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The REAL WINNER Of KSI vs Logan Paul, Instagram's Likes Controversy, Uber & Bolivia's Chaotic Future

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Category: News & Politics
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Text Comments (4126)
Philip DeFranco (1 month ago)
HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON OR I'LL CEASE TO EXIST BUT HONESTLY MAYBE THATS FOR THE BEST. I mean happy Monday! Timecodes: IG Controversy 00:06 - KSI vs Logan 4:22 - TIA 7:27 - Uber 8:59 - Bolivia 11:30
Billsama Bin Clinten (24 days ago)
@Ricky Washington haha sorry. It is worded really weirdly though dude lol.
Ricky Washington (24 days ago)
Billsama Bin Clinten bro, i believe it was a coup. i’m on your side. re-read my comment.
Billsama Bin Clinten (24 days ago)
@Ricky Washington Really? Like who? And present your evidence it was not a coup. Actually show how the election was rigged. Because he won, but still offered to hold another election supervised by international voting groups, yet the military still demanded he step down. This was a coup bud, whether you want to accept it or not.
Ricky Washington (27 days ago)
so many bots/agents with the same talking points and no profile pics. 1. i’m bolivian 2. watched the channel for many years 3. this video is disturbingly wrong and there’s NO coup. ...yeah, ok. odd coincidence phil has so many bolivian fans from only one side lol
Ricky Washington (27 days ago)
Pablo Villagra you’re so clearly fake man, smh
Georgina Dunnam (6 days ago)
The only working website that really works for me and gives away free likes and followers is SMM EMPIRE - Take my word for it, But for real I tested many different websites too however none of those worked like SMM EMPIRE haha
Age . (9 days ago)
Ok boomer
Jess Hart (9 days ago)
Man, Evo Morales' hair looks like some sort of Bigfoot ushanka. Are he and Donald Trump in some sort of Dickhead World Leader toupee-off?
Bee is awesome (12 days ago)
When are you gonna talk about onision?
At Oussama (17 days ago)
People are angry at Uber when every single US company (including food chains) do wonders to have business there, wow
Irina Irinka (18 days ago)
You can always be the douche and screenshot your analytics and post them. That won't go away.
Bryan Silva (18 days ago)
As long as Instagram makes it so you have an option to make likes private I'm all for it. Some ppl want to show their likes and I respect that but others do need to privacy to get that pressure off and im all for it.
Satan Lover13 (19 days ago)
13:15 wich is a lie
Satan Lover13 (19 days ago)
12:38 it was not expected to have a runoff thats idiotic bullshit, the quick count was a new thing, rural votes come in later and the body overseeing the count stopped and restarted because of preshure from numerouse places. The actual count is pretty reguler, the guy is more popular in rural areas. The 4th term thing is a sepuret issue!
Kat Walker (20 days ago)
I always feel bad about not getting a ton of likes in Instagram. Ive never had more than 600 followers and its always made me feel extremely bad about myself because I've been on Instagram for like 7 years and i havent gained anything. I dont mind them hiding likes at all. I see the negatives but, i see so many more positives
Xdarkhero (20 days ago)
Leave the likes public it’s not a big deal
Andy Blanks (20 days ago)
Cardi B's opinion on anything is worthless
MoonFairy929 (20 days ago)
I run my photography company’s page. Highly visual. So at first I was worried about the likes. But you can see your own likes. That’s really all that matters from a business perspective. Ppl will wine until they forget and it’s normal. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Elizabeth B (20 days ago)
I left and decreased my IG interactions bc I noticed I shared pics/vids that I felt would probably get a bunch of likes. I’m honestly glad that they are considering the removal of likes (the public display of likes) on IG. I had an unhealthy self validation bs going on. I’m glad I’m over it
Mindwarp Art (20 days ago)
I think hiding likes is a great idea. My only issue is Instagram taking away artist/creator's reach from their posts. Lots of people are struggling to have their content seen by their followers
Jet X (21 days ago)
Please don’t let idiots like cardi B stop good progress from happening
Dan Nehrbass (21 days ago)
WOAH ok you're glossing over a lot of information there with Bolivia Phil. Firstly they were not "neck and neck". At 80% of the votes counted, Evo was winning with 45% vs 38%. That's already a pretty significant lead. It just wasnt the 10% lead necessary for him to win that round outright. Second, you glossed over the part where Evo agreed to a reelection with oversight from the OAS to ensure legitimacy. Finally, are we just not going to talk about how the military was sent in just hours after Evo made the announcement for the revote? Your reporting is highly deceptive. To frame this coup as anything even slightly democratic or good is disgusting and you should be ashamed. Here's a good video with more sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YyKCWKxBjI&t
George Giesy (21 days ago)
Comment sections will always be toxic I think a dislike button would help more than removing likes.
