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How Microwaving Grapes Makes Plasma

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A bisected grape in the microwave makes plasma. But how does it work? A grape is the right size and refractive index to trap microwaves inside it. When you place two (or two halves) close together the fields interact with each other creating a maximum of electromagnetic energy where they touch. This creates heating, sparks, and plasma, which is further fed with energy directly by the microwaves. Huge thanks to Hamza Khattak, Prof. Pablo Bianucci and Prof. Aaron Slepkov (unavailable for the call) for chatting to me and helping me understand the physics of this cool phenomenon. Linking plasma formation in grapes to microwave resonances of aqueous dimers https://www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/10.1073/pnas.1818350116 Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd Thanks also to Steve Bosi, my original plasma collaborator. Animations by Alan Chamberlain Music from http://epidemicsound.com "Seaweed"
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Veritasium (1 year ago)
If you need help with some of the audio, turn on captions!
lovin yah (12 days ago)
can you melt sand metal grains and make metal grains in sand get together to form bigger metal pieces if you put the grapes in sand with graphite too in the microwave or make diamond from graphite with grapes and sand surrounding them for safety reason?
paczki (13 days ago)
For once, one video with subtitles.
Simon Foster (21 days ago)
Hi I have a question. Let's imagine that the grape/grapes represent the cells in the human body. Could 5g microwave technology damage human cells?
Justin b (23 days ago)
Do a marble
Matthew Murdoch (1 day ago)
If you made a highly refractive 'container' to the 'perfect' size (precisely long enough to contain one-porabola of wave-length), could you then essentially circulate it internally perpetually? Or at least at some sig. increased length??...
RetepAdam (1 day ago)
No, you’re thinking of bananas, and that’s time travel.
Le Nettoyeur (1 day ago)
Très bien résumé, merci pour les sous titres en français!👍🏻
Capitol. (2 days ago)
Is it sad that I know he’s using an LG microwave by the tones it made at 1:30?
Hello I’m Manny (3 days ago)
Ah I was looking for a video explaining how grapes can create plasma by being microcrowaved
M. K. (3 days ago)
Does anything different different happen if the hydrogel beads are soaked in deuterium/tritium?
Pizza Time (4 days ago)
Instructions unclear, penis is grape and house is on fire
pomey (5 days ago)
Fake he used a green grape at first
lnxcodevideo (5 days ago)
Liked the fact you asked about practical applications. I believe this is what's usually missing. We discovered something, ok, cool, so what can we do with it? And this time there was an answer :)
bifurcated (7 days ago)
Make a video of plasma in space experiment!
Chronical X. (7 days ago)
Nice dragon balls
Cooler (9 days ago)
When that happens, can you still eat the grape?
The J0KER Earth 82 (9 days ago)
We're in the futer pretty soon grapes with be used as amo lol 😂 we will have plasma bullets lol
Chi J (9 days ago)
2018:did surgery on a grape 2019:turned grapes into plasma 2020:turn grapes into UFO fuel
Juan Cruz Marín. (9 days ago)
¿Was one of the professors from Argentina?.
jim boo (9 days ago)
You can do it with a patatoe too. Used to this in home mec in middle school .
Ikram Yosuf (9 days ago)
I’m gonna see how long I can pretend I understand until my teacher finds out
Ikram Yosuf (9 days ago)
I’m gonna see how long I can pretend I understand until my teacher finds out
Zan bel (9 days ago)
the plasma looks hotter than a 800W spark, catch my drift? does it deliver more energy than delivered?
Seminole Space Force (9 days ago)
I'm going to microwave an entire cluster.
Kelley Eidem (10 days ago)
So if we put a 2.45 MHz phone between our legs while driving our grapes could catch fire?
Kelley Eidem (10 days ago)
The Electric Grape Orchestra approves this message.
Prog Nosis (10 days ago)
Since the grape is basically acting as a resonance chamber for the microwaves, if sort of sounds like someone could actually build a microwave laser using a grape... However, I suspect that it wouldn't work unless the grape was exactly the right size.
Ghostybox Gaming (10 days ago)
1:02 I didn’t know Robert Downey jr was a scientist in real life
karma justice (10 days ago)
Curious to know...... do all grapes do this? Only GMO? Or organic as well? What about the difference between with seeds and without?
