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The EU is a Threat to Democracy | Jacob Rees-Mogg | Oxford Union

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Jacob Rees Mogg argues that the European Union is a threat to democracy. SUBSCRIBE for more speakers ► http://is.gd/OxfordUnion Facebook @ http://fb.me/theoxfordunion Twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/OxfordUnion Oxford Union Website @ http://www.oxford-union.org/ Jacob Rees Mogg opens a new front against the EU over their alleged "contempt for public opinion." Mr Rees-Mogg claims this is shown not only by the Commission repeatedly demanding referenda on EU treaties until they are approved, but by its role in the removal of elected leaders of countries such as Greece and Italy. The EU gives a voice to extremist parties such as Greece's New Dawn and France's Le Front National. Their successes, amplified in EU elections, have become a destabilising influence on member states' democracies. MOTION: "THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT THE EU IS A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY" Filmed on Thursday 24th October 2013 ABOUT JACOB REES-MOGG: Jacob William Rees-Mogg is a British Conservative Party politician, who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for North East Somerset since the 2010 general election. Rees-Mogg is in the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party. ABOUT THE OXFORD UNION SOCIETY: The Union is the world's most prestigious debating society, with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford. It has been established for 189 years, aiming to promote debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across the globe. Rights managed by Oxford Media Associates http://www.oxfordmediaassociates.com/ Filmed by Oxford Media Solutions http://www.oxfordmediasolutions.co.uk
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Text Comments (2846)
alec cap (19 hours ago)
JRM now sacked and good job indeed
Ed (1 day ago)
Hes such a prick. Where is he hiding?
Big- Bugsy (1 day ago)
Words from a former Rothschilds banker . Wake up everyone .
Jan Geerling (2 days ago)
It shoul be an honour to be destroyed by Jacob Rees-Mogg.
khchoi2012 (2 days ago)
This speech was made in 2013 Almost prophetic. We have now put our democracy first. Let's see any other countries in EU will follow suit
afvet (3 days ago)
Jason Rees-Moggs and Nigel Farage should be running the United Kingdom. Boris is a weakling. He is going to make Brexit drawn out and the British is going to get screwed.
afvet (3 days ago)
Don't give the EU shit. Take back what you rightly owned before joining that joke and ripoff system called the EU. F the EU.
mandeep kaur (4 days ago)
The British monarchy is a threat to democracy. Abolish it.
Moey Mo (5 days ago)
He makes me smile he’s a blast from the past I could imagine him in a 1930s parliament
Richard Norman (5 days ago)
When Cameron stepped down. This guy should have got the top job.
edward toner (6 days ago)
This should be on TV one night a week . Brilliant
rubberneck2 (7 days ago)
JRM is smoother than Robert Palmer and Bryan Ferry combined.
Jeffery Kitchen (8 days ago)
EU nothing but a Star Chamber!!! Thank God England has gone,if the Scottish want to stay let it be on their on head
stefan stoss (8 days ago)
i know nothing so much for democracy yes before prince charles married lady Dianna the queen had more relatives in germnay... nonono thats prejudice GERMANY htan in england 50% of the population is above average IQ thats the good news " pandemonium " is a word Milton used for the othe r50% and average IQ is not good enough to manage todays complex reality so the majority the thing that rules democracy we are told does not if IQ measures such know what to do democracy= number of votes = knowledge truth usefullness the minority an dengland is in europa note europa not europe a minority although the majority on th eplanet speak endlish ....english and are wanting to understand chinese the minority that matters are the capitalist bosses so do invite a billionaire to the august and lofty oxford union {{{ maybe Ray Dalio }}} youtube.com/watch?v=0ADDxFiQ_S0&t=20s these are the uniforms they now wear at the changing of the guard in front of Bundestag Building this is better sou nd quality .youtube.com/watch?v=lc9U29Ea8LE i am addicted to musik .youtube.com/watch?v=hUnYxKwSQm8 this doenst have as many views as katy perry and oxford U amazingly beingsuch a treasure to democracy deosnt
Ralf Rath (8 days ago)
And the British monarchy is not a threat to Democracy?
usmcusausaf (9 days ago)
you mean the democracy of the usa/uk/israel ? i say, bullies need an attitude adjustment. its coming.