wizard productions (22 days ago)
Just delete your insta🤷🏽‍♂️
Infinite Harmony (22 days ago)
6:30 😹😹😹
Myr (22 days ago)
[For instagram] In Canada, since no likes are showing, I'm less on my phone, less obsess with numbers. It's much better like this.
House of Art Productions (23 days ago)
The Bolivian situation is a bit more complicated than you explained, man. Great episode but that part was a bit of misinformation.
Nico (23 days ago)
Stay classy Phil :D Replayed this video because I liked it so much <3
DJ Gassewitz Videography (24 days ago)
Ed Sheeran the real winner of logan vs ksi.... free publicity this mans was on his couch eatin cheetos
S illy (24 days ago)
I'm a rapper but I only have 3 Soundcloud Followers (24 days ago)
My life is way different now than when I was 1820..... Damn Phil you're old as fuck 😂
allenhill2002 (24 days ago)
I feel like Phil is trying to be neutral with this whole Bolivia coup instead of being objective. The politics of this whole thing matters. Wow, right wing governments supported the right wing coup... shocker! Bolivian President criticized Trump to his face and then the election integrity commission the USA mostly funds says the election was fraudulent. Bolivian president says he'll have a new election. Military says "Nope, step down." That's called a coup.
DemonicVaengel (24 days ago)
Late but As someone who's had the Instagram "hiding likes" feature for a while now. It's not noticeable. You can still see your numbers, you just can't see other people's numbers. It's actually nice.
Decoy Noise (25 days ago)
I hope my channel grows so much that the Lakers play the Celtics as the pregame entertainment of my basketball games
Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios (25 days ago)
I think the only one speaking to the True problem is Cardi B. Comments are where things become toxic. Comments are where, in the words of Comedy Mastermind Dave Chapelle, Punk Ass Bitches, who in person would cower in a corner, have the anonymity of the Comment Section allows the darkest, even evil, and vitriol into their individual HATRED a viewer has for a creator. It is the toxicity of these comments the become bullying, stalking, fear, depression, invasion of homes and in some cases murder or more tragic, suicide. Getting rid of Likes as a solution is akin to blaming the Butane manufactures responsible for cigar smokers use of torch lighters to light their cigars and developing throat cancer. IT IS SIMPLY A NON SEQUITER‼️‼️ Likes are boosts to ego, revenue, interest from advertisers and partnerships. To believe from a picosecond that getting rid of Likes is going have any effect AT ALL is Hubris of the highest order. It is the comment’s aggression, meaningless, hitting creator is really personal hurt places, and lead to psychotic breaks, depression, panic attacks and in extreme cases, suicide. Everyone has to keep their eye on the ball and not the Running back on the double Reverse. The True damage come in the COMMENTS‼️‼️
Casey Ramirez (25 days ago)
That moment at 11:30 during the Uber segment an Uber Eats ad rolls in 😂🤣
Nancie Nordwick (25 days ago)
It sounds like the socialist party decided to change the narrative from 'election fraud' to 'coup'. Like creating their own fake news. It was totally unnecessary for those other leaders to resign. All that was need was a corruption free and constitutionally correct election.
Anthony Peters (26 days ago)
Fight of Youtubeys {insert goofy funny Defamatory remark here} also {insert Highly Defamatory remark about any human who watched the fight here} because we are Judgeing you hard really hard!
thebelt24 (26 days ago)
16:58 it's telling how you don't even attempt to say why they "resigned". They were forced out by the military.
Goo No (26 days ago)
But how I gonna judge how cute a girl is without looking at her likes? I don’t trust followers
zector (26 days ago)
Isn't that Paul dude that guy who does wierd shit with corpses? Or was that his brother?
zector (26 days ago)
Criminals getting called out on Instagram complaining about the comments, lol.