David (11 days ago)
3:22 he dosent sound enthused/convinced
Nick reno (11 days ago)
You should contact the people on the international space station ask them for an experiment put up a proposal and I’m sure they’d love to try that in outer space I’m guessing that the grape will start spinning around like a top anyhow nice presentation keep up the good work Nick
Phoenix Fahrenheit (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/nLYTc5TK190 I did the for the late great kobe PLEASE SUBSCRIBE
Ryan Delafosse (11 days ago)
I see similar thing happens to Mac n cheese noodles that are touching.
knight wolf gaming 101 (11 days ago)
5 17 i hear gta music
Alain Koch (12 days ago)
Lol.. “you don’t even need to use grapes.. you can get the same effect with hydrogen water beats.”... as if they would be easier to find. :)
Wild Introvert (12 days ago)
Rapes can do wondrous things
L .A. R (12 days ago)
this is something amazing
JonathanWK TAY (12 days ago)
Dr Pablo looks like Robert Downey Jr
Guenther Steiner (12 days ago)
Looks like grape quasar
Elmārs Spalva (12 days ago)
Sooo... why are the microwaves merging together right in between? Is it interference effect? Like since the wavelength is about the same as the grape size, they'd add up between the 2 grapes, assuming there are microwaves traveling in opposite directions...
John Carl Crisostomo (13 days ago)
Its not a plasma grapes.. Its dragon ballssss
Chooper (13 days ago)
The secret to space travel perpulsion will be found within magnetic poles
Braulio Junior Canaan (13 days ago)
Como explodir sua casa com duas uvas
fix it (13 days ago)
I can't believe Tony Stark is now a professor in Concordia U.
blindwillie99 (13 days ago)
Has any tried microwaving wine? I'm not prepared to make the sacrifice.
I'm You (13 days ago)
Lol water converted to air then air to plasma lol anyone can know before starting your video
Oskar White (13 days ago)
does it happens with human body when we are living in the near of 5G internet antenas ? Are we gonna be a plasma to ?
Jiu Pui (13 days ago)
I learned all this microwaving pizza rolls.. like cmon its not rocket science here.
Matthew Collins (13 days ago)
This doesn't explain anything. You should just defer to the scientists at the Saphire Project, because you haven't enough understanding of EE, EM or field theory to describe anything remotely akin to cause and effect in plasma phenomena. For instance "Maximum Electric Field" is a totally meaningless term and you make people stupider by using it.
kyle spejewski (13 days ago)
if you change the pulses, can you make it go chaotic?
Krystian Pęgowski (13 days ago)
have a look at nanoplasmonics
Spiteless Rage Twilight Reaper (13 days ago)
So this is how the covenant makes plasma
themonkfish (13 days ago)
okm so thats why the covenant from halo wanted to kill all humans they wanted the easy plasma from our fuckin grapes >:l !!
crazyhorse (13 days ago)
The earth is getting hotter, the air is filling with more and more micro waves, it looks like were gonna cook one way or another, it's biblical !!! We have plasma futures !!
eleclaw (13 days ago)
We need a new hero in Marvel studio, so who gonna eat plasma grapes?
Brian Bartulis (13 days ago)
Something in this is why drying harvested parsley in micowave, parsley starts on fire?
Lưu Quân (14 days ago)
Everybody now: *test out the microwave 60' timer on grapes*
Begitte Olsen (14 days ago)
I didn't understand much of it but it was very interesting to watch the grapes :)
DemEdits (14 days ago)
Friends: What are you watching? Me: why a grape makes plasma in a microwave
Sam Simon (14 days ago)
me at 1:00 : is that young RDJ :v
hhgjh dfghf (14 days ago)
Such a charming post
Anony Mous (14 days ago)
Grapes make plasma and bananas make antimatter... Huh...
Tobías Chaparro (14 days ago)
Lol baby Derek 0:05
Olivia Hughes (14 days ago)
Uh oh... Mbmbam isnt going to be happy about this
Goni Moon (14 days ago)
Okay so hopefully people can use this simple idea to create infinite energy in the future
DravenWolfe (14 days ago)
So Plasma weapons are powered by grapes?
