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Mariah Carey Puts Personal Life on Display in 'Mariah's World'

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The music icon's eight-part docu-series chronicles her demanding work schedule and the plans she made for her now canceled wedding.
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Text Comments (276)
Courtney Bridgit (1 month ago)
Why is Ramona in this video?! This is about Mariah! Step off!
latara dell (1 month ago)
Her over the top life is what turns people off.She is not relatable.
Celia Atkinson (1 month ago)
I think she needs to give it up because she's down to earth off cameras. Sure she still has part of the personality but it's over the top.
Bigmac micmac (6 months ago)
Moneca Savoie (6 months ago)
That's what I call a good interviewer!
J R (8 months ago)
Get that Tanaka girl
Juan Carlos Jaramillo Moreno (8 months ago)
Mariah so beautifulll 😍💘👌
crystalhaiku (11 months ago)
She doesn't need a 10 million dollar wedding ring. Help elderly and sick children with that money you selfish bitch!
Danni 925 (11 months ago)
She sold the ring James gave her but she didn't sell Nick's. Idk if he has it or she kept it but I'm glad she didn't get rid of it. That asher-cut pink and white ring was everything and it was so cute how he proposed with a ring pop, Imagine thinking your candy is broken but when you open it something else is inside 😍 lol James ring was ugly 😂
Delores Stewart (1 year ago)
Maybe on day ❤️
hninn phyu (1 year ago)
The queen for sure . I love you
Oh Wow! (1 year ago)
I do not like that guy she is dating. Something about him..
Danni 925 (11 months ago)
Alot of people are worried since he's just a backup dancer he's gonna treat her like how that back up dancer who dated Britney spears treated her and the backup dancer who was with JLo.
blackflag 321 (1 year ago)
She's DEFINITELY gonna go back to nick obviously when she's older and had enough of going around and doing the whole crew and nick being an idiot is gonna fall 4 it LOL . I'm 18 and I know that and nick is like 43 and he's blinded by his own stupidity NO DISRESPECT TO HIM 😅😅😅
Noel B. (1 year ago)
wtf is ramona during right next to mariah carey story?.... LoL
The Bong Wagon (1 year ago)
Ramona... Please mat rona! 😁(Please don't cry)
Shazana Khan (1 year ago)
Who cares about slutty lifestyle. People got their own life’s to lead! This just came up for some reason.
Shazana Khan (1 year ago)
She marrys men with money, why doesn’t she marry for love. She has money why is she being greedy n a god digger like Rihanna getting engaged with that Arab guy their culture is totally diff plus she ain’t Muslim! It’s disgusting how people mix and later the kids suffer!
Cody Walsh (1 year ago)
You sound like a fucking idiot. She's been with guys who have Hardly any money compared to her. Fuck off
Veronica M (1 year ago)
10 million dollar engagement ring?!?! Absolutely ridiculous! Just because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you should. She could have a 5 million dollar ring ( still ridiculously high)and donate the rest to Haiti, Puerto Rico or any of the other countries that are having a hard time.
Trini Star (1 year ago)
beautifu latina!!!!!mariah!!!
Cassandra Mcintyre (2 years ago)
Mariah's attitude and personality is toooo NASTY that's why she can't keep a good marriage or relationship
Brianna B (5 months ago)
Lol no
Tara Love (2 years ago)
Wow fair play to him picking Mariah up, shes no light weight.
Ashley P (2 years ago)
Umm why the hell are they comparing Mariah Carey's life on reality TV with Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York???....ugh luv Ramona but Mariah is worth half a billion dollars. She did the 8part docu-series for her fans. These other reality TV people The Real Housewives & Love&Hip Hop, these shows are made for ratings and view reactions and the people on them are exposing their lives for the money honey!!!!!
Mrssewhardtoplease (2 years ago)
Ramona‘s lower huge jawbone had a life of it’s own.
PinkCrystal Butterfly (2 years ago)
Who is that irrelevant bitch at the end? Lol I came here for MARIAH!
