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Text Comments (758)
Brandon barber (23 days ago)
A ddg check me out starting from the bottom YouTube video call "look at me shorty"
J8Y 73V3N (29 days ago)
DDG is so shit live
Eddie NetworkTM (1 month ago)
Sign Riodaogyoungm
Best Tv (1 month ago)
that crowd was whack
Tavish (1 month ago)
Y’all think he should sign me?😂
Underrated kid4 (1 month ago)
U see the vibe the crowd was giving off😡, they just don't know
tyler may (1 month ago)
What was the 2nd by ddg
Raw Raw (1 month ago)
ddg not no stage presence its clear when a youtuber is on stage
Raw Raw (1 month ago)
you know why ddg cut the part out where yko brought him out cus no one gave a shit lollll saame way he cut yko getting the game winner in ball
CodeineShots (1 month ago)
It’s like people just don’t fw ddg music lol shit is trash though but damn lol
CodeineShots (1 month ago)
They was not bumping to that shit
squishies and vlogs (1 month ago)
Someone make the weird noise that he did a meem
Ice Mike (1 month ago)
The difference between DDG & every other artist is he cares too much...that’s why he not farther than what he should be in my opinion. No cap I miss 2017 DDG.
Yvng Alpha (1 month ago)
5:03 when you know your homie got a girl at home
DynastyCC (1 month ago)
Looks like when these channels start dying out cuz of YT we going to Facebook for vlogs 😂
AT Muziq (1 month ago)
The way you talked about your ex is the same way I talked about my ex 4 years ago... now we are married lol.
King Shawn (1 month ago)
Me help me blow 🖤⭐️
N A (1 month ago)
Breon The Singer (1 month ago)
Crowd wassss TURRRRRRRNTTTTT.........
YVNG JEZUZ (1 month ago)
hmu bro I wanna show u some unreleased shiii
damon (1 month ago)
i remember in the new years vlog you said you was gon have 7 million subscribers by the end of the year ? what happened bro ? grind don’t stop
fameboi carti (1 month ago)
That crowd really be lame😂🙆‍♀️lmao if I was there I would have tried my best to Turn the place up Just for my nigga ddg. I really aint know why they were So dead though like what?? Its DDG!!!!!!!!!THE CROWD SHOULD BE JUMPIN
Friday K. (1 month ago)
Kenny (1 month ago)
DDG build me... I need guidance 🤟🏽🖤
Kenny (1 month ago)
DDG build me... I need guidance 🤟🏽🖤
Prince Smook (1 month ago)
one day im going to be big like ddg bro a legend he put his whole family on definitely inspired me to start and im 8 subs away from 1K not self promoting just saying u can do it too 🙏🏽💯
ramon james (1 month ago)
Prince Smook keep grinding 💯
Lil P htx (1 month ago)
Sign me bro an build me. Ima. Beast an very creative in the studio. An just in general. No cap ... I got 7 kids all girls. To support. Bless mines an my family's. Life. .. Only reason i never pursued my music dream was cause i never had money to back it up raising my family. Took that from me its hard to. Take take of seven. Girls. An my girl. Housed feed an clothed an. Provided for them as a felon. You should. Contact me an have an convo. An see. Stay blessed bro.
Isaiah Bechar (1 month ago)
👥🌈 👽
Sabir Davis (1 month ago)
Millennium J (1 month ago)
Wassup me
Asia Jackson (1 month ago)
May be coolin -none of ya business only song on YouTube all his music is on sound could Nd cds he don’t promote his music right check him out usually don’t do this bt hey gotta start somewhere
Omar Talsam (1 month ago)
Do you have an internship opportunity???
Nash Kavin (1 month ago)
Idk Darryl crowd wasn’t too hype 👀
Scientific19 (1 month ago)
Jay Dinero (1 month ago)
Kel & p dissed u and yo fam 😂 funny asf
Samso Tv (1 month ago)
I’m confused did they breakup ?
