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How to Start a Speech

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Success Network (1 year ago)
Really love the advice in this video!
Jacqueline Keijzer (4 hours ago)
Success Network ad-Vl€$$-(h)ING..🐟🐡🐣😷🎭🎉
Cynthia Criswell (1 day ago)
Coronus Viris
Siren Head (4 days ago)
@Mohamed Said Siraj Kaki Wtf...
Sanjay Rajan Shrestha (1 month ago)
Teddy Onyango (1 month ago)
Many thanks, I've been looking for "writing a public speaking speech" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Penayla Dignified Paramountcy - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? It is a great one of a kind product for discovering how to make a confident speech in english without the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.
Jacqueline Keijzer (4 hours ago)
"B€g-gin(t)je & touch$$BR👖€K€..?!" l🔇✏ll$$Give(n) = touch€🍵R $$(t)
Ksprao (6 hours ago)
Dr Rajeev Dahiwal (8 hours ago)
i seen some really renowned political leaders get up, stand infront of room full of people and read something from a peace of paper that most probably not even written by him, ends with the word thank you and entire audience applauds like anything...
Tom Muckian (12 hours ago)
Say "there are three ways". Not "there's three ways". You made this mistake a few times. "There's more people alive today". Help from a fellow Irish .
Afg Tunes (16 hours ago)
Give us a sample speech lol you sounding like a priest at the church
Alter Kater (23 hours ago)
Eine Rede startet man nicht.
BLAQK ! (1 day ago)
Another way to start your speech and get everyone's attention, scream: *_INCOOOOMING!_* 👷🏿‍♂️
Steve McIlroy (2 days ago)
Tap the mic 3 times and say " Testicals, testicals one two one two" always gets a laugh.
Steve McIlroy (2 days ago)
Walk in with a loaded AK47 and say, " Anyone got a problem?".
BAngTaN tEA (2 days ago)
I start my speeches with retorical questions to make the audience feel involved and immersed in my speeches from the start (since most of them are comedy speeches)
Tony Kent (2 days ago)
you say and i quote.."there are more people alive today than have ever died" and then go mention you checked the facts and you say "it's not even close."... sorry to say this but over 100 billion people have died since the beginning of earth and there are only 7-8 billion alive today.. so you are right about one thing..it's not even close..
Skytalker777 (3 days ago)
Man, are you kidding? Go ahead and take a presentation skills course. I don't even want to imagine what would be that conference like if all speakers would start their speech with something like " more people are alive than dead". And here I am talking about the principle not about the example. People learn all these stereotypes, you can see them during presentations and interviews, they sound the same, no creativity!!!!!
s e r e n d i p i t y (3 days ago)
what this guy is talking about is literally a passage from every korean high-school english test
Jacqueline Keijzer (4 hours ago)
s e r e n d i p i t y K@Ral\l-H🗼🗼gh-$$K💀LL- t€$$t..?!
GOOD LIFE OMAN (3 days ago)
Benz0r (3 days ago)
I like to start my speeches with (mostly self-deprecating) humor to make people laugh and notice that the man in front in the suit is a normal human being that you can sympathize with. Works very well but is of course not suited for some more serious speeches like at a funeral, lol.
Fatzohra Jbil (3 days ago)
There are more ppl alive today than have ever died. I love it
THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY (4 days ago)
"Four score and 7 years ago,..."
Deux Balo (4 days ago)
What ever happened to blackberry phones
BRAVO SIX (4 days ago)
The first fact he told is a LIE. Trust me, i googled it.
svanderm111 (4 days ago)
There are NOT more people alive today than have ever died. Not even close. Repeating this misquote often enough does not make it true.
Lyn Page (4 days ago)
I suggest not touching your nose when speaking to an audience!
M J (4 days ago)
First and the last word Just speak the truth Nobody can stop you
badhmbre (5 days ago)
Great 👍
Qaseem Tak (7 days ago)
Thanks, Conor Neil! Very cool!
Coro Sam (7 days ago)
2020 Nepal
INFERNO (7 days ago)
it worked for me; I love it
Picasso1975 (7 days ago)
When I gave my best man's speech at my mate's wedding, I started with, "Before I speak, I would like to say a few words."
