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UPS delays caused by high volume of Cyber Week shipping, company says

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If you’re waiting on a package to land on your doorstep from UPS, you’re not alone. Reports are popping up across social media showing delays with the shipping carrier.
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David Allen (1 year ago)
Company has been in business for 100 years and they are trying to sell the fact that they don't know what happens during x-mas. This is straight up corporate greed. They understaffed to make their bonuses bigger and its finally bit them in the ass.
Randy Leifer (1 year ago)
UPS already knows that shipping volume increases each year. If they can't handle the added volume, then they should limit or not accept an overload of packages. The UPS warehouse workers and drivers are swamped so I don't blame them. I blame their sales and management, that evidently promises their loyal Shipper Accounts a delivery time, but it is the Customer, that gets lied-to when packages don't arrive as promised. Do you know what else increases each year ?.....customer complaints.