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Lion Man: Kevin Richardson | South Africa

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Broadcast: 20 November 2011 on Today Tonight, Seven Network, Australia. Tim travels to South Africa to meet Kevin Richardson who truly dances with death. His love and obsession is lions and they love him back but they wanted to tear Tim apart ... CREW: Reporter / Camera / Sound: Tim Noonan Associate Producer: Paul Raffaele Editor: Jimmy Hamilton SUBSCRIBE: Youtube ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=timnoonantv SOCIALS: Facebook ► http://facebook.com/timnoonantv Instagram ► http://instagram.com/timnoonantv Website ► http://www.timnoonan.tv
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Text Comments (14610)
suresh sudharshi (5 hours ago)
Сауле Сыздыкова (8 hours ago)
Галина Базанова (9 hours ago)
Что делает любовь.Невероятно . Смотришь и не веришь своим глазам .Это что то...
Emma Prats (10 hours ago)
did this man really slap a lion then grab its tongue out of its mouth and lived... i-
blaknbeauty1 (10 hours ago)
Daniel in the Lions Den Alright!😃😄👍🙏💪👉
Ghostly Spectre (13 hours ago)
This is from 2013 and YouTube is now suggesting me this wtf bro I could have watched this long ago and it’s nice to see these deadly species make friends with humans
Prodigy-Ideology (13 hours ago)
People think Im dancing with death Me: Lucky I have no one to dance with😪
Haha Hehe (15 hours ago)
Rip you was a brave man💔 but you couldnt control their nature
Andy Peter (20 hours ago)
I hope one day he carries a gun secretly in his pocket and drop it while he was playing with them!! (Joker movie dropping the gun in children's hospital)
sandhya raju (23 hours ago)
This is the most amazing thing I have seen happening in our world. Sir Kevin Richardson no words to express the greatness about you. Universe bless you.😊
Nengnia Yush (1 day ago)
RealTimeX (1 day ago)
I'll never get used to this 😒
CindyH Henriquez (1 day ago)
Is simba there ?
CindyH Henriquez (1 day ago)
He's insane but i love it
Alex Felix (1 day ago)
I’m still not adopting one
DudeOnVlog (2 days ago)
😊 I love all the animals... U are my role model
Ahlan Pawaddi (2 days ago)
Indahnya persahabatan tanpa ada teman penikung
Movies&&Highlights!!! (2 days ago)
I don’t think lions like the taste of human blood or do they ???
earljohn milar (2 days ago)
Uyy lupet
prasanna r (2 days ago)
Great man...👏👏👏
Jade Hill (2 days ago)
They probably see him as the family pet
M. B (3 days ago)
What a beautiful story. God bless you and the lions
MUHEEB JP (3 days ago)
What would happen if you bring a cat to those lion ?
Syahnan Sahputra (3 days ago)
Persahabatan bagai kepompong 🦁🐯🐺⛓️👍
mikEWrona1234 (3 days ago)
9:30 i wonder what was he going for...a gun? Some sort of spray? Tazer? Too bad they cutted it off
Nurulah Tas (3 days ago)
Aj Forsuelo (4 days ago)
The subtitle is so annoying
anord kiri (4 days ago)
He got the lion Heart' mann
Meri Amanda (4 days ago)
Who is watching while reading comments
Raden (4 days ago)
Richard (4 days ago)
Beautiful Video.
Carol R (4 days ago)
All animals are beautiful, I love all animals 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 🐈🐕🐅🦁
vikram singh verma (4 days ago)
Wow.... amazing... From india.... Now watching...12 oct. 19 Hitt like which seen oct. 19
Tahir Creation (4 days ago)
The thing is in every tamed lion,tiger you can always see that there hand or paw nail are cut or very short.. So they can't scratch you. If a wild lion cuddle you your face will become acid victime face
The Texas Chainsaw (4 days ago)
Who else is this guy friends with
Avani Arun (4 days ago)
So much motivational, now I can easily friend with German shepherd 🐕. Before I was scared to walk infront of
Aditya verma (4 days ago)
Stefan Drugarinovic (4 days ago)
9:31 , what you got in there huh ? xD is that your phone ? are you about to call lion police on him ? xD
Mohamed Uzair Sait (4 days ago)
Who saw this video because in the thumbnail the lion said cheese and showed it's teeth
Naveen Gk (5 days ago)
Kevin fans✊
Genecop Coppola (5 days ago)
11:15....look in Kevin’s hand..he says..” might have to murder you boy”..the male gets aggressive
danny vickery (5 days ago)
This guy- they say im dancing with death but ahhh what do they know. Lmfao. His m8 got eaten
Geronimo (5 days ago)
I would be honored if I was eaten by a lion. it is way better than getting shot and killed by a dirty cop
Wags_ Zw (5 days ago)
Mans legit pulled a lions tongue like wtf, i salute you bro
gowtham gowtham (5 days ago)
imagine swimming in water surrounded by many crocs but guarded by three alpha male ❤❤❤
Faceless (3 days ago)
Crocs would destroy lions in the water
Ivo Rashkov (3 days ago)
I'm pretty sure a crock can easily kill a Lion
Neenusubbusreemati Subhash (5 days ago)
Amy and meg super cute girls
Neenusubbusreemati Subhash (5 days ago)
They protect themselves and pride don't call them predators they have right to live in earth God created all equal
Naphtaly Masizani Vlogs (5 days ago)
If your watching this rn. Like
Kristal (5 days ago)
Mark Lajara (5 days ago)
He just over powered the lion with his PRIDE before Lion's does.
