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The EU is a Threat to Democracy | Jacob Rees-Mogg | Oxford Union

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Jacob Rees Mogg argues that the European Union is a threat to democracy. SUBSCRIBE for more speakers ► http://is.gd/OxfordUnion Facebook @ http://fb.me/theoxfordunion Twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/OxfordUnion Oxford Union Website @ http://www.oxford-union.org/ Jacob Rees Mogg opens a new front against the EU over their alleged "contempt for public opinion." Mr Rees-Mogg claims this is shown not only by the Commission repeatedly demanding referenda on EU treaties until they are approved, but by its role in the removal of elected leaders of countries such as Greece and Italy. The EU gives a voice to extremist parties such as Greece's New Dawn and France's Le Front National. Their successes, amplified in EU elections, have become a destabilising influence on member states' democracies. MOTION: "THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT THE EU IS A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY" Filmed on Thursday 24th October 2013 ABOUT JACOB REES-MOGG: Jacob William Rees-Mogg is a British Conservative Party politician, who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for North East Somerset since the 2010 general election. Rees-Mogg is in the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party. ABOUT THE OXFORD UNION SOCIETY: The Union is the world's most prestigious debating society, with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford. It has been established for 189 years, aiming to promote debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across the globe. Rights managed by Oxford Media Associates http://www.oxfordmediaassociates.com/ Filmed by Oxford Media Solutions http://www.oxfordmediasolutions.co.uk
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Text Comments (2457)
Suraya (9 hours ago)
Great speaker, I have never been impressed with any conservative politician before, but Jacob Rees Mogg speaks with passion and absolute clarity, and what he says here rings absolutely true.
REMF (10 hours ago)
Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg - Should be the next British Prime Minister.
John Howard (15 hours ago)
Rees Mogg is more than just a threat to democracy. He and his cronies are destroying it!
Jaša Gladež (15 hours ago)
Blah blah blah. When did you ever hear of Malta trying to push for anything?
Locust Swarm (16 hours ago)
I don't care if Churchill rose from his grave. If you are looking for a stereotypical British parlamentarian for your next movie or show, no actor in the world would be as convincing as Rees-Mogg. Probably also worth contacting if your movie is a "Harry Potter but now a lot older" film.
Max Hess (1 day ago)
American here. I'd just like to express how proud I am that my electoral system is so famously terrible that this Honorable Member of Parliament has had to borrow an American term (gerrymandering) to describe malapportionment in Europe.
Raymint (2 days ago)
The worst thing about this speech is that he speaks of a level of corruption and gerrymandering that we allow our own government to get away with. He, for lack of a better word, compounds truths to utter lies - like the entire Commission being undemocratically appointed. Although it is technically true to call one part of the Commission, the civil servants, ‘unelected bureaucrats’, the expression equally applies to national civil servants, which also happen to be ’unelected bureaucrats’. Every government has bureaucrats which are by nature unelected. The heads of state and government are not unelected bureaucrats, but directly or indirectly elected by voters in each member state. The ministers in the Council of the European Union are representatives of democratically elected national governments and therefore indirectly accountable, rather than being unelected bureaucrats.
Jerry Bootneck (2 days ago)
One day JRM will be prime minister.
roger gerritsen (2 days ago)
The eu is going for that communism. Knife stabbings every day. Acid attacks every day. Muslim grooming gangs. Silencing and jailing of conservatives. Islamic terrorism. Massive welfare fraud. Gender politics. Guilt complexes. Socialism. England is a big mess. Brexit should sound like a blessing. But so many soyboys and libtards. I think England is fucked and will be Englandistan soon.