Skyler O'Riordan (26 days ago)
I think cardi actually had a valid point about the comments, i think that and the unrealistic beauty standards are more of a problem than likes.
Trippy Lasagna (26 days ago)
Oof that clickbait tho.
ashante (27 days ago)
Now that likes are hidden, people can post without pressure of feeling judged for how many likes they get. I live in Canada and my fashion archive Instragram page has been trialed for the hidden likes feature for the past few months. It's easy to compare pages based on likes and feel some type of way. I had some pages that were more older than mine and following the industry longer than I have been alive, jealous of my instagram engagement and I did feel a little guilty about it.
Rayzersword (27 days ago)
Not exactly news to say that rich people dont care of the rest of us get dismembered, but the more evidence of it that becomes public the better.
Awxen (27 days ago)
Note to the Uber CEO, we only kiss China's ass.
This Just Seems Orchestrated (27 days ago)
2020 prediction for Instagram: They will offer their own "shout-outs" purchasing program through their own list of "verified" influencers. Roughly 6 billion dollars a year is spent by companies going direct to influencers or through 3rd party services. Instagram doesn't get any of this. Smart money is spent by ensuring the account has a high likes-to-followers ratio. Removing likes visibility removes people's and businesses ability to verify the legitimacy of an influencer. They're creating a problem that they will then provide a solution to. It's planned positioning. We'll probably even start to see reports of "influencers" buying followers and how it's become so much of a problem that Instagram will then be offering the "solution" of shoutouts through verified "true follower" accounts with "like" metrics provided to companies/buyers. "It's about young people". No. It's about money. A LOT of money. Or maybe I'm wrong and Instagram really cares that Karen is sad that she doesn't as many likes as some Kardashian. We'll see.
fatmandoubblescoop (27 days ago)
I don't understands Evos hair, It kind of creeps me out
Jonathan Hubbard-Shaw (27 days ago)
You are misinformed about Bolivia
PaperPatriot (27 days ago)
making the amount of likes invisible on Insta is great! there's no benefit to seeing how many likes other people have and it can have a very negative influence. Plus you can still see your own likes anyway, love the change
Kevwe Okogu (27 days ago)
I wouldn't suggest cancelling your dazn subscription. Ruiz vs Joshua next month.
KittenScrapbooking (27 days ago)
I live in Canada and I have two Instagram accounts, one personal and one for my business. My business account was one they tested the “not seeing likes” system while my personal wasn’t and I LOVE it! I wish I could make my personal account the same! While I still care a lot more about my business accounts analytics than my personal accounts it’s faaaaar less stressful knowing my coworkers and opponents don’t initially see how I’m doing and I don’t know how they’re doing! Maybe that’s a more of a my brain thing but it’s so nice to know how I’m growing without being so conscious of everyone around me doing better or whatever. I think it’s a great thing!
Wesley Warren (27 days ago)
I feel Logan could win a street fight vs ksi. When he did that uppercut he looked like he so was done playing by the rules.
Thomas Caron (27 days ago)
I say fuck em. They can loose those horrible rappers. Instagram is doing a great thing.
Filmworthy (27 days ago)
I just want to commend you Phil for covering the Bolivian news, impressively better than anyone from the US. Especially pointing out the point of people calling it a coup when it was not a coup. <3
Ben LaFave (27 days ago)
randomly paused at 3:38. Wasn't disappointed 😂https://youtu.be/vhJXgYV2c-I?t=218
Choppytehbear1337 (27 days ago)
Jack Dorsey looks like a normal sized Peter Dinklidge.
Monkeyman3000 (27 days ago)
Philip defranco reminding people to cancel the subscription if they desired is some real caring for humans who shouldn’t be screwed by shady marketing practices
Afnan Amin (27 days ago)
america should mind its own fucking business
really sad (27 days ago)
Are you gonna apologise to all your fans who you scammed with better help, scumbag
b s (27 days ago)
Get out the closet ya gimp
Dannielle Turner (27 days ago)
I personally think it is amazing what Instagram is doing. They took a business and popularity hit in favour of its users, especially young people's mental health. That is definitely an admirable, positive thing in my books.