Lorry Camill (9 days ago)
George Soros control Europe he can remove any leader that don’t bow to him ,and they bankrupt Greece and half Europe
alec cap (9 days ago)
Is democracy something where you never see a poor MP of which their wages are paid by the millions of poor people ? Is democracy where 17.4 million people vote and 4 years later their request is still NOT upheld ? What is democracy when you pay more in tax for less services due to the wrong people being in the wrong jobs because they are in charge ? This country the UK is no democracy and anyone with half a brain knows it, its a mess
George Valettas (9 days ago)
I kept wondering what he reminded me of. Then it dawned on me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGxSM5y7Pfs - upper class twit of the year, indeed. He's a walking, talking self-parody, he is, our learned Oxonian. Well, if we're going to embrace hyperbole by arguing that the EU is a threat to democracy, then I think it's safe to assert that British Conservatism is the reincarnation of Fascism.
Fred Blogs (9 days ago)
Is the judiciary in Britain rotten?
Fred Blogs (9 days ago)
Love this bloke! Go for it, J R-M
Blue Roman (10 days ago)
It was politicians that got us into that fine institution in the first place. The people finally, after voting twice, have got the UK out of the corrupt institutions of the EU. Mr. Mogg has exactly what was wished for in this very fine speech. We have reestablished the power and control of our great nation back into the hands of Parliament. I just hope that it is a complete break we voted for, with not one grapple hook attached, and that our trust in them proves worthy.
Melvin Dorkus (12 days ago)
fish and chips taste like poop
Melvin Dorkus (12 days ago)
This is what it looks like from inside the coffin
Kevin MacDonald (12 days ago)
Eu army will have hard time getting folks into ovens, sooo... Let them have their army... since Japan built theirs back up, might as well...
John Hooper (12 days ago)
I only just happened on this post but I had to comment. I loath this man. He, and people like him are the real threat to democracy in the UK. They hate the EU because it challenged their expectation of a divine right to rule. His audience are the next generation of posh boys and girls who will expect to be running the country when they leave Oxford so they are the ideal audience for this distasteful man
Juan (5 days ago)
@Kevin MacDonald IKR!!!!!!! Its as though the EU never took notes on what happened to Germany some 70+ years ago
Kevin MacDonald (12 days ago)
Let them build their army again.... so we can go back over there and end their garbage forever.... Waddaya think. One more time around...
idontlikebeingtoldno (14 days ago)
He makes the best case for Brexit that I've ever heard.
Tim Nixon (14 days ago)
Yes agree, and so did the people. Freedom from the disgusting union, a socialist evil. Hitler started as a socialist and this is where fascism grew. FOR NOW WE ARE FREE BUT THEY WILL KEEP COMING! Can not have good without bad so keep fighting.
Mr Bluntforce T (14 days ago)
"Democracy"? There is no Democracy,at best its Democratic Dictatorship
Lentjan Pjeci (14 days ago)
Who is here after Nigel Farage's awesome speech for Brexit ? :D --- Also, the described instances provided by Mr. Rees-Mogg, and the sheer logic backing them up makes this objection so firm and full of ground that the countries involved (if they deeply care about their country going forward economically, politically) should take a step back as well. We have already seen what Far Right politics can do (Germany WW2-extreme nationalism), what the Far Left can do (though it is not as documented as the far right, with all the phenomena, Alexander Solzhenitsyn perfectly depicts the wrongs of the system in Soviet Russia administered with an iron first by Stalin serving as a God to a nation, with the causation of millions and millions of deaths. The same thing happened in China with the Great Leap forward from Mao Zedong...). The Great Britain stood up for democracy and in time, it will pay off. Greece and many other countries will hopefully be inspired by this to raise their voice up.
Gary Senecal (15 days ago)
Well said! The EU can go to hell with its self appointed un elected bums . Communist scum ! GO Brexit . I may be disgusted with the history of the UK but at least they are smart enough to tell NWO communist freaks where to go! The communist Bastards are doing the same thing to North America . They are Trying to create a North American Union through Trade Treaties that are disguised as Trade agreements. Like NAFTA and USMCA . ITs time for these communist to hang by their necks before they can murder millions more with their agendas.
