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A Tour of New York City's Fake Buildings

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Many cities are home to fake buildings, or facades. Here's a look at some of them in New York. Share on Facebook: https://goo.gl/nJDsDY Share on Twitter: https://goo.gl/F19A9L Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/HowStuffWorks/about Visit our site: http://www.howstuffworks.com
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Text Comments (283)
Santiago Moriarty (7 hours ago)
They didn't even try on the second one!
PATRICK McShane (8 hours ago)
they're not fake, they just don't house people
Patavinity (14 hours ago)
They weren't even trying with #2
Sai Rithvik n (16 hours ago)
REAL BUILDING.But no one lives here.So FAKE homes
Alessandro N (17 hours ago)
Rome is special in this respect. The original facade of the actual house in which Michelangelo lived was preserved when the house was destroyed to make way for the new road in front of Saint Peter Basilica. They rebuilt the facade in another part of the city to hide water pumps facilities. It is a cool little secret I always use to impress visitors!
mazda9624 (17 hours ago)
I wish we could have seen inside at least one of them
Alec Brice (19 hours ago)
They are actually Men In Black buildings
The Sing King (19 hours ago)
One of those buildings is where the Manhattan Project was born.
R B (20 hours ago)
Chris J (21 hours ago)
It's all because the earth is a rectangular object of mud and plastic! But don't worry people... your government will get to the bottom of it...we just need to vote rosie o'donnell into office.
Justice Warrior (22 hours ago)
Natalia Mitiaev (1 day ago)
Omg what about Boston
Tk1947 (1 day ago)
Prove it
Rylan Strong (1 day ago)
Music did make up for the fact you can't see the inside of these buildings. Oh yeah there also real fucking buildings.
Crevulus (1 day ago)
Rather than just, "This thing is here", how about telling us why or how or even when?
Mr. Peanutbutter (1 day ago)
What a shithole
M&N Distribution (1 day ago)
What a fucking waste
ATLOffroad (1 day ago)
All the buildings displayed are real, just repurposed for something other than what they look like from the outside. When the title said FAKE I was thinking inflatable structures or buildings drawn in on a movie that are not there in real life. Poor choice of vocabulary in the title.
Busta Mango (1 day ago)
Omg is New York not real
??? ??? (1 day ago)
Great hideouts for world war 3 snipers
Tec Tec (1 day ago)
Fake news
Pernection (1 day ago)
Fake: America's favorite word
Jay Lookie (1 day ago)
My Lego buildings are fake too. No one can live in them.
Jenni Niccum (1 day ago)
The music is shit
FunkyPlayz (1 day ago)
buildings means its built its not a building, its a flatling
Penguin Community (1 day ago)
I agree the many of the other comments. A fake building would be a facade with nothing in back of it, wouldn’t it? Like a Hollywood set. A fake front - with pretend windows and s painted door 🚪 - sounds like what some of these are.
EnterSkitarii (1 day ago)
I expected to have a look inside...oh well, guess I have to wait till Tom Scott or Half As Interesting do it right.
Obzidious (1 day ago)
Could this be considered fake news?
noodle dragon (1 day ago)
y tho
Crismodin (1 day ago)
The second one is a FAKE building? Wow, that's an incredible... building.
Sean Wang (1 day ago)
I want to know the music track of this video! Plz
Dana Cruikshank (1 day ago)
2:19 - I've been on that boat!
Димитрий Яковлев (1 day ago)
Well New York is fake enough.
LagiNaLangAko23 (2 days ago)
When a fake house looks better than yours.
thecoon215 (2 days ago)
the second one isn't fooling anyone
Vonnissa Robinson (2 days ago)
They look real to me... Saying they're fake gives people the impression that they are empty spaces that serve no purpose. That prompts people to make other stupid comments like what a waste of space or why can't they put homeless people in there? Cuz it's an actual structure that already "houses" something else.
Pexxan (2 days ago)
How can a building be fake if its a building? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔HMMMMMM🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
ZERO9725 (2 days ago)
this song absolutely bops tbh
Frankjc3rd (2 days ago)
I am curious as to what happens to any mail that is addressed to the buildings?  Is it diverted by the Post Office?