Anna Hunt (3 days ago)
Char. Fotopoulos (3 days ago)
lies and more lies from the tories >>UK have the powers already to control the borders ,immigration etc was always part time in EUrope with Island rules the tories were lying all the time although to ordinary people who couldn't get a grip in the harsh british reality (austerity,central goverment cuts etc)
Diandredofus (3 days ago)
The EU is a threat to democracy. But a pompous elected fuck chilling on the government benches like it's sunday afternoon at the beach while his country is burning and tearing itself apart isn't.
nicelittlerunner (3 days ago)
I’d love to put a remain protester in an mri brain scanner and play this speech to them, so we can all work out what part of their brain misfires and yanks the emergency brake on their train of thought and makes them bang the same drum with a placard and a megaphone
BuGGyBoBerl (3 days ago)
quite a few nonsense
vin 950 (3 days ago)
the EU sounds pretty damn undemocratic... Its hard for me to understand why people in Britain would be so eager to give up their political freedom. But then again, the media and the elite are rather good at convincing people that less freedom is precisely what they need.
Kojii Naz (3 days ago)
Self-hating libfascism has been taking over the West for a few decades, but seems to have reached critical mass now. Even the US is now grappling with it, in the "culture war" and call-out culture. I'm wondering when there will be a genuine right-wing backlash.
Arman Serdarevic (3 days ago)
Seems that most people here are not impressed with the content of the speech, but more of the way it was spoken! Glad to see this monster's poshness has rubbed off on this comment section!
Help The Rose (3 days ago)
Emil Jansson (4 days ago)
So true!
Nelson Thomas (4 days ago)
MP Rees-Mogg had to downgrade his level of fashion standards to attend to this segment. Sad.
SalesGrowth (4 days ago)
He is pointing out the weaknesses of the EU, but none of them are impossible to resolve. What he does not mention: How will a Medium size country like the UK negotiate with much larger countries such as China, the US or even India in the future? That’s the benefit of the EU besides it’s peace track record: a stronger position towards the real superpowers. Meanwhile the UK will have a similar power in the world like Switzerland: almost none.
FlyingMonkies325 (4 days ago)
You don't get it there's a power struggle between The Government and The EU listen to it again, there's no changing The EU cos they're a bunch of bureaucrats now who now want to be the be all and number 1 and have clawed their way into the highest levels of government and the general impression is they seem to regret setting up The EU altogether and allowing such a cooperation to exist in the first place they understand the mistakes they've made and it's a seriously worrying thing The EU are trying to bring down the power of The Government. As much as politicians are usually idiots they're The Government and the only thing standing between us and a completely mad cooperation that The EU have become, i saw this as soon as Brexit started of what The EU truly are and it baffles me everyone is still asleep despite everything we've been through even losing our homes cos we were pushed into a Recession, every country is in HUGE debts cos we were busy paying The EU billions but now everyone is asking Why are we paying them just to be a member of a cooperation? especially since they're just taking advantage now... all i can say is you'd be a fool to think you could change The EU, soon as they set up their bank (which they were told not to) they went down the drain... doesn't matter if they fire every single person part of The EU then hired new ppl it will end up back the way it is. Power corrupts most people most of the time.
Last Jedi (4 days ago)
Mass immigration is a threat to democracy. Stop it or shut up.
Pola Pusta (4 days ago)
Meanwhile, Great Britain is getting smaller every day.
Éamonn Síoċáin (5 days ago)
A Democratic Institution is a threat to Democracy? Hilarious!
JJ HH (5 days ago)
Powerful! J.R.M is a great speaker, and his speech had good content!
Dick Fageroni (5 days ago)
but what about the Mitsubishi UFJ trust and banking corporation?
Oblong Cassidy (6 days ago)
The only politician that I enjoy listening to. Not just for his views, but his delivery, confidence, and wit. It’s been a very long time since we’ve had someone in the same league as William F. Buckley.