Kamilla Iqbal (2 years ago)
nybsbfan18 (2 years ago)
we can learn not drink as much as ramona and not say nasty stuff to girl friends...
Bitch you don’t gotta like me (2 years ago)
This video was posted on my birthday 😊
ilovemyshoes (2 years ago)
Woa! Such a crazy show!
lowmow2k19 afraidfromdeath (2 years ago)
i like Nick they look nice together
Tammy Fleming (2 years ago)
It doesn't matter whether your rich or poor any relationship break up hurts. You have to heal because your going to take the same baggage to the next relationship you have to give yourself time to heal find out what your doing wrong and try to work on yourself. I agree these stars don't care anything about giving back to who made them rich and their not good examples to follow as far as going from person to person. I know after a breakup I took sometime to love myself because when your in a relationship you give so much of yourself you have to put it back everything you gave. It looks like with Mariah she is beautiful but she still insecure and is looking for a man's approval a lot of woman do that only the approval has to come from you and until you are secure with yourself you'll never meet the right man. In this day and time that's hard to do because there is so many demands on women to look this way and that way the butt the breast the make up lashes. Everything is a competition if you don't meet that man that loves you for you and also you have to love everything about yourself because if you don't and he knows it he is going to look else where if your always talking about my butt is not big enough or you need a face lift it never ends if your insecure. Love yourself and in return the man you meet will love you also.
Paul John Johnson (2 years ago)
I'm still at Team Cannon. ✊
Kanwar Singh (2 years ago)
He's practicing Sikhism people.
Person Incognito (3 years ago)
I love these.2 women. Mariah and Ramon, both so crazy.
Nakitia Laureano (3 years ago)
that is so why i like to watch the reality shows because it is like learning that you can still keep standing rich or poorer. honestly ill take rich over poor problems anyday lol. serouisly though it doesnt matter if you have money or not. its life lessons that make you stronger if you let them. i love ramona and her resilience. mariah is my bff in my head👭🙅
marykacyy (3 years ago)
April Campbell (3 years ago)
I don't get it... Why is Ramona Stringer included in this?!
Jeremy Jones (3 years ago)
people and their opinions that they push forth as truth darling .....do I sense a hint of
Desiree Taylor (3 years ago)
Love me some MC! the consummate singer! No one like her!
iam1ina1000000 (3 years ago)
Mariah is pissing her career down the toilet with the gold digging ghetto trash she chooses to surround herself with. What idiot manager allows her to do this tacky reality show and then get caught lip syncing in times square?? She needs someone to save her from herself, and tell her to put some clothes on the desperate porn star look is tired!
Jacob Martin (3 years ago)
Mariahs Death:The Show That new years performance tho
Dinah Milan (3 years ago)
she is so beautiful 😍😍
Trishiana Brown (3 years ago)
Oh yeah! Date a backup dancer cuz that worked out so well for JLo and Britney. What is wrong with these people?
nealanilove life (3 years ago)
10 million dollar for engagement ring!! Wow, this is crazy!! No seriously. This ring is not worth 10 million dollars. Its an absolutely outrageous!!! and so stupid!!!
cery hopkins (3 years ago)
mightybfool C (3 years ago)
I honestly forgot she had kids
The Fairest Witch (3 years ago)
Fuck this. I just wasted my time watching this shit.
Edward Zhao (3 years ago)
Fuck this. I just wasted my time reading your comment
JeniKayla (3 years ago)
Her kids are adorable! Just out of curiosity....do you guys consider her kids biracial or black? I know Mariah identifies as black and I assume Nick is black but her kids, to me, do not look black.
TastyElysian (1 year ago)
@Boo umm no her dad's black so she's biracial
Boo (1 year ago)
WT actual F!?! She is white. The world has gone mad
miss T (1 year ago)
its not up to us to decide what she or her children are. they're biracial and should be proud of who they are.
Jamie Ryan Storey (2 years ago)
city juice - "Identify" was probably the wrong word, but it's different. Mariah is biracial/mixed, so it's honestly up to her to decide which side she feels closest to. And you can tell her children have a little bit of color.
