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Warren Buffett - The World's Greatest Money Maker

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Warren Buffett is the greatest investor of all time. His decisions about buying shares and companies have beaten the stock market year after year and made him the richest person in the world - thought to be worth 37 billion dollars. Yet Buffett lives modestly in his native Omaha, in America's mid-West, and runs his 150 billion dollar business with a staff of just twenty. He talks to Buffett's family, friends and colleagues about the man they call the Sage of Omaha, and Buffett's friend Bill Gates praises his philosophy of life. Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Text Comments (1463)
Claudia Templaria (1 hour ago)
Long life to all Virgos :-)
Free World (1 day ago)
Jeff bezos
Nameless (1 day ago)
21:50 $TSLA Shares this last Friday!
Nameless (1 day ago)
17:30 Me right now
No Censorship (1 day ago)
Wrong we bailed his dumb ass out in 08-09
Michael Froelich (1 day ago)
He never created a dime's worth of anything. He just speculated because he was a scrawny little toad of a "man."
Shawn Michael Wallin Thee Sire Royale Crowned King (2 days ago)
Warren Buffet I am willing to learn if your willing to teach me.
Desmond22 (3 days ago)
This jackass met with Obama Over 250 times . This makes His vote weigh more than mine . It also gives him insight about The stock market he has no Right to
Zack Langlois (3 days ago)
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Mukhlis Hangs (3 days ago)
"He has common sense, how many people in this world have common sense right now?"
Robert Jung (3 days ago)
Where’s the time machine?
lester jones (3 days ago)
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yellow Stone (4 days ago)
i can speculate one thing from this video..."If you are a great investor you live longer" lolz :-)
Cheap company s, and sold to higher once
Looked cheap and sold in higher once, ... Another a give away
U married u Habe saved your Money 💰... Having a lady 👒 is took expensive...... Money management.....
One person. :'' Pain and another's joy 😁.............. And some........ So s all. Trading
VP Of bank of America 🇻🇮 waren buffet mee too #####
kim (6 days ago)
My mother has 10.00 dollars in the bank, and is richer that he will ever be!! You see, she is Saved, Sanctified and Baptised with the Holy Spirit--looking forward to her eternal home one day...He is the greatest example of the rich man--poor man story--Why gain the whole world and lose out with Jesus Christ...Out of all the money that he has--he still is going to have to know Jesus...the one thing he can get for free--the one thing he probably don't think he need. That 40 billion couldn't buy him 40 seconds in heaven. It's good to have money, but it's better to have Jesus---because in the end--whether one believes it or not--SALVATION--seeing Jesus in peace is the world's greatest sense maker--something money WON'T be able to buy ANYONE!
Steven Tsai (6 days ago)
An wife and a girl friend it's like a fuck fest only difference is he's married. He's more bad ass than any song artist. That by it self is one great accomplishment. More than any men. He's tha man.
John Atkins (6 days ago)
Abi Makin (6 days ago)
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Tam Le (7 days ago)
$$$$$ is powered especially when you have that much powered behind you just simple as that
SaveBlueEyes (8 days ago)
Gates is a monster. Giving help to the third world without requiring them to limit births is a recipe for disaster that is destroying the world. They breed much faster than all the help in the world can provide them with enough food. But they are all low IQ and unemployable in the first world. Gates and his ilk must stop enabling low IQ to breed more.
Yehoshua Lives (8 days ago)
Slot machine idea was genius
I'm sorry About that! (8 days ago)
larry williams @ 1.20
T. Man (10 days ago)
i live on disability and there ain't nothing left after i pay rent and eat
Vasile Costin (11 days ago)
But what’s the point of all that money ??? If you don’t enjoy it .
real estate search engine (12 days ago)
So how do turn all this knowledge into $$$??... We plug it into a SOFTWARE!!!😉😉😉
Hugh Labrey (13 days ago)
Warren Buffet is an egocentric, hypocritical, & degenerate wallstreet gambler! = THE REAL TRUTH! Spec·u·la·tion" /ˌspekyəˈlāSH(ə)n/ 1. Forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence. "there has been widespread speculation that he plans to quit" synonyms: conjecture, theorizing, hypothesizing, supposition, guesswork; More 2. investment in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss. "the company's move into property speculation" "Gam·ble" /ˈɡambəl/ 1. To take risky action in the hope of a desired result. "the British could only gamble that something would turn up" synonyms: take a chance, take a risk, take a leap in the dark, leave things to chance, speculate, venture, buy a pig in a poke; take a flyer; informalstick one's neck out, go out on a limb; informalchance one's arm "we gambled today and we were fortunate to get away with it"
Matthew Neil (13 days ago)
this is incorrect warren hated moving to washington D.C
isse roble (13 days ago)
I think some trade could happen here between you two. Take on American investments as a treaty to show good life between cultures. Invest.