FlyingMonkies325 (2 days ago)
Thank god i found an intelligent video with ACTUAL intelligent people who really know what's going on "No man should be judged in his own courts" instead they dragged people over here to The UK as soon as they set up GDPR like they did with Mark Zuckerberg a situation i completely sympathize with because he didn't know what was going on or how his data was being used along with thousands of other companies... but they picked on him and in the end got money out of him anyway... because THAT'S all they want is money... i didn't even have to watch the full "hearing" that took place to see the bullying, degradation, humiliation and manipulation going on by The European Union i saw it all how they operate... and they took him on a witch hunt... and they've tried to do so to other people too... why some US Media Companies refused GDPR and blocked us from viewing their Media it's a trick to get money NOT about "Privacy & Safety* of our information. The state they've got our planet into though JUST to get all the money and power in the world is the worst and someone told me on Reddit that in 1993 people opposed The UK to join The European Union because they saw it being a giant mistake and Guess What? they were right... and being only 3 years old at the time i'm appalled at the idea that other people SO easy to manipulate SO trusting can make decisions for me where i cannot even comprehend what is going on resulting in the situation we're in NOW of our lives being messed with, losing our homes, tremendous stress and pressure put on us daily, the way people behave towards each other with ZERO Human Respect because they only want what THEY want... Not to mention all the opportunities they've taken from us, the corruption and Fraud they've created on a mass scale... it's just an absolutely unbearable situation where you can't move, can't do anything, can't live your life the way you want to cos everyone just wants your money and taught to behave like this on an extreme scale... they put you down, bully and degrade you, fob you off and tell you that you CAN'T do anything you try to go out there to do... i've been through it all... and the oppression of the slightest bit of Creativity and Independent thought shows you how much The European Union has dug themselves into every cooperation in the world and dictate everything when THEY AREN'T THE GOVERNMENT!. The very fact they can even control The Government is VERY VERY dangerous especially considering the way they're acting with extreme oppression and dictatorship, even after everything though ppl are STILL fast asleep... which helps The EU get what they want... i didn't even KNOW The EU existed until it started being all over The Media, i didn't know any other cooperation was even controlling my way of life but yet even I SEE how much destruction they've created in our lives after learning about them. Little known fact is The EUs bank almost completely crashed after the 2008 Recession and hasn't recovered since THAT is why they won't let us leave but from what i've read it doesn't matter who leaves or doesn't... cos it's predicted within at least 10 - 20 years time they're gonna completely collapse but it will most definitely speed up their collapse if more than 1 country leaves and right now it's looking like more than 1 has an interest in leaving, i hope it's true because i will be SO GLAD to see them go... for a start they shouldn't even even set up their own bank and currency i believe you told them NOT to but the question is Why didn't anyone stop them knowing it wasn't the right move? because they probably already had power in higher places... all i know is they HAVE to go... it's okay to admit you were wrong about deciding to form such an organization but now we got to get on with fixing this mess but you REALLY need to write some laws and regulations with zero loopholes to stop any such organization being formed again and to stop other organizations interfering and gaining power in higher places.
sfssf (6 days ago)
Following that logics, the UK is a threat to the democracy in Northern-Ireland, Scotland and Wales?
BritishBiker Philippines (7 days ago)
Love the Mogg
Bezz80 (7 days ago)
"The EU is a threat to democracy" - the Tories shut down Parliament, that wasn't the EU who did that....
Kojii Naz (3 days ago)
Because Remainer ultras (who voted for the Ref) are trying to overturn the result at the wrong time. They should have done this by vetoing the ref and not campaigning for parties who claimed to honour the Ref. Instead, they're now blocking no-deal by redefining what "leave" means (= staying unless you get a deal from an organization that is not likely to give you a genuine deal *because it wants you to stay!).* It's the ardent Remainers who are instituting a coup, not BoJo.
Regen 615 (7 days ago)
Rees-Mogg is so far ahead of his opponents intellectually that I almost feel sorry for them; almost. Boris and Jacob are two of the main influences in my moving from left-of-centre to a moderate conservative. Britain has no business in the EU; Make Britain Great Again! So glad Boris is P. M. Next, we need to send Sadiq Con-man packing and find someone suitable to run the greatest city in the world.
David Cook (7 days ago)
Jacob Rees-Mogg is a SUPERB British person! ;)
BEIR BUA (7 days ago)
Superb orator
TheScienceofnature (7 days ago)
I say if the remainers somehow manage to keep us in the EU, we should sack 60% or more of them, since they won't have any power anyway. Why pay them if they are not doing any work.