Mariah Carey Lover (2 years ago)
They’re 75% black so yeah I’d consider them black
DW Jackson (3 years ago)
Nick Cannon is such a squirrel why does he wear old black lady head scarf turban thing.
Helz (3 years ago)
She is starving for more money. Really third marriage? What a joke! Tryna leech off the crown billionaire, disgusting.
wonderjh (3 years ago)
What is with that thing on his head??? Ready for your close up Nick??
e r (3 years ago)
this reality show could make haters dislike her personality, I hope she only display her talent 70 percent and 30 percent 'reality'
silentsensei (3 years ago)
$10 million fucking dollar ring.......bruh
Steve H (3 years ago)
Go on gurl... get that Tanaka!
Manuel Bencomo (3 years ago)
why you put Ramona in this interview. shady ass chu chu
jerry mojica (3 years ago)
Pop DIVA?? Is he serious? Honestly. Truly. Britney would be offended lol
Kym Samal (3 years ago)
jerry mojica hmm Britney spear pop diva Mariah would be offended how can be call princess of pop with that fake voice alway lipsyncing smh
Patricia Pink (3 years ago)
I miss her with Nick Canon 😭😭😭
Countrymama88 Crazymama88 (2 months ago)
Me too!
Pwopwo Ju (3 months ago)
Aren’t they back together ??
EPSYOP C (3 years ago)
lol stupid celebrities
Adam Watts (3 years ago)
And yet here you are watching some "stupid celebrities". I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
Estancier Milligan (3 years ago)
once you go black...
gm paglinawan (1 year ago)
ADRIENNE SHAW (3 years ago)
We haven't learned yet about needing to see others personal life on display.
cristina solano (3 years ago)
Her kids are so adorable
The0to1smell (3 years ago)
nick cannon is the cheesest fuck shit head around..his a horrible actor and his face said it all
akuapiatas (3 years ago)
I dunno wot she saw in Packer must have a big dick coz he ugly.
Gigi Mosa (3 years ago)
akuapiatas Its not about the looks its about the personality
PreyForForgiveness (3 years ago)
money maybe? a million dollar ring is pretty cool
Mrs. M (3 years ago)
What happened to that billionaire she was engaged with!?! Back up dancer!?! she should have learned from Britney.
SoutherBelleIn TheCity (3 years ago)
You can't equate romana to MARIAH CAREY
chloe (3 years ago)
ew he ugly
Skylar Oday (3 years ago)
love mariahs antics
Irène & Rosalie (3 years ago)
I fucking her divorce !
mrlopez2681 (3 years ago)
I thought I was getting a Mariah Carey doc. Instead I get this reality promo......the humans of the future are going to look back on the era we are in with this "reality" garbage & people who are famous for no reason whatsoever except for the most superficial reasons imaginable & assess this era as the Renaissance in reverse. They'll wonder what in the fuck made so many human beings have such appalling taste in entertainment, where people simply want to watch rich & famous people do rich & famous people things. Mariah - you look ridiculous. You are beginning to look like you could be Wendy Williams's light-skinned cousin, & those absurd titties are even worse, with those implants no doubt leaving your nipples looking like slices of baloney. UGH!
Aleia Le'Gare-Bryant (3 years ago)
I love how they went from Mariah to some lady with a botox filled face.
Michael (3 years ago)
*Xiola Blu Staley* (3 years ago)
what is with Nick and those head raps? I don't get it!
Latrenise Douglas (1 month ago)
Guys he is sick with Lupus that y he wears the caps
blackflag 321 (1 year ago)
Girl GO BACK TO SCHOOL na I'm just joking 😅😅. It's a turban and in my opinion nick looks sick in it 4 REAL he created his own style a brown guy with a turban NOW THAT IS SOME AWESOME SHIT . 👳👳👳👍👍👍👍😅😅💙💙
Kanwar Singh (2 years ago)
Miss Amber it's called Turban he's practicing Sikhism religion.
Jeremy Jones (3 years ago)
your not suppose to ...makeup I don't get it but you do ...
