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Watch UPS Tetris In 24-Hour Holiday Delivery Time-Lapse

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There’s a UPS parking lot packed with truck trailers behind our Hell’s Kitchen office. On any given day–but during the holiday season in particular–the place is buzzing with activity, as its delivery fleet hitches up to and drops off the trailers. Due to space constraints, this plays out like an IRL game of Tetris, which we captured from a camera mounted on our roof in this 24-hour timelapse. Watch the entire puzzle-like dance play out in about three minutes above. Good luck making it through to the end. Read the Article: http://a.nim.al/1bf2QDk Subscribe to Animal New York: http://bit.ly/subscribetoanimal Follow us: http://twitter.com/ANIMALNewYork Like us on Facebook: http://fb.me/animalnewyork
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Text Comments (177)
Sun Set Trucker Cascadia (7 days ago)
alitlweird (5 months ago)
I thought this would have the Tetris theme playing. It should
Keondric Adair (10 months ago)
Hit a trailer at 1:49
Scoofio1987 (10 months ago)
What a cluster fuck
Todd Ison (10 months ago)
2:14 Looked hilarious because it looked like the jockey just moved the trailer to the spot across the lane.. "like no! This goes here!"
Sun Set Trucker Cascadia (11 months ago)
I’ve been watching this for 5 years and always near the Christmas time
Jay JY (1 year ago)
NoWonder they start at 22 an hour for yard dog
Sun Set Trucker Cascadia (1 year ago)
Man I tell ya I’m always watch this video every Christmas Eve and Christmas
Daveyboy _ (1 year ago)
if u were a loader on an offloader at Ups. u only wish the shunters were that kwik
Le CrâneJ (1 year ago)
the real santa crew
Fazliddin Rahmonov (1 year ago)
I wanted to watch this in a slower speed, so set the speed at 0.25. The soundtrack became horrifying
I'm The Square Root (16 days ago)
Wow now it's just sounds like a really bad trip.
Kenai Dog (1 year ago)
That's a lot of coal. I mean busted packages.
alan cameron (1 year ago)
Hello animalnewyork,Could I watch it in slow mo?
darold zink (1 year ago)
Hey cool the light flashes to the music! Haha
Nick Masters (1 year ago)
Robert Ludwig (1 year ago)
1:46 backed trailer into another trailer
Wild Man (2 years ago)
I worked out of that building (43rd Street or Metro NY) for quite a few years and I was one of those guys doing just this on a nightly basis...
Jerome W (2 years ago)
I'm glad my facility isn't this tight. Cach driver here.
Grace the 1st (2 years ago)
Nothing wrong with making a parking spot wider....just a couple times.
Blocky Bod (2 years ago)
Best song for this -_- I'm wasted
Sun Set Trucker Cascadia (2 years ago)
2:07 oops took the wrong trailer
Adventures with Grandpa (2 years ago)
I've done UPS Peak Season as an expediter for several years. It's always a madhouse at every terminal.
Richard Mann (3 years ago)
Have they ever given any consideration to maybe moving this operation somewhere else, like outside of the city? Wow!! Tight spaces.
Wild Man (2 years ago)
?? Uh no... then how could anything get delivered in this city? We have this building, a Manhattan South building, a Manhattan North building.... ...and our Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn buildings are just as tight
Spudly (3 years ago)
As a ups shifter I can attest to the shit show that happens during peak. (Holiday season)
jimh721 (3 years ago)
Nobody does it better than UPS Feeder drivers
lolus pololus (4 years ago)
amazing time laps
john marquez (4 years ago)
u i recognize this place . ups on 43rd st NY
GermanSniperBayArea (4 years ago)
what a tiny yard, im glad we have a large yard in richmond
daniel55645 (4 years ago)
looks crazy.  that looks like an eagle express trailer there at the bottom left
Huaijiu Li (4 years ago)
carl mcgee (4 years ago)
Anyone notice at 1:48 the trailer that got backed into by a yard spotter.  Wonder if he reported the minor crash?
Jonathan Sukosky (1 year ago)
Who gives a shit it was a leased trailer 😂
HuskyGamersUNITE (4 years ago)
@carl mcgee Doubt it was even noticeable. Backing into another trailer at low speed in a big rig is not like backing your car into a lamppost.
Ryan Yuschock (5 years ago)
This looks so inefficient... Lol
Robert Faust (5 years ago)
The driver if the #3 Ottawa hits a trailer at the 1:50 mark. I'm sure ups has already remedied the problem.
Jonathan Sukosky (1 year ago)
Robert Faust I’m sure no one cares cause it’s a leased trailer and he hit it at a slow speed
LuRcH (5 years ago)
Great Vid! Thanks for sharing.
Dave Ligieri (5 years ago)
I work for ups for 7 years now..you guys don't even know how hard we work from thanksgiving all the way thru new years.we never see our family's and yes we work Sundays at least I do
Rickey Roll (5 years ago)
I love snowy work nights. Taking a smoke break and the sky is lit up white, and it's usually not even that cold.
