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Unsellable Mansions: Luxury Property Mistakes

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Real estate experts point out the do's and don'ts for successfully selling a home.
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Text Comments (3290)
BabySmooth321 (50 minutes ago)
Why build a house like that on a busy road lmao
Thosewithnonames (5 hours ago)
I live in Vancouver and my mediocre house cost 3 times that amount....
larry potts (17 hours ago)
Tasteless in every concept!
mongo mongo (1 day ago)
So called experts, what shit they sell other people's wears, one step up from a used car salesman nothing more
Kolley Kibber (1 day ago)
This reinforces my dislike of estate agents.
Jacki Rountree (2 days ago)
I wonder if the property owner previously lived in New York? My parents bought a very, very ugly house when I was little that had a lion doorknocker, a mirrored front hall, and fuzzy wallpaper in the bathrooms on the doors and ceilings. Every room was like a different experience. As a kid, I loved it. My parents hated it, but since it was so cheap, it was great for renovation. Only thing I do remember my parents saying was that the Mrs. of the previous owners had large, fuzzy dice earrings.
Tou Xiong (2 days ago)
I was thinking drug dealer who built the house in a 150k neighborhood but a pimp built it. i wasn't too far off.
Natasha (3 days ago)
They should take a loss and sell it for $500k that would leave potential buyers a little wiggle room to remove some of that tackiness
Anna k (4 days ago)
6:56 lmao that guy in the background is hilarious
FrozenEternity (4 days ago)
Stupid rich folk
Rock around The clock (4 days ago)
Not going to lie me and my kids would love this take down the risque photos. But it seems fun.
Frank Castle (5 days ago)
Sell it to the Chinese they will buy anything
Nathan diMaggio (5 days ago)
1.3 million is the average price of a family home in my area
Cierra Schoen (6 days ago)
What were y'all expecting a fuckin pimp was the original owner
Ivan Patrick (6 days ago)
1.3 million is the price of a condo in vancouver bc .
Connie Miner (7 days ago)
The most ugly house ever!
Flinch (7 days ago)
Do not listen to the real estate agent: your house is not an investment. This is the same type of a-hole that tries to sell you on the idea of mortgage interest deductions have greater value than the interest paid on the mortgage. Bull. Do these "pro's" get free lobotomies to go with their real estate license? The moment you move in, it not only cannot produce cash flow, but it becomes a cash drain. People who actually invest in real estate have two basic moves: buy to flip or buy to rent. They never, ever, ever move in - not on your life. Figure out the sell end before you buy is the lesson of "unsellable" mansions. In support of that, "location, location, location" is part of another rule: birds of a feather flock together - don't sink 7 figures in property that is a huge multiple of neighboring properties or might be adjacent to renters or section 8 housing, as it's a lose/lose: your neighbors will hate you in perpetuity for blowing out the curve with tax assessors/insurance companies as figuring out comps just went into bizarro world.
Christopher Vitetta (8 days ago)
🤣 Just saw that it was built by a pimp. If no one buys it they should turn it into a hotel and call it "Big Pimpin"
Christopher Vitetta (8 days ago)
If it were cheaper I would buy it, but that's just me.
AngelWings3100 (8 days ago)
anonymousandcool (8 days ago)
maybe they should rent it out for music videos lol
Arshad D (8 days ago)
Here in Vancouver, that price won't even buy you a hole in the wall.
Came Ch (8 days ago)
It looks like one of those mansions made in The Sims with the weirdests most expensive materials and designs, mixed all together that came to life.
Mike Do Hong (9 days ago)
That would be millions in NJ
Narniagirl (9 days ago)
Hopefully, no one will buy the pimp's house. Then it will end up being taken over by the state. Then, the pimp's house should be used as temporary housing for the homeless (ones who agree to be sober and clean and hold down a job). Then the now-stable, working people (after they have been stable for a year or so) can be put in low-income housing. A good use of a piece of junk, don't you think?
James S. (9 days ago)
A house (or anything) is only worth what someone will pay for it. The only reason it's a hard sell is because they're asking too much. Economics 101! Just because some clown appraises it at $1.3m doesn't mean that's what it's worth.
