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Amazon Prime Air’s First Customer Delivery

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Amazon Prime Air has begun private trials in England, and the first customer delivery by drone recently took place. Check it out!
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jeremy western (1 day ago)
cfcreative (1 day ago)
I hear the next stage is they are going to ferry thousands of packages by a huge jet powered flying aircraft that goes from one major destination to another even on another continent crossing oceans. From there it is split up to smaller ground vehicles that can disperse it right to your home. There is also no fear of decapitation by a rotary blade. Progress!
Dean Whitehurst (3 days ago)
Bad idea.
OutlawsGaming (9 days ago)
Say if I want a television, well their be like 10 drones working together to deliver it?
One Punch Mer (5 days ago)
I dont think so XD but that would be crazy.. 'hey darling, are u listening to this bzzz?' 'bees?' 'nope, 10 delivery drones' hah
zendrato team (11 days ago)
This's 2019 i hope asap will be come to my country Indonesia
Mark Taylor (14 days ago)
Yeah UK drone code clearly doesn't apply to these guys does it. Bullshit
G F (18 days ago)
I will destroy every drone i see !!
Londonstain Ww4 (18 days ago)
Can I order a drone strike
The Intelligent Gamer (19 days ago)
That’ll be so damn cool when it rolls out everywhere. You’re just chilling on your porch and you see an Amazon drone hover down to your doorstep, drop your stuff and fly away.
Wicked One (24 days ago)
Did anyone see the new Child's Play? 😱
Misty Meadows (26 days ago)
I bet criminals are taking careful notice of this.
Mike Nolan (1 month ago)
Bandersnatch. . . . .
Rayrockny (1 month ago)
Everyone keeps saying they will shoot the drones down🤔 couldn’t you just rob the Fedex truck instead, if you’re that desperate for $20 trinkets?
Кирилл Малышев (1 month ago)
Из-за вас я проебал хку Пидорасы
fras seedahmed (1 month ago)
They used a drone to record a drone. *Drone inception*
Phantomfury 420 (1 month ago)
Why not focus on makeing ground shipments faster? The money spent on somthing that can only do 5lbs is retarded. Plus the other hurdles involved make this hot garbage. Wait till a drone drops on some kid because some fat loser wanted a candy bar.
Chris (1 month ago)
basically this type of delivery will only be open to people with a large open space available for drone to land eg large garden, not available in a built up areas, not available to people living in flats and will only be available when there is good weather / good visibility... Ok, this will work then..
S StevenSuperbike (1 month ago)
Target practice for some I'm sure... bit like nicking the airdrop on COD
Alfie Dean (1 month ago)
what lazy bastard orders popcorn to their house coz they cba to go to the shops
min mempas (1 month ago)
It could be an amazing system of revolutionary delivery of packages which could have many advantages but also disadvantages
min mempas (1 month ago)
2- The difficulties that this program could know are: The malfunctioning of the drone during delivery may cause the defect of delivery of the package, the package which is delivered at around 30 feets from the delivery address could be picked up by a poorly intentioned passerby; in the end, the delivery of a private or confidential package can attract the attention of the neighborhood. it should be noted that this system can only work in really developed countries that have an address system.
min mempas (1 month ago)
1- The challenges and opportunities that this drone program could generate if such a system were actually put in place could be: The speed in the delivery, the insurance of the delivery, that is to say one would be convinced that the package was indeed delivered, the quarantiy of the confidenciality. It should be noted that this program could only be beneficial for express packages because a drone can not carry several packages to deliver to several addresses.
Yuji Yasaka (1 month ago)
Sorry, it's not going to work! This is a stupid idea!
chicken dodo (1 month ago)
if i see one of those drones i would hit it down
OxM (1 month ago)
Wouldn’t it be a bit risky for planes taking off and landing with drones flying around everywhere?
EPIC GAMES (1 month ago)
smart idea I could but on a mask and they could not see my face and I could get the drone and destroy it *intelligent* NO your not I wonder how it got to your location hm maybe a address? no just randomly found you ya know
only for you (2 months ago)
How much does it delivery cost?
dk 1057 (2 months ago)
What if u actually get on the drone?