Jaii Diosa (5 days ago)
You know my hands are totally sweating 😂
Tusher Khan Ratul (5 days ago)
9:37 King got slapped 😵
Jaykumarsinh (6 days ago)
8:33 wow yarr
TUSHAR BHOMKAR (6 days ago)
Wow awsome
Rodney Castillo (6 days ago)
Aquí está tu comentario en español 😁
I like Food (6 days ago)
Anyone who starts picking on him is dead
Manimal HeartH (6 days ago)
Big chance you have .✌️😭
Manimal HeartH (6 days ago)
Me i love panther 🤗
Gabber Kid (6 days ago)
KisetongA Kiphire (6 days ago)
Hit like if u are watching this in October 10 2019
tahlia-rose portegies (4 days ago)
@Urayji Ali ???
Inferno Blur (4 days ago)
tahlia-rose portegies same lol
Urayji Ali (4 days ago)
What do you with likes?
tahlia-rose portegies (4 days ago)
@Damien Dutch this guy is amazing he is my inspiration ive always wanted to do what he does
Damien Dutch (4 days ago)
@tahlia-rose portegies True :D
Hilarious You (7 days ago)
And then there is the paragliding guy- " Are mummy re...baap re" Chadarmod😆
Hilarious You (3 days ago)
@Raj Nath theres one indian for every 7 persons in the world😆
Raj Nath (3 days ago)
LMAO....................only indians can relate to this
Faiz Yanty (7 days ago)
Tarzan reality
BLUEBOSTON (7 days ago)
Hunting should be banned EVERYWHERE
Praneet Ezekiel (8 days ago)
He should be that Daniel who was in the Lions den...
Nigel Depz (8 days ago)
Still watching 2019? Likes?
Daniella Biason (8 days ago)
Im too obsessed in lion! 💖
wafa bhat (8 days ago)
Ok. So.Idk how to feel, sad that *he slapped a lion* or *THAT HE SLAPPED A LION!*
Haneef Ullah (5 days ago)
Nigel Denning (8 days ago)
It is so beautiful though coz lions and tigers are beautiful animals but to be very close to them you have to known them from a cub. People shouldn’t kill lions just let them be lions 🦁
chaitanya kumar (8 days ago)
Prideful man
Melvin michael (8 days ago)
I need him to make peace with my Cats
So Yea (8 days ago)
Hit like if you are watching in October 2019
Kunal Mohane (8 days ago)
This vedio show that The animals are very big hart They do not harm this person who give him love ❤️
muhammad bahrul (8 days ago)
Kucing tetaplah kucing wkwkwk
Sahib SanDhu (9 days ago)
This guy very lucky
اليونكو شانكس (9 days ago)
3:08 oh my god
Madan Kumar (9 days ago)
Amazing😲😲😲. I love lion💞💞💞💞💞💞💖💖💖🦁🦁. We cannot buy friendship by money. Who love lions hit like 💞💖💖🦁👇👍👍
princess Sabel (9 days ago)
I don't understand what is this
Jose Hernandez (9 days ago)
Excellent video and awareness to this magnificent animals.
Joelis Present (10 days ago)
5:18 what an honor to be loved by these amazing lions
Joelis Present (10 days ago)
3:33 what an experience
Joelis Present (10 days ago)
1:15 kevin has the lion heart
kuschelnqes (10 days ago)
This man is playing with a lion like it's normal and I'm shitting my pants when I walk past a Llama
Adam Bentar (10 days ago)
im from indonesian
Bhoomi Roy (10 days ago)
I love animal lover
melquiades orbiso,jr (10 days ago)
the human powers love beast
opportunity matters (10 days ago)
this man understand them pretty well respect to you man.
Nick Avery (10 days ago)
Humans have lost their click with nature... "what if the lions turn on you?" ..response "well sh!t happens" ... what if a dog bites you? Correct and move on, and quit dwelling into the past.
MrBartman002 (10 days ago)
Hit like if you will be watching this in November
jeisson fernando de almeida (10 days ago)
Se e loko o bicho por mais q seja docil ainda nao da pra brincar cm eles por causa de seu estinto
Ebaeee (11 days ago)
Lion man vs Bear man who would win?
Alberto Villalobos (11 days ago)
I´m watching that in 3725... How bout that?
RUBIBI Ben Johnson (11 days ago)
Imagine if all people were like Kevin Richardson?
Rohan Rajeghorpade (7 days ago)
That would be a remarkable World
Hagar Abdi (11 days ago)
Just make sure that they are not hungry when you are with them.
PLASMODESMA66 (11 days ago)
I think the only reason why they haven’t ate him is because they use him as back scratcher lol and they know if they kill him who’s going to pet them or scratch there back
Elson Tamang (11 days ago)
One they loved animals.they are raising them.if they are animal.lovers why they have to sacrifice the other animal to feed a flesh of them.animal lover should treat all animals equally.its just passion to raise wild animals for them
Victor Kaizer (11 days ago)
He has death wish
Buhle Mwanza (11 days ago)
Man if Adam and Eve didn’t sin, we could all be doing this daily.
Eisen Hower (9 hours ago)
Yes. The time is coming when the Lion will play with the Lamb
@The Nevrol yes we don't.. (maybe?)
The Nevrol (6 days ago)
.....I don't think we would even exist tho...would we? Lol
Bert Hutto (8 days ago)
One day again!!!
Candace __17 (9 days ago)
Opportunityオパチュニティー (11 days ago)
Human harm lots of other creatures. But, human also love creatures. Mankind can be the greatest love bringer on this planet, like this man. On second thought, human is just good at understanding others’ behavior so we can control and tame them.
abjt s (11 days ago)
world's most safe person
Tomas Balderas (11 days ago)
Steve Irwin would be proud