Andrew Old (8 days ago)
Truth will out .
Area Fifty One (8 days ago)
What a wonderful throwback. I am glad that we have Mr Rees-Mogg fighting against the treacherous MP's who seek to be self serving and utterly contemptuous of democracy. Mr Rees-Mogg, the leader we need 🤙🏾
V (8 days ago)
Thank you Mr Rees-Mogg for being a stand up alone man, for the good of ones own country.
paul castle (8 days ago)
How much control does George Soros and his money have over the un-elected people that rule over the EU and Europe do you think ?
Escapism Pinball (8 days ago)
Cherie McCormick (8 days ago)
Wow he knew what was coming x
Light Head (9 days ago)
I see great future for this young man.
annarboriter (9 days ago)
Only J R-M can liberate the peace loving British people from the tyranny of unelected ice pillows for kippers! That's what democracy is all about.
Dana Herron (10 days ago)
in the US we progressives call moggy's speech "projection", that is accusing the opposition of doing exactly what he, himself is guilty of. it's an old republican (conservative) trick but it works extremely well on the foolish and gullible (the repub base).
Super241946 (10 days ago)
What a class act!! God knows his own!
Stick Bogart (10 days ago)
The EU is a Threat to Democracy | Jacob Rees-Mogg | Oxford Union https://politicianreviews.com/review/the-eu-is-a-threat-to-democracy-jacob-rees-mogg-oxford-union/
Jonathan Perceval Maxwell (10 days ago)
This guy is a just a joke wrapped up in pomposity and flash Latin words... His own constituency is undemocratic.... and as for the conservative party. we have a prime minister who is there because of what 90,000 people think. Sorry is this democracy.... ??????
David Fergusson (10 days ago)
Most of remainers vote is based on the effect Brexit would have on their property value failing to recognise a fall needs to happen to give others a hope of a home not a portfolio of property for foreign money laundering. A quarter of MPs also are landlords thanks to the tax payers.
Ron sAx (10 days ago)
Not so sure that this is a factual thing, or simply the gross misrepresentation of a party that feels sovereignty, power and control is its absolute political mandate. As far as the 'undemocratic' practices of the EU are concerned I know this: the European commission has 28 commissioners (one from each country), they draft, enforce and monitor EU laws, but they do not pass them. The laws are agreed by the council of ministers from the 28 EU governments and the European parliament. There is qualified majority voting, so laws are passed if they are backed by 16 out of 28 countries that makes up at least 65% of the EU population (UK has 13% of EU population, so gets a 13% vote share). Objection to a draft law can be raised if one third of the national parliament oppose it, which means the EU commission must review it ( aka the yellow card). If more than half of Parliament oppose a law, this can force a vote in the European parliament or council, (aka the orange card). There has also been agreement on introduction of a red card, meaning the commission would be forced to adapt or drop the law if more than half of Parliament objected. None of this is the same as saying that the EU is perfect, but in the face of a Government willing to suspend its own Parliament from the democratic business of representation of its own electorate, by what means is the EU undemocratic? Frankly speaking the EU referendum was prosecuted on fears of mass immigration, and therefore has become a charter for populist xenophobia that is devoid of a historical immigration context e.g. Americas, Caribbean, Africa, Australia, India (or simply excluding the 22 countries of the world that the UK has not invaded or tried to control!). Personally the UK should leave, then we will see if it still rules the waves, or whether it has been simply fooling the knaves!
Richard Peychers (11 days ago)
Democracy needs to be preserved at all costs ahead of the expediency of Brexit with a deal. What must one surrender to the devil for the promise of safety which is no safety at all. Vote No deal .