Wang Zili (14 days ago)
forget about nuclear fusion, grape is the new power source of the next 1000 years
Young Nova (14 days ago)
Sean Solomon (14 days ago)
It’s how I smuggle them
AJL 949 (14 days ago)
Wait, I can make lighting with a pair of grapes in a microwave?!?
Eloi Homier (14 days ago)
Is this why shrimp usually pops when I microwave a dish with them in it? Similar size to grapes, with a high water content.
I hate idealism (14 days ago)
Steins gate :0
Anthony Griffin (15 days ago)
Puts a whole bunch of grapes in the microwave...destroys Earth.
Michael Wimuller (15 days ago)
Put a match in sand, light it and put it in the microwave.......awesome plasma!
Jumping Fan (15 days ago)
Does this mean it would be harmful to eat a grape after it was in microwave... because then microwave is in grape.. and we should not put a microwave in our body?
Gregg Tchirkow (15 days ago)
Did the presence or absence of seeds have any effect? Did you try altering the fertilizer that the grapes were grown in? Did you try injecting the grapes with different chemicals?
Arik _ (15 days ago)
Someone had the idea to microwave a grape
Sammy Agbi (15 days ago)
2018: Giving grapes surgery 2019: Making plasma out of grapes 2050: Making grapes out of plasma 2100: Making stars out of grapes 2500: Making black holes out of grapes 4000: Making grapes out of black holes gRaPes HaVe FeEliNgs YoU KnOw
Handsome Jack (15 days ago)
So your telling me if there was a way to make a gun that fires grapes and heats it up on firing, we can essentially make plasma guns.
konstak05 (15 days ago)
*when there is a video with your language but yοu realize everyone is talking english instead* Γα**
Cameron (15 days ago)
This principle could be used as a method of rocket engine ignition.
Jannikheu (15 days ago)
Now that was the historic beginning of the grape fusion reactor. Yay, unlimited energy for all!!!
Naitrio (15 days ago)
What's the difference between electric and magnetic fields?
Kirigaya Kazuto (16 days ago)
*Sees the thumbnail:* They made dragon balls out of grapes!?
Guy Podmore (16 days ago)
I just discovered your chanel tonight. Absolutely fantastic stuff.
Slimser Sensei (16 days ago)
"the microwave become trapped inside the grap"
Awakened Reality (16 days ago)
2 halves of the world's passing back through one another at the intersection point or point of infinity and those ready to go back to Eden and have temples that are clean and oils are full may pass through the electro magnetic plasma torus field gateway like ummm The Great Gateway Arch at the "heart" of America and heart switched up with moving the h to the end is now Earth and as every culture has known we live in a cosmic egg with a material plane in geocentric position and the heart or center of our universe. The heavens of past shall return to the skies. Everthing cycles no matter what you believe. Namaste
wlr (12 days ago)
nigga what ?
Biggy Huge (16 days ago)
3:25 that guy looks like Doctor Wells in the Flash
Sketchapic (16 days ago)
Is this how we will fabricate nano mahines
gabriel doors (16 days ago)
next please: brain surgery with a spoon!
Eddie Betty (16 days ago)
Out of all fruits why grapes
F S (16 days ago)
Put a lit cancel in a microwave and watch the flame turn into plasma.
Ryan Adkins (16 days ago)
Wow this helps electric universe theory amongst other theories.
Nathan Sparkman (16 days ago)
Ok so when the guy says “Woaoo! Who needs drugs?” It actually sounds like a hippy offering drugs up asking who needs some
Dean (16 days ago)
*100 years later we'll going to andromeda using these GrApEs
Michael van Dooren (16 days ago)
The sun is just some grapes being micro-waved in the sky
Otto Scheepstra (16 days ago)
i tried this en it just explodes
Noah1072 (16 days ago)
Vintage (17 days ago)
1:00 wah Stark, I thought you retired
Kazimierz Kazimierz (17 days ago)
How it works with more than two grapes ?
Elon Astrowixa102 (17 days ago)
CMDR John Crichton (17 days ago)
Is it a good idea to microwave grapes? Let's find out! Don't forget your tinfoil shield!
T Gog (17 days ago)
How to make dragonballs