Hakasauars (5 years ago)
I opened up a second window with the tetris theme
travis walden (5 years ago)
im always amazed how feeder drivers and even our shifter is able to squeeze a 53 footer in between two other trailers with inches to spare on either side like that. skills indeed.
callofdutyguy9 (1 year ago)
travis walden takes some practice. My unload doesn't have enough room to swing 53 footers and be able park to park them next to each other. They can only go on the last dock at each end of unload. Parking 2 53s side by side means you can get get them back out.
cow cow (5 years ago)
These guys can drive a truck. We got guys comin here with 3 trailer lengths long in front of our docks open with a driver side back up into the dock, and they cant do it without 5 minutes and an obsene amount of pull ups. Ups has very good drivers ive always seen.
Steve Smith (5 years ago)
My computer must be athiest because internet explorer crashed 10 seconds in.
fawkUtube (5 years ago)
I would die of a heart attack if I had this job.
Daniel Gonzalez Silva (5 years ago)
I must be pretty fuking bored to watch this. . . }:
krzybnern619cal (5 years ago)
I must be easily entertain since I actually saw the full 3:20 video of ...nothing
Trevor Harris (5 years ago)
0:32 EXPLOSI- aww....
Cory (5 years ago)
I'm suddenly compelled to use FedEx. #clusterfuck
Christian Hettick (5 years ago)
woulda been 20 times more amazing if they woulda made a line and the trucks would have disappeared ya' know like tetris?
cbale2000 (5 years ago)
What is the point of this facility? All I see is trucks getting dropped off and picked up again, nothing seems to be loaded or unloaded.
Nuclearrambo Channel (5 years ago)
or , maybe if you look closer, you can see they don't want to show you what they load or unload :> .... you know, weed,  stuff :)))))
JokermanXYZ (5 years ago)
Chances are the stock house is near by and they keep all the spare trailers here.
SuperTregs (5 years ago)
Its probably where they store the trucks...
Fokis Gaming (5 years ago)
How is this on an animal network?
Will be deleted (5 years ago)
You should have done the tetris theme
Eddie Avila (5 years ago)
The REAL Santa Clauses. Thanks.
noize2040 (5 years ago)
My thoughts and prayers are to the families ..of those poor hard working...shippers and receivers ...who get paid shit and have to work in the Freezing Cold. 
Super_stock (5 years ago)
@noize2040 my best friend makes 7.25 an hour and brings in no where near 500$. maybe 146$ every two weeks if he is lucky. they probaly make around $10 an hour at 40-60 hours a week which is good money for some people. 
noize2040 (5 years ago)
@Scott Mccarvey  $500 bi-weekly i mean.  which is 7.25 an hour.  So yeah that really does suck once again. 
Super_stock (5 years ago)
@noize2040 500$ A WEEK is better then making 7.25$ at 20 hours a week. 
noize2040 (5 years ago)
@Adriel Garcia oh yeah experienced drivers get payed pretty good.. but its hard to land a driving gig with UPS. but i was talking about the Shippers and Receivers .  They get like $250 a week. and the dropout rates are like really really high.  Same with Amazon.
Sir Williams (5 years ago)
dude my brother in law get paid a shit ton, just for driving around a truck (ups) he makes nearly 2k each week from that shit, its crazy 0.0
Josh Stokesbary (5 years ago)
Absolutely perfect at 2x speed.
justletmeuseit (5 years ago)
Well, there's one company that isn't fazed by the recession.
jmarylastone (5 years ago)
1:49 hit and run!!!
Hi Bye (1 year ago)
This song is putting me in the Christmas 🎄 Spirit..
Randy She (1 year ago)
for UPS - if that driver did not report that - it is grounds for termination.
Sun Set Trucker Cascadia (2 years ago)
jmarylastone lmfao
jeanious2009 (5 years ago)
It wasn't a hit nor a run, it was more like a "scoot over" type of push.
Thatboyfrom305 (5 years ago)
Good eye. I didn't see that. 
TheGoodChap (5 years ago)
What hub is this, CACH?
Radi0he4d1 (5 years ago)
What's with that blinking light on the wall at the top of the picture?
stephen hughes (5 years ago)
It pisses me off when people bitch about their packages being late. It's like, Fucker, Didn't you think of doing your shit earlier? UPS, FedEx, and the USPS bust their asses and lazy fuckers blame them. Next year, order/ship earlier! Cheers.
Ryan Yuschock (5 years ago)
I can order anything, anytime of the year, and FedEx will still take 2 weeks to get it from a state away to my doorstep. They take it, and ship it halfway across the country, then drive it all the way back. The last package I received through them had went from New York, through Pennsylvania (where I live), Maryland, Virgina, North Carolina, then to Tennessee... Then drove it alll the way back, passed though Pennsylvania again, and went up to Massachusetts then flew it to Pennsylvania. Where it then sat in a FedEx truck a few miles away for three days until it was delivered. They are just stupid. A three hour distance from the sender gets turned into two weeks. I use USP, or USPS anymore takes 1-2 days to get stuff from them.
bestamerica (5 years ago)
' look alike a magicball
you said (5 years ago)
The true Santa's of our world.
