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LIKE A BOSS | Police Justice Compilation #73

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Text Comments (213)
Chaka Shakur (19 days ago)
Gta 7 graphics look amazing
Larry Talbott (20 days ago)
Most clips have terrible video quality. The police need to upgrade their equipment asap!
Balthasar (22 days ago)
wish they would spend mroe than 3$ on each camera so that we could actually get a sharper view.
Sandor Daroci (29 days ago)
OK, but there is justice with all police. sometimes they are the problem.
Vitaliy (1 month ago)
иди нахуй со своим х-бэт
Bill Bennett (1 month ago)
Did you see that Russian butta face. Everything look good butta face
wwaynemcg (1 month ago)
@7:23 accidentally pop that next button down...
Michael Vechnak (1 month ago)
NEVER TRUST A COP they beat up disabled veterans!
Me Me (1 month ago)
Мусора облажались
Mr. Rosen (1 month ago)
Why’d they start shooting??
Bike Dude (1 month ago)
The reason these incidents happen is because we worry more about the rights of the criminal than those of the general public and they know this. Take a more deliberate approach. If the suspect doesn't stop simply shoot them. Not only will they stop but it eliminate these long, drawn out and dangerous pursuits. Oh, any if they survive, they be made to pay for the damage they have caused.
Levi Langershank (1 month ago)
kneegars is kneegars is kneegars...hit don matters whut kuntry theys n...:>)...
Joe Bellemare (2 months ago)
All those criminals are VIP members of DumbNation, the worldwide organisation of all dummies
ʎɯɐᗡ (2 months ago)
« Like a boss »... no, you're not a « boss » when you take gunshots, you're just a victim.
Tommywilko18 (2 months ago)
In Russia, pursuit come to you.
ronald welch (2 months ago)
Thumbs down is from illegals, wanting more free stuff.
john dyer (2 months ago)
And then the cops get in trouble when they finally get the suspect stopped and they kick their ass.
Wonko Sane (2 months ago)
Man, very disappointed...no one was shot dead?
Wonko Sane (2 months ago)
@2:42...why wasn't she shot dead? Shots had already been fired, she definitely tried to kill police and civilians in an attempt to escape, she should have been shot dead!
CC Perso (2 months ago)
Last one : hoping this fucking asshole died...
Nate M (2 months ago)
0:03-2:40 I think he should have been a racing car driver.....
gbuddy (2 months ago)
Anyone who runs from police and puts innocent lives in jeopardy is a scumbag.
eva cat (2 months ago)
Patrick Chubey (3 months ago)
I don't speak Russian but I'd love to know what " Pramissy chess " ( 0:58 ) means.
Alex Belkin (3 months ago)
В первом видео гаишники конечно гении — стрелять, когда прямо перед ними в переходе люди стоят. Можно было когда он остановился по колесам палить, вместо того чтобы хватать водилу через окно.
Kredo Dyn (3 months ago)
7:00 too bad she's not injured... or dead
skbmsb78 (3 months ago)
Seeing them get the pit maneuver is only slightly less satisfying than seeing them get tased during a foot chase
Salti Dawg (3 months ago)
The chick in the dungarees should have been yanked out of the car and treated like a man...
Charles Lan caster (3 months ago)
that last one was was a nice smooth pit nice job
azerty 800 (3 months ago)
1:05 Who is the band playing this music , please ?
Κυριάκος τι δεν κατάλαβες (3 months ago)
Στο 7:05 όπως άνοιξε την πόρτα την πιάνεις την πουτάνα απο την κοτσίδα την δίνεις 2 κουτουλιές στο τιμόνι πάνω και την βγάζεις απο το λαρύγγι έξω γαμώ το στεφάνι της...
2200Z (3 months ago)
Great driving by that cop in the last video. You could hear him feathering the pedal when he was breaking the tires loose. And, spot-on PIT move. He should be a Training Officer.
Inge Posch (3 months ago)
the audiot in the second clip looked like a quite skilled driver to me, until he backed up into another vehicle.... ;-)
Spyda (3 months ago)
That dude in the first clip is a fucking cunt who deserves to die.
TheEndIsNear (3 months ago)
Love that last clip. That cop could have done that move so many other times but he waited until they doing 90 for maximum impact.
TheEndIsNear (3 months ago)
+Patrick kcirtaP okay. I thought I heard the cop say they were doing 90 about 15 seconds before that. Must have been wrong. Either way, that's fast and could have been done much safer.
Patrick kcirtaP (3 months ago)
They were at about 80mph, and the honda driver actually died at the scene after the pit made him wrap his car around a tree.
ladyfootZ (3 months ago)
anyone speeding and putting other lives at risk......... NO SYMPATHY....... SAME WITH DRUNK DRIVERS.