isse roble (13 days ago)
I am proud of your parenting. I am proud of your parenting of people. I am proud of your work and success. You unlike most of the people at your side have made a life of good measure. Good job Warren Buffet. A life truly lived in good measure. There's a place of love and forgiveness waiting for you. I sincerely praise your life. A life you should be proud of a life anyone should be proud of. I am proud of you. Good. Job. Good job. Saudis look at this man. He's done a much much more impressive job with what God has bestowed upon him. Look upon this man and praise his effort. Leadership that is a man living like any other man within the ranks of his leadership. I am proud of this man. This is why I am taking up my cross and staying upon my cross. Because Christians have moved away from doing what they want. To doing what is wanted. Listening and learning. I am proud to have died for their achievements. I would die again happily for their lives impress me so much. Good job. I am proud here today.
Vaalotu Iakopo (14 days ago)
The most humble pimp ever live. A wife and a girlfriend? 😂
Jay Cee (14 days ago)
This man's humility and generousity!!! For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted- Luke14 vs11
annmarie lucas (15 days ago)
warren Buffet you make a lot of sense
Mal Gray (15 days ago)
I really enjoyed this program
Lorna Valverdee (17 days ago)
his main reason for suscess ..is he stayed true to himself....he did it his way...!!! but while doing it all he remained in touch with life ...the human touch.....i am soo happy to have the oportunity to have viewed this video....sure to adopt a few of his stratergies...
Dori Lahure (17 days ago)
educating us great
Alex Zawodzinski (17 days ago)
father was in congress, nuff said
Gamerz Supremmm (18 days ago)
now worth 89.2 billion in net worth.
Divinegift Olebara (18 days ago)
what a simple man
xFlow777 (18 days ago)
its easy to make money when you have money
Ayefor Moreinfo (18 days ago)
A poor man has more soul than all the money in the world. This guy is misguided and stuck in capitalist mindset. Wake up and help others,instead of gluttony of self. The end times and global reset are near.
Bitcoin Bull (19 days ago)
Warren Buffett, endorsed Obama and in return Obama ordered Federal Reserve Bank to print trillions of dollars to bailout Warren Buffett investment in bankrupt financial institutions.
Ritwik Mandal (19 days ago)
Can anyone please tell me what are the names of the books mentioned in the video?
Jackson Hulsey (19 days ago)
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Glorified Truth (21 days ago)
At 4:19 -- "I've been here 47 years... since 1962." Okay, let's see. It's 2019. 1962 was FIFTY-SEVEN years ago. Mr. Buffett thinks it was only 47 years ago. The man can't even do elementary school math. And they're touting this guy as some sort of financial genius...???!! Shaking my damn head...
droid 264 (19 days ago)
But his numbers don't lie...he has BILLIONS. I'd say that's pretty good math.
Christopher Armstrong (21 days ago)
12:43-13:30 Berkshire Hathaway investment checklist. Happy investing.
King Searles (22 days ago)
I sold earth to my friends from another galaxy!
King Searles (22 days ago)
No "Common Sense"!
King Searles (22 days ago)
I think you can retire now and stop worrying about money! You might have enough already?
TrinaM345 USofA (22 days ago)
Genius with a very generous heart!!! I wish we have like Mr. Buffet in my hometown (philippines), but no luck coz all we have there r greedy/ hungry crocodile BIG businessmen and politicians who's conniving and ganging up to rob the country and it's people and they r honorables and people still looking up to them!:):):):):.. Haha, am not bitter coz am blessed just stating the reality!:):):):
Hugh Donaldson (23 days ago)
A guy who is one of the world's richest, runs a multi-national multi-billion dollar company, Buffett keeps it simple. Has billions of dollars, doesn't show off, isn't flashy. Look at his house, been in the same place for 50/60 odd years - I like it here, way move?
Gijoe215062056 Ham (23 days ago)
They may kill you for investing in stephen
Gijoe215062056 Ham (23 days ago)
Who's head of the medical board and you need to be unplugged to.
Gijoe215062056 Ham (23 days ago)
I can't win finance majic
Gijoe215062056 Ham (24 days ago)
So these same guys . Tried telling me a story once about you.
TESS DIZON (25 days ago)
Good looking intelligent handsome man 👨 keep up the good work with the ❤️ loving kindness great 👍
Troll Face (26 days ago)
Warren Buffhead. I like him. don't you?