Saliya Jayaweera (7 days ago)
I find this video absolutely helpful and practical. Thank you very much for sharing!
New Paths Psychology Find success in every relationship (8 days ago)
Brilliant! Just what I needed now! Thank you!
عبدالله عبدالله (8 days ago)
Hello Sir Colone Your method on talk very beauty
Kick (8 days ago)
Benjamin Newman (8 days ago)
Mr. Neill needs to control his neurotic habit of rubbing his nose! Very annoying.
Dan Lettuce (9 days ago)
Those ears are zoned in.
Mark Carroll (9 days ago)
Useful, especially if your starting a business. I say that on my behalf, because I need to create videos. And this is a good tool in explaining what I do. Thank you.
Steelcase Genericrun (9 days ago)
Beautiful and true. Magnificent idea!
Enforcement Officer (9 days ago)
How to start a speech? Don’t spend 3 minutes telling me what not to do!
Johny40Se7en (9 days ago)
very charismatic man. Enjoyed this a lot and that fact about the sun's energy. That's bloody wicked and shocking. I'd bet that there's people somewhere thinking "hmm, how can I design a battery that can absorb that much energy". If they came up with it though, they'd probably be taken out, because it would put all the coal and nuclear stations out of business. Another shocking fact that stood out on a sign of march was that - 'If Humans killed each other at the same rate as they kill other animals, like with "food, the Human Race would be extinct in around 17 days'. Go vegan for the Planet, the animals and each other, especially the future of the younger generations ; )
mrg1911 (10 days ago)
I take all professional tips from David Brent..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T-tgiHMr28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnzAgeXYk-k
jflores443 (11 days ago)
@ 2:54 he takes an odd whiff at his fingers lol🤔😂
Sunny Rastin (11 days ago)
What a waste of 8 minutes👎
The Straight Path (11 days ago)
Moving around left and right with little pauses every now and then. One hand in the pocket The other hand gesturing Hand rubbing....
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG (11 days ago)
Do what the late, great Budd Dwyer did- pull out a big-ass gun, wave it around for a few seconds then blow your brains out. Standing ovation guaranteed!
Christus Mea Lux (11 days ago)
Men should delete words like "networking", "linkdin" and "factoid" from their vocabularies. I have worked on the tools on construction sites. I have worked in the corporate world. Being able to make a speech isn't going to save the world or our Western nations. Return to manufacturing, creating and to working with your hands. Turn your back on globalism and buy local.
ExperiencedGhost (12 days ago)
Say "Hello..." there you go. You're helped.
Muhilan Selvaa (12 days ago)
The fact that he said about there being more humans being alive now than have ever lived is false. There have been 100 billion humans on this Earth only 7 billion are alive today
York Hanuman (12 days ago)
The very best method: a question about a story about people about a fringe theme including animals and sex: Do you know the story about the two women which had sex with a dog due to solve their problems with the light in the kitchen?
J. P. Burfitt (12 days ago)
Question answered at 2:55👍
Al Briddick (12 days ago)
Fantastic!!!! He had my attention from the first second to the end.thx
Don Reed (13 days ago)
Start by using the word "transparent" ("transparency" will also do) --- and instantly establish yourself as a "zero-vocabulary" moron.