ViralTuber (3 months ago)
7:25 communist bloc MILF alert
RED DRAGON (3 months ago)
ARMYisCalicoCat X SOPE (4 months ago)
The one that starts @2:41 is from Tulsa Oklahoma. It's the promenade plaza by the promenade mall at 41st and Yale. That whole area is ghetto. The businesses are dying there because of all the theft there, and about every apt complex in that area take section 8....
Agatha Derry (4 months ago)
do your best
Vinyl Scratch (4 months ago)
The one with the police bikes, I think the accelerator stuck, with how the lady was shaking
wakeuppeople121 (4 months ago)
over 90 mph pit, love it. Bet the asshole in the white car is sore lmao.
Syunta Minami (4 months ago)
i_notold (4 months ago)
In that last clip, they were obviously using racial profiling because I could plainly see it was a black man driving that car.
FARGO GEMINI (4 months ago)
Russian scumbag cunt. Polish dole pounces or some other Eastern European shit?
nestor nazaret paredes fuentes (4 months ago)
Buenos vídeos
Graham Surrall (3 months ago)
nestor nazaret paredes fuente
Boondock Unlocked (4 months ago)
The car that got shot at in the first video is the same car as at 2:11
DoctorRobertNeville (4 months ago)
you might be able to actually out run a cop car, but you can't outrun a radio.
Lingua Veritatis (4 months ago)
If you gonna be a bad boy you need solid tires, a small car with a super charged engine with 4 wheel drive. And ofcource bullet proof windows. If you have that, go practice first so you be really good in making the cops look like a fool.
MillionFoul (4 months ago)
Bullet proof windows weigh hundreds of pounds, and the doors of your car won't stop bullets either, so you'd probably need your car's weight in armor to be safe from bullets, and then you'll be slow as a slug.
Minong Maniac (4 months ago)
Is that Russian Rock, dude? Well turn it up man!!
kevin dolan (4 months ago)
Death penalty for endangering the lives of bystanders
I M (4 months ago)
It even rages at seeing Soviet police in action, they are very dumb!
I M (4 months ago)
Even a bunch of animals! Could it be hard to corner a car behind and one in front?
horias86 (4 months ago)
to do a PIT at over 90 mph should count as attempted murder
Kenny Thomas (3 months ago)
yea but what if that stopped a head on collision with an innocent person fuck that guy
Jakub Białkowski (4 months ago)
Should have stopped the car when asked and they wouldnt have had to pit at all
Gordon Aitchison (4 months ago)
Instead of watching all the police's pathetic attempts to catch criminals they should let it be known that all police cars will be fitted with forward firing armour piercing machine guns and they will fire when close enough. No criminal in their right mind will flee.
Jason Brooks (4 months ago)
yaaa and it would be awesome if going by your car in traffic if they accidentally slipped onto the fire button and killed you and your whole family.. yaa that would be awesome!!! no speeder would speed either...
Z Nine (4 months ago)
all police driver in this video are slow.. I could drive 4X faster than you guys & caught all of the bad guys in just couple of minutes.. unlucky me that I can't be in Chasing Unit in my country just because I never been given a chance..
MillionFoul (4 months ago)
It;s more important to not crash into someone and kill them than it is to catch the perp. You don't do anyone any good if you wreck.
Brian Glass (4 months ago)
Pretty boring. 😴
deatjokar (4 months ago)
7:05 застрелите её нах*й.
Ron Eagle (4 months ago)
Cop looked kinds Faggy in those shorts, and was a no driving jerk!
I Dig Ohio (4 months ago)
AMerican cops need to watch these and see how european cops handle chases, no reason to slam a drunk woman to the ground even after a chase, they just set her on the guard rail, she wasn't going anywhere, how it should be done. We Americans could learn a lot from europe but we're too busy screaming we're #1, when we ain't even in the top 10.
TheEndIsNear (3 months ago)
Agreed. But they could learn a thing or two from us about how to stop them to begin with. It doesn't look like they're allowed to actually stop them. They just follow along and wait for them to either get themselves stuck or crash on their own. American cops just ram them off the road. That woman they treated so nicely just smashed the living hell out of an innocent bistander. Could have been avoided with a safe takedown by the police.
dleonmag (4 months ago)
07:14 Esa infractora huyó después de robarme . . . el corazón . . .
انا هنا (4 months ago)
Aristeo Juarez III (4 months ago)
Bunch of power hungry bullies. Leave those innocent people alone.
