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Emma Chamberlain Styles Hollister Jeans | Behind the Scenes

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Get behind the scenes with Emma & check out her favorite feel-good looks for back-to-school. Shop Emma's Looks: http://bit.ly/2LQqLqm Follow us! · Instagram & Twitter: @HollisterCo · Facebook.com/Hollister
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Text Comments (681)
Dee (6 hours ago)
Does one have to be under 16 to find her interesting?
Sam Losco (19 hours ago)
Still waiting to bang you
oceanempire (12 days ago)
This was extra good! Especially without f-bombs every 4 seconds. :-)
BiancalovesDisney (1 month ago)
After watching the LV video where Patrick Ta does Emma's makeup, I think the woman who did her makeup here did a better job! Patrick is amazing but it just goes to show, even small makeup artists have just as much skill. Emma looks beautiful!
galactic soup (1 month ago)
ngl the editing felt like they were mocking emma's copying style
Hannah Bell (1 month ago)
I love how she wear docs the whole time 💕
13Dance13 Dateo (1 month ago)
How does Emma look good in EVERYTHING ??!!!❤️
Lucia ' (1 month ago)
If u turn on the captions it says at one point "spanish music" (2:33) Girl I'm spanish and that is NOT spanish music.
Jeffrey Beth (1 month ago)
Fix that flat hair gurl!
Dave Rheinolds (1 month ago)
Someone get this woman a voiceover agent. Stat.
Mindy Harris (1 month ago)
Konzil hat
Alittlebitnuts2day (1 month ago)
Wow, make-up does miracles!
Miguel Diaz (1 month ago)
jonny appleseed (1 month ago)
utube ham of the year
scrumpymanjack (1 month ago)
All that is wrong with the world neatly summed up in one meaningless video. Congratulations!
Claudia lovely (1 month ago)
I would like to something similar mostly for mom to go clothes
Andy L (1 month ago)
Hey girl you should have a coffee brand lol no but 4real
sherrysynthesis (1 month ago)
This was more fun than some of her content 🙊😹
Mary Wagoner (1 month ago)
Did she get to keep the clothes?
kristian V. (1 month ago)
I keep turning off the captions and... oh..
Medina (1 month ago)
3:15 her mom vaping hhaha
Trent Noor (2 months ago)
I love how collaborative this brand is
Alleona Marie (2 months ago)
Queen E
Alleona Marie (2 months ago)
Meryem Omar (2 months ago)
1:22 i see you there mama chamberlain
Jerold 125 (2 months ago)
Came here cus of emma and she is actually so pretty
Michael Saenz (2 months ago)
Not gonna lie people, She got mad style!!!!😍😍😍
Videohound (2 months ago)
try a facial scrub
Zhab Cunanan (2 months ago)
eleonora ‘s channel (2 months ago)
she’s beautiful, funny and sweet... she is basically perfect.
Isdianys Araujo (2 months ago)
I want her to be my friend.
Nahian Hossen (2 months ago)
I saw that same picture in New York hollister!
fel denae (2 months ago)
The editing in this is really cringy lmao it's like they're trying to edit like her but they're also 35 years old
Lea Lukek (2 months ago)
that purple beanie looked AMAZING on emma !! I need it
IHaveEyelashes (2 months ago)
Big brain time
Universe of Secrets (2 months ago)
Yanno call me if you need another model 👌
Universe of Secrets (2 months ago)
I love Emma keep her 😍😍😍😍
Nia hughes (2 months ago)
Selling some punk teddies on @ sweetnsourfriends go buy before sold out
Chaleur (2 months ago)
“Hey!, these jeans are better then iced coffee”
MARYAM (3 months ago)
I saw u at the hollister in England with the plaid shirt😁
Lana Idriss (3 months ago)
i love the sweats I NEED THEM
WhatSheSaid , (3 months ago)
Thought I was gonna wait another 5days for a video.
anyat (3 months ago)
Props to the editor, they did SO WELL. They aren't trying to imitate her editing, but tried to bring that element to this video to bring that mood :3
Ellieooo (3 months ago)
In the second outfit I am wearing that sweater right now
Aleyda L. (3 months ago)
The one thing I gotta give to her is that she doesn’t care about acne at all. She’s literally unbothered by it, I wish I was comfortable with my skin like that.
Mj Lovegood (3 months ago)
No one Not a soul Not even her mom: Hollister: SoUnd EfFeCtS *LoTs*
Negin Soltanian (3 months ago)
HEY👊👊 these jeans are better than ice coffee☕️🥤<👖
Sandra Agetro (3 months ago)
Do a behind the scene of. Stupid genius
Kareem Press (3 months ago)
Emma is great. But sometimes I like to think that I’m literally just the black version of Emma except I’m obsessed with matcha
failed abortion (3 months ago)
That jazz music is fire
Nathan Virant (3 months ago)
Nobody: Me walks in Hollister: emMa ChaMBeRlaiN
Jane Ablog (3 months ago)
Today I was in Hollister and I saw a pic of Emma in the store and she was in the “49th” outfit😂
Monmon (3 months ago)
I have come to conclusion that she looks good in everything
Chloe Ann (3 months ago)
Emma has been kidnapped 😳😩😡
Luna Valentina (3 months ago)
1:23 Emma's Mom taking video's of Emma is so wholesome and adorable my heart can't take this cuteness
Karem Aramin (3 months ago)
3:37 we’re twinning today
Fif Cmn (3 months ago)
1:22 her mom in the background im crying
Amanda Villatoro (3 months ago)
Use me as a “we love Emma button”♥️ 👇🏼 Hi guys tiny tiny YouTuber!🙊♥️
Irina I (3 months ago)
Why did I just love what I saw❤️❤️❤️
Alexandra KS (3 months ago)
I am so happy for this collaboration like wow.
