization keeping up to speed with the available technology. I saw the first computer in libraries in 1995 available for the everyday user and you have people today they don't even know how to do email. 32 years later. Not to mention the average person today has never used software. the other thing I'm flabbergasted about is how you have people today they don't even want a smartphone they would prefer to be backward and some would prefer to have a rotary dial phone again. Most people don't even know what a rotary phone is anymore.
Joev1 (1 month ago)
If I see one I'll shoot it down and run with the package
Kid film theater (1 month ago)
Drones Brasil (1 month ago) CHOPP DELIVERY
CoDCrafteed- (1 month ago)
Did anyone else not think that the drone could get shot down and stolen?
pokemon catcher123 pokemoncatcher123 (1 month ago)
rokesh laishram (2 months ago)
what if i want to return the product? Should i call 911
John DeRocco (2 months ago)
Ya bastards your gonna take away millions of jobs
Alan Rich (2 months ago)
Cool I don't need to buy shooting clays anymore!
Rick Rosas (2 months ago)
Made that guy walk far af lol.
michael50694 (2 months ago)
Hurry up I'm tired of waiting so long for packages.
a over priced intel cpu (2 months ago)
Buy cheap item. Wait for drone. Steal drone. Sell drone. Profit$$
Thomas Eccles (2 months ago)
Add Scotland to this trail!
HawksFan 007 (2 months ago)
popcorn and fire tv. that's a sad 1st order.
Emerald Eletes (2 months ago)
Amazon already made a video of this but the drones looked completely different
Redomic (2 months ago)
Boi, can't wait to shoot that thing down and sell it's parts :)
As cool as this idea sounds... it's floored for a number of reason's, say the drone accidentally hits something at someone's property, resulting in damage to the drone, does that bring a risk to the customer being held liable for it? Amazon blaming the customer for the damage to the drone that was their fault? Or what if the drone has a complete system failure mid air, falls and lands on someone? Vandalism will certainly be an issue as well, where there will be no protection or guarantee that the product will get to the customer. As some others have said, thugs or even criminal's could get hold of the drone... wouldn't take them much to disable the tracking device on it. Weather again as some others have said, this will certainly be an issue in heavy rains, storms etc, where flying such a drone would be impractical and dangerous. Of course what if you happen to live in a multi story apartment block of flats? Unless the item is delivered on the ground floor, which by the time you get down there... some kids in hoodies have done a runner with it. I can only see this service being practical to those with garden's.... and big enough that the drone isn't going to get knocked by something coming down.
AGoodCookie :P (2 months ago)
After this we're gonna see the CAUGHT THE AMAZON PRIMEAIR DRONE!!! (NOT CLICKBAIT) videos.
imnotdeadyet (2 months ago)
what about if its raining?
2020 Chevy Mustang (2 months ago)
How about bad weather like rain, snow, hail, tornados, ect.? How about when thugs like me try to shoot them down with gangster ass guns?
Automation Technologies (2 months ago)
but still not delivery to Kazakstan
Thor Odinson (2 months ago)
ima take the drone aswell
Shyam Zzp (2 months ago)
What if during the drone landing i take my order and the drone itself...
I suspect the drone will have some sort of GPS tracking device installed, so they will know the last location will be your address.
Justine Filler (2 months ago)
If order a TV and frieze can the from delivery?
rhinoceros (3 months ago)
And if I live in the center of a city? Where will they place it? On my roof or straight down on the heavily trafficked street in front of my door?
Jacob Agora (3 months ago)
would if some butthole shoots my delivery down and takes it... who fault would it be?
Ethan Wilson (3 months ago)
Ever heard of a baseball bat.
Lucas Alexander (3 months ago)
Hahahahahahahahaha I don’t live near mountains hehehe
123WelshDan321 (3 months ago)
Whoa hold on a minute; do you get free popcorn with a fire stick?
Rahul (3 months ago)
What is the name of music in the background?
tarini patel (3 months ago)
980 Jamaicans thought it said 'dis i like'
savage life (3 months ago)
F*co Amazon they take a month for me to order one thing
Luis Lopez (3 months ago)
highly doubt it"ll work people can steal your stuff if your not paying attention or someone just whacks the drone out of the sky and takes the package. If its going to work it'll need like some kind defense mechanism.
