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Unsellable Mansions: Luxury Property Mistakes

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Real estate experts point out the do's and don'ts for successfully selling a home.
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Text Comments (2929)
Patti Morris (4 hours ago)
Ugly is ugly.
Brett Kavanaugh (12 hours ago)
When you write a 5000 word essay and you did it on the wrong topic
Karloz Gonzalez (13 hours ago)
Someone's got a Home Depot hook up.
Mike (14 hours ago)
Damn she's hot
fturla (16 hours ago)
If you buy that Indianapolis residence for several times the average market value of houses in the area, expect to take a loss on reselling the location, no matter how much effort you put into altering the property.
E FH (21 hours ago)
I believe I have seen this house many years ago. Yes...it is very ugly. I am from Indiana.
immortal (21 hours ago)
Gosh those houses are hideous af
Mia Davis (1 day ago)
Basically it’s ugly because it has personality. Why can’t she phrase it as more challenging to sell or something along those lines? That’s what it is. I really dislike media (or a person) when it has to jump on the bandwagon and state their taste/bias and present it as fact. There are aspects to this house that are really unique and amazing and then there are aspects that aren’t as much.
Brandon Chandler (1 day ago)
Yeah, if I build my own house I'm gonna have to personalize it, but no worries, I won't put any 20 foot statues of himself or anything.
eclyectk jackson (1 day ago)
I'd live there. Point blank and simple.
eclyectk jackson (1 day ago)
Who is the pimp?
Rachelcookie321 (1 day ago)
Wait, the other houses are only $150,000!?! An average house in New Zealand costs $600,000
Kwang Yi (1 day ago)
I think realtors are at the bottom of social hierarchy, and this video confirms my belief. Some presentations are very very difficult to tolerate, and this one tops all the aggravating things I've yet to encounter. No wonder people are unplugging TV, to get themselves free from this kind of thing.
Wine Soup (2 days ago)
2:11 What we have here is the Enter The Dragon inspired dining room! p.s. on a more positive note..I'd live in that house if Rebecca Jarvis moves in with me! She is a cutie!
Sirios Star (2 days ago)
The worst part of this house is that it is on a very busy street and is practically ON the street . If i'm going to spend one million it had better be extremely quiet and remote.
lulujin17777 (2 days ago)
“Trip to the orient” wtf?
Aaron Toliver (2 days ago)
This is by my school lmaooooooo
Emewy K (2 days ago)
This house reminds me of the ones I used to build in Minecraft when I was in grade 7.
Leo Timtom (3 days ago)
The house doesn`t look bad at all, some color schemes might be a bit tacky, but it all can be changed. They actually don`t talk about the real reasons why nobody buys the house, it is because of out of control real estate taxes one must pay every year. Tax on the mansion is 13800 dollars annually.
leslie gillmor (3 days ago)
I love this, so retro
Patricia Manzi (3 days ago)
looks like someone was doing crack when this horror was designed. Looks like a collection of misfits.
Money and zero class or taste.
Olisa (3 days ago)
Has it sold, yet? A $1m home in a $100K neighborhood? Good luck - I feel for the realtor because he will end up spinning his wheels showing multiple pretend buyers.
Catarina Oliveira (3 days ago)
The first house would sell easily here in Mozambique. People have a terrible taste here and this looks just like the kind of shit they'd dig, lol
Uncle George (3 days ago)
The house is far better than the camera work and editing.
Samuel Rosenberg (3 days ago)
A top contender for the most unmarketable estate property is the Widener Estate, aka Lynnewood Hall, in Elkins Park PA.   Construction started in 1897, completed in 1900, 70,000 square feet finished living area, 110 rooms, 55 bedrooms, 1 bath (just teasing), over 33 acres, asking price of $15.5 million.  first listed at $20 million in 2014, estimated repair cost of $50 million.  Demolition cost exceeds the market value of the 33 acres when vacant.
Audrey Lewis (3 days ago)
I wish they had interviewed some of the neighbors, get their take on living in the same community as that awful place...and next to a pump no less.