Cynthia Crank (11 days ago)
Sorry I forgot to say that why Theresa May had him on the back bench because she knew he would control people with his calmness. So our Paris knew about best and with very carefully planned good onya Boris for Tuesday in an excellent speaker may well win in the end🙏🙏 although we are very tired and weary of all this lot carry on to the end of the road so be it
Cynthia Crank (11 days ago)
Good morning to everybody it looks like the scum will never let it be nothing but farm animals all making different noises and shouting like Fishermans wiped w..so because the bbc will not print.there his a good way forward for someone who can speak and everybody listens regardless of who you are calm as a cucumber are very own mog.g..people of all party as asking him to become our prime minister so brits kegs get him to speak.so everyone can listen to what he has to say making a lot of sense just been calm it’s what we need instead of war which we are heading for. So people we have got good people working for us..at the moment scum Tony bear and all is scum are working together for their own greedy greedy ends may and Hammond should burn in hell and the rest of them for that that matter. God bless to all our Brits. Very very difficult to do after three long years of nonsense. God bless us all
Griffith Harland (11 days ago)
"Jacob Rees-Jones?"
Victor E. Caplon (11 days ago)
And parliament is prorogued. Sure, let the U.K. describe democracy!
David Essam (9 days ago)
Because dictators offer free general elections to their opponents multiple times? Parliament is prorogued all of 4 days extra over the conference recess when it would've been closed anyway. I think it's hilarious seeing remoaners work themselves up into such a frenzy over nothing. Have to give them something new to moan about, sane people were getting tired of "We lost so we need a new vote".
David Berry (11 days ago)
And as usual JRM talks a load of garbage,our democracy is not in danger,but the tax havens that JRM and David Cameron and others use is under threat and that is what they dont like,they are scared they will have to pay more tax on there buisiness's and that scares them,why do you think Brexit was started.
Kevin Woolass (11 days ago)
Well its nice to hear the other side of the EU power although I new this to be so get this country out the trade will sort itself out.
Radek Vítek (11 days ago)
You remember when this was allowed?
Marion Moore (11 days ago)
Well spoken 5yrs ago, Now we are seeing it coming to life with the Brexit vote. 3yrs we Democratically voted to Leave the EU, and we are still in it. Can understand why now after listening to that Great Speach by Jacob.
Riwero (12 days ago)
Well, he has some good points. But thst would be simply elite club is there would be fair respresantstion by population. Im comming from small country, so im for it
marialiyubman (12 days ago)
I assumed this video is from today.. looking at the date I’m honestly shocked at how smart this man is. Same for UKIP advised by actual Russian dissidents who saw the threat right away. Also, the one handsome British MP, but that’s my opinion 😍).
FlyingMonkies325 (4 days ago)
He's just pointing out the obvious that most ppl STILL don't want to see cos they've gotten too used to The EU even when we've only been in for 26 years give or take, we in The UK only joined it in 1993 when i was 3 years old lol anything going on in The Media it's just The EU who don't like anyone who supports Brexit, doesn't matter in what way if it's wanting to drop out altogether or this "plan" thingamajig that's only an idea right now and not a legalized thing but they'll oppress either side. If you try to speak any way about supporting leaving on Reddit you'll get bombarded with Down Votes, it shows how much control The EU have and they have control over most other politicians too why they're acting the goat and somehow can't decided on anything cos The EU want to push us into stopping Brexit thus why Corbyn is fear mongering and over exaggerating any uncertainties after we drop out, The EU has got to go they aren't The Government... what i hate the most is only being 3 years old things are decided for me in our world and how our society should be and as far as i knew b4 Brexit i thought there was only The Government that existed but my future has been messed up by all these corrupt bureaucrats and i'll have no choice but to just work for money spending most of my life doing that like most of the population. I'm not happy one bit about that cos i'd like to do a job i enjoy but alas... my life has been lead in the total opposite direction...
andreas weigand (12 days ago)
JRMogg is a right wing, arrogant liar. good points on him: he`s out of europe when the brexit happens.
John Wallace (12 days ago)
what's with the guy/girl in the star wars shirt?