Jesus Pena (1 month ago)
+Mike K fuck u
Mike K (2 months ago)
Aristeo Juarez III and you got a purty mouth
Aristeo Juarez III (2 months ago)
Mike K Thumbs up from me Sir. Hilarious
Mike K (2 months ago)
Aristeo Juarez III cant wait til you get to prison girlfriend
Aristeo Juarez III (4 months ago)
I think of more as sarcasm. But thank you.
Dash Cam Das (4 months ago)
6:58 if that had been a bloke he would have been hauled out and munching the tarmac, women always get treated different.
StereoSpace (17 days ago)
That's because women are far less likely to become violent and fight.
Theater 1570 (1 month ago)
Some cops would've thrashed her with their penises.
Joe Bellemare (2 months ago)
+Dash Cam Das ya women want equality, thats ok, but we all know they would complain and bark a lot if they get equality of the other side of the medal
Bozo Me (3 months ago)
I believe it was because she crashed...she was not with it at all........
Gordon Thomas BAILEY (3 months ago)
Yes she deserved a good thrashing just like a man would have got, fair is fair!
Jake Frost (4 months ago)
Do yall just sit around an skim through other channels to find and use the same clips
jasmin schulte (4 months ago)
7:09 why is she wearing only one boot ?
Patrick Chubey (3 months ago)
That's why she's getting pulled over, it's illegal in Russia to drive with one shoe. On the other hand, it's perfectly legal to drive drunk as a skunk in Russia.....go figure.
Paul Taylor (4 months ago)
The other one is stuck in her A$$! LMFAO
Get Schwifty (4 months ago)
Why is it that Audi drivers seem to be assholes all over the world?
Mirko Carls (4 months ago)
that the idiots always have to get away. Today you have no change anymore. The police are always up to date!
Russian BOT (4 months ago)
more police chases, please.
Brian Whitney (4 months ago)
Best one yet!
po18guy (4 months ago)
By far the coolest part of police work. Essentially the only part of the job I miss. Documenting it all...not so much. Once, another officer was chasing a stolen and I couldn't get the spikes out in time, so I just acted like I was throwing them. The perp swerved to miss nothing and crashed. :-D Another time, a fellow officer was following a stolen that had already been cashed out by the insurance company. I tossed the spikes before he lit the car up, as I knew that he would run. And run he did until two flats caused him to lose control and smack a pole. Ah, those were the days...
TheEndIsNear (3 months ago)
Do you really get to see or participate in this kinda stuff all that often? I never would guess that this is just a typical day at the office for police officers.
David Stratton (4 months ago)
Go ahead, please run from the police. When they catch you (and YES they will catch you), You will be charged with enough felonies to keep your dangerous to the public - not giving a crap for other people - stupid ass in prison.
Del Mac (4 months ago)
I got so bored watching that last one, very uninteresting clip.
Tac Tracer (4 months ago)
What is up with Russian cops and their love of using the loudspeaker? I haven't seen one clip where someone actually pulls over when one is used.....
Joeylawn36111 (28 days ago)
Universal automobile ownership is a relatively new thing in Russia - in the old Soviet system, many people weren't permitted to own a car.
Alex Belkin (3 months ago)
can't see their shitty lightbars in daylight, also many drivers in Russia don't give a f*** when an emergency vehicle is behind them — thinking cops are not after them and not pulling over to let the police car pass. So the one who cops want to pull over does the same as he hopes they're not after him and keeps driving as usual until a cop says the license plate via loudspeaker.
LOBO NEGRO (4 months ago)
New technology in the country🔉🔊👂
Rob Gibbs (4 months ago)
"Oh, are you chasing me? My apologies, I didn't realize. Yes officer, I will pull my vehicle to the side of the road immediately."
Khris Makaruk (4 months ago)
The popo need something other then 240p cameras
Elephant Raccoon (4 months ago)
Silk Covered Desani - I'm convinced that is a weird type of car. (Russian Advert - last words)
rgrndu (4 months ago)
Took them long enough to pit ‘em.
Boli420 (4 months ago)
That PIT was worth the wait.