Raul Gubert (15 days ago)
2013 and he understood it perfectly, I'm impressed...I'm Italian and we are suffering from the bloody decisions of Monti, Letta....all members of the Bilderberg group, Goldman Suckers and other financial elites....but now Italy is waking up....slowly...Draghi in 1992 sold out (for cheep) our best assets to his friends at Goldman Suckers...he worked at Goldman Suckers...the huge scam in history.
Joe Anderson (15 days ago)
Why don't they put these Oxford speeches on tv ???
Don Hartman Jr (16 days ago)
Well met.
David Marks (16 days ago)
I hope Moggy will run for PM soon, Britain needs his everything!!!
Andrew Mack (17 days ago)
good man
Brian Lee (19 days ago)
Excellent JRM.
anna thomson (20 days ago)
Jacob Rees-Mogg=shit
anna thomson (20 days ago)
Jacob Rees-Mogg=shit
anna thomson (20 days ago)
Jacob Rees-Mogg=shit
Edoardo Barsotti (20 days ago)
Scott Webb (20 days ago)
Edward Brunker (20 days ago)
‘The EU is a threat to democracy’ - Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative MP who is likely to support the House of Lords, an unelected, undemocratic chamber full of unelected ‘peers’ who play a big part in lawmaking in the U.K.
Protector H (21 days ago)
Yes I do not believe in the EU, they are to much in politics thanks to all social democratics parties united in Brussel, they simply have to much power. Nexit please. Hate the social democratics they destroy Europe with their small rules.
BitSkulker (23 days ago)
Jacob Rees-Mogg = British fart
Adrigue le vert (23 days ago)
Jacob Rees-Mogg is a threat to democracy.
Matt G (10 days ago)
Adrigue le vert How
Celtic Whisper (24 days ago)
This man has more intelligence in his toe nail clippings that most of the amassed 'elite' watching him.
HughJason (24 days ago)
Not the best speaker they've ever had.
Mashrur Alam (25 days ago)
What is the Latin Phrase he used?
Scott Webb (23 days ago)
Nemo judex in causa sua. No one is judge in his own cause. Apart from EU judges that is
Cromwells Ghost (26 days ago)
I bet Mogg can speak Latin fluently🤔
Terra Australis (26 days ago)
I agree with everything he said - because I can.
John Blythe (27 days ago)
why did jacob rees mogg say there are too many people in the world and we need to get rid of some of them?????????????
Roskellan (27 days ago)
My God didn't we come close to the abyss, and something tells me we are not out of the woods yet.
Celtic Whisper (24 days ago)
Thank God the British gave the communist a right smack in the face in December. But, as you correctly said, we are not out of the woods.The Far left are scheming as we speak.
Brian Quinn (27 days ago)
What a wanker. He wants us all to doff our caps. How much is a pint of milk? Wanker.Talks crap.
Brian Quinn (23 days ago)
Scott Webb Basically tip our hats and Bow to them every time we are in their presence.
Scott Webb (23 days ago)
Sorry to ask but what is doff our caps?
Brian Quinn (24 days ago)
Celtic Whisper You sir are a fool.He and his ilk defiantly want us to do as said.I am guessing you are a (no I’m not) a working class fool.
Celtic Whisper (24 days ago)
Oh be quiet. What he DOES NOT WANT is for us to 'doff our caps' at the EU Elite!!!! I am guessing you are a teenager. Your comment is not only inaccurate but it also smacks of silly jealousy.
king rick (28 days ago)
yep screw capitalism waste of fake money time and pain
king rick (28 days ago)
good back ground faces for board memes
Yossi Schwarz (28 days ago)
This man is a Titan
Dan Hall (29 days ago)
People like Jacob rees-mog look down on me and people like me and believe its our fault were so broke Were stupid, were lazy, were idle... Well thats fair because I look down on him. Hes a thief a liar and a cheat. And hes never worked a day in his life. Even with all his money id still rather be me Working people like me make this country run. Construction workers, lorry drivers, shop keepers, waiters, chefs, teachers, doctors, nursers, police.... All those people the torys shit all over We need far more people like us and we dont need anyone like him
Dan Hall (29 days ago)
The conservative party are a threat to democracy
Dan Hall (11 days ago)
@Celtic Whisper communist 🤦‍♂️na I was wrong its people with your level of intellegence that are a threat to democracy
kreitzlega (20 days ago)
@Celtic Whisper oh no we communists also hate the EU aswell
Celtic Whisper (24 days ago)
Fuck off communist filth.