Tony V (3 months ago)
Pretty cool except for leaving it in the lawn.
Samsung/Android Is the best (3 months ago)
How does One Day Shipping works?
artrease kizer (3 months ago)
Technology taking over.
Lisa Adler (3 months ago)
Omg, I cannot wait until this is a thing in the USA
Michael (3 months ago)
This is crazy and so awesome! The future is bright!
NeeyatiSharma333059 (3 months ago)
Now Amazon shits all over the world
MonkeyButt69 (3 months ago)
What a surprise the fattest bastard in England is using Amazon Prime Air because he doesn't want to leave his couch.
Luis Lopez (3 months ago)
tripjet999 (3 months ago)
"in 30 minutes or"...FEWER, not less. Note to amazon: use one of the spelling/grammar checkers in your inventory.
ur mum gae (3 months ago)
I can shoot that to get free shit
jaehong Park (3 months ago)
J. Aaron McCullough (4 months ago)
No thanks. Personally, I don't have a backyard, but I don't want a private company that locks up my financial relationship with them in complex layered and compromising legalese to fly over and record video of my stuff and people and my neighbors' stuff. and people. Sorry neighbors, I couldn't be assed to have some overpriced item likely available locally, and if not, then expensively shipped and often overpackaged, delivered to all over the place conveniently, or held close by safely, or shipped to store, but shipped by trains, planes, trucks, buses, you name it on wheels and the like. Glad that shit can be regulated and litigated and done so federally via states and localities here. I wish you people in England well figuring this one out. I believe I read quite a few of your wonderful post-WWII youth fiction Sci-Fi stories in my childhood scaring us away from such leaps in technology and surveillance. Good luck.
max benson (4 months ago)
I'm gonna do this then shoot it with my airlift gun
Cooper Notch (4 months ago)
Who would just next to a window for like 30 minuets just to get chips or something
frankie neve 1975 (4 months ago)
cant wait to get my first free drone ha ha
ARJUN REDDY (4 months ago)
My drone dji spark has only 20 mins battery life. . This seems to be having 24 hours battery life
Terence333 (4 months ago)
This is something useful!
Manish Mahanti (5 months ago)
Catapults would become a roaring business..
Prop Hunt Guy 4589 (5 months ago)
How will you know when it land if your not sitting by the window
Diegothepianokid03 (5 months ago)
What if it rains?
Deli Para (5 months ago)
lmao some people will make it crash to steal the goods
Sugar Surfing - published by MediSelf Press (5 months ago)
Residents impacted by natural disasters could really use this service as a way of receiving life-critical medical supplies like insulin, insulin delivery equipment and blood sugar monitoring kit.
kristian johansen (5 months ago)
Yeah that's a great idea I could imagine seeing an guy who's obsessed whit Nintendo and when all suddenly package accidentally just drops on his face and when he opens it ending up finding his thick head inside the package
Andrew McGraw (5 months ago)
it is.
Andrew McGraw (5 months ago)
he's not a clutz.
ajax5622 (5 months ago)
Read an article about Amazon delivery drones, they may be giving devices to scan your property to sell you more crap. If I see 1 on these drones I will shoot it, my post man doesn't look around my house and make suggestions, why should amazon
Jane (6 months ago)
If only they can do this with bigger packages.
Tristin Miller (6 months ago)
If one delivered to me I guess I have a free drone and the porn I purchased!
Too quick Too mean (6 months ago)
where you want to drop off the package
Too quick Too mean (6 months ago)
you guys should start doing this a lot more because its cool and its a faster way to go to your destination
DisTuber mario (6 months ago)
A lot of YES, and NO, coming from this comment section.
English Grammar (7 months ago)
England is an overcrowded urban shithole where almost nobody lives in the countryside. So, only for the top one percent; celebrities, royals and the like.
canoeist2008 (7 months ago)
I like this technology cool.
Galaxy Gavin (7 months ago)
Drone: mk here is ur $10000 diamond or somethingggggg **drop**
Fire Ice (7 months ago)
You will need a amazon rocket to deliver my tv set !