GrrMeister (4 months ago)
(10:00) Pleased to see you still using "Imperial" 'Miles Per Hour' in the Good old USA, may it long continue. Makes a lot more sense than KPH (Sorry Australia & New Zealand etc you felt you had to go Kilometres / Litres etc) In the UK we still calculate how many Miles a vehicle does Per Imperial Gallon (4:54 Litres) US Gallon = 3.785 litres. My Mercedes B200CDi AMG does up to 72.3 MPG (15.86 Miles per Litre) Diesel but at last emission Test "Too Low to Measure" result. Bit confusing, but grown up with it. I suppose long in the future there will be a "World Standard" and everyone will be on Metric. Bye the way did you know that 1 litre of water weighs 1 KG / Cubic Metre of Water weighs 1 Metric Tonne. However you got to the Moon in Inches, without a fraction of today's SmartPhones, so well done. Regards From UK
i_notold (1 month ago)
+Jens Nobel Your right about the location. Back in the 1970s, when I was in Elementary school in central Ohio, USA, they taught us the metric systems with the intent being to change the entire nation starting at the youngest people, but that slowly faded away. I think the older generations, at that time, just refused to change, causing the change-over to metric to come to a screeching halt. I Used metric most of my life for work purposes but it's a struggle to not switch back to Imperial units because everything from food, distances...everything in daily life is in ft, lbs, and miles.
Jens Nobel (1 month ago)
+i_notold I think that depends on what you have been brought up with. I grew up in Denmark and used Celsius. At one time, I lived in Finsbury Park (Seven Sisters Road) and was given fahrenheit, but never got used to it. I always had a conversion table lying in the kitchen. I hung around other Danes living there, and some Germans and Frenchies. They too had difficulties using Fahrenheit. Also bear in mind that users of celsius are very much acostumed to use decimals when using the system. So the accuracy of fahrenheit versus celsius in common household use is propably not that great. Brits and Americans living here in Denmark are having great difficulties the other way around with celsius. Just as we had with fahrenheit. So, to be honest, I think it's more a question of which one you are used to from the start.
i_notold (1 month ago)
+Jens Nobel I understand all of that. Kelvin and Celsius are both easier to use and standardize across Nations. Fahrenheit simply has a broader range, allowing more precise figures with or without a decimal place. For instance Celcius freezing water-boiling is a range of 100degrees, Fahrenheit is 180 Degrees. In labs, science, engineering...Kelvin/celsius ARE better, but in everyday life for people going about their business, Fahrenheit works better.
Jens Nobel (1 month ago)
+i_notold That's odd. In laboratories, they use kelvin, which corresponds very accurately to celcius, but has absolute zero as it's 0 degrees kelvin = - 273 degrees celcius. Or they use celcius in order to conform to standards easily understood in the widest number of countries in this world. Even US labs do that routinely. Or in other words. They use the metric system as standard. Actually, you are right on the spot with the weight of water as a reason for using the metric system. In all other systems, you will get a number in weight or temp which corresponds less to an exact measurement of standard weights of water. For example, it takes one kilocalorie to heat one liter of water one degree. Other fluids are also corresponding neatly (but not exactly) to the use of heat for each of them though having a different weight/density. That's what they taught me when I studied to become a bioanalyst.
louis barnes (1 month ago)
The only difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius is 100 degrees .?
help me (4 months ago)
The last one from the previous police chase video is reused here
help me (4 months ago)
+Boli420 umm what
Boli420 (4 months ago)
You should permanently boycott the site. That'll teach him.
tyedye 28304 (4 months ago)
I like that last guy. Go faster when he pits you, it makes a more violent impact and a great chance of you getting hurt.
Patrick kcirtaP (3 months ago)
Yeah, the honda driver died after that pit made him wrap his car around a tree.
Анатолий Пимоненков (4 months ago)
и это смотрят?!полная ерунда,ничего не понятно
Jo Ann S (4 months ago)
Stupid ! You aren’t going to get away
Len Martin (4 months ago)
The last Pursuit video, that pit maneuver was perfectly executed. Nice work by that police officer.
Jesper Clemmensen (3 months ago)
- at 100 mph. That is usually way to fast for a pit maneuver, so excellent job.
CathLive (4 months ago)
Definitely not. That accord was matching his acceleration.
Robbie D (4 months ago)
+DoctorBohr I'll bet you drive a Chevy as you are usually bad drivers.
HornyToad65 (4 months ago)
Holy Crap! Was watching that last chase & realized it is in my neighborhood!! The u turn he did right before the pit maneuver was the intersection at my house. Saw the skid and wreck site along the highway, had no ideas it was from a police chase!
Hooligan Panda (4 months ago)
How is it that a 4 cylinder Honda is faster than a V8 Police car?
MillionFoul (4 months ago)
It's better to keep sight of the suspect until backup arrives than to kill yourself and some random people crashing into them at high speed.
FedoraDog13 (4 months ago)
It probably isn't. Notice that when the cop decides to end the chase, it is when his back-up is finally close by. His goal was to keep track of the Honda until he wasn't alone, THEN engage.
Chuck Co (4 months ago)
The Honda is MUCH lighter and more maneuverable. could also have a turbo which makes it go even faster.
SmokeDogNY420 (4 months ago)
help me (4 months ago)
Then... why are you watching one?