CHILLIN DILLAN (12 days ago)
Mark Staddon (12 days ago)
What he said then was predictive we can see what's happening in the Brexit proces
CHILLIN DILLAN (12 days ago)
1992 UN CLIMATE SUMMIT achieved consensus allowing UNITED NATIONS control of education & media & now 28 years later our "society" has been indoctrinated to UN-think. Now we have conflicting science that supports illogical consensus science (agreement science!? not proven science!). Please look up the diabolic UN AGENDA 21/30 plan & its genocidal for all conclusion. @ Carbon is a necessity for all life so acceptance of any carbon tax is a limitless tax of everything to be paid by everybody! @
Kenneth Cox (12 days ago)
EU run by Germany has won their 100 year plan to make us their subordinates , non elected Lords have given away our sovereignty , so OK you must now obey your new masters and their new rules , So all those that died fighting the wars for our freedom " we can say tough that you died in vain , as we put up our new white flags, Corbyn an ISIS and IRA open border gets his way , the minority wins ,
W. A. S (12 days ago)
Brexit is a real threat.......to the Rees Moggs family business profits. His company made £103 million in the last 5 years, the parent company is based in the Caymen Is and they paid no tax. He wants Brexit to happen before the EU introduces laws to force such companies to pay tax. A conservative does not have your best interests in mind. Don't fool yoyrself. It is pure self interest, as it has always been and will be forever more.
Jonny English (13 days ago)
If we want to make sure LEave happens we need people from all classes Rich and poor to pull together or it will never happen.
NintendoSwitchGuru (13 days ago)
This should be compulsory viewing for all Remoaners / Remainiacs. Stop crying Stop trying to overturn democracy and learn something!
Death Larsen (13 days ago)
EU is just a political money graft
roberto c (13 days ago)
Clear, concise, factual. Quite brilliant. People don't like Jacob because he speaks the truth.
Dan Roy (13 days ago)
My favorite Michael Palin character
Donald Trump (14 days ago)
Spoken codswallop of first class proportions delivered with all the authority of a cowardly fifth columnist carpet bagging profiteer and tax avoiding facilitator. Waiting to stand over the bones of the UK he plans to destroy.... as planned by his pop. And are the privy council members elected by the people, are military officers elected? Thought not. There are times when civil and military servants are commissioned in councils, and commissions, for their experience and sensibility. This flagrant Fascist is a disgrace to all that Britain stood for.
CHILLIN DILLAN (14 days ago)
1992 UN CLIMATE SUMMIT GENOCIDAL CONCLUSION like UN globalist governments provincially & federally before him, he was a good student of UN SCIENCE & UN DECEPTION TO DESTROY REALITY. We have lost a generation to UN control that has been reset to destroy our past & our future! We have allowed UN control of our education & media allowing our society to be destroyed by outside control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIybC1mFEx8&list=PL9-__NFuVb4YoNQ-8uT3Ln-RQbSO_or_w&index=5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo5n4zeEetg&t=438s
Michael M (14 days ago)
Britain is a threat to its own democracy by having 1) unelected lords that has major influence over legislation 2) one of the least trusted press in Europe 3) a first-past-the-post system that in practice wastes a whole lot of votes - in some constituencies even the majority 4) election rules that can be broken without consequences, even after the election commission has proven them 5) a government that interferes with police investigation like another banana republic 6) a government that threatens businesses to agree with them publicly or they won't be included in trade deals 7) a referendum that was not just based on vastly more lies than almost any other European election, but where the winners even seek to break almost every promise made (money for NHS, keep UK in single market, not break the GFA, go for a Norway/Swiss model etc) 8) use of prorogation by PM to circumvent parlament and implement his own will (not the people's, they didn't vote for no deal) In Britain, all four branches of government has been corrupted; The executive, the legislative, the judicial and the media. Ironically, the Jacob Rees-Mogg who claims to fight so hard for democracy, has been a major player in tearing it apart at home. Why? Because the EU were implementing means to stop tax avoidance and because he and his buddies can make a ton out of betting against the pound and then buying shit up once the economy has crashed.