The infiltrator (2 days ago)
The real North Korea
MalseMarcel (2 days ago)
Atleast they tried with the first manhattan one
Daniel Gutierrez (2 days ago)
North Korea asf
Lori Nelson (2 days ago)
Who knew?
unwrapping by mimi koteng (2 days ago)
A waste of space. Might as well build houses.
Zachary Morin (1 day ago)
unwrapping by mimi koteng Did you even watch the video, waste of space?
HatedJared (2 days ago)
unwrapping by mimi koteng Yes subway ventilation is a waste of space...
noob168 (2 days ago)
Fake buildings or fake news? lmao
fulcrum 29 (2 days ago)
So those are fake real buildings or real fake buildings?
GRAVEROBBER ! (2 days ago)
The second one Isn't too convincing. But why the heck don't they put curtains in the Windows with, blinds or something. The buildings would look a lot nicer. As well as not looking so damn creepy and, more convincing. may be some lights run off, solar panels on the roof to keep costs and, vandalism(further costs!) down.
CrystalCritter (2 days ago)
Y'all misspelled Manhattan.
Jason Foulks (2 days ago)
Xavier DeWolfMusic (2 days ago)
So what you’re saying is that they have secret passageways
Grifimus (2 days ago)
Oh no, we're slowly becoming Pyongyang... D:
Michael (2 days ago)
How common are facades these days among architects and builders? Common, I hope. It seems like aesthetics have gotten completely out the window, in terms of most Westerner’s concerns. To take the trouble of building a facade indicates a culture which cares about aesthetics; it seems (to me) like we have lost touch with that attitude. I am curious to hear other people’s thoughts on the matter.
M 1009 (3 days ago)
Isn’t the first building from home alone 2 lost in New York ?
MrQbenDanny (3 days ago)
New York city is VERY loud, like the music accompaniment.
Nate Brindabella (3 days ago)
Sooo just buildings..
pen mightygun (3 days ago)
i got too board
Graham Hettinger (3 days ago)
This comment section is filled with some of the dumbest people on the internet.
Zeeqtee Prn (3 days ago)
Omg! The comments are so damn stupid. You can’t be NYERS.You must Be foreigners (anybody outside of NYC....... yes, including you UPSTATE Ny) Fake buildings as in the buildings aren’t used in the traditional way. Residential and business. How hard is that to understand people!
Tad Tranclere (1 day ago)
Hate to break it to you but the definition of what a “building” is has nothing to do with how it is used.
Venu Xamiramis (1 day ago)
Zeeqtee Prn right! I got creeped out just from reading endless comments about how they aren't fake! WTF, basic comprehension must be a rarity these says!
Echo omni (3 days ago)
Just because these buildings aren't residential or commercial storefronts does not make them a fake building..... This story was created a liberal They Live In Perpetual states of insanity.
Steven Roth (3 days ago)
Camaflodged infastructer, used for the astetics of each neighborhood.
Ichiwo Konnichiwa (3 days ago)
Is there anything that isn't fake in New York? Fake news, fake people, fake caring, fake buildings, fake tits and fake terrorist attacks. Everything about it is fake.
The_Sphess (3 days ago)
real fake buildings
Kyle A (3 days ago)
When you say "fake buildings" you mean real buildings but with a concealed purpose. Not really interesting.
Valami Izé (3 days ago)
So instead of we make some artistic wall or statue or something else like for example the Roman Septizodium we build a building between the buildings. No creativity at all.
John Trim (3 days ago)
Thankfully, the lousy music distracts from the crummy video. I think.
miklu26 (3 days ago)
Still buildings xS
Elisa Bell (3 days ago)
1:00 Are you kidding me? All that money in Manhattan, and they can't design a better facade than this!
Sonny Latchstring (3 days ago)
Fake houses.
TheTallMan35 (3 days ago)
:59 No shit!