MelT W (4 months ago)
Don't watch them then you stupid, fucking moron. Don't waste our time with your inane, worthless comments.
TemeryN (4 months ago)
well done CC Tube and all the officers in these vids! =)
Lfo Mod (4 months ago)
In the first one civilians where in the line of fire, crazy shooting there...
FedoraDog13 (4 months ago)
It's hard to see, but I think he was firing at the tires. Also, the driver posed a very immediate danger so the risk was probably justified.
JB H (4 months ago)
Kinda boring compilation tbh.
JB H (4 months ago)
Because it's called being critical, it's how we improve things.
AlphaRomeo-OneFive (4 months ago)
Agreed 😪
No Name Guy (4 months ago)
3:22 The Shop sighn says ''BOSS'' And the name of the video is "Like a BOSS ..."
No Name Guy (4 months ago)
I havent saw that sorry
Diego Molinero (4 months ago)
Reverso Context (4 months ago)
я надеюсь водителя старой 80 ауди леши на 5 лет водительских прав ,а лучше бы на всегда
Кристофер Робин (4 months ago)
ага, дед наших гаёвых как котят гонял по всему городу))
Kokamido (4 months ago)
Поймали. Дед за рулём, трезвый. В Минске было недавно.
The other cracker (4 months ago)
That was worth a million Aloha Snackbars :) ☝🏻
Bacek 108 (4 months ago)
На 0:19 зачем выбегать из машины и держать её за дверь? Надо было просто все колёса прострелить а потом уже к двери идти.
Barret Norcross (4 months ago)
THAY SHOULD HAVE A "WATCHING" "POLICE" "DIE" "CHANNAL"!!! I would Definitely be a Subscriber...
I hate Morons (4 months ago)
The most boring video I have seen you do. I am not a fan of police since they stopped working for the people.
Mike K (2 months ago)
I hate Morons never stopped working for the peaople self hater
MillionFoul (4 months ago)
If you're talking about the good 'ol days when you got beaten unconscious for disrespecting a police officer and they routinely let people lynch minorities they didn't like the I agree, back to the good 'ol days! Rampant abuse of power with no transparency was great.
Baby Driver (4 months ago)
lookie all the brain dead cop lovers responding.
Boli420 (4 months ago)
Keep watching CNN, numbnuts. Unless you're looking for news, of course, then you'll have to venture out...
David Woolcock (4 months ago)
What are they supposed to do, mow your yard or something? They don't work for you, genius.
Barret Norcross (4 months ago)
""COPS"" IN "PINE" "BOXES" that's WHAT I wanna see!!!
Mike K (2 months ago)
Barret Norcross just gonna get a cock meat sammich
Om Jin (4 months ago)
Barret Norcross (4 months ago)
Mike K (2 months ago)
Barret Norcross said the future prison bitch
Josh Cantrell (4 months ago)
He did it so the algorithm won't flag it
Not Tactical Noob (4 months ago)
I “think” HE “MIGHT” “have” BRAIN “damage”
rgrndu (4 months ago)
Barret Norcross pS”ycH”o!
skiing crocodile (4 months ago)
Lmao do you have brain damage or something Barret?
Barret Norcross (4 months ago)
Kalendas Graecas (2 months ago)
Sure, Barrett, it was all the cops' fault, that thing with you and the little kid. The cops made you do it. Right.
Mike K (2 months ago)
Barret Norcross cant wait for your ass raping in prison
02chevyguy (4 months ago)
He probably had to spend a few years in jail or prison and is still bent out of shape.
help me (4 months ago)
Who is liking this guy's comments
Lugwrench Knucklebuster (4 months ago)
Barret Norcross, you can't just go around making up words like that, even if you are a pathetic idiot. It makes you look idioter.
romone crosby (4 months ago)
At 0:44 2010 Dodge Magnum station wagon cop car
JC Ayala (4 months ago)
+Bobby Valentino that sucks. Lol yea here in the US they have 4 engine choices 2.7 v6, 3.5 v6, 5.7 v8 and 6.1v8
Bobby Valentino (4 months ago)
JC Ayala youre right. A 2.7 diesel engine or hemi 5.7 and chrysler named this car the 300 touring and like the north america version, it died
JC Ayala (4 months ago)
+Bobby Valentino on the next generation probably, but that Chrysler in that police is an older model, so 3.6 wasn't yet offered. Maybe the 5.7L HEMI?
Bobby Valentino (4 months ago)
JC Ayala there is 2 options i think. Diesel engine or the 3.6 pentastar
JC Ayala (4 months ago)
yea i read about those, diesel right? interesting since its not sold in the US.