Charlotte Artemjev (3 months ago)
Omg Emma makes every outfit look PERFECT and AMAZING
Lencho montana (1 month ago)
Shhd gee vd gee c
Emma Miller (3 months ago)
Aw hollister trying to copy her editing is cute
Emerald (3 months ago)
Am I the only one trying to guess what that thing is in the thumbnail drinking the coffee
daniel valle (3 months ago)
You could really tell emma was not loving the clothes they were all tacky and hollister has the ugliest jeans that’ll fall apart in 3 weeks i-
lottie b (3 months ago)
hollister ? realllyyyyy 😷😷
NaeNaeRozay (3 months ago)
Emma is a doll 😍
icee (3 months ago)
hollister + doc martens = emma chamberlain
Thrift Haula (3 months ago)
Love Emma! Great video! Thanks Hollister!
Personatalie (3 months ago)
Emma should not wear makeup. My opinion, whatever. Like have you ever heard of an eyelash curler though? Would help tremendously.
Gerry Wolf (3 months ago)
Your parents encourage you to have this type of cheap and tawdry existence? You have clearly Never Been Loved your entire life I wish you well it is a great adventure to find true love on this Earth but you'll never find it where you are right now you're surrounded by Predators I guarantee you Predators around every turn including your parents they are pimping you out
Gerry Wolf (3 months ago)
so clearly outgoing sexually precocious though that is nicely hidden through the editing this is not by the way if you're young person how someone that age would typically behave under natural conditions this is someone acting at all times in front of the camera in a affected self-deprecating manner this is someone who's used to being funny and entertaining at home and they're getting lots of attention what happens when they don't get attention what happens when they don't feel the cold the corporate role what happens when they're not putting on costumes and faces and things like that and telling jokes and always having the witty thing to say at the right moment and have all these cameras pointed at them because that's not how most girls live mostly the girls aren't surrounded by things like that and I would bet that in her life she will be propositioned by older men pornographers she will be offered drugs cocaine show me people who are basically some of the lowest forms of people on this planet through the fashion industry through modeling in particular agencies that traffic in young girls so don't think that what you're watching is all that pretty in fact beneath it beneath the makeup beneath the editing beneath the quick-witted cuts and outtakes is really in Terminus amount of ugliness the likes of which you would never want to come within miles of even hearing about much less finding yourself stuck in the position this woman if she's trapped she's a slave she's going to be a prisoner the rest of her life Flee for your lives this is what not to do
Zara Iqbal (3 months ago)
can she just be my stylist?
Brittany Fiedler (3 months ago)
I loved this video she is so chill and her self she has some of the best fashion sense I have ever seen I love how Hollister did the video how she would! Keep going emma so proud!!💞
Erika Nivicela (3 months ago)
Omg she’s the one from the tik tok ad thing idk I’m so slow😂😭
Megan Lau (3 months ago)
EMMA'S MOM IS SOO CUTE at 1:22 !!!
xxx._lovely._xxx x (3 months ago)
Emma should just make her self a coffee business
Tiffany Harrison (3 months ago)
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Hollister is really goin full sweat on the editing in this video lol
Jan Dela Cruz (4 months ago)
I like your sweatshirt where did you get it ?
Life as Lindsey (4 months ago)
I saw her picture today at hollister
Jose Magallon (4 months ago)
I literally saw her on my email from Hollister and I was like wtf is she helping advertising Hollister. I thought is was someone else that look like Emma, but another email from Hollister and I for sure was like that is her!! I didn’t know this video existed till now.
Heather Pènêlopē (4 months ago)
whats the song in the intro??
Abby Clark (4 months ago)
i went to hollister and saw emma on the wall and i’m like what is emma doing on the wall and realized she was sponsored
Lavender (4 months ago)
I first drank coffee when I was 5 or 6
PsarahPx Snap (4 months ago)
did emma edit this
IshMoon .3. (4 months ago)
i have the 2nd outfit but my top is in dark blue
Lilli V (4 months ago)
I was at Hollister and saw your pictures and started freaking out
Extra Eli (4 months ago)
No one: Emma: 3:12
Sun Flower (4 months ago)
Is it just me or does she sound like Hannah Montana
Emmy Marie (4 months ago)
I hate when I see cute clothes but it doesn’t say where they are from
abby fletcher (4 months ago)
i haven’t seen emma actually wear a scrunchie in AGES
Klaudia Klaudia (4 months ago)
(elevator music)
Miriama Matthews (4 months ago)
gali c: (4 months ago)
emma literally rocks everything what in the world
Lydia Jane (4 months ago)
4:44 she sounds EXACTLY like mylie when she was in Hannah Montana
Olivia Thompson (4 months ago)
drinking coffee is NOT a personality trait
R L (4 months ago)
I litterly went to the mall and went to hollister and she was all over the walls one of her sayings I think said like something with fun and life
Bissan HD (4 months ago)
The editing is so annoying lmao
Holly Hodges (4 months ago)
HOLLYister... hA .... puns
Holly Hodges (4 months ago)
me: **sees iced coffee** also me: “it’s gotta be Emma”