WARDEN 46 (2 months ago)
Y'all made that old man walk all the way outside like that LOL. My luck you guys will land the shit on my roof. I ain't got no ladder. LOL
Hephaestus (2 months ago)
Brin it on MY SHOTGUN IS LOADED. Ready fot Target Parctice
J J (2 months ago)
I see lawyers lining up, crashes to environmental impact... .
GinoTR (2 months ago)
¿Quiénes aquí por Diana Granados?
James Cole (2 months ago)
so many of these are going to get taken down...people are training hawks to do it...cant imagine they can go into bad parts of cities and make it back...theres going to be a bunch of drone stories
Wiktor Jaciów (2 months ago)
The drones amazon uses are massive, not the usual size of a dji, they r like 1 metre long and wide
Robert Vaughn (2 months ago)
Domo arigato Mr. Roboto
FrenchGundam (3 months ago)
Can you actually imagine being a "drone pirate" and that everytime you shoot a drone you get a surprise packages? I mean that's gonna happen a lot when this busness will grow more, people gonna make special 3D printed gun meant to shoot down amazon drone and get the loot. And Amazon will need a mounted gun on their drone to fight back with the right to shoot anybody who get to close. Gosh Amazon is the perfect evil corporation in the making.
Destiny Fan (3 months ago)
On Amazon UK they suggest knife-proof clothing. That's commerce at its best.
Fox Blue River (3 months ago)
Can this deliver weed?
Mr. Bigglesworth (2 months ago)
Fox Blue River not funny C- for effort.
Ds p (3 months ago)
Ds p (3 months ago)
Ds p (3 months ago)
NoCopyrightMusic (3 months ago)
Can't wait for youtube dash cam compilations of drones falling from the sky on people's cars haha
Flyin High (3 months ago)
I’d steal the drone 😂😂 jk
Guss Ka (4 months ago)
but what if I shoot one down?
Ataur Rofique (4 months ago)
Bill Ayala (4 months ago)
I can do it
desi maja (4 months ago)
In India people will shot down by stone and looted it.
Golden Boy (4 months ago)
huh but i live near gatwick runway
Nguyễn Hải (4 months ago)
- What do you do for a living? - I'm a drone hunter.
mfofendy (5 months ago)
Why do these British baffoons get this service before us? Yuk
robot boy (3 months ago)
Aye, truthfully spoken liketh the baffoon and his U.S ne'er-do-well lots yond art likely to shooteth this projecteth down. thee has't a brain f'r a reasoneth, useth t
The Q news (5 months ago)
Why did it deliver it to a field?? Lol
Mike Letterst (5 months ago)
Amazon is doing an amazing job! I honestly appreciate their customer service more than anything else. I remember how painful it was trying to return an item that is defective or missing at Walmart, Target and now I don't have to deal with those assholes again.
Aron Tesfay (5 months ago)
I'm hugely skeptical about drones being the future of package delivery. The sky would be a mess even with the current volume of packages being delivered by drones. An underground network of tunnels is far more practical and far safer
Mint Awoo (5 months ago)
2019, now where the hell are the drones at?
Universal Link (5 months ago)
People saying they would shoot the drones down, this is why it's being tested in the UK.
Miyakutsune (5 months ago)
Sadly i dought they will do this on a large scale because of those stupid pathetic gun owners.
Shakeel Akhtar (6 months ago)
Drones take care of customer's delivery. Who gonna take care of the drones?
Tormod August Reinshorn (6 months ago)
Is this ASMR?
Harry Redknapp (6 months ago)
That's literally in my area of Cambridgeshire lol never realised
Jason Michel (6 months ago)
I can see it now the drone drop a box of crap from 200ft in the air right into someone's windshield while driving causing a 40 car pile up
Neo2266 (6 months ago)
People are gonna be making drone robberies now
Garrett Pete (6 months ago)
john dst (6 months ago)
In India,we ppl crash those drones..ppl r ready with their petrol packets,rocks,stones, net,gas cutters,guns, trained dogs,cats,monkeys n eagles n last with drones...Amazon RIP.we all get trained themselves n giving training everyone how to catch things from drone..creating virtual environment,jammers to block drones,perfect shooters😁😁😁😁 creating sensor based kites..... Amazon use my knowledge...we indians don't steal the items..we destroy the items....
