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Best FAILS of 2012 | JukinVideo

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Enjoy some of our best fails from 2012. A happy new year to all, and come back to JukinVideoDotCom in 2013 for more fails and funny videos. All of these and thousands of other funny videos are available at http://JukinVideo.com SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubscribeJukinVideo SUBMIT your video: http://bit.ly/JukinSUBMIT LIKE us on FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on TWITTER http://twitter.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/JukinVideo
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Text Comments (772)
Carlos Rosero (1 day ago)
This is what happens some stupid idiot jackasses that if they don't pay attention that the law of gravity that they don't like you but however that older people are younger people at that always do it sounds ridiculous of a dangerous stuff ever it could might break of your bones of your body or you can lose all of your teeth
joe santo (14 days ago)
2 29 hasn't shit straight since
Angel Queen (1 month ago)
king of pop (2 months ago)
king of pop (2 months ago)
king of pop (2 months ago)
0:10 xd 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
king of pop (2 months ago)
Авион (2 months ago)
6:25 - 6:36 пхахахахахахаха
Sockmaster 333 (2 months ago)
6:45 be quiet ginger
Qarymee Presents (3 months ago)
6:13 the delicious screams!!!
Qarymee Presents (3 months ago)
3:40 was plain stupid!!
Qarymee Presents (3 months ago)
2:28 chilled me to the bone!!
RideMyTruck (3 months ago)
min 6:11 ALL Drumpf voters.... :D
Sandra Phunk TV (4 months ago)
great so funny
Mr. pigeon (5 months ago)
Did that Bick just glitch the matrix
Cherokee Gotti (5 months ago)
Andreas Scheifele (5 months ago)
2:27 never jump fron a roof or with a person on your back from a roof. This boy has now disc prolapse. Terrible pain and longlife problem, believe me!
Monal Patel (5 months ago)
07:36 was that inspired from batman the dark knight rises?
Paws n Claws (6 months ago)
Shhhhh....I told you Ginger shut the hell up....!
CapREX77 (6 months ago)
This is some crazy shit!!!
Sarah Browder (7 months ago)
2018 anybody
shawna rowley (7 months ago)
Magic man
김순자 (7 months ago)
We Are They (7 months ago)
Lmao used to hit mad jumps on my bmx back in the day, my dad was like dont be doing that shit here, im the only adult and the kids come crying to me hahaha
TrailingSkies27 (9 months ago)
Dad their gonna get hurt! Be quiet you read headed fukk
Red Gamer (9 months ago)
Is the guy at 2:20 ok
Zak Mackay (10 months ago)
The G Ster Productions (1 year ago)
I feel like at 8:47 he was just like "I knew this was going to happen "
Steve Davis (1 year ago)
LOL! Love the shark taking the fish back. "You are just an amateur at this. I'm the professional."
Larry 21603 (1 year ago)
Amer Omar (1 year ago)
Jason you are totally crazy
zozobra (1 year ago)
this is why i love americans
Shadow Thief (1 year ago)
There's no hope for humanity. XD
Random internet user (2 years ago)
i had a dream that i got paraylized
Ashbee Gaming (2 years ago)
"Ssshh be quiet ginger" omg XD
Jireh Burton (2 years ago)
6:30 dying
TibberIsSalty (2 years ago)
0:57 lol that's a $150,000 dollar car
FenceJumpa (2 years ago)
Pretty sure the bald guy died . . .. .good -_-
Bolt Damon (2 years ago)
Hall of meat!
EcHo MeRci (2 years ago)
Daughter: Dad they are going to get hurttttt!!!Dad: Huuuh!!!! Be quite ginjer!
CRILLER3 (2 years ago)
Yea the guy that jumped from the roof was not very enjoyable to watch...
Quentonimo Bay (2 years ago)
that was painful to watch
Aaliyah Garcia (2 years ago)
Poor animal
Luiz Gambin (2 years ago)
saw g GB cvmjkkjwkk3iwqqhwjqkkkjwjkqkkl UH jk1kkkkku de qij2kk2kl já QWERTY equipe Jequié Henrique kkkjk de jj QWERTY qqê joio llloOsoa asa i o ákoklkll LLLLLUHK
Tanner Li (2 years ago)
He looked at the cam at 4:24
Sin (2 years ago)
"Be quiet ginger." Wow. Just wow.
Aidan Smith (3 years ago)
Aidan Smith (3 years ago)
Alex J. (3 years ago)
1:56 Protip: Kill fat people
Daniel Tandjung (3 years ago)
Mantab n lucu
Nat's Corner (3 years ago)
1:20 Why didn't that car stop???? What the heck!