Calvin Hodgson (3 days ago)
Fake news, fake buildings. What's next?… fake people?
not scrody (3 days ago)
Good safe House acter a bank robbery
미셜비 (3 days ago)
I'm surprised the city hasn't plastered most of these fake buildings with billboard advertisements. That's some prime wall space to some business marketers.
ЙЦУКЕНГШ (4 days ago)
you forgot the UN and the white house.
TrashLock (4 days ago)
Ride the Wave (4 days ago)
I like the music.
5argeTech /\ (4 days ago)
Out here in the sticks of Georgia, a power station just sits on the open with power lines running to it. I can see why they would want it enclosed in a city environment.
Bruce Wayne (4 days ago)
Ben Bowlin , you should be ashamed!
Aneizi Gaming (4 days ago)
Harry Potter style.
ProBeauty (4 days ago)
You can tell the one in the bronx was fake... well cause you know its the bronx lol
MrDrakula (4 days ago)
F Nyc
Saturn Solstice (4 days ago)
Where my urban studies majors at ? !
Osuka (4 days ago)
grimmauld place
BearsEarsRanch (4 days ago)
Denver is also covered by facades that hide cell towers, electrical transformers and utility tunnel access. Real buildings, but not businesses or dwellings.
Lord Dice X (4 days ago)
So, real buildings. 😁wtf is this video?
Tejas Nagaraj (4 days ago)
Why would they want to hide it!?
Youp954 (2 days ago)
Probably because what is inside is ugly and doesn't conform to the neighborhood's aesthetics
Tejas Nagaraj (2 days ago)
Veronique MB 😂good one man
Veronique MB (2 days ago)
Tom Servo but they've just put it on YouTube... terrorists have internet too
Tom Servo (4 days ago)
it's to trick terrorists
JL Legobuilder (4 days ago)
What is the anime of the song?
Rix Morales (4 days ago)
I'm disappointed they didn't get inside at least one building
Ollie Drake (4 days ago)
I've lived in London for 40 years, no fake buildings here! They build ugly stuff they just leave it on show.
Sam Walker (3 days ago)
Ollie Drake Actually, there are plenty of these in London, the majority are building facades where one house in a terrace has been removed as part of the construction of a tube line, just like the first building in this video.
Hugh Janus (4 days ago)
Reminds me of the Lorax. Everything is fake... Especially the people.
The LuSh (4 days ago)
Hey I do this in my Sims game. When I'm making a city some of the buildings are just fake shells
Russ G (4 days ago)
That second 'fake building' LOOKS FAKE! Architecturally, it's a PoS that isn't fooling anyone into thinking it's a residential, office, or commercial building of any kind.
jon dishmon (4 days ago)
Wow....I lived in that city for over 20 years and never knew this.
Toby Ward (4 days ago)
Did you see any fake people in NY? That's who lives in the fake houses.
ric mulholland (4 days ago)
Yes they are still real buildings not houses but you're stupid is real
Prague Uprising (5 days ago)
The comment section is autism central.
Mac S (5 days ago)
They don’t even show the inside
ORANG MIN (1 day ago)
Joe Shmoe (5 days ago)
Im pretty sure these are real buildings...
Adolfo Ortiz (1 day ago)
Joe Shmoe Well.. it's a yes and no question. See inside are pumping stations. Emergency exit routes for trains. But they aren't used for residential services. The use facade to cover up the equipment. So it looks like just a normal home.
david esktorp (5 days ago)
Cancer music. Fuck off.
eswyatt (5 days ago)
Most of the people who voted for Hillary have address in those fake buildings. It's true. The N.Y. Times doesn't tell you that because they're fake news. The N.Y. Times building is probably a fake building too; I don't know but it could be . . . .
Response Loading, Please Hold. (3 days ago)
eswyatt that's not true at all. However millions of her so called "voters" are either illegaly in the country or are dead.
CheapAssReviews (5 days ago)
I would have liked to go inside. The music made up for it though. Good choice Paul
Natalia Mitiaev (1 day ago)
CheapAssReviews why there's only subway vents in there