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7 Common Google AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

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Discover 7 common Google AdWords mistakes to avoid with your Google AdWords campaigns. There are plenty of mistakes that people make with Google AdWords so it is important to avoid them and to keep your campaigns optimized. Since AdWords can be difficult to learn for beginners, new advertisers many times make mistakes and don't ever test Google AdWords again. That's why we put together this video, so you can look at some common errors that advertisers make. Helpful URLs: Negative Keyword List from TechWyse: https://www.techwyse.com/blog/pay-per-click-marketing/75-negative-keywords-that-every-adwords-campaign-should-include/ Ubersuggest Keyword Tool: neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ Google AdWords Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMvSWDtZGVo Google AdWords and Bing Ads Keyword Match Types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhKkCzd-rL8 Google AdWords Keyword Bidding Strategy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuQlNs7fq30 Google AdWords Quality Score and Ad Rank Explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy2wX2qCCuY 7 Google AdWords Mistakes: Mistake 1 - Opting into the Search Network and Display Network at the same time. The Google Search Network and Search Partners are much different than the Google Display Network (GDN). When you target keywords, you want to target them on the search network since they perform much different for display ads. Mistake 2 - Not Using Negative Keywords. Negative keywords are vital to a successful campaign. Regardless of the industry you work in, there are always going to be unrelated keywords in your search terms report. In addition, you can remove certain words that will not drive you conversions. Mistake 3 - Not Optimizing for Conversions. People spend a lot of money on advertising where they simply drive traffic to their website. They have no goal in terms of leads, sales, phone calls, app installs, or any other key performance indicator. In order to successfully manage your advertising budget, you need to track conversions and optimize your conversion rate while keep costs similar. Mistake 4 - Poor Keyword Research and Bidding on Broad Match Keywords. Keyword Research is absolutely vital to successful campaigns in addition to avoiding broad match keywords. Modified broad match, phrase match, and exact match keywords will help your campaigns perform much better. In addition, finding the right keywords and bidding on them properly will be the best long-term strategy for you. Mistake 5 - Not Testing Bidding Strategies as you Optimize Google AdWords Campaigns. There are a wide variety of Google AdWords bidding strategies including Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Clicks, Maximize Conversions, Target Outranking Share, Target Top of Page, and Manual CPC. We love starting with Manual CPC and then getting to Target CPA after we test everything. Mistake 6 - Only Creating 1 Ad Variation and Not Using Ad Extensions. Google AdWords will automatically optimize your campaigns to show your top-performing ads. In addition, ad extensions make your ads larger in search results and you can add more relevant information. Mistake 7 - Not Understand the Goals of Google AdWords Ultimately, you want to keep testing and optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns until you can effectively use Target CPA or Target ROAS bidding strategies. If you can find the right keywords for your business that drive results, you can keep bidding on them and optimizing your campaigns. Target CPA and Target ROAS bidding strategies will allow Google AdWords to optimize your campaigns for you, you just have to give them the data they need while constantly improving your campaigns.
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Kim Mcginnis (4 hours ago)
Thank -you for putting out videos
Turokis Silou (4 days ago)
good info but your sounds is terrible
Clifton Bradley (25 days ago)
Thanks from Chicago
Wayne Jordan (25 days ago)
ad words is no joke. how long would you say it takes to learn where you are a pro at it . 6 mos 12 months what would you charge a client to run their ad words campaigns . 500 a month 1000 a month or more . is there a decent place to out source it
Surfside PPC (25 days ago)
It takes about 3-6 months to learn it and it helps to have different clients in different verticals. You might learn a ton promoting an eCommerce business but it's very different from promoting an Insurance business. I was lucky to work at an Agency for 3 years so now I just have to keep up with all the new updates, which is another challenge.
NZ Shares (27 days ago)
It's all very Imporant
Beave (29 days ago)
Great video. Getting a little frustrated here that when I do make a sale on my shopify store ive actually spent £20 on ads to sell a £15 product :/
Video SEO Pro (1 month ago)
Great video. Very helpful. Learned a lot of things that I was missing out on. Thanks so much!
Irukka stores (1 month ago)
my add has been disapproved what do i do?
Pioneer Ventures (1 month ago)
I cannot get the CPA bidding working. it simply does not serve. I have about 20 conversions in 30 days and spent quite a bit. Where do I find more info on this?
Michael Morrow-Chestnutt (1 month ago)
Great insight, thank you!
js-interactive.com (1 month ago)
Nicely done ... thank you!
Confluence Running (2 months ago)
What are your thoughts on accelerated vs standard?
My Online Ads (9 days ago)
standard delivery method tires to show your ads entire day while accelerated will try to show your ad as often as possible till your daily budget is expired. please let me know if you are looking for an account manager. thank you!!
Ben Crahan (2 months ago)
Can you increase the volume? I'm literally at 80% and it feels like 30% volume.