Carson B Wagner (13 days ago)
_There must be _*_fifty_*_ ways to start a speech._ Seriously, though... This is fascinating, and I think we know someone in common. So, if you don’t mind, could you please help satisfy my curiosity and brag a bit about your background, including accomplishments such as your highest degree(s) (with university, year; e.g., Ph.D., Colorado, 2002), an anecdote about your hiring that you like, your favorite (honors undergrad and/or master’s) theses and (doctoral) dissertations that you’ve chaired or otherwise played an active role, as a committee member. Perhaps most interesting would be anecdotes your favorite(s) among your (blind), peer-reviewed academic conference/journal articles, your favorite academic association(s)/conference(s), and perhaps on about what you’re currently doing research? Obviously no need to get into specifics, about the last, because I know there are plenty of cut-throat, careerist academics out there who often do quick studies, based on others’ working descriptions of they’re studies, and then claim the idea(s) as their own. Perhaps a bit about your methodology(is), larger epistemology, and/or even your ontology, as it may be related to your academic work. From watching this video, I became very fascinated and curious about the way you derive the facts you listed, through theory and research — particularly how you discovered the “best ways to start a conversation,” as you ranked them. It would be very interesting to know your academic heritage, why you rely as heavily as you do, on anecdotes, in attempt to persuade people about the “truth” of your assertions, in this video. Given your common interest in consumer behavior — persuasion, in particular — I found it interesting that you cited no theories, theorists, peer-reviewed study articles by yourself and or others, findings from preliminary studies, or anything other than anecdotal examples to assert facts, which goes far beyond what anecdotes, or even systematic anecdotal evidence, would allow. As such, I don’t believe that any of the facts you cited are founded on anything but the top of your head, and, as such, are not “facts,” but instead, they’re “beliefs” you hold, with no communicated limitations, including personal or situational variables under which such “facts” haven’t been shown to be the case, by any systematic study, with the understanding that making claims that go beyond the gathered, cited, and/or personally-researched empirical support, with regard to a given phenomenon is tantamount to an “abuse of authority,” as such, using only symbols, such as communicating career titles and/or unduly persuasive nature of vivid information that need not have any basis in controlled, generalizable, or otherwise systematic, primary or secondary study(ies) — which the body of (social) psychological evidence, conducted across fields, strongly suggests is most oft-used and unduly least ineffective. To persuade, under such circumstances, with no basis other than that which one holds to be true, is propagandizing — also refereed to as practicing charlatanism. Particularly given your displayed pragmatist-leaning ontology, as gathered through your complete reliance on anecdotes and rhetorical questions about one might imagine one would think — which is far more a function of the ideas’ one deems reasonability, in predicting one’s response, than the more influential contextual variables, which would be far more determinant of one’s actual behavior, in that moment, than would be relying on psychological processes to which humans have no introspective access — hence a (subconscious) reliance on the reasonability of a response (Nisbett & Wilson, 1977), which should cause the least dissonance (Heider, 1958; Festinger, 1957). To the contrary, a simple, atheoretical belief that one’s claims will hold, at least under conditions most favorable to one’s that would lend to such claims being borne out, let alone in situations that don’t lend themselves to supporting one’s beliefs, don’t rise to the level of “hypotheses,” given a lack of theoretical ideation and falsifiability, that are, themselves, based on systematically-collected evidence, reviewed and accepted by peer reviewers in one’s field, area, or discipline — and so on... back through the giants on whose shoulders one stands, if one is, indeed, not a charlatan. I really look forward, with hope, to your response, but please don’t try to reach me, on LinkedIn, to which nobody has been, since the aughts. Thanks much! Cheers! 🍻
Madd Angler (14 days ago)
NAPAVOL Chandranand Ravi (14 days ago)
Each time he touched his nose his voice became heavier, slower n ever boring...i nearly fell asleep
Profit First for Lawyers (14 days ago)
Yash Kulkarni (15 days ago)
Sasta Akshaye Khanna
jjh lk (15 days ago)
Once upon a time the sun blew up and killed more people on earth than ever lived on earth. Google it.
gondor532 (15 days ago)
3:23 false
willbalshuc13 (15 days ago)
Simple. Stand up say “Fornication”. Clear your throat and repeat, “fornication like this, I usually speak for about ten minutes”. You’ll be amazed at the looks of relief all around the room. You have their attention!
Vwap Trader2019 (11 days ago)
willbalshuc13 HAHAHAHAHA DOING IT!!!!!
cotelo00 (15 days ago)
Camera man focuses on the only hot chick in the room 😆
Adel Youkhanna (15 days ago)
I I disagree I think did people that are more than life because you have thousand-year-of did and you have only one hundred years of life because every hundred year everybody die or 99%die we are in 2020 in 2120 did people will increase 7 billion mini human being cannot survive up hundred years
Before I get started let me give you a quick rundown on what I'm about to get started as I run this down as a quick start up
Yonkers NewYork (16 days ago)
Sadly it isn't true - https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/fact-or-fiction-living-outnumber-dead/
Mark Foster (16 days ago)
Facts wrong by a long way. Nice video though.
Natalia Ivashkina (17 days ago)
This is still relevant! Evergreen! Thanks Sir.