Michael M (13 days ago)
@roberto c I could be Stalin himself and it wouldn't change the facts.
roberto c (13 days ago)
My god are you Tony Blair undercover? Especially with your last ramble
nigelrequiem (14 days ago)
And these Toffs think they can dictate the rest of the country,talk about being out of of touch.They don't represent the rest of the country,they've never been north of Barnet!
nigelrequiem (14 days ago)
Oxford Union "People Who Shape Our World" Just Establishment Toffs,future Freemasons and general wankers!
allonscanadiens (14 days ago)
Sounds like the Electorate College on crack.
dMb (14 days ago)
One man one vote doesn't work for a union of various states. The USA got it right with the electoral college. It is the states collectively that must decide, and each state decides what to do based on its people.
unglaubich uberlieber (14 days ago)
so jacob rees mogg...this "appointment" of boris the american turk BY THE PARTY is perfectly "democratic" ???
brexitboy x (13 days ago)
no, but it's completely legal. which is all that matters when it comes to internal party politics.
Pt Bot (14 days ago)
Would love to see Rees Mogg has a lengthy chat with Trey Gowdy
Dutch Star (14 days ago)
Help me understand the 700+ down votes to this video
Jake Ryker (14 days ago)
The EU has done what Hitler failed to do~ xD
IMMentat (14 days ago)
I have issues with mog where it comes to his actions against the freedom to speak, but when it comes to Europe I find myself very much in agreement with the presented views.
ab c (15 days ago)
Anybody who watched this.. If they think Brexit is not good. They are not British! Now go home you!
Isu Hutini (15 days ago)
Mr Moog where you keep your cash offshore
allonscanadiens (14 days ago)
That’s completely irrelevant to his principled points.
Russell Hobbs (15 days ago)
if democracy is a banking conspiracy, then yes.
Utopian Dreamer (15 days ago)
The remainers seem to believe that if nations went to war and won, losing millions of lives. They'd need to start again. So, many more millions would die!! Until the remainers won. So, let us sacrifice millions of lives!! Are these people complete bastards? I think so
Vince Wise (16 days ago)
All Moggs worried about are his business interests , so what if he talks posh , he aint on my side.
Michael Jefferson (16 days ago)
This anti-democratic European disease has infected our parliament, your vote has just become meaningless.
mr bottlespuller (16 days ago)
..when he spoke these words people did not know yet how he would bwehave and what he would do on 4 september 2019 ....still not very many were really surprised . put the man on medication ,haldol or something like that , would be my advice......
Alan Standley (16 days ago)
He still looks like he did when I was young Denise the menace's nemesis school friend. AkA Lord snooty.
Richard Frith (16 days ago)
Great man, deals in facts, facts facts , and so honest 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Karen Mann (16 days ago)
Just recently this man has shown his true colours. Disingenuous. He has not got the welfare of the British people as his foremost concern far from it.
John Hooper (16 days ago)
The biggest threat to democracy in the UK are people like the vile Rees-Mogg
Patrick Kearney (16 days ago)
why would anybody listen to jacobite the hogg such a liar before you waste a time of your life thats gone forever proof just listen to his interview on L B C lies lies what a circumcised knob
Roaming_Guardian (16 days ago)
I cant quite agree with the argument about Malta having more voting power per head since it is based on the same principle as my own nations electoral college, that being to ensure that the larger states cant just ignore the issues of the smaller states. But even the largest disparity in power, that between California and Wyoming with a single vote in the rural state worth a bit more than three times as much isnt anywhere near the 15 between the UK and Malta. That's ridiculous even if I do understand and appreciate the logic behind it.
Kelvin Akira (16 days ago)
The title is weird it should be EU and Democracy are a threats to human lives
Konstantinos Margaronis (17 days ago)
I don’t know why miss Bakogiani is laughing
Mark James (17 days ago)
Well said and done Jacob reece moggs a true parliamentarian that believes in democracy and most importantly brexing out of the Merkel's and junkers dictatorship we are a revolution in the making mr real brexit mark
Paddy Hickman (17 days ago)
Typical J R M, bravo but steady on with the critique of Marine Le Penn and others, they are the true resistance in europe itself!