DR ROADWORTHY (2 months ago)
Awesome thank you
My Winning Body (2 months ago)
I was with you until you said $3-$4000 to test! This is not obvious for the beginner. Your content is golden but is it really for someone starting out where $3-$500 dollars causes them to sweat? New here I will check but what about a video if you just have the above amount and you don't want to blow it but you do want to see SOME results before 3 months? Is that even possible?
Good Life (2 months ago)
A I (2 months ago)
Anthony Phillips (3 months ago)
I'm a graphic designer. I'm currently using [graphic designer] on my graphic designer ad group. However, I want to attract searches for graphic designer city, for example, Leicester, Manchester. Should I use an exact keyword such as [graphic designer Manchester]? Or is there a broad or phrase match that won't attract junk clicks.
My Online Ads (9 days ago)
Broad Match Modifier would better than exact in my view.
Samuel Edman (3 months ago)
It would be awesome if you could make a new bidding strategy tutorial on Google AdWords again! Love your stuff👍
dhaval kamdar (3 months ago)
Video is informative, but only one query. Why are you adding Single term word as "__" phrase march negative kw. Broad match will do the work for you.
Rafael Marquez (5 months ago)
Another great video, I wish he showed examples of what extensions look like. New to all this but this is the best channel.
Rafael Marquez (5 months ago)
I had a question for the community on here. Even after a year plus with ad's, I still notice some IG Ads with un-clickable profile usernames. You will just see the photo and it has a call to action button. The IG profile is un-clickable or accessible. I do not want my ads to step up like this, so does anyone have information? I saw the question was posted on FB help section, but not a good answer. Thanks.
Surfside PPC (5 months ago)
Thank you! We are working to recreate some of our old Ad Extensions videos with the new AdWords User Interface.
Rafael Marquez (5 months ago)
opps he does!
Ashok Bollepalli (5 months ago)
Hey @SurfsidePPC These days I'm facing lot of Circumventing Issues it's leads my Adwords Suspension. How to Avoid that? I'm using RDP for Prmotions.
Surfside PPC (5 months ago)
I'm not familiar with using RDP and managing Google AdWords campaigns. Did that lead to your suspension? It can be difficult for me to answer questions about suspensions so I would try contacting them directly if you aren't sure why you got suspended.
Get Found Madison (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. Don't you need a good amount of traffic and conversions to Maximize for conversions?
Surfside PPC (5 months ago)
Thank you, And bidding/conversions are definitely the most frequent AdWords questions we get so I try to clarify, I'm glad I did it successfully this time!
Get Found Madison (5 months ago)
Whoops, you addressed this later in the video. ;)
TheArtofInternet (5 months ago)
Hey SurfSideppc, I have a question if you can answer it, ok so we have our google analytic goals in Ad-Words as conversions, we have correctly linked GA & imported these goals quite a while ago (like months ago). Recently we've been getting goals on our Google Analytics account but nothing on our adwords account where it is connected with? What is causing this to happen? Any Ideas?
Aldo Magnez (6 months ago)
thanks for the value info, we are waiting the google shopping campaign tut :)
Surfside PPC (5 months ago)
Thank you, and Google Shopping and Google Tag Manager are common requests! Hopefully we have both out in the next several months.
Ranking Academy (6 months ago)
Awesome! Many thanks for taking the time
Surfside PPC (5 months ago)
Thank you!
Ali Senejani (6 months ago)
Hi. What is the difference between adding the negative keyword as a broad match or as a phrase match?
Surfside PPC (5 months ago)
Good question, I'm honestly not positive if there is a difference but I always use Phrase Match negative keywords. Google AdWords might treat broad match negative keywords like Phrase Match. Here's an article I found that's probably better than my answer: https://www.ppchero.com/defining-negative-keyword-match-types/
Yousuf Ibrahim Khan (6 months ago)
Do a video on E-commerce Tracking.
EthIN (1 month ago)
Don't do it until he says please lol
Surfside PPC (5 months ago)
We plan on doing a full a E-commerce series later this year using Shopify. Unfortunately, our current websites aren't set-up perfectly for E-commerce.
Mailo khaz (6 months ago)
Please a tutorials about Native Ads. Thanks a lot for your awesome video
Surfside PPC (5 months ago)
Thank you!
We are IF (6 months ago)
Real helpful thanks
Clemens Kohlbacher (6 months ago)
Awesome Video 🙏🏻
Surfside PPC (6 months ago)
Please let us know if you have any questions about Google AdWords Mistakes. Thanks for watching our video!
A.C. (1 month ago)
I'm trying to specifically target youtube videos with google adwords and I haven't been able to get any views on my ads even though I have a $15 daily budget and I correctly (I think) entered in the URL's for said videos. It's been day four and I've yet to get a single view.