Conor Neill (17 days ago)
Everything except the blackberry... that’s a bit last decade ;-)
Ecom Reviews (18 days ago)
This old video is outdated. Peoples attention span is even worse nowadays. Want peoples attention ? Get a fucking Foghorn!!
Ecom Reviews (18 days ago)
I’m so damn good looking , I don’t need to try and get your attention biaaaatch!!
Altum Partem (18 days ago)
He is NOT a good speaker. Lol!
Rakesh Punjabi (19 days ago)
The 3 golden rules of a good speech 1. Make sure to sniff even if you don't have a cold. 2. Speak twice a fast as you normally do. 3. Stare at one person a little too much in the crowd.
Rajasekhar P (19 days ago)
Nice one. thanks
SVHMJ (19 days ago)
It works! Whenever I speak, litterally no one takes out their blackberry!
The Candid Guy (20 days ago)
How about I start my speech by saying "Once I wasted 8 minutes of my life on a video about how to start a speech"
shmbbrkr (20 days ago)
Testing testing, 1, 2, 3
Miles morales 123 (20 days ago)
In every second,something moves😎😂😂
Matthew Rivera (20 days ago)
Sorry but there are not more people alive today than have ever died that is so false.
RICHARD MATTHEWS (20 days ago)
Conor ....Great Video with some special advice. However where did you get the idea that there are more people alive today than have ever died That is a fallacy! https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/recount-your-dead/
OVERFLOW (21 days ago)
google is getting worst than a piece of shit, nothing i can do but Despising them... i am always there at that bad side where they never expect anyone ! Google is gone
Howard Koor (21 days ago)
Tell me a Story
Howard Koor (21 days ago)
Once upon a time ...
Howard Koor (21 days ago)
Pose a question first.
Howard Koor (21 days ago)
Whats a Blackberry?
ValmisFilm (21 days ago)
well, you must say who you are and from what company, even if it is said on the slide or whatever - just make it rather fast.
Gourashyam Rana (21 days ago)
Mother love is Divine https://youtu.be/88RKqugNqHQ
Balanced (21 days ago)
Blackberry? Why we talking about a fruit?
mickavellian (21 days ago)
Start a speech by having the audience gasp in horror .. OMG LOOK AT THOSE EARS!
Klaus Sp (21 days ago)
Thank you Connor, you changed my whole View.
prince wara (21 days ago)
great video! The only website that earned me real caash from day 1 and works from anywhere just Google without gaps *EasyLaptop Life .com*
Sparag shendkar (21 days ago)
Thanks sir
Boknoy's Natural Ways (22 days ago)
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LarsRoy (22 days ago)
Hmm...spending half the video telling how NOT to start a speech. Lost me there
Daniel Brooks (23 days ago)
Look carefully at what this speaker did. He told his audience what he was going to say. Then, he took his time saying it. The good part was a long time coming. It's an old and effective speaking trick, widely used. Say what you are going to say, take your time saying it, then say it again. Rule of three.
Daniel Brooks (21 days ago)
@Charming Girl Absolutely true. Now I wish I had taken that class.
Charming Girl (21 days ago)
So true! You learn that at one of your first college Speech 101 classes!
GT C (23 days ago)
Obviously this is very old...but still: How do you start a Speech?
SebSk (23 days ago)
I was expecting the whole time that the best intro would be "Hello". Considering the bar analogy and all. Well I wasted 8.5 minutes of my life and won't even remember half of it, if anything.
kamalsutra (24 days ago)
Shit presentation. I don't know when he's giving advise and when he's actually giving his presentation
marino1806 (24 days ago)
This speech was 3.6 Roentgen...not great but not horrible
Sheriff 001 (24 days ago)
Krum Sotirov (24 days ago)
I leave two comments, because I rarely feel the need to hit "dislike" twice
Krum Sotirov (24 days ago)
I go to a speech to hear what the speech is about not how presenter is going to engage me. 3:32 into the video is when this speaker is starting his speech. There is nothing more annoying than not having an answer to the question you are here for...
gerard henry (24 days ago)
Bullshit artist
Johnson Mathew (24 days ago)
Year 2020
Paul RavenWolf Junior (24 days ago)
I share on https://www.facebook.com/groups/TruthSeekersSecrets/