Buji Parker (26 days ago)
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Gijoe215062056 Ham (26 days ago)
It's like a back fire
Gijoe215062056 Ham (26 days ago)
Cigerettes and technology don't mix
Frank Mack II (26 days ago)
be humble. good video
Micheline Burgett (26 days ago)
I remember you , Warren Buffett , when you gave up all your money to help Africans , the $31billions I thank you for helping those poor children in Africa . Thank you , again , God bless you and give you more than you can handle it .
Brad Grady (26 days ago)
Who has had a better life? Warren Buffet or Hugh Hefner?
DriverX Rohan (27 days ago)
https://youtu.be/w-eX4sZi-Zs?t=3359 funny little thing happened to a fan of warren buffet, he tried to make a picture with warren while he was holding the dollar in his hand, but warren held his wallet instead of the dollar he was trying to make warren hold for the picture lmao! PS: im high, even i dont know how i noticed that
zeropro0 (28 days ago)
to be honest i felt his daughter didnt like the fact he didt give her money i felt if she is pissed about it
Todd G (28 days ago)
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gabriel omondi (29 days ago)
too simple for me
Solomon Ugochukwu (1 month ago)
Buffet please send me money am broke
Andrew Morris (1 month ago)
Warren Buffett is a great 'Investor'. Buffett takes huge shares of companies that most people can't afford to take. Or, he buys the companies outright. Don't confuse this with being a trader or someone like Dalio who are not traditional, "Investors" per se.
kiboto jakhalu (1 month ago)
No computer no calculator WTH??
King Searles (25 days ago)
I"ve never owned a computer, don't use spell check, etc as i don't want to i.e.- forget how to spell, do arithmetic, etc... If a computer does all your work you become obsolete and the rise of the machines is the end result! If humans make it another 5 years we're sold as microwave meals online and end up in people zoo's! Peace to the galaxies! My price goes up 1 billion an hour from this point on andci could care less if everyone dies honestly because i don't know any of you morons!
AntiSocial Atheist (1 month ago)
inherited wealth is horrible and has destroyed our country. it's nice to see Warren raising decent children and not trust fund babies
AntiSocial Atheist (1 month ago)
that's crazy i used to work for clayton homes lol
AntiSocial Atheist (1 month ago)
Warren Buffett is so modest and down to earth. he is my role model
KingPablo (1 month ago)
Great man... I am inspired...
Alex Lambert (1 month ago)
6:46 "This ice cream parlor" lol... It's freaking Dairy Queen.... & they suck
QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose (1 month ago)
I desire to touch WBuffet wallet! Got to love this man!
Renier Beukes (1 month ago)
Niklas (1 month ago)
Berkshire will fall when he pass away, maybe i buy some after that.
SANSUM FTB (1 month ago)
He talks like George R.R. Martin
Marvl Odeesh (1 month ago)
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Jose Jimenez (1 month ago)
warren buffet is not a trader.. . . . . he is an investor.......Business buyer,manager,reseller.  Quit saying he is a trader.
Jo Ann Fowler (1 month ago)
I like the wits of warren buffett so god save the great invester
Priscilla Mathews (1 month ago)
Could his kids be anymore amazing?
TỰ HỌC CHỨNG KHOÁN (1 month ago)
the big man . i like him.great
Kayesh Khan (1 month ago)
I am 17 want to invest but my country is Bangladesh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Horrible society
Day Trading with Chris (1 month ago)
Oh man, Buffet you the man, but that is pretty tight dude, couldn't give your daughter a loan when she was pregnant? Cold dude hahahahaahahah!
Arthur Kuntz (1 month ago)
How much is too much It is written it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then it is for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven I believe it will be greed that destroys the world
Paul Reed (1 month ago)
Jeff bezos worth 150 billion dollars
manoj..pola pola (1 month ago)
John Matheru (1 month ago)
while most of us in Africa are still looking for loan and grants To develop our self what a pity???????
Toasty Volvo (1 month ago)
Never knew he was so down to earth and bare bones.
King Searles (1 month ago)
I became famililiar with Mr Buffett after becoming friends with Bill & Melinda Gates and he's a true inspiration to everyone while being very real & down to earth! Peace to t he Galaxies!
Shameer Malik (1 month ago)
Jeff bezos: "hold my beer".
Badger Fishinski (1 month ago)
When you stop wanting/needing everything overnight.....you''ll wake up 20 years later and have more than you ever dreamed.
Badger Fishinski (1 month ago)
My Uncle used to tell me "why pay interest when you can earn interest?"
Nebojsa Knezevic (1 month ago)
It's easy to invest when you are a lucky bustard who invested in Coca cola. Having constant earnings.