J BM (6 months ago)
Whoops I ordered stuff to Gatwick
Mooseysmom (7 months ago)
Looks great until “porch pirates” turn into “hover hijackers” and start shooting delivery drones out of the sky to get the package.
Vergmo G. (7 months ago)
Amazon Is Surely Gonna Shut This Program After Reading The Comments!! 🤣
Vergmo G. (7 months ago)
I am glad for not selling my Vintage Gun. It is gonna be quite handy. Waiting for my new iPhone!
Vergmo G. (7 months ago)
Soon there is going to be Space delivery! Behold, The Blue Origin Orbital Delivery! 😂
Vergmo G. (7 months ago)
What If my eagle hijacked it!? And stole the package and gave it back to me after the drone is gone🤣
Seb Fury (6 months ago)
You’ll just get a ha for that one...
For the World (7 months ago)
I fly my mavic air all the time... oh well say good bye to my $1,000 dollar drone because it’s going to crash into a amozon drone. RIP
Batatz Batatatz (7 months ago)
What if it's raining?
Blue Melon (7 months ago)
Nice! Now my orders can by sniped down instead of just stolen from my porch!
Ayy (7 months ago)
The Huguenot (7 months ago)
They definitely arent working right now with everyone in Britain on strike
justsomeawesome dude (7 months ago)
Trump and his supporters: MEXICANS ARE STEALING THE AMERICANS JOB! Reality or me: technology devices are actually stealing the Americans job...😑 (I thought this would be funny?)
Anonymous User (8 months ago)
Open season on drones! Free stuff!!
NIKINAUTICS (8 months ago)
its ok. about the automation but if they program the software or app in such a way that the customer should notified after getting package delivered then it will be good other wise drone will return back and package will be in open area
Keith Christensen (8 months ago)
I want this so much.
Joey (8 months ago)
This will lose lot of people job😔😔
Necro Ninja Nate (8 months ago)
Now this... Is Epic
Warriorseamonkey16 (8 months ago)
shoots a nerf gun at the thing
Factorial K (8 months ago)
PUBG air drop incoming
Cherry Stone (8 months ago)
Can't wait for the day I can order Dominoes. I can just sit on the sofa and see a drone fly through my window drop my pizza on my table and fly off giving me the thumbs up🖒 . I would love that.
Madhusudhan Reddy (8 months ago)
It's a bad idea
Arav Ambaram (8 months ago)
I don’t like your ecodot
good guy (8 months ago)
rip usps and ups lol
Lauren (9 months ago)
First these drones will b used for commerce then for controlling the general population... spyware then locating n herding book if Revelation re the Mark!!
Jai Sree Ram (9 months ago)
ɪғʟʏsᴏʜɪɢʜ ;3 (9 months ago)
*That moment when a drone delivers a drone* :)
Cyber Zone (9 months ago)
Pubg loots
Razvan Petac (9 months ago)
The drone will receive concessions if my parcel its not on my roof ?
VRJ YADAV (9 months ago)
When will it come in india
Soham And Friends Vines (9 months ago)
I am very excited .
vivek vaishnav (9 months ago)
This is crazy amazing!!!!! Keep it up Amazon it's awesome 😍
jeffin jozeph (9 months ago)
Amazing delivery
Arghya Biswas (9 months ago)
Steven Quigley (9 months ago)
X-Press 2 Feat. David Byrne - Lazy
Chicken Burrito (9 months ago)
What if it flies over the White House and gets shot down lol
vaibhav Tandekar (9 months ago)
If Amazon started this in india every customer will get a free drone with their order
Mr. Last Victim (9 months ago)
In india.. they take Drone too...
master gamerz (9 months ago)
What if some one steals it in the way
SCS Saicharan studios (9 months ago)
It's Great Hope we get it in India Fastly.....
amit nawaria (9 months ago)
is it possible in india?