Rita P (3 years ago)
Jeremy Jones You will not win my friend. It's not self expression. It's a man who is trying to be unique and different like every other celebrity. Only problem is that it's not working. He looks like a fool. Also, that took you a long time to come up with your speech. Next!!!
Loretta's Hauls & More (3 years ago)
For some reason I think Mariah has a drinking problem.From what I've seen and her appearance it just kinda points that way.js
Jacqueline McGrath Curtis (11 months ago)
Loretta Macabre she does have a drinking problem. They say she’s a diva with champagne. Seen so many times with a drink in her hand. Diagnose with bi polar and drinks heavily just like her mother.
Jmlsgm (3 years ago)
lol Ramona got hit with the elevator door. That's funny
Nadeeyah (3 years ago)
She used to be so beautiful.. Now she looks swollen.
Brianna B (5 months ago)
She is still beautiful. She's lost a lot of weight since then.
Brianna B (5 months ago)
@Jacqueline McGrath Curtis Lmao at this point I'm convinced you're a troll with too much time on her hands
Jacqueline McGrath Curtis (11 months ago)
Nadeeyah OxMosh Botox cosmetic surgery alcoholism all play a part.
Aditya (3 years ago)
1:10 Song name ?
Aditya (3 years ago)
@Raya jamsen Thanks
Raya jamsen (3 years ago)
aditya bhosale fantasy by her
LeBron's Hairline (3 years ago)
i love u Mariah, but don't do it. Ur too big of a star for this bs!
La Jefa soyo (3 years ago)
7saany (3 years ago)
I never understood why she had such a Diva lifestyle, theres nothing classy about fitting into layers of spanx and wigs and jewelry and low cut dresses to seem seductive
Men Worldwide (2 years ago)
7saany butch you probably do that every weekend stfu
Stream Caution By Mariah Carey (2 years ago)
Mariah is classy, dahling!
Stream Caution By Mariah Carey (2 years ago)
probably because of her 500M net worth. she has worked her ass off to get where she is.
jared hulum (3 years ago)
Is that what expressing an opinion means? Damn, then we are all haters!
☼YouBetterWorkItYooooooo☼ (3 years ago)
7saany stop hating
Bobby Tarantino (3 years ago)
10 million dollars what the fuck o_o
Nicole Roy (3 years ago)
Nick always looks ridiculous. And out of touch with reality. Just look at him he doesn't look like he belongs to this family.
Veronica M (1 year ago)
That’s so funny!
Health&Glitter (3 years ago)
La bellaXia (3 years ago)
she like young meat ^_^
Ed Berger (3 years ago)
All these celebrity bitches are so miserable ....& their fans are all brain dead !
Daddy Dana (3 years ago)
This bitch all about the money, she don't give a fuck about nobody.
Jessica Dailey (3 years ago)
I love her music but I think she looked much better back in the day before all the surgery...
Brianna B (5 months ago)
She didn't have that much surgery. What you're seeing is mostly new weight and pounds of makeup.
Jacqueline McGrath Curtis (11 months ago)
Jessica Dailey when she first came out in the 1990s personality wise she was humble and genuine. She looked good. Over the years over time she has become egotistical. Her appearance now is fake. It’s like looking at two different people in time lapse photos from the beginning until now. Surgery does not enhance ones looks with the advancement of age.
Jessica Dailey (3 years ago)
Mike Hamilton I think she shouldn't have got fake Boob's
Mike P (3 years ago)
Jessica Dailey keep in mind she s 46 now.She still looks young, but kinda fat with a fake pair of boobs.