Gabriel Grant (10 days ago)
Wtf..he just made it to his liking as it was HIS house....who the fuck is she to judge..she can't even afford half that
Daniel (10 days ago)
I mean, I wouldn’t mind living there.
pumpkin pie (10 days ago)
That realtor needs a blind rich couple in his life lol
Marcus Miller (10 days ago)
I live 5 minutes from this mansion and it is indeed an eyesore.
Tamela McGhee (11 days ago)
I actually like it, lol--much more than the modern junk. I like eccentric, and you can make it your own with some strategic work. What a pallet of groundwork before you. I personally love it. OH and about the dolphins...throw some wreathes with lovely bells on their head. It will get by : ) P.S.: the rocks around the dolphins, were not the best choice. At least put some lovely Evergreens. Where I deeply disagree: when you tell me, live only for resale value, I say...that isn't living, sweetheart.
Jamie Green (11 days ago)
I like it if I had the money I would buy it , I don't give a fuck what people say . That's the problem about the world now everything is about money not passing it down to family
Carol-Ann Nelson (11 days ago)
Why not make it a bed and breakfast??
T Batt (11 days ago)
Am I the only one who loved the nautical house in LA? Didn't think that was comparably ugly at all.
Tracy-ann Martin (11 days ago)
Awful taste and design, sorry! Too much not thought about and ostentatious ideas extreme!
Jeff Brewster (11 days ago)
Architects should never take LSD while they are working.
Catherin Poole (11 days ago)
She is so sacrin
amsterdamsel (11 days ago)
Good grief! Perfect example of people with more dollars than sense.
V Lightning (11 days ago)
The guy is a pimp and the Realtors are wondering what they used certain rooms for? Really?
phoebe morocco (11 days ago)
daint even a pool
Hazel Balcaen (12 days ago)
Looks like TRUMP mania
Susan Anderson (12 days ago)
That's a real estate agent to never hire. It's a unique home but there are ways to turn it around.
Sharon McCoy (12 days ago)
Indianapolis who would buy a house there
Mitzy Nonaka (12 days ago)
Sell it to trump it’ll be perfect hahaha some tacky shit
mark carey (12 days ago)
Reminds me of Dean's Garden.
zana mou (12 days ago)
Ugliest house i'hv ever seen... Money can't buy you a good taste !!! Yuukkk yuuukkk 🤮🤮🤮
Mike Henderson (12 days ago)
I LOVE IT. What a fun place to live in :-)
Daniel J (13 days ago)
Holy shit!!! Where is this $150k for a house!!! Here in Northern Virginia my Townhouse is costing me $450 in the non-expensive side of town... I gotta move
miguel amaya (13 days ago)
We were making plans on coming to see and buy the Home... We love to see brick in the home to feel secure... Until you brought in the Worse Ass Hole Realtor, JOSH ALTMAN... Hey dude you may keep it, including your stupid comments..
Brent Beckstead (14 days ago)
6:53 guy realized there was a camera
L W (15 days ago)
Ummmm. I like the first one. Decorating is not good, though. Those mirrors.
purpledragonfly4 (16 days ago)
and still for sale. Knock it out, re do it and sell it for a decent amount of money!
420 420 (16 days ago)
realty check?, more like reality check...
stephen peel (17 days ago)
I can say it looks good besides the lions and the price but if the price was normal house price i would buy it I just wonder how much the bills are for the power, water and gas and AC bills
Elizabeth Di Francesca (17 days ago)
If the Pelosi family moved into an apartment in DC how many homeless people could like in her mansion in the Bay area ?
Brittney E (17 days ago)
What the...who the...why??
L CT (17 days ago)
Someone bought it and they just AirBnB it piece by piece...i live in Indy n saw this online. They even rent it out for large parties
La Pham (19 days ago)
La Pham (19 days ago)
Rochelle Eskue (20 days ago)
Well, see that explains a lot. The mansion was designed by Huggy Bear. Its got ' Pimps Up, Ho's Down ' written all over it.
Cc117 cc117 (20 days ago)
I like it
Martin Dennis (20 days ago)
Indianapolis, IN. home state and my hometown. I know this neighborhood well. The only thing that can be done is tear it down.
Betty M. (20 days ago)
Some newly rich lotto winner will buy it. But damn, I'd like to have that flying monkey servant statute.
drop2001 (21 days ago)
For the record, your first house or a house you own and live in is NOT AN INVESTMENT, this is a very bad statement by real estate agent (destructive sales pitch) ! A house you own and live in is more of a need for shelter/liability as you have to maintain and pay taxes on!