21pilots tillidie (28 days ago)
Morales didn't win he stole the election
Savannah B (28 days ago)
Bitch why the hell am I getting an ad for a gun holster? I’m pissed
Jiggity Jack (28 days ago)
I personally think instagram should hide comments, not likes.
weep (28 days ago)
Oh no Nicki Minaj no likes? What will a millionaire like you do now😔😔
Connor (28 days ago)
Honestly I think the being able to see your own likes is the unhealthy part anyway.
xandercraw (28 days ago)
Unfortunately I had to skip the entire Logan Paul portion as I vowed Never to watch anything featuring him since the forest
Erudito otidurE (28 days ago)
Left out the part where Morales agreed to hold new elections with oversight from the OAS the same day as his resignation.
Nancie Nordwick (25 days ago)
But included the part where Morales is now telling his supporters on social media to resist a new election. Sigh
Nicolas Munoz (28 days ago)
Maybe I'm sick but are your lips the same color as your chin?
Charlstownraces (28 days ago)
This Bolivia report is superrrr biased geez
Lucy Diamond (28 days ago)
god i can not stand that cardi b chick
skye (28 days ago)
I'm in Canada and haven't seen likes on Instagram for a while. I like not seeing them. It will say *username " and others liked it and you can click on the "others" and scroll through but no specific number. If someone has thousands or millions of likes the "others" will say "thousands/millions of others" who cares about specific numbers. Also if comments are an issue then turn your damn commenting off
Simon Hampus (28 days ago)
I'm very torn on the instagram-story. I love the idea of removing the likes to decrease that aspect of modern culture. I have lost so many loved ones to instagram. So many experiences and moments have been ruined. But at the same time I really want all the stats to be available to the public so that we have a chance to understand why these companies promote and supress content the way they do. I honestlly don't know what's worse - having the likes or the companies decide what is right.
Tails Clock (28 days ago)
Morales fucked over his chance to be the better leader for trying to force it. Yes he was liked and people supported him, and he is most likely a good leader. But to throw away all that respect to cheat the system and stay in power, was that really worth it? People will remember this. The other guy could be awful, and so long as he keeps up the memory or Morales the cheat, he'll gain support regardless of how well he does. It is never for the good of the people when you commit voter fraud.
Tia Pharaoh (28 days ago)
Instagram removed public likes in my country months ago, it’s really not a big deal. Anyone upset by this has obviously lost touch with reality, there are bigger things to get upset about than strangers seeing how many likes you get on a picture
Colby Hart (28 days ago)
lets just agree that the opposite of anything Cardi B says is the right option
andres crespo (28 days ago)
If you want an opinion about Bolivia an the current crisis in glad to help I'm from La Paz and love to see the transparency you have Love your show
James Palmer (28 days ago)
11:11 - NBA & China
Elaine (28 days ago)
If a famous person with THOUSANDS of followers, doesn't want their likes displayed publicly, then it is obvious I don't want them either. I don't want other people to see if I'm accepted or not, if I'm approved or not, if I'm "likeable" or not. I have anxiety, and if I wanna post something it takes me a lot of time to decide if I want it up or not. I haven't posted anything in over 2 years, so this strategy might help to see who is really interested on me and my stuff, or who doesn't care and just feel the need to give a like because they don't want a person to feel bad. I don't want a pity like.
agentwred (28 days ago)
I don't think murdering journalists is okay, but it's hard for me to think I need to boycott a company due to its connection to a government that killed someone when we happily live under a government that also does horrible things to people. Our treatment of immigrants for instance. The people we have obviously assassinated. Etc.
mak1T0 (28 days ago)
I want to thank you again for bring attention to the problems that are being raised in Bolivia... There was never a coup, the ex president Morales made fraud in the last election, in which by the way he couldn’t run, and this is not something I just saying, is something that the OAS said. Thank you again.
fly.w4vy (28 days ago)
Maybe Cardi B is selling Head/Hair scarfs? I have spoken.
rmp5s (28 days ago)
Bolivia = Venezuela 2.0 Watch.
senhor Porto (28 days ago)
typical mexico sheltering a political tyrant. and not surprised in the least commie stooges corbynov, omarvich, and cortezsky support a no term bolivian dictator, ffs
Gabriel Melaku (28 days ago)
I think both Logan and KSI paid close attention to the marketing tactics of the Connor McGregor VS Mayweather fight and replicated it.
rmp5s (28 days ago)
Not showing likes publicly isn't going to change anything. It's the "man...this pic isn't doing anywhere NEAR as good as my last pic" and all that kind of internal monologue that's super unhealthy, especially for young people.
