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Top 10 Funny commercials of all time - Best 2013

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Some of the very funny commercials that make us laugh every day. Enjoy them! Don't forget to subscribe and comment for more coming stuff!
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Text Comments (275)
Suphang Ko (4 months ago)
That’s no freaky funny at all, mothers
Razvan Lazar (1 year ago)
It's a trap!
I Eat What I Grow (1 year ago)
They should do a Hannibal Lecter commercial, eating the M&Ms brains"
1justpara (1 year ago)
Funny as bloody toothache. Dear me, if this is what you call funny then I'm really sorry for you.
Jaka Jeje (1 year ago)
lol.. you only get a pair?.. lmao
Asraful Shoag (1 year ago)
last 2 number lol
JAZZ MAN (2 years ago)
The bitch in the Skittles ad needs kicked in return.
spirals 73 (2 years ago)
The Skittles one creeps me out.
Hanaihau Hargous (2 years ago)
That fucking panda, still remember his.
albertusj (2 years ago)
ok, the skittles one I don't get
Jumarey Solamo (2 years ago)
what music on 8 commercial 1:26
Tmesis (2 years ago)
Are you serious
Tmesis (2 years ago)
number 1 common
anti hetero (2 years ago)
not funny
Steven Turner (2 years ago)
another 7 min of my life wasted
ㅁㅈㅇㅃ (3 years ago)
I had to stop at #8..... Dumbest shit ever.
Grant Klass (3 years ago)
Normando Moura (3 years ago)
really top 10 Funny commercials? Well, I see you don't know much about fun or commercials.
Ninah Osman (3 years ago)
not fun at all only the guy cleaning somebodies car was abite oky
Top Dingen (3 years ago)
+Ninah Osman Oh, in that case, you might be interested to watch our top 10 funniest commercials video ;)
Hanzala Naeem (3 years ago)
Only Commercial no.3 is funny. +1 dislike from me.
timothy hopkins (3 years ago)
the 3 one looked rong
Alex Nicolescu (3 years ago)
+timothy hopkins um excuse me. You need to fix your writing and grammar mistakes. The first one is that instead of putting a 3 you need to put third or at least 3rd. Your second mistake is your grammar mistake. Instead of "rong" it's spelt wrong. Make sure you edit your comment! This generation disappoints me. With all your short forms! Well you better pay attention in school.
Alexis Ayala (3 years ago)
Wtf was this I did not even grin put better ones next time
DK (3 years ago)
4:11 How The Fuck The Car Didnt Break???
Marvin (3 years ago)
do anybody knows what does the 3rd commercial meansis it something that boy have?
yomaam12345 (3 years ago)
+Abel Nathaniel What?
anti vak shanti (3 years ago)
warning,delivery 5.28 minutes point destroys the woman in norway,row row row,i hope the rain will go,and break the minds of those,who did make poison for my nose
Resabout B. (3 years ago)
+gar bitch What?!???
Beau T (3 years ago)
I laughed so hard at 9
johnnyonPC (3 years ago)
Song 3:11 ?
S.H (3 years ago)
Lol never say no to panda 😂
Giannis Giannakis (3 years ago)
6:45 Anyone knows the No1 song name?
PJ Malone (4 years ago)
I realize I am watching 10 commercials as entertainment!
BennyG (4 years ago)
the chuck norris's Drill was hilarious!
Moustafa Sayed (4 years ago)
panda ,, our egyption cheese product ,why is it here in the list ???
Graham Wilson (4 years ago)
Please stop making compilations!!
Cry (3 years ago)
+Klemen K Please stop stopping.
Graham Wilson (4 years ago)
+Klemen K spamin?? What does that mean? Is it a type of canned, chopped pork product being kept inside?
Klemen K (4 years ago)
Please stop spamin!
Radomir Djurdjevic (4 years ago)
couldnt even watch pass the 10th cuz it was too god damn awful, you pretty much  misunderstood the core concept of "best" and "all time"
John Olsen (1 year ago)
bertram jayarajah to
bertram jayarajah (4 years ago)
+Radomir Djurdjevic and also funny hahaha
Nuclear Cupcake65 (4 years ago)
 For some reason, when I swipe the right side of my right arm with the back of my left hand, my whole arm go's numb, but for a small of a fraction of a second, so you can hardly feel it, but long of it that you can slightly feel it. At first it feels somewhat good, but then my arm feels weird after a while. I am not sure why I felt the need to share that over the internet, I did, BECAUSE I CAN. Have a lovely day.
Sayd Haque (4 years ago)
Shirley Pena (4 years ago)
None of these were funny but the one for Jockey men's underwear was cute.
demotius (4 years ago)
You never see Corolla broke on the road, because if it brakes at the parking lot. 
Dennis Broder (4 years ago)
Strange collection
saad choufih (4 years ago)
wtf 05:15 XD
Milan Milosavljevic (4 years ago)
Mário Chingalule (4 years ago)
tori fairbairn (4 years ago)
Suman MRT (4 years ago)
These all r shit...not funny..
cruz stone (4 years ago)
The funniest video in the world is the African commercial abt lemon juice
Rene Remular (4 years ago)
MrMajorJS (4 years ago)
Joan MacDonald (4 years ago)
what a load of rubbish
Wasya Usatyi (4 years ago)
commercial nr10-so weird
Armon Owlia Productions (4 years ago)
4:39 The monk on the right strangely looks like Yul Brynner from "The King and I"
Kitty Wayne (4 years ago)
Toyota got the No.1
• Vera • (4 years ago)
love no.4 the best lol
Nick 488 (4 years ago)
0:45 best one 
engelstraene3 (4 years ago)
Number six was actually really creepy....