Erratic Nonos (1 month ago)
No there just choosing to keep their relationship private, he's not messing with that new girl he's just making videos with her to get her to blow don't worry lol. Ddg explains this at the end of his latest video on his vlog channel
Big Winnie (1 month ago)
I remember those days in 2016 when I had my lil tablet and staying up all night watching this dude...Black guy in the rainforest was always my favorite video 😭 How much you wanna bet he won’t see this?🤧
lunetta williams (1 month ago)
DDG in the house
EazyBuildz (1 month ago)
Can someone link me the intro song
Brandolucianoo 64 (1 month ago)
Nobody: DDG: we bout to turn this up The crowd: 👀👀👀👀💤💤💤💤💤🚮
Raw Raw (1 month ago)
he not gonna last in music
DA GP.Lifestyle (1 month ago)
DA GP.Lifestyle (1 month ago)
Amr Sami (1 month ago)
Good DDG
The Life Of JGaines (1 month ago)
YCN LamGee (1 month ago)
I’m a valedictorian
Avelawance Phillips (1 month ago)
Sign me lol
Demya Woods (1 month ago)
Yall should. Make a song....its gon be raw
Chris Ketcher (1 month ago)
where Kennedy at mannn
WAVY! (1 month ago)
Bumpin that classic nav🔥
Kswagg Lowery (1 month ago)
Are you helping actors or singers and rappers bro
Lil Pazo (1 month ago)
Let me know, no 🧢 been doing this for 3 years, 🛫started taking it seriously like 6 months ago 💼 , I got a concert coming up December 15 at the jams spot in my town, if you tryna pull up... I would really appreciate it honestly... (no homo shit) been through so much but the grind doesn’t stop, i have an album coming out December as well! I’m tryna work with you, 🚫🧢 your work ethic is Extremely noticed and I’m tryna be the person no one wants me too be🛫🖕🏿 all I need is better production I been watching you since essences (🖕🏿😂🚫😂)(#bitchsaintshit) bruh you lit 📲 I believe in myself so much I know I could do anything,) but sometimes you need guidance as well you know what I’m saying? I’ll even pay money ain’t a issue. I’ll do anything too get momma in a good place big facts! Ps. My bad I wrote a fucking paragraph 😂 I just got out the club and I’m cross faded like fuck
Brian Zavalza (1 month ago)
This was a nice lil vlog 🔥 and aww that lil segment of him talking bout Kennedy was cute also happy 21st birthday to her 🔥👑❤️
MUGI BOOMIN (1 month ago)
PLEASE dont ignore!! trying to blow up on youtube!!!!!!!! check out my first video
Young Jefe (1 month ago)
A man said why only 12 ppl put you on snap
Baby Lamonts (1 month ago)
Sports Streams (1 month ago)
lol no1 cheers for him lol
Jamein Williams (1 month ago)
Who like fried chicken more than mac and cheese
Kevin Ennis (1 month ago)
I love this intro
vcasper76 (1 month ago)
Wassup I’ve been doing music and my channel hasn’t been getting much attention and I wanna have that opportunity to showcase my talents
Tony lee (1 month ago)
Shit cost mohhhhnnmeyyy
Tony lee (1 month ago)
If I new how to Vlog my guy u know if be trying
Tony lee (1 month ago)
Yessir , you got that right Frequencie bro u got the right Mindset
Love Love (1 month ago)
Ddg is back 🤘
NYA TakeOver (1 month ago)
hafsa Sharif (1 month ago)
OMG my birthday December 6th
hafsa Sharif (1 month ago)
Yes we missed u so much 😍
Awlz (1 month ago)
4:22 that crowd was ded asf cuh 😭🤣💀
Awlz (1 month ago)
I literally woke up at 7 today then I blinked and it was 10 o’clock like wuuuuh
Ray Kim (1 month ago)
Whose seen Drama Plugs video of Kennedy turning the F up in Vegas without Ddg
Awlz (1 month ago)
DDG trying too hard to be like other rappers ngl
shanahl2391 (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday to Kennedy.
The Real Life Story Of KG (1 month ago)
Absolute_tune on IG
MTG. 600 (1 month ago)
Damn da crowd didn’t know you😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Blue Wavy (1 month ago)
Being a part of DDG’s label would be a dream come true for me 🙏🏽😔
RobSoFunnyTv (1 month ago)
Sign me to the entertainment label I’m ready to sign that contract!!! Lol 😂 FACTS 💯
Jordy Serrano (1 month ago)
Cringe 🥴
VERY RARE (1 month ago)
Happy birthday
Myah Davis (1 month ago)
Happy belated birthday Kennedy. 👑👑🦋🦋
Asap (1 month ago)
Bro I Wish You Could Help Me Pop No Kap I Already Got 4k
Daniel Cutchember (1 month ago)
He finna sign Dashae Frost🤦🏽‍♂️
CallMe Ken (1 month ago)
Sign me !
A I R MAN (1 month ago)
1.88 M
A I R MAN (1 month ago)
Actually it has 1,880,000 scribers
It’s Bnoo (1 month ago)
Yo I give this man ddg mad respect he could’ve easily made the dude take down the snippet with him an t.o but instead he said there’s a dude out there with the vid . This man will neva stop another mans grind an I respect that‼️❌🧢
sand blaster1 (1 month ago)
The crowd dead
Davon Hoops (1 month ago)
Get me poppin
NBTShmoove (1 month ago)
That crowd so ass 😂
Beautiful Jenkins (1 month ago)
Lol you not a old man 😂😉💋
derion Searcy (1 month ago)
Just subscribe
Stephh Cali (1 month ago)
I would love to get the chance to meet you & blow tf up to shit but love & support you ! #MyGuy
Nevaeh Brown (1 month ago)
I saw on snap!😂
Time Instructor (1 month ago)
Get my boy idris majo poppin👌🏾
PJDRIZZLE 21 (1 month ago)
For Zooted ENT.
juice9100 (1 month ago)
DDG has grew ever year in his career on YouTube & music, elevation is real
Jared (1 month ago)
Blow me up , if you can do that you the goat
Toot Toot (1 month ago)
He said Ken like family um something fishy
Diasha linn (1 month ago)
We’ll sign me I ain’t popping 😂😂
De Burnt (1 month ago)
Don't sign the paper keep your soul
badkid cj (1 month ago)
Help me