Paquin13 (5 years ago)
Elena Bezina (5 years ago)
Чудесный голос и потрясающая мелодия ! Исполнение этой песни  великолепное ! Браво !!! Спасибо за этот ролик.
weasel945 (5 years ago)
1:48 He hit the other truck. 
Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D. (5 years ago)
No Tetris music? GIGANTIC Fail.
AnthonyTheAwesome500 (5 years ago)
on youtube watching ups trucks for 3 minutes with Christmas music playing in the background....what am i doing with my life -_-
Thomas Keane (5 years ago)
hahaha @ 1:48 backs into another trailer. 
MrCr250f (5 years ago)
@YummiR6 hahaha
BRUCE M (5 years ago)
That's 3 minutes and 20 seconds of my life I'll never get back.  
frankth3frizz (5 years ago)
All a fucking lie. All shipments were late. lol.
MisterToe (5 years ago)
Those yard dogs are workin', brash!
Tyler Mullen (5 years ago)
At 1:23 a FedEx truck drives by
jan jen (5 years ago)
Should have used Tetris music.
uh0oo (5 years ago)
Why does this piss me off? I will never use UPS again, because of this. FEDeX all the way.
Dennis Neufeld (5 years ago)
1:49 watch the parked trailer get hit by the jockey blindsiding another trailer into the hole lol
bojack241 (5 years ago)
One of the guys ran into a trailer hahahahaha fail
Timothy Mather (5 years ago)
divisioneight (5 years ago)
Hats off to the UPS truckers - that's some amazing parking skills that beat all.  Drive safe folks.
Swedish Chef Productions (5 years ago)
Does something explode at 0:30 ?
Just a Guy (5 years ago)
He had to move it out of the way at 1:48 because it was in the way of the other spot
Adolf Hitler (5 years ago)
Still unable to deliver in time for Christmas... Fuck you...
ジョニサン (5 years ago)
brianstacync (5 years ago)
1:48  ooooops!!
WaterfowlCentral (5 years ago)
I hate feeders.
Frank (5 years ago)
not tetris this is fake
Openfacefont (5 years ago)
Now show FedEx hockey 
SAHM (5 years ago)
Many thanks to these hardworking people. That's a really busy week.
AJ O'Keefe (5 years ago)
*Month. But thank you. :)
jo jo (5 years ago)
never seen half the trailers move, explains why #upsfails at getting your package delivered on time
Paul Barbato (5 years ago)
I was like "Hahaha Cool!" but then I was like "wait this goes on for another 3 minutes? Okay I think I'm done….
mrthebillman (5 years ago)
UPS works their people like dogs, and pays them like dogs. Fuck UPS.
AKawesomeman79 (5 years ago)
I was kinda expecting some Tetris music but hey holiday music is just as nice :)
MognsterGaming (5 years ago)
I watched the whole thing.. Even though I watch this every night at work when I go to UPS to load those trailers. -_-
Stop looking at my ridiculously long and unnecessary name and keep on scrolling down (5 years ago)
WTF is the point of the video? To show a day at UPS or trucks moving?
Charles H4 (5 years ago)
Its more like that sliding brick game where you had to move ones to get the certain one out of the hole not tetris
xtreambackman (5 years ago)
I don't know how they got some of those trailers in and out of those spots lol mad skill (props)
aznxCOOLxguy (5 years ago)
Now these are the real Elfs and Santas. Their hard work brings happiness across the world. We should be more thankful for truck drivers!
57 Mickey (5 years ago)
HIT & RUN AND ACCIDENTAL SOUNDTRACK The hit and run that occurred at the 1:49 mark involved truck #3.  At the 3:20 mark, truck #3 returned to the scene of the crime and removed the evidence of his earlier hit and run.  The whereabouts was not able to be determined. While not able to be confirmed, the driver of truck #3 may be on the payroll of the FedEx gang. The music, the original Rudolph, was no mistake, The hit and run driver's name from truck #3 was thought to be Rudy.
DrYellowhair (5 years ago)
eddyto12 (5 years ago)
I thought something blew up at 0:32...
James Hall (5 years ago)
It's inefficient. The trucks have to back in at points, and the traffic flows in two directions. There are no markers, so the trucks are likely stored in available space. They have to allow room for the cab and trailer both in this layout. Since UPS knows the approximate time that each trailer should enter/exit the lot, the trailers could be stored sequentially by estimated departure time, allowing just enough room between each cab and trailer for the cab to exit when necessary. Traffic should be unidirectional as much as possible. Trailers that are delayed are simply moved in a loop to the back if they are not ship ready once the front of the line is reached. I noticed that a couple trailers simply didn't move. Everything should move. Anything not moving is not making time. This layout is understandable, but it wastes space and time.
Nick Eustace (4 years ago)
I think it's more a case of that's all the space there is so make the best of it
AJ O'Keefe (5 years ago)
dsgrsggjgfj (5 years ago)
GlitchAnims (5 years ago)
This clearly isn't 24 hours. The streetlights and such would go off again for day-time.