Nexxarian (21 days ago)
Since a pimp had it constructed that explains the cave/dungeon bedrooms. Kink dungeons.
Eduardo H (21 days ago)
I wonder if it actually sold
Rosie Meade (21 days ago)
I like it. It’s just too expensive
SCLaP SCLaP (21 days ago)
i love it!
Elizabeth Ann Cole (21 days ago)
A836 Columbus
Nişancı (22 days ago)
I will accept living in that house if I'm paid $2000 monthly. I think my offer is fair and affordable.
Solsist __ (22 days ago)
Anyone else here from California contemplating moving after seeing how cheap that mansion was?
Laurel Vlogs (22 days ago)
Heard it was here in indy and tbh im tempted to go see it 😂
IETCHX69 (22 days ago)
O.K.!!! Camera man , shake that fucking thing around , like you shake your wife when she didn't remember to buy more MD 20/20 .
EDDIE VLOGS (22 days ago)
Should be a party house
Alberto Hernandez (23 days ago)
Pimp my house lol
Carla Jones (23 days ago)
Charlene F. (23 days ago)
that is a director's dream the movie set is already made no props need to be packed up nor transported - This house is sold. ... and it'll be seen inside and out in everyone's social media selfie.... the right investors group is sealing the deal now... this guy knew what he was doing and only original minds can get the drift or get the rift of that same vision.
deltaray3 (23 days ago)
The info on the one in Indianapolis is rather misleading. That's the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood, where mansions over a million, even 2 million are common. I doubt the average price is $130,000. But of course that wouldn't make a good news story would it?
Michael Lee (23 days ago)
Perhaps this real estate could be donated to help shelter the homeless? I don't know?!
Miss Moxie (23 days ago)
Oh lord, that bed at 7:08 is the VERY SAME BED sold in every second rate furniture store in every major city.
Julius Red (23 days ago)
Simple, make it a museum.
Wesley P (24 days ago)
i think the problem is that the house is over valued. a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and if they have "that" many problems with the house then it isnt worth the asking price. they obviously need to sell it much cheaper and saying "take a bulldozer to it" is just stupid. it can be sold and sold very easily. just not at the price they want. im sure it would sell instantly if you charged 10% of the asking price.
Chris Alexy (24 days ago)
Meanwhile for $1.3 million in Melbourne Australia, you're lucky to get a well built 2 bedroom home......fuck off, seriously. 1.3 mill isnt expensive. $150k for THE AVG HOUSE? Literally not getting a shack for that here. The cheapest garbage 1 bedroom apartment is around $350-$400k. Fucking America, land of the cheap.
Sandy G. (24 days ago)
Tear it down!
hunter371 (24 days ago)
I don't think the house is that bad, but you have to live in Indianapolis :/
mitch mitchell (24 days ago)
Homes To Go
Earth to Tara (25 days ago)
Location is so much more the problem than the decor. Anyone who can afford a $1.2 million dollar house does not want neighbors who are living in $100k houses.
Dontgettoknow M (25 days ago)
Totally confused till they mentioned convicted pimp! Totally makes sense now!
futuristic garbage (25 days ago)
Someone, please give that poor real estate agent a drink. Or a blunt.
aaliyah g (26 days ago)
I don’t know about y’all but I’d buy it if i had the money
Dan1 yal (26 days ago)
This looks like the home of a drug dealer
Mohamed A (27 days ago)
Hell no wouldn’t buy this for even 250k
cr4zyu (27 days ago)
One & a bit million is the average price for a 4 bedroom home in Sydney. Thanks to Chinese slave masters dumping $US in Australia.
Tom Mulroy III (27 days ago)
This house looks like it was designed by a 7 year old who could have anything they wanted.
Hanne Catton (27 days ago)
Utterly tasteless.
philip mullins (27 days ago)
When buying real estate , it is best to buy the worst house in the best street than the best house in the worst street , Land value is the key to a good investment and sending lots of money on a house in a poor location is just wasting money when it comes time to sell
Terry Licia (27 days ago)
Has it sold? It's Jan 2019.
vonna (27 days ago)
I would live there. If no one wants it I'll take it.
irishwristwatch (28 days ago)
Wow wee, I live in Melbourne, Australia, the average price for an average suburban house is 800k!
Matt Klinger (28 days ago)
I'd buy it