Saturn (3 years ago)
Carl Stawicki (3 years ago)
@5:00"There's always a bigger fish." - Qui-Gon Jinn
CapREX77 (6 months ago)
Carl Stawicki You know where it’s at!!!
Moxy Lee (3 years ago)
rigomortisfxstudios (3 years ago)
the girls in the boat where flying like rag dolls LOL
Titanic lol films (3 years ago)
Lol I don't know u and I unsibcribed
riarini pranawengrum (3 years ago)
Stephen Fischer (3 years ago)
Those are hilarious
Gin Chi (3 years ago)
0:51 Typical czech sentence. :D
Nigel Paquin (3 years ago)
There's no hope for humanity!
Edvard Grieg (3 years ago)
Shhh be quiet ginger
ZING SHOTS (3 years ago)
Lera Bonato (3 years ago)
+Jordan Whited
Jordan Whited (3 years ago)
Be quiet ginger
Doc_R3STR3P0 (3 years ago)
0:46 ..... Idiots.......
Hans S. (3 years ago)
Ginger! Shut up!
Jack Ryeng (3 years ago)
5:58 Bruh...
Jack Ryeng (3 years ago)
+Jack Ryeng 8:18 HEADSHOT.
Jack Ryeng (3 years ago)
7:02 Skate 3 all over again.
L4YZR (3 years ago)
shhh be quiet ginger
1Davidrs1 (3 years ago)
5:30 jajajajajajajajajajajajaja
Negative Talk Radio (3 years ago)
HEY a cool thing happened, Better JERK my camera down!
Kevin Poulsen (3 years ago)
0:14 when your playing GTA5 XD
meentalista (3 years ago)
0:46 Only czech can understand XD
San Sal (3 years ago)
+JukinVideo Rick, I know this is a really old video, but it still makes me blurt out laughing!
Anthony B. Nguyen (3 years ago)
2:15 you can hear the spine breaks
Radoslav Turek (3 years ago)
Prej: Ty krávo to je čůrák,ty píčo xDD 0:50
MissRayne (3 years ago)
*girl* im so scared of emus *emu comes over* hey baby I heard you were talking about me over here. how you doing?  *five min later*  *girl* what's happening what's going on? *emu* hey, baby miss me?  
darknessofevil117 (3 years ago)
That girl at 2:09 is sexy as hell
Manmoog E (3 years ago)
Shes a dumb bitch
Jesse Seib (3 years ago)
SardGuard (3 years ago)
B Montgomery (4 years ago)
always wonder what happened to the guy who fell thru the roof
André Melo (4 years ago)
footage from Brazil
André Melo (4 years ago)
Yeh   movies   is from  brazil  :D 
JS XXIII (4 years ago)
Who would be named that
JS XXIII (4 years ago)
6:42 oh dad there going to get hurt fu*king hell kid
Matt Olds (4 years ago)
Dad they're gonna get hurt. "Be quiet ginger" 6:45
Spencer Buttenshaw (4 years ago)
Oh dada there are going to get hurt BE QUITE GIGNER
Penguinu (4 years ago)
2:57 Why did he do that?
Jessica George (6 months ago)
Chismes Mi (4 years ago)
My favorite one was the exploding cake and the boat one was priceless lol
no (4 years ago)
ginger needs to stay quiet and within her lane
Furby Man (4 years ago)
fart mcfart
Леха Лехыч (4 years ago)
stupid yankees !!! =)
Zak Van Tuyl (4 years ago)
My worst fear when i was 4 years old someone tripping on top of inflatable slide and pushing me down to
H8roads777 (4 years ago)
Yeah, shut up Ginger!!!
Colin K (4 years ago)
1:59 the dirty touch did it
Idk man Why I gotta put my name? (4 years ago)
It's not New Years, junkin!
Tyler Ringquist (4 years ago)
Ginger be quiet
Zoe Davidson (4 years ago)
Shhhh be quiet Ginger...
Quit Youtube A loong time ago , cya (4 years ago)
Lol my school is in there XD
Julian Muzas (4 years ago)
"Sssh, be quiet Ginger" HAHAHAHHAHA
skullmaker12345 (4 years ago)
Shhhh be quiet ginger
Joshua Vazquez Rivera (4 years ago)
Asshole = 8:28
cco232323 (4 years ago)
Shhhh. Be quiet ginger.
Ghostgaming (4 years ago)
6:50 shhhh.... Quiet Ginger.