Ashley D. (3 years ago)
I can't like her. Seems so phoney
David J.M (3 years ago)
suddenly..... it's ramona story and not mariah
Sonnix Jackson (3 years ago)
David J.M (3 years ago)
nyahmani mommy ....they flipped it on us lol
nyahmanis mommy (3 years ago)
David J.M I know that was weird
Divaani L. (3 years ago)
I used to like her many many years ago, still have a lot of her music. The diva thing is so so pathetic! That's a whole lot if insecurity. She looks somewhat unhealthy, like she has an autoimmune condition. Her face is very puffy like she is on steroids or some other medication. I actually feel sorry for her. Poor thing can't find lasting love. Maybe if you stop being such a bitch I mean Diva, you might find a man to stick around and not constantly be dumped, ending up in rehab with a bunch of excuses why you are there in the first place. For f**ks sake, you take a crap and fart just like the rest of us and it stinks! I wonder if someone has to wipe her backside for her or wash it with bottled water? I don't care for queen B anymore either and I never liked Jlo. To much divaness!!! Jlo was in NY and her limo driver asked her for an autograph for his daughter, and she snapped back, I'm not here to signed autographs! I guess she forgot she is Jennie from the Bronx........
Steven Patrick Stone (3 years ago)
She has this sleazy slutty quality to her that takes away from her talent.
Stephanie King (3 years ago)
The Diva and DEM babies.
dee snipz (3 years ago)
Why the fk is nick wearing a turban?
Floreen Tan (1 year ago)
He has been into dharmic spirituality
bhoxz justine (1 year ago)
It’s just his style.
Naija Doll UK (1 year ago)
Maybe has something to do with his Lupus.
Amina Kelly (2 years ago)
His hair falls out alot
ZARAKI KENPACHI (3 years ago)
Regina George pls brother,no racist ONE LOVE
Teresa Burnside (3 years ago)
Is she even relevant in 2016? Self absorbed much... surprised that she doesn't choke, considering how full of herself she is. She seems lonely & empty, seeking validation from anywhere... pathetic. She would look better if she wore clothes that actually fit.
Brianna B (5 months ago)
Who hurt you as a child to be this pathetic bby?
crstl89 (3 years ago)
Lol the contrast. Mariah is over here being a total boss and flat out of even going there with her break up one Ellen. Then you have this lady named Ramona crumbling down in tears. Lmao how dare they put Mariah in the same segment as that other lady, oh no darling.
Hometown Girl (3 years ago)
Diva? No, just crazy!
Sandra Gonyea (3 years ago)
Who gives a crap about this selfish diva
Melike Turan (2 years ago)
i do idk why.
Sandra Gonyea (3 years ago)
lauryn Jones Wrong. It was by accident to stumble upon this. Down with Hollywood ASSHOLES.
RUNNING REENIE (3 years ago)
lauryn Jones like this😒
lauryn Jones (3 years ago)
Clearly you do you are here rolls eyes.
Tina (3 years ago)
Damn, Mariah let a big fish slip through her hands. How does that happen?
Prince Clarke (1 year ago)
@Tina and many ppl will take his place 😂😂😂cause Mariah is sexy asf
THX 1138 (3 years ago)
+Tina I happen to agree with. Mariah feigns class. Wealth and class are not synonymous.
antigoniem06 (3 years ago)
@Tina Maybe she was in the relationship because she genuinely liked him, not because she saw a business opportunity. Also, Tommy Mottola was a control freak. Mariah's career didn't really take off until after she divorced him, started writing her own music, and working with artists of her choice. Mariah does not have to live her life to impress or prove anything to any of us. She is who she is, and people can accept it or move on. Her personality hasn't stopped a check from rolling in yet.
Tina (3 years ago)
antigoniem06 It's not about needing, it's wanting. If she didn't want that for herself, she would have never entertained it. Mariah is on decline and Packer would have boosted her image, plus given her a level of respectability back she lost when she left Mattola. Also it's always beneficial to expand social circles no matter where you are in life. Shunning opportunities for that is like rejecting value added. You don't know what benefits it can bring unless you remain open.
Rita M. (3 years ago)
Fame is not for anyone...good heart or not. The public will eat you alive and spit you out daily.
celyncapo (3 years ago)
Some one please tell my why does nick wear that thing on his head?
lebkha (3 years ago)
the Australian billionaire dodge a huge bullet
tSarra Sarra (3 years ago)
tSarra Sarra (3 years ago)
S. C (3 years ago)
Her kids are so cute omg 😍😍😍