Samuel Rosenberg (3 days ago)
If you are rich enough to buy the house, you are rich enough to tear it down and start over.  You are also rich enough to build what you want elsewhere without the expense of tearing it down and starting over.
Samuel Rosenberg (3 days ago)
The view is worth $2 million only if there is a buyer willing to pay $2 million for the unimproved lot; no house, no utilities, no access road in place.
Samuel Rosenberg (3 days ago)
One sales factor which helps to explain why luxury properties are unmarketable at a higher rate than lesser properties is that the owners can afford to build exactly what they want.  So can prospective buyers.  A prospective buyer for a multi-million dollar property is likely to walk away from any property which is not exactly what he or she wants.  Buyers in a lower price range usually are willing, and constrained, to make compromises.
C. S. (4 days ago)
In awe of those real estate agents pretending to be excited by those garish houses. Absolute legends.
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (4 days ago)
when you press the randomize button during the sims 3 build/buy mode
gmkbelanger (4 days ago)
I kinda like it. * shrugs *
Jon Smith (4 days ago)
Not sure who I feel more sorry for; the person who buys the ugly house or anyone who ever has to deal with Josh Altman. Josh looks like the single sleaziest, most dishonest, thoroughly untrustworthy, hooker killing, date raping, coke snorting scumbag in the world.
Carlos Garcia (4 days ago)
Goes to show you that money can't buy style or taste.
the Tan Van (4 days ago)
Looks like a great place to do satanic shit......
Jintri (4 days ago)
Oysterman (4 days ago)
I'll buy the first house for $ 5. I hope the brooker sees my comment :-)
R. A. (4 days ago)
That useless tackiness is a Cambodian's or hispanic's dream house.
R Marty (5 days ago)
Josh Altman is a putz.
Octave Chan (5 days ago)
If I have money, I would build a hobbit house and I don't care about resell value.
Howzit Cruzin thru life (5 days ago)
Wow that’s a very ugly house
insaaanestuff (5 days ago)
Looks nice. I would buy it.
JT Suarez (5 days ago)
Who would put a mansion in a normal suburb?
Ashay Doshi (6 days ago)
Juju on that beat
Arden Ashkenazi (6 days ago)
The real estate agent reminds me of Quentin Tarantino for some reason
ChrisC (6 days ago)
What a sad, drab, pedestrian view these real estate agents have, as if the only reason to design a house in this or that way is to maximize its resale value. I wouldn't want that house myself, but it was obviously perfect for the man who built it, and he loved it as it was. That's not a mistake. That's following your dreams.
aeromedical67 (6 days ago)
LOLOL. That things screams “Pimp Inspired”.
splitdog homee (6 days ago)
You can always sell a house just lower the fucking price.
Tyhler Novac (7 days ago)
I wanna make down payment ... Just as soon as I Win the Lottery
Carl Mape (7 days ago)
The owner is a PIMP!!!!
Carl Mape (7 days ago)
Was the architect and interior decorator on acid in 1972?
helookalikaman79 (7 days ago)
Our Las Vegas Hotels are offended being compared to that trashy tacky house!
turnip 4343 (7 days ago)
Josh altman has quite a beak on him
turnip 4343 (7 days ago)
Juju Chang!! Mee so hooney. Married to a white guy? yes? OK.
Victor P. (7 days ago)
Make it a porn mansion
Monim Al (7 days ago)
lol my house in Queens costs 1.8 and it looks like pure trash compared to this
TRIDIMIT (7 days ago)
lmao the guy at 6:54 turned away real quick when he saw a camera
Axodus (1 day ago)
Me irl
effooo2000 and Nieva (7 days ago)
I think its very unique
PhoenixAngel429 (7 days ago)
I'll give them 3 crayons and my milk.
Walter Guirola (8 days ago)
The Pimp built it purposely that way so that once inside, none of the skanks could find their way back to the front door..."ClusterFuc%ed" if you will ! The rocks in the front are a further hurdle Strippers in "Stilettos" would not be able to overcome and trip over, finally succumbing to the "elements" in their attempt to escape.