Mink (28 days ago)
I’m Canadian and honestly the likes don’t make a difference. I’ve seen American accounts I follow freaking out over this but.. You can still see your own likes. You can still like posts. You can still see the people liking other peoples’ posts if you click on the “others”. If anything, it’s been a lot better for my mental health. I’m no longer comparing my likes to other artists of my size or even to my friends. If Instagram went back on this for Canada I’d be quite upset
LivingRoom Viewing (28 days ago)
That SLAPP suit roast was live af!
Jonathan Scott (28 days ago)
Logan Paul won, load of bullshit. Should have just been another tie because nothing even happened. ksi threw nothing but haymakers and didnt take down Logan. ksi's face looks like a lump. I'm a fighter dude, there was no illegal hit worth 2 fucking points.
Miguel O. (28 days ago)
There is am impeachment hearing for the US president, and we're going to cover ksi and that paul kid. No wonder you dont get a million views aymore.
Venus Zambrana (28 days ago)
Likes on instagram posts help me know if an account/business is legit because if they have 50k followers but only get 1k likes I trust them less. I need to see the likes to decide if I’m gonna collaborate with someone.
david nivens (28 days ago)
whats the point of having a like button how did facebook add reactions and instagram took theirs away theyre owned by the same people
Ranga (28 days ago)
I love how cardi b's argument is that the comments are weirder . I mean she completely ignores the fact that it was for young people and people who pointlessly get validation from likes and seeing how many more likes a friend or somebody the person knows has and having doubts about their worth , and most likely don't even get comments on their posts most people don't get comments from people they don't know only when you start being somewhat famous is that this begins to happen but for every 1 somewhat famous person that gets these comments there are thousands that would benifit from this change . I mean i don't care about cardi b's career honestly i have no problem with her but the fact that a rapper is giving advice on how we should deal with mass mental health ( not saying she shouldn't speak about mental health but there's a difference between speaking about your experiences and speaking on how we should handle the mass cases of mental health)
alberach (28 days ago)
No one should give a damn what Cardi B thinks. Total garbage person.
Original Wolf (28 days ago)
did that really happen? They had another fight? Was the first one not already too much? who the f cares?
Beauty By KatiaVB (28 days ago)
I love when I can word by word get the intro right
Aliyahh (28 days ago)
i mean the paul brothers and justin beiber are finding it hard to accept the fact that KSI won and saying logan was the better fighter is complete bullshit yes he had 3 solid hits but KSI did more damage and WASNT THE ONE WHO DID AN A ILLEGAL PUNCH i just feel like their to embarassed to admit it because they were so confident logan would win
2u2a (28 days ago)
Wow. I didn't even know that there was another fight between Logan and KSI. I'm so glad!(about not knowing, not the fact that they fought)
Jacob Nogales (28 days ago)
I am bolivian, and I must say I am disappointed by so many international politicians and activists taking Morales's side and calling this a coup. This man is using victimization to make himself appear as the injured party to the world when he ordered his followers to block food supplies, violently attack peaceful protesters and promoting racism among them towards Cruzeños or eastern bolivians. Thank you Phil for making it clear that there is actual evidence of fraud committed by Morales. So far only four foreign youtubers I follow have done research on the subject instead of jumping into the outrage wagon, and only two of them english-speaking.
Sorenkair (28 days ago)
The John Oliver video got taken down??
MDrummKid2 (28 days ago)
Hide those likes. My gf has serious body image problems stemming from all that shit
Nataly Sanchez (28 days ago)
This is a great explanation of what is happening in Bolivia but you should also know all the violent protests are from Evo supporters called “ la MAS” Many supporters have finally given up the looting of LA PAZ and confessed that Evo has been paying them under the table to destroy the city. Evo is manipulating the world via Tweets that are not true AT ALL. He is playing the victim. He’s done nothing but steal money from Bolivia, commit fraud, sell cocoa leaves to narcos, and MORE. He was a good president of Bolivia for the first two years but he became power hungry. All the damage being done in the city of LA PAZ is from the MAS but Evo (he knows the truth) is blaming on the opposition to be likable to everyone around the world and we see that it’s WORKING. People NEED to know the true and stop supporting Evo, the dictator.