AveMaria82100 (4 years ago)
The "Jockey" commercial is disgusting.
MAXimumRPG (4 years ago)
+AveMaria82100 http://maddox.xmission.com/maddox_offended_jets_sm.gif
AveMaria82100 (4 years ago)
+Tim Miller Perhaps I overreacted a little bit.
Tim Miller (4 years ago)
really? are you that repressed? i cant imagine what disturbs you in life if a bunch of balls gross you out
Wonderful World (4 years ago)
this video is not FUNNY it WAS FKING BORING
truly taoipu (4 years ago)
And you call Nippon (japanese) comersials weird....... Boke hito
Little-cookiE (4 years ago)
I like the Danish one because I'm from Denmark
jonly herrera (4 years ago)
Okoviti (4 years ago)
The Number One Is Scary As Shit
huub vingerling (4 years ago)
Boooo those weren't funny
Avidcomp (4 years ago)
I did not find any of them funny. Poor collection. Not even a beer commercial, they're normally good.
tomandjeryyandtomandjerryandtomandjerry (1 year ago)
4th one is really good.
Ani Zain (1 year ago)
otoxeip (4 years ago)
number 5 is tha best
Sara Elísabet (4 years ago)
Haha Bangkok is in Thailand
X Icer (4 years ago)
panda commercial by our country woot woot 
X Icer (4 years ago)
panda commercial = No1 it got like 4 commercials xD
bluecanary1note (5 years ago)
They were all good, but you saved the funniest one for the end.
EpicCowLicker Likes Cows (5 years ago)
Did any one else clutch their crotch when they saw the jock commercial?
Add Herre (5 years ago)
Commercial no. 5 is so funny! LOL
Alex Huot (5 years ago)
this compilation is bad and you should feel bad
Delta 9 2 Foxtrot (5 years ago)
5:33, i think is the best; short, simple and funny
aboobacker sidhiquetk (5 years ago)
Ginger Snaps (5 years ago)
1 out of 10. Nice try.
durga prasad vvenkat (5 years ago)
you have only 2..................hhaaahahaaa
Sugar n Spice (5 years ago)
Badol Mondol (5 years ago)
What's the fuck
Lina (5 years ago)
The last one is my favorite xD
Torsade101 (5 years ago)
A few good ones. Hardly funniest of all time.
Chris Duncan (5 years ago)
Really good catch with the number one.
Dawn (5 years ago)
haha the Bangkok Insurance at 0:53 is pretty catchy. I didn't really expect that ending where he totally ignores his own car crash xD Have you tried <aNSWERED> mobile app? You can ask any question on it anonymously and get answers from the community!
Nut Makhasit (5 years ago)
Oh! Thai commercial
Ashley Brooks (5 years ago)
Nothing beats a panda cheese commercial. EVER!
Tony Montana (5 years ago)
the funny thing is that i need to watch a commercial to watch a commercial !
Devan Maxtron (5 years ago)
Nice Work ;-)
Hatim (5 years ago)
1:35 BALLS
Olav Øverland (5 years ago)
2.53 norway yay
Tamara Anas (5 years ago)
I saw the Pepsi commercial
Bean Havok (5 years ago)
brandon broner (5 years ago)
Lame... 7 minutes of your life you will never get back...
Javier Ferreyros (5 years ago)
Amin Ahmadian (5 years ago)
not funny at all
David Langstrom (5 years ago)
These are the dumbest commercials. How are these labeled the funniest? This ifs fuckin stupid
maniacturtle (5 years ago)
speaking of stupid... you spelled "is" wrong
NycteaMiceEater (5 years ago)
Well, I liked the Danish one :-)
fegelfan15 (5 years ago)
After each one I was just like '...whaaaat...?'
Abi F. (5 years ago)
Why after every comment theres a weird I>>?
AzureY Bluer (5 years ago)
nine too
Mimi Singh (5 years ago)
The test and my mom said I could was the funniest
Tiago Almeida (4 years ago)
+Uncommon Lyrics I guess he was trying to say that he tested his mom and she said he was funny o_O... Strange, hm...
Louella.y (5 years ago)
The panda one is amazing
Sou Most (5 years ago)
Therse are not funny !!!!!
johnt2539 (5 years ago)
Tell me when the funny commercials start...
N o b l e (5 years ago)
dank ate (5 years ago)
Thai is the best
Aero Fliet (4 years ago)
Yeah, the Thai was funny.
Pasar Keramat (5 years ago)
The Bangkok Insurance and the Pepsi ads are clever ads.
Ashraf Kutty (5 years ago)
+Joonhee Cho
dank ate (5 years ago)
ya,, i dont care about u say. i just respect to their country. greeting from indonesia
Prof. Wang (5 years ago)
+Joonhee Cho Stop arguing, you go study and become big doctor.
FORZA BOB (5 years ago)
Lucas sacuL (5 years ago)
I liked the # 1, but didn't like #2