Lava Earth (8 days ago)
I bet even the real estate agent is like what did I got myself into lol
Lava Earth (8 days ago)
I mean geez the amount if renovation I will do in this house I can literally built a house form the ground up
parker hellsin (8 days ago)
I liked the one in indy i would live there
nooneknows (8 days ago)
Only 1.25 million? A 3 bedroom shack in smalltown australia can cost that much
Winnie Hughes (8 days ago)
Oh dear 😮😮 it’s a bit too much!! Lol from landscaping to bar room!!
jeffy john (8 days ago)
Most contemporary homes are generic. They have no personal appeal or charm. All white, stainless steel or black appliances. Nothing but the appeal of living a dentists office.
Christopher Edmister (8 days ago)
That Kessler Compound, looks like a lottery winners house. Just a bunch of stupid shit.
_ (8 days ago)
Where I'm from 1.3m will get you a house half this size
Volvo B10M (8 days ago)
Auction it without a reserve, it will sell to someone but not at that price.
Gabby (8 days ago)
The facade of the first home is amazing but the interior REMODEL
Eons Infinity (9 days ago)
Just needs a Gryfindoor.
*Cory in the closet* (9 days ago)
I’ll buy it for 100$
Jim (9 days ago)
New money and horrible taste.
ironheadfm (9 days ago)
You can tell, the real estate agent felt embarrassed for selling this.
Shehran Salam (9 days ago)
If this was in Bangladesh, this wouldn't take more than a month to be sold by some corrupt rich guy, people have really bad taste here lol
Ana Montana (9 days ago)
A fantastic piece of news and advise. When you have money make your house as impersonal as you can because , a bummer, you will have to sell it at one point !!! Lol ok, now people with money , don’t take advices from poor anchorman’s
Sheilla Nyakato (9 days ago)
It's sellable for $1 dollar
Miraversal (9 days ago)
the architect must've been high
Flash Gordon (9 days ago)
"A hint of circus mirrors" - lol
Peter Palmer (9 days ago)
The builder acted on the request of the of the owner so don't blame him.
Eric S (9 days ago)
Some do's and don't's of making videos......get rid of the gawdawful music.
Chili _boi (9 days ago)
the architect must have been on drugs
Chili _boi (9 days ago)
Their is a ugly McMansion like this one in my neighborhood and it has been on sale for over a year now
Chili _boi (10 days ago)
I would buy it and rek that sh*t and build something better.
Shopster Emeritus (10 days ago)
clown show.
cynthia reynolds (10 days ago)
I wonder if they ever sold this compound because even w/the issues, that's a great price. To me, the worst part is where it's located.
Janli Gwo (10 days ago)
Why does she keep saying “ugly” that’s unprofessional
Sarah Claydon (10 days ago)
Does it have fire insurance?
Sam Rodger (10 days ago)
After just two minutes of watching, you can tell that the estate agent is wanting to cry/kill himself from this going on TV.
The Highway Man Truth (10 days ago)
Nothing makes a women have a bigger smile than seeing the house the SIMP she doesn't love is going to buy for her.
Matt S (10 days ago)
It would be funny seeing that house on the House Hunters show.
Simon Nicol (10 days ago)
1M get a 2 bed flat in Brighton.
Paul Bali (10 days ago)
to maximize market value of Home / Self, make Home / Self as unspecific, as impersonal, as possible.
bihbhkjbnlk (10 days ago)
I saw this on Zillow last week, damn still for sale for like 1.1 mil
Peter Davy (10 days ago)
OMG isn't property cheap in the US!
In Veritate Gloria (10 days ago)
Not just lions and dolphins... masonic symbols.
John Doe (10 days ago)
wow! Ninth circle of McMansion Hell. A giant Man Cave.
Tania Lintermanns (11 days ago)
Guy on the background at 6:54 :D Socially awesome awkward penguin
Teh (11 days ago)
They could rent it out to be a party house for like weekends or something