ADHAiiN7 (30 days ago)
How can the EU be a threat to democracy? Every single part of it is structured to support democracy For example, the EU Commission allows a nation state to veto any law against it’s interests, regardless of support from other states or the EU Parliament Or the fact that a state must have a strong democratic system to be even considered for EU membership, and a falling of a democratic institution within a country is met with harsh punishment
Chris Townley (30 days ago)
Does the Oxford union never have opposing arguments countering the speaker ? Where's the counter debate to this video?
Intra Meta Archi (1 month ago)
Thanks for the intelligence.
annmarie lucas (1 month ago)
Good peach. Jacob 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Gary Chance (1 month ago)
https://www.quranful.com/ I am a British guy who is tired of my country (UK) going to an unrecognisable pile of crap, so i decided to read the Quran myself and see if it is in fact a hateful religion. And just chapters in you can feel the hate very clearly. Talk of superiority over everyone that isn't Muslim and murderous talk is spewed on so many occasions. Forget the talk of racism/discrimination which society these days constantly shouts to challenge any thing that is said. We are without doubt being taking over from within, look everywhere in the various European country's that are losing their own identity's and it is very clear to see. This religion is in no way able to assimilate into our country's for the true religious worshippers, it says very clearly "trust only those you kneel with" and "none other". That right there sets a clear divide amongst communities/country's The days for people to live in harmony together while nonsense like this is forced on people due to mass immigration, consisting of people believing this nonsense will soon come to an end. The people have had enough of their leadership failing them and will have no choice but to lie down and take it or rise up to reclaim their homeland which will only result in even more issues. Those that are voting need to open their eyes clearly before it is to late, to long have people been ignorant of what their countries are becoming. There is nothing wrong with fighting for your countries identity, do not let any person, religion or law dictate to you how you should feel or act. Invasions do not always require guns, tanks or jets. People make up army's and from what is blatantly apparent, European countries are all under attack by a new form of warfare that is branded racist or inhumane to challenge. Any country that needs to decide whether it is their own people that should suffer or recent arrivals clearly has a problem with identity, charity begins at home and that is what all country's should stand by. Any who favour non native people over their own (most of which require help and suffer daily clearly in front of every ones eyes and yet are not helped) is a traitor and does not deserve to reside in that country. The reality of things are in the majority of case Asylum seekers and immigrants are a strain on any country and make no mistake it is inevitable that said country will fail eventually as a result of this. When did logicality flee from peoples minds then be replaced with stupidity and fantasy. Wake up
Hugo Egas (1 month ago)
Away with the EU I say it my country the threat is other's that don't live thier vote matter tell with that enough stand up fight too the death before we get destroy are way of life no more handouts too those who dont live in my country.
Hugo Egas (1 month ago)
EU handouts besides made more poor people. EU break justice they set double standards way. Clearly destroyed the way of life let alone destroyed the middle class Europeans Western civilization. So I'm so glad we walk out of the EU.
Dr Sanguine Sunrise (1 month ago)
Boris Johnson/Rees Mogg - superior humans - no wonder Labour in 2019 were utterly trounced. Tory majority House of Commons - Corbyn worst Labour result since the 1930's and Corbyn still thinks he wins.
geordie paul (1 month ago)
Common sense these days is a very rare thing
Midnight Rambler (1 month ago)
2014..hahah freedom coming soon
Phillip Jackson (1 month ago)
Hear Hear.
MrMarquez77 (1 month ago)
What an anachronistic tool
Anathelus (1 month ago)
9:50 - he addresses the younger looking chap as "Mr President". Have you ever seen such class, manners and respect?
Jack0Lantern (1 month ago)
He sounds so delightfully posh, I have to say.
kennymoffat (1 month ago)
I can only presume that people think that he has a posh voice so he must be intelligent. He's not stupid either, he's intelligent enough to know that he could gain power and make money out of Brexit. Got to laugh at his comments about the rise of extremist political parties in Europe - he's an extremist himself, in an increasingly extremist party! If Reese-Mogg was around in the 1930's he would probably be an admirer of Hitler. Even today you don't have to dig very deep to find the evidence of his far right connections or extreme views. But he's a funny guy with a posh accent so its all ok.
Dane Hardinge (1 month ago)
Wow amazed by his polite respectful amusing talk. Thank goodness we are leaving the EU constrained democracy / dictatorship
madinsane (1 month ago)
Democracy is a lie selling it to the poor people .
Marc Law (1 month ago)
He probably has more clout than the Prime Minister.
Loffy (1 month ago)
Those boxes, is it a uk/english tradition? I see them in the house of commons also.
enoch powellsghost (1 month ago)
The last remaining gentleman now for the uneducated i do not mean remainer of the eu.. A true truth telling gentleman and some one the country must trust. I quite like the chap
richtfingers (1 month ago)
Quite possibly, the most intelligent person in Parliament. Long may he be there.
richtfingers (13 days ago)
SugarTomAppleRoger : Interesting comment, could you explain why you made such a strong comment?
SugarTomAppleRoger (1 month ago)
Really. He is just another con artist.
Hans Gerhard Wagner (1 month ago)
Can’t hear that word democracy by theses people. Where is the Democracy when with 42% of the votes you can get 57% of the seats??
A well dressed sewer rat . . . . But a sewer rat nonetheless
Picogram (1 month ago)
This man is a murderous orator. Nothing like this exists here Stateside.
anna thomson (1 month ago)
Jacob Rees-Mogg=shit
anna thomson (1 month ago)
Jacob Rees-Mogg=shit
Andres Casado (1 month ago)
EU cradle of human rights
SoundsSilver (1 month ago)
Rockin that party city magician outfit.
Eimear McElligott (1 month ago)
Ant (1 month ago)
Who is the orange lady the camera keeps focusing on?
Ant (1 month ago)
@mombaassa Thank you.
mombaassa (1 month ago)
Dora Bakoyannis.
Paradisio84 (1 month ago)
Watching Brits do politics is fascinating... they seem so relaxed... also I love the side banter too. A marvelous culture. The English must survive, the world owes them. We Americans support you! 🇬🇧🇺🇸
SadamYT (1 month ago)
The brilliance of this speech can only be outmatched by Diane Abbott
Jane (1 month ago)
Well said Moggy.
Chris Bates (1 month ago)
10 minutes of whingeing and 6 years of doing fuck all about it.
Steven James Morren (1 month ago)
Watched this 24 December 2019. Soooo looking forward to 31 January 2020. Rees-Mogg was, as usual, 100% correct. Thank God we're leaving. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. X
Gentile 22667121 (1 month ago)
A good speech by an intelligent English chap.
Nathaniel Berkeley-Biggs (1 month ago)
This guy genuinely believes in a fantasy novel from the Islamic Middle east called the ‘bible’ - and he forms his opinions on this? Clearly he is unfit for any public office.
Peter Mizon (1 month ago)
What a complete tit he is, part of the establishment , multi millionaire conning working class, please tell me what the EU has done against you or me, im working class, tories put austerity on us thanjs to the bankers for fraud, cant remember any put in prison for it. Ohh RBS biss lost hus title while 1000s lost their homes
DAVID CARR (1 month ago)
hurts toPee (1 month ago)
F-(e)U! Guess we still need private schools. the Bolsheviks always promote hate at the brains/elite so dead heads end up killing their own establishment so the so the chosen can enslave them afterwards. using racism narratives to guilt people out of self preservation- all about the sale of isms to brainwash masses into celebrating indifference and self destruction- its in the schools right now for some time..
Arthur Heidt (1 month ago)
and so are theoretically also banks and billionaires. everyone just trashes the junk in his interest
Templar Malta (1 month ago)
And people will still say the EU is not communist in structure and nature
kreitzlega (20 days ago)
There really not communist. There a neoliberal crackpot. They are very anti communist.
Zenith (1 month ago)
You only have to look at the inner circle, and how many of them are 'former' communists, or have links to communism. Even the flag screams